[HOO] Hunt for the Quaestor


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Quaestor of House Oriens Obscurum, Alex de'tana was sitting in his office resting after lunch. The door slid open and the Krath spun his chair around. Before he could blink a bowcaster bolt hit him square in the chest flipping him out of the chair. The blast was intended to stun the Krath but unfortunately it wasn't powerful enough it just dizzied him for a second. Two daggers came flying through the door and caught Alex in his biceps. The distinct snap-hiss of a lightsaber is heard as a blue blade of light roared into the office. The assailent placed the blade to the nape of the Quaestor's neck. A small bothan rushed up and injected a high dose tranquilzer into Alex's arm. The Quaestor went limp and was hefted up by a wookie and carried out of the office.


"SITH SPAWN!" Aedile of house Oriens Obscurum, Odin Vaaj swore as he stormed into his office where the two security officers were waiting for him. He slammed his fist down on the desk and looked at the two men. They weren't at all force sensitive. They were those who somehow ended up in Oriens space and are being used by the Dark Jedi there. Odin didn't have time for dealing with these worthess beings. He drew his saber and before their minds could process what was happening their heads were no longer attached to their bodies.

Odin activated the comm system. "Attention! Quaestor Alex has been abducted by terrorists unknown. From this moment on the house is in a state of RED ALERT! That is a total lockdown of the facility. No one goes in or out without my express permission. I want everyone to the breafing room... NOW!" he shut off the comm and made his way to the breifing room.


"Well, well little darksider. It looks as if they're coming for you after all." A man said to Alex.
"You're all dead." Alex spat.
"I'm sure we are." Came the cool crisp voice of a Zabrak sitting on a nearby crate.
"Rwwrarrrsharrrrrrrrr!" came the chortling roar of a wookie from somwhere in the shadows.
"Yes Raabaruun well said. I'm sure the entrails of this darksider would be quite delicious." A small squekey voice came from inside a small compartment tinkering with some mechanics.
"Indeed, I would love to split you from head to groin right now, but the coucil shall decide your fate, and that of your pitiful allies." A fist from somewhere in the darkness collided with Alex's face and the darkness was even more so for the Quaestor.


"I've sent you everything I could find Odin. I'm sorry I can't be there with you."
"Thanks Callus you've helped us more than you know. Even if we don't have your blade at our side."
"May the darkness guide you." Callus said over the comm
"And you." Odin replied as he cut off his comlink. Odin couldn't have thought of a better time for one of his Battle Team leaders to be on LoA. He entered the briefing room and plugged his datapad up to the holo-projector.

"This is the information packet about our quarry that I just recived from Callus. He's assured me that it's accurate. I'm uploading it to your datapads now." Odin keyed a sequence and transmitted the files. The following appeared on everyone's datapad::

-Begin Transmission-

During this political time, there has been a power shift within HOO. The new Quaestor has recently been threatened and kidnapped by a few thugs, which have allied themselves against the new leader. It is your job to find these thugs, find out why they kidnapped the Krath and defeat them. Beware, because they come from many walks of life and have many talents, this is the worst terrorist attack that HOO has ever seen. This is the following information that has been taken of the recent terrorist and Dark Siders pursuing them should use extreme caution.

Leader: Jermaine DeColve
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Combat Experience: Jedi Knight
Description: Jermaine is a tall man, standing at about 5’11 with broad shoulders that show extensive power or weight training. Jermaine is of what the humans call, African American decent, his head is shaved revealing a shiny skin top head. Jermaine’s outfit consists of combat boots, tied tightly to prevent losing them. He wears the standard Jedi Knight robes, which are dark brown, with a blue bladed lightsaber clipped on his belt at the waist. This is a standard Jedi Knight belt that incorporates many different gadgets that could be used in times of crisis.

Following members of terrorist strike:

Race: Wookie
Gender: Female
Combat Experience: Bow Caster Sharpshooter
Description: Raabaruun stands 6’1, about average among wookies. Her fur is black with a few patches of white that consistently makes her look angry. She is known on her home planet of Kashyyyk for her extensive use with a Bow Caster. She has had much praise and buys only the best equipment for her “tool”. Where she gets the money to do so is a mystery to even us. Not much more is known about her, again, may I stress to use caution.

Veshphek Vekwen
Race: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Combat Experience: Starship Pilot, Teras Kasi Master
Description: Veshphek is a little shorter than the others, standing nearly 5’5, he vestigial horns may cause a problem for you, he also has the standard facial tattoos of the Zabrak race. He has a military background also, serving for 7 years as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Fairly interesting to see what he would want with our Quaestor. Teras Kasi Master proffesion, scary thought, it would be best to disable this one, maybe you could keep him alive, it would be interesting to see what he wants. He wears robes that are similar to that of the Jedi Knights, they are baggy and flowing, allowing the user to have free range of movement.

Niaan Rayl’leb
Race: Bothan
Gender: Female
Combat Experience: Smuggler, Pistoleer.
Description: The Bothan is 4’11, he wears a black sungaurd on his head, standard pants and a long duster. He has a warrant out for him on 27 systems for smuggling and slicing. Our friend gets around, to bad he doesn’t keep quiet about it. He has records of using a pistol, small and concealable that can be used to unleash sneak attacks when ever he may need to do so.

That wraps up the list of conspirators, I cannot stress it enough, use caution, these criminals are highly dangerous, if you get the chance, dispose of them immediately, if you can take them hostage that would be excellent. I’m sure the Justicar and Grand Master would love to hear from this Jedi Knight. May I wish you luck in your travels, bring him back.

May darkness guide you all.


p.s. JScumm you're incharge of the team, try and make sure no one dies

-Transmission End-

"Well folks that's all we've got as of now." Odin said adressing the collective house members. "Ok This is how I want it to work. All the battleteams will be working togeather ofcourse. Anyone not in a battle team find one and stick with them. I dont want anyone alone if they can help it. Ashura and I will be constantly on the move between the teams offering assistance where we can. Everyone becareful We have reason to belive that the abductors are still within the compound. If you find them call for help. We're gonna take them out togeather. Well... get moving!" Odin ordered them out and he and Ashura got a command post set up in the breifing room. They routed all security controls to the terminal in the breifing room.

"this is going to be a rough night eh Odin?" Ashura asked getting all the comm channels set up.
"Could be a rough week Ash." Odin saied studying the camera feeds...


28-12-2006 16:28:23

"You want me to go with them?" The stress in Timeros' tone was almost immeasurable as he spoke into his comlink. "I hardly know them."

"True," the voice at the other side of the comlink replied. "This will be an excellent chance to get to know your Housemates. Especially since, with Alex' disappearance, Sacrum Diis has the three ranking members of the House. If these men are that powerful, you're likely to be sorely needed."

Timeros nodded, for his conversant's logic was impeccable. It always was. The Archpriest allowed himself a grimace as his emotionless gaze went over the rest of the House's members. He smiled humourlessly as some of the Journeymen stiffened under his sight. They were not used to his presence, or the icy cold that seemed to perpetually flow out of his frame.

They were so young, many of them. Not just young in years…but in the Brotherhood. Over thirty men and women present…and only eight, including Timeros, wore sabers. He wondered how used they were to the rigours of combat. Servants of the Dark Side as they were, many if not all of them had probably killed before…but the killing of mere mortals was easy. To face the full fury of the Dark Side, to stand at the midst of the movers and shakers of history and know yourself their equal in combat…that was a different story entirely.

Still, Timeros grimaced mentally, if all else fails, we can probably throw them at our foes, and depend on sheer weight of numbers to drag them down.

And that brought him back to his foes. Who were they, and why would they abduct Alex? A Jedi Knight, kidnapping a rival? And why stay in the compound, of all places? There were pieces of the puzzle here that remained unseen, and the known pieces did not at all seem to fit.

Mysteries, mysteries…

The conundrum continued to roll inside the Archpriest's head, even as he shed his ceremonial robes, revealing a loose tunic, keeping only his lightsaber at his belt. Something deeper, something darker went on here…and he would gladly kill the kidnappers to find out just what.

"Timeros, are you still there?" the voice at the other side of the comlink said, softly.

"I am," the cold-eyed Heragan confirmed as he finished readying himself, giving an almost imperceptible nod to Drodik, the leader of his Battleteam as he stepped near them.

"Good…I trust that you have made up your mind?"

"Yes, Strat. I'm there with them." Even Timeros was surprised at the crisp and cold tones of his voice.

"Excellent," the Consul replied. "You need to shake the rust, Timmy. Consider this an exercise."

Without further words Timeros shut down the comlink, eyes upon Drodik. "I'm ready," he said, his tone a whisper, a chill wind cold enough to make anyone's hairs stand on edge. And, for a moment, a cruel smile appeared on his face.

And Jermaine…whoever you are, pray for a quick death. It is the best you can hope for.


29-12-2006 22:24:57

Watching the members dismissed in order, grouped on several teammates to hunt the abductors, the Aedile released a sigh considering the unexpected assault. A Jedi Knight had succeeded in gaining his target, capturing the Epis with almost no fight. Still wondering about the motive and the passage of how they could enter in the secured area of Oriens Leader’s office without any sufficient detection; Odin turned his attention to his datapad, beeping twice on his left hand, signaling some new information had been updated.

“No data on the security cam records? Hijacked Beacon? What the hell is this?” Odin’s brows furrowed in anger, “Ash, please make sure the teams are under coordination. I don’t like if their hunts are piling up on one another, which lead to killing fellow members. Especially the ones who are on your duty to guide. These bastards were good enough to hide from our sight, messing up our house but they won’t be for this search. I’ve noticed some veterans are ready in their points. Jedi…’’

Odin’s eyes dimmed, deeming who they faced as the enemies. Ashura, the Oriens Obscurum’s Envoy grinned slightly, and nodded, “I will. Don’t worry, Odin, we know Alex, he’ll survive.”

“He’s once defeated. I’ll report to Strat. Bah! After two weeks of having the Qua again, the Jedi took him. Arrgghh!!” the Bruth’Kothae grunted while approaching the chamber’s exit door, making a fist of his right hand, shaking it to the door, which automatically slid open.

“He’s not dead and won’t be…” Ashura’s voice faded away along with the door closed behind the Aedile.

Odin walked hastily to his office, running to his desk. He didn’t reply to Traji’k’s greeting, his loyal aide who continued to set up the opening of on hold secured line as the Consul’s office had summoned a contact several minutes ago. Traji’k bowed and left Odin alone in his room to conduct the official meeting.

As Odin pressed a button on his chair, the visage on the wide screen before his desk began forming the figure of the Consul of Arcona. Pontifex Strategos sat behind his desk, leaning on his chair contentedly. Odin rose on his feet, giving a slight bow to his superior, “Greetings, Consul.”

“Evening, Odin. I’ve heard some intruders got into your house?” the Consul said with his tranquility in his tone.

“Apparently, yes, they did and also took the Quaestor with them,” Odin answered with uneasiness beneath his words.

“Did Alex go with them or did they abduct him?” Strategos asked.

“Looking at the evidences in his office, Alex has been seized by them. Abduction, if we may temporarily conclude,” the Aedile gave his short statement, a conclusion of what had happened in his house.

“And who were they? Any clues so far?” Strategos continued.

Odin nodded and pressed some buttons to send the data, which Callus had given him directly after he asked the intelligence division to search. Strategos idled for a while after observing the information that emerged as red holographic data on his right.

“Something odd…Hmm… Anyway,” the Consul turned his view to look at his Aedile who stunned in apprehension,” Do the members already know this?”

“Emm, I have summoned them for a briefing to hunt for the Quaestor. I…,” Odin replied with a slight tremulous in his words, realizing if he had done beyond the standard for this case.

The Consul was only shaking his head before giving his orders,” Continue to maintain the stability of the house. You’ve done it before then it’s not a new problem for you. Alex will be able to take care of himself. You may carry on the search and rescue, but the house is your main priority. Report to me in any progress you have.”

“Yes, Consul. It will be done,” the Aedile nodded as the communication link went off. He dropped on his chair, thinking of the previous conversation. His fist hit the desk before him, as a grumble escaped from his lips,” Damn it! I’ve made a mistake!”

Drodik alTor

03-02-2007 13:41:12

“A Jedi Knight… is hunting for a Jedi Knight.” Said Timeros eyeballing Drodik.

“ You are brave Jedi. Were it not for our connection through the Clan I would have struck you down already. Even I’m amazed no ones struck you down yet.” he continued.

“My pursuit is the force, I am not distracted from your ways. I will not tread from the light.” Retorted Drodik.

By now the group of Dark Jedi and a single Jedi were searching the dark corridors of the complex for their lost kidnapped Quaestor. The resounding echoes of the complex were hollow within the sudden situation.
The members of the search party split up separately looking for even the slightest clue as to what happened.

“ So who were they?” Asked a young voice.

“You were at the meeting, you should know” another voice responded.

“No, I mean, who are they affiliated with.” said the first voice again.

“ We’ll find out sooner or later.” said Timeros, who was observing their surroundings. In his mind he was calculating the possibilities of the event and what action they could have made.

“I found something!!!” Yelled one of the members of the search party.

Across the room they all rushed to the spot the member yelled from. There upon the ground were a slew of violent markings on the floor, they seemed to indicate the recent action of a struggle. On the wall to the right a slash from a light saber was found, the molten metal was already cooled and cold by the time anyone had touched it.

Timeros grabbed his comlink, “Odin come in, we found some clues.”

The Aedile was sitting at his desk reviewing the recordings of the surveillance cameras. “What did you find?” he said as he stood up in place.

“ Some markings on the floor and some light saber slashes in the wall. There must have been a struggle here.” Tim said.

“Or a diversion tactic.” Said Odin before continuing. “Its best if you relieve a few members from the search party, I want only those who are still willing and capable to continue with the search. There is pressure from the Clan Summit and it is best to continue house activities.”

They both tuned out of broadcast and back to their activities.

Timeros gathered the search party, he could barely see their faces in the darkness surrounding but did his best in the dim light provided.

“At this point, I am asking anyone who wishes to continue to say so. Aedile Vaaj has asked that the unwilling please return and continue on normally. Those that wish to stay…do so.”


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