[Pandragon] Run-On


19-10-2006 18:04:41

Pandragons only please, unless specifically asked to post, however you cannot be graded if you aren't a Pandragon. In this run on you cannot die however you can be hurt enough where you would be put out of action, in this case you would be picked up by a ship and taken back to the Brotherhoods base to recover. This won't disqualify you but it might make it harder for you to place as others will be posting even while you are out of action. It is up to you to decide what you had with you at the time of your apprehension, be realistic.. most of you wouldn't have an arsenal of weapons.

Purpose: Purpose of this run-on is to see fare in the jungle and to survive without having to be brought back to the base before this ends. I will be gauging how you work as a battle team, but will not necessarily grade on that. We are a squadron, meaning we are mainly space-based.

Squadron: Primarily space-based. Anything you know about surviving on a planet you will have learned during your time within the DJB and during the time before you joined.
Ranks: It will be up to you to choose who does what on this survival course.

Desdemonea rocked a tad before bracing herself as the ship landed, grumbling something about wanting to be on solid ground again. As the ship settled itself on the ground she made her way to the door that was opening to let the passengers off. She waited until the ramp had extended fully before walking down it and taking a moment look around the area. She glanced back to the ships door and gave a slight nod to the person waiting there and soon the ships crew came to life, unloading bodies that seemed to be dead but infact where in an artificial sleep.

They had landed on Yavin near the ceremonial site ruins, the bodies they were removing from the craft are her battle team unit. This was a test of survival, strength, and leadership among other things. She would watch them, see how they fared, what happened with each of them and if they made it out in one piece. Each of them was brought here with what they had on them when they were apprehended; what they were told is that they were being exiled to a planet for the time being. None of them knew she was there, however they would in time, for now they would need to fend on their own.

She shifted her stance a bit and glanced back at the ship again then around at the bodies near her. She stepped over a few and up to the captain giving him the required amount for the trip here and the trip home when the time came for it. As she watched the ship come to life and lift off, leaving her and the rest of them on their own now, she began moving about the bodies poking them with her foot to test their reactions. When she was satisfied they were starting to awake enough she sprinted off into the jungle, her leather clothing she wore on outings like this fitted tight to her body making it easy for her to move. She kept her lightsabre strapped to her hip, litch blades hidden away and her staff was in hand as she made her way through the jungle. She snickered lightly as she headed towards a position she had thought of on the ride here, figuring or at least hoping they would make for the same place.


19-10-2006 18:49:32

[The air was moist, and quite hard to breath, the Sith Battlemaster noticed as he started to regain consciousness. His head hurt, more so then it had any morning after a night of pub hoping, and he knew he only had one person to blame. That bitch Desdemonae had left him a message that he was to be exiled to an unknown planet to perform a task with Pandragon Squadron, and while Warhunter had declined so that he may work on his standing within Arcona; some thugs had managed to break into the Battlemaster’s quarters and sedate him during a fierce struggle.

Shaking off any remaining effects of sedative with a little assistance from the force, the Battlemaster pushed himself up onto his feet and looked around his surroundings. Lined up lying on the ground remained the rest of Pandragon Squadron on what seemed like a concrete landing pad, though any traces of how they had gone there seemed long gone. On the edges of the pad, a thick luscious jungle awaited the squadron with the cries of foreign birds and animals calling out in the distance. Unable to identify the planet from the types of vegetation growing, Warhunter sighed in frustration.

No briefing. No recon. Not even a fricken clue as to what we are to be doing here. Warhunter thought, Damn you, Commander.

Looking at the unconscious roster before him, Warhunter wasn’t pleased. Out of a membership of eleven people, he was the only Equite. Worse, he only had two Knights to depend on and below that the rest were low journeymen. Drawing in a deep breath, the Sith cleared his mind and focussed on the task at hand. Using the force to touch the minds of each individual, Warhunter watched as his technique brought each member back to the land of conscious thought.

Giving the members a moment to settle themselves and take in the view surrounding them, Warhunter stood arms crossed in the semi circle created as each member stood and moved about. With all eyes focused on him, Warhunter’s deep voice sounded over the continued noises of the jungle around them.

“G’morning, nice of each of your to finally wake from your naps.” The Sith joked as he turned sideways to face one of the green walls of vegetation surrounding them. “It seems our Commander has set us up for some task or trial of her desire. I am unaware of what she mentioned to each of you about this event, but all I got was a letter of notice stating we were to be exiled to an undeclared planet for training. Taking it from our current situation, she’s thrusted us into this duty today. I assume we are to be judged on our ability to work together, and our progression towards the goal she’s set up for us.”

“Again, I am unaware of this goal but I suggest we start moving and explore our setting before nightfall comes. Wherever we are, I can’t imagine the nighttime creatures of this world being peaceful.” Warhunter continued as he received several nods from the group. “As the only Equite standing here, I’m gonna propose I assume command of this little operation. Callus and Devarios will act as my seconds, seeing as they are the next highest among us. If there’s no objections, let’s move towards the north; I sense high presence within the force that way.”

With a nod of agreement from the rest of the squadron, Warhunter ignited his light sabre and proceeded to hack his way through the dense jungle before them.


19-10-2006 20:05:03

Callus was laying on his back in the grass of some unkown planet. His first task was to check that all his motor skills were intact. He lifted his arms and legs assuring himself that they all worked properly. Then he checked his fingers and wiggled his toes. He turned his head left and right and saw other bodies strewn about him. Most were familer to him from what he could see other members of the battle team.

He pushed himself to a sitting position and got a better look around at the others. He had a terrible ringing in his head. He couldn't reacall much of what had happened. He did recall being in the training chamber working on his more advanced lightsaber techniques. He heard the door slide open and a lightsaber or two power up and turned. He never saw their faces but he met their blades with his. He had no doubt that he could have won if he wasnt near the end of his grueling training session.

He did feel his saber on his hip so whoever brought him here wasn't smart enough to take it from him. But why the other members of the BT were here he didn't know.

He got to his feet and saw other members beginning to stir.

Warhunter great the Sith had usurped command from those who's authority it was but Callus would go along with it untill it seemed that Warhunter was making decisions that would affect the team negatively. Callus and Neophyte were Flight leaders for a reason they know the quirks and skills that the members had that could be the differance in survial and death. Callus would accept this for the time being untill Warhunter's personal intrests conflicted with those of the rest of Pandragon.

He gave the members reassuring looks to let them know he had things under control.


20-10-2006 00:09:01

Neophyte woke and stowed his beding in his day-pack he had taken from his Sith Terminator seated comfortably away in a hangar deck in the city. The upgraded Apprentice's transport sported two wing mounted cannons and an additional ion blaster for disrupting enemy shields. The shield unit and thrusters and all internal components had been upgraded when he became a flight leader and he was only waiting on a shield to complete his personal war device.

The Terminator was his home away from home most times, due to his travels. He was taking a day off to get situated and get some food in town. He had heard of the mission and knew they would be leaving soon to face whatever unknowns his master talked about. The next thing in Neophytes vision was a plastisteel window and then the durasteel floor. Waking up he smelled dirt and heard the call of strange wildlife. He got up and looked around finding his pack strewn about ten feet from him he went and checked its contents noticing he was missing several key things. Food, Ragefinder, Comlink, and his medical kit were all missing and probably strew halfway across the coreworlds for all Neophyte knew.

With his daypack packed and his Xeroll Nightstinger locked and loaded he smiled and looked over to his master Warhunter. The young Sith was learning a great deal of things from his master and knew he was in good hands for the remainder of his training. This tho was still highly irregular.

Neophyte shifted his daypack around on his back to seat the straps into his light body armor which was ingrained into his flight suit. The bedroll, cantine, basic survival gear including binoculars, two charge packs for his Nightstinger, and bandages, was neatly packed in his rather compact backpack. Neophyte silently pyt the hood of his robes over his face and slung his rather large rifle over his shoulder and secured it in a tactical manner. Neophyte didnt like suprises.

Neophyte took his place behind Warhunter to his right hand side only one pace behind him and bowed his head before he spoke. Respect is one thing Neophyte had in large amounts and relished out to his teacher at every opportunity. With a low tone, so he could talk to Warhunter almost unheard, he whispered, "Master. Do we really know why we are here?".

He looked over to his master and waited for a reply noticinig the rest of the Pandragons awaking and getting ready for what lay ahead of them in these woods. Neophyte clasped his hands looking at all of the people he had come to know as family and also started to do a head count to see how many made it.


21-10-2006 18:09:31

Desdemonea slowed her pace some, she was a good few hours ahead of her troop and nearly at the caverns beneath the ruins now. She stopped and leaned upon her staff, even one as fit as her could only keep a running pace for so long before becoming tired. She began slowly forward now, hopefully she would keep the luck she had thus far and not meet any of the creatures that ventured in this place while she was unprepared to fend them off. Each time something moved within the brush she started and changed her course to throw whatever it was near her off. She could take no chances for she was sure there were quite a few carnivorous mobile creatures about and she did not intend to be their next meal.

Slowing again she stopped a moment later, leaning her head back to look up at the maginificant ruins she now stood infront of. She took a moment to admire the workmanship although the structures were old and crumbling, the legacy of their beauty could still be seen. She shook her head, feline ears swiveling the number of sounds around her as she moved on, slowly taking her time to reach her destination. As she approached a stream in the valley she slowed and looked around, ears moving to detect any presence of wildlife around here before moving forward again. She approached the stream then turned moving on a course that paralleled the water and came upon a pool that it flowed into. She gazed at the pool for a moment drawing upon the Force to use life sense upon the water, however she detected nothing living within. She dipped her staff into the water and swirled it around some, making sure nothing dead appeared either, it wouldn't do for her to drink tainted water. She gazed around at the banks and seeing no carcasses she deemed it safe to drink, dipping a paw in to scoop up some water. She had no backpack with her for she knew how to fair in the wild from her days before entering the Brotherhood; even though she may not know Yavin well, she knew the basicsof survival.

After she had her fill of the water she sat back on the bank, keeping her senses alert, now and then checking for any signs of life around her as she rested. She took this time to wonder how her battleteam was faring, wondering who had woken and who hadn't and if they had begun moving or were still deciding who was to do what.