[ P a n d r a g o N ]


13-09-2006 04:31:35

The headquarters of Pandragon has been built in Eldar, stood firm beyond the trees around the area of House Oriens Obscurum. It should be the home of Pandragon members, a place to enhance and sharpen their ability in particular features and platforms. Entering the general chamber, Odin found his flight members and flight leader were already there, chatting to each other. He gained their readiness when he was about to give such greetings to them.

-------Good day, my brothers and sisters, the members of Pandragon. It's our first gathering event in this great headquarters. Welcome to everyone, hope we are all using this as the place for us to share, discuss and talk. Enjoy and make yourselves at home. Alright. End of formal session. Let's have a partiiiiieeeeeee-----------


Wes Biriuk

13-09-2006 07:27:25

*infiltrates the party for alcoholic reasons*

Oh... nice place too :P


13-09-2006 09:08:47

Neophyte looked up and around at the Headquarters building. He had been in the Shadow Academy so much in the past time that this was his first look at the building. He smiled knowing this would be his home untill otherwise notified.

With the mention of party he pulled out his stashed corellian ale and Tetan Rum and started to mix himself a few drinks.


13-09-2006 13:37:23

Sight smiled to himself as the realization that this was his home and all these strange people where his family now, 'well it could have been worse' he tought to himself with a laugh. he grabed a couple of bottles of bozze and settled himself down into a chair. Party time!!! >:)


16-09-2006 02:14:47

*Raises his beer stern* Everyone lets Welcome Prelate Warhunter as our new leader! may he be like a father to us and help us on our way, and may his time with us be a time of good memories and hard work!

War first rounds on you ;)



16-09-2006 15:11:06

LOL thanks Sight.

Aye, Im the new Commander of Pandragon. Ill be monitoring this post daily so if you have questions/comments/or concerns post em here and ill respond to them ASAP


09-10-2006 04:56:41

Desdemone enters the Headquarters and glances around at the room then at the members. She arches one feline brow then moves into the room, to a corner where a chair was unoccupied. She sits down and flicks a paw, indicating to a server she was ready to order. She smiled as he approached, her sharp teeth exposed in this smile, though it looked a tad predatory she didn't mean it as such. She placed her order and he turned to fill it leaving her presence, it seemed, with as much haste he could while keeping his dignity entact. Another server returned with her drink and she thanked the girl, tossing a few coins to her as a tip before picking up her glass and sipping. She tucked her legs under neath her form in the chair and glanced about the room again, her gaze roaming over the members, lingering on their faces a moment before moving on to the next.