Board Activity


04-05-2006 13:24:53

Hey everyone. Most of yo should know that I am your new Aedile. I have been looking over the message board, and I have realized that it really isn't used that much. I would like to change that. Feel free to discuss anything on the sections provided to us. I know that Battle Team Bas-Tyra has a little discussion topic, so why not have one for the entire House? Let's see some more board activity. :-)



04-05-2006 15:44:50

We used to have a lot of MB activity but it was deemed spam and thus died out. Congratulations on your new position Esca.

Kaine Mandaala

04-05-2006 16:28:03

The majority of it was spam. This is easy to change - post topics that get people talking and make an effort when responding to them. This silence has become a broad sweep across the entire forums.

No reason to be quiet - just don't post garbage.


04-05-2006 17:27:05

Hello Devani! Nice to see you!

And congrats Esca on becoming Aedile!

Yea, I hoped that the boards would become more popular.


04-05-2006 17:35:23

Thanks for the congrats. As for topics to get people talking, well here is an easy one.

What do you want out of the House?

I'll make a topic and we can start the discussions there. :-)



05-05-2006 23:16:39

MORE DEDICATED MEMBERS! (no offence to the ones who join and take the time for us)


06-05-2006 01:20:15

First day back at HOO I submitted 4 GFX for the fued so :P


08-05-2006 18:16:23

lol, That is excellent! Unfirtunately I do not know how to make GFX, at least some members shud make an effort to do some comps.

Ylith Pandemonium

09-05-2006 13:48:40

yet you were only allowed to submit one that was kinda stupid :P

anyway. About board activities. Get something startted instead of spamming. Spamming is for the spam boards.

Wes Biriuk

09-05-2006 23:29:49

I would like to see an influx of monies into my bank account... enough to get me out of my parents house and allow me to live somewhere where I can access broadband internet. don't have teh internet at home at the moment (has been this way for three months) and doing DB stuff at work is a little hard when I have to eat and take a mandatory 15 minutes to rest my eyes, not to mention the limitless errands I must run for my mother... So, I have to be content wih playing KOTOR until we get the internet back, and hopefully I'll be able to help out in the activity stakes! Possibly even play a round of JA or two if the internet speed increase we have been promised permits.


10-05-2006 00:30:14

I obviously didn't read the website correctly then and I know I wasn't the only one to make that mistake, you didn't point that out when we talked however so I had no idea until now. And I do plenty for the DB and talk on the Spamboards.

Ylith Pandemonium

10-05-2006 08:01:12


anyway, D'het, hope to see you back soon, we could use the help.

and try to get IRC for a change :P

Wes Biriuk

10-05-2006 22:36:54

I'm trying... should be around soon enough :P

Ylith Pandemonium

11-05-2006 00:53:56

very good. welcome back :)