Bas-Tyra: Call of Duty


29-03-2006 22:55:03


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Reminder: This is a pre-Gesthemane incident.

“Aedile Ylith,” the tall man bowed respectfully.

“I have a mission for Battleteam Wolfpack, are they ready?” The Aedile of House Oriens Obscurum searched the Commander’s eyes piercingly, searching for any signs of weakness.

Odekai’s cool eyes stared back unflinchingly. “Of course. What are your orders?”

Ylith frowned, “While returning from a couple days’ vacation on Gethsemane, I spotted some unidentified ships land on a near-by moon. I am sending you and your team to investigate these craft. Leave as soon as possible and send me a report as soon as you land. I expect daily reports from that point on…and Odekai? Take care of this quickly.”

“Understood,” the Sith Leader nodded, he wasn’t one much for words.

“Dismissed. And happy hunting.”


The acrid smell of burning flesh pervaded the scarred landscape, wafting over to the dying man on the breeze. A low moan escaped his lips and unconsciousness threatened to overtake him. His training however was stronger and mind prevailed over body. He clenched the datapad tightly in his hand, lifted up to his peeling lips. “J…Je…Jedi.” He paused gasping for breath and before he breathed his last he whispered, “Zivan Altai….” With a soft thud his hand fell to the smoldering dirt beneath him, the only sound to be heard was the distant crackle of fire.


Ylith eyed the new Commander critically; she was young and had not yet led her Battleteam into action. Would she live up to his high expectations?

“Gather your members together and investigate what happened to Battleteam Wolfpack, they were not rookies. But above all…find Zivan Altai. Bas-Tyra leaves tonight, be ready.”

Devani bowed, turning on her heels she rushed out of the Aedile’s office. Using her comlink she alerted each member of Bas-Tyra of their call to duty.

“Meet me in the hanger bay at 1800 hours, we will debrief on route. Semper Obscuritas.”


30-03-2006 18:13:22

Scyrone was new in the Battle-Team and probably was one of the less-experienced ones. The Protector had been in House Oriens Obscurum for a long time and had done many things. He was even part of a previous Battle-Team in which he barely did anything in.
Scyrone was sitting in his quarters. It was small and tight and looked extremely messy, for he hadn’t cleaned it for days because he had been mainly looking up random things about the galaxy in many of his old books. He looked at the wall for a long time, long time as in all day, and every once in awhile he would slouch his head back so he could rest his head on the strain of his neck. The Obelisk was day-dreaming. He had been thinking of his past and how he has lived his life, of his long dead family, and most importantly of what he was going to do with the rest of his life. He looked up again, from laying his head, and had looked all around his room. The Protector let out a loud breath and decided to clean.
After a few hours, when Scyrone finally cleaned up every last thing in his quarters, he sat straight back down and went back to day-dreaming. It didn’t last long though, for the Battle-Team Leader had contacted all the members immediately.

“Meet me in the hanger bay at 1800 hours, we will debrief on route. Semper Obscuritas.”

The Obelisk immediately jumped in his seat and fell backwards over himself. He got up as quickly as possible and looked at the comlink with a surprised look. The message repeated as he listened properly this time.

“I gotta get ready,” said the Obelisk to himself.

Protector Scyrone immediately got up and got ready as fast as he could. He also grabbed his Katana, which he had finally found while cleaning, and got proper clothing on, from the loose clothing he wore before. He grabbed his comlink and ran out the door.

“Protector Scyrone reporting for duty and debrief,” said Scyrone into his comlink as he power-walked down the corridor towards the hanger bay.


06-04-2006 03:27:31

Devani’s cool gaze swept over the Bas-Tyra members gathered before her. She nodded in acknowledgement of Scyrone’s comment but didn’t answer immediately. Instead she looked at each member in the eyes for a long moment as if trying to see their true strength. Each in turn looked back unflinchingly, their eyes revealing a myriad of emotions, none revealing weakness.

“Bas-Tyra, we are about to embark on our first mission,” the Commander addressed those gathered in the hanger bay. “You must be aware by now that Battleteam Wolfpack and Commander Odekai have not returned from their mission. They were massacred and we have intel that Jedi may be involved.” Devani paused thoughtfully, almost lost within her own thoughts and the memories of Odekai’s last words. She began again abruptly, “Our mission is to discover exactly what events led to the deaths of our Dominatus brothers and sisters. As well as to eliminate whatever and/or whomever threatens Oriens Obscurum.”

With the last statement the Jedi Huntress hoists her pack to her back. “Understood?” They nod, grab their packs and follow her into the awaiting shuttle. As they settle into their seats Devani checks with the pilot and makes sure everything is ready to go. Using her comlink she contacts Ylith, “Sir, we are ready to embark on our mission.”

“Good,” the Aedile replied, “Do not fail me.”

“Of course Sir, wouldn’t dream of it. My next communication will be my first report once we land. Devani out.”

The shuttle took off from the planet’s surface, jumping into lightspeed as it left the planet’s atmosphere.


08-04-2006 23:13:13

Scyrone felt the rush of hyperspace in his veins. He looked around the shuttle they were in. Then his eyes stopped at the door. Behind that door was the cockpit where the Pilot and Co-Pilot where, along with Devani. he Prtector could hear talking from inside the cockpit. A few louder shouts here and there, no doubt Devani telling the confused Pilots where to go. Why would they be confused? Because they were around Devani. The Protector didnt think they had been around a girl BT leader ever. Thus, it made them confused. Scyrone looked away from the cockpit door, onto his brothers of the BT. Some of them were sleeping, some where talking to eachother, some were staring uselessly into nowhere. Scyrone chuckled quietly. He looked down onto his seat and wanted to fall asleep. He didnt know what to do. He had never been on a mission like this before. What was the Protector supposed to do? He looked up and decided to stand up and walk around. He walked around slowly for a couple of minutes and then headed for the cockpit door, so he could talk with Devani. He liked talking to her, cause she liked talking. Although this was a serious time. And when he walked up to the cockpit door and was about to knock, he suddenly felt the urge not to. And walked back to his seat, slouched back in the chair, and dozed off. Unfortunately Scyrone forgot one of his habits. For some reason when he was in Hyperspace sleeping, he would drool. The Prtector drooled himself to sleep, waiting to be woken up when they got there.


12-04-2006 03:10:12

The craft landed on the moon with only a slight bump, a testament to the ability of the pilots as the platform was cracked and covered in wreckage. Devani exited her seat near the cockpit, shouldering her pack and making sure her weapons were strapped on. Standing before the warriors she addressed Bas-Tyra, "We don't know whats out there so I want you to take all the nescessary precautions. Scyrone and Xaviar," She waited for their "Aye's" before continuing. "You will disembark first, keep an eye out and alert us of any suspicious activity. Dhet and Vladeck follow and finally Denath and I. Understood?" Nodded affirmations all around, the Commander smiled, "Right then, fall out."


12-04-2006 18:21:57

Scyrone was woken up before they landed, but when they did land, he put on the Obelisk Armor stored in a cabnit, he sheathed his Katana to the belt on his waist, and he put a robe over his armor. The Protector listened to the orders given by Devani, and he nodded in approval. They opened they air-lock door to the outside. And Scyrone and Xavier looked out across the planet. Not knowing which planet it was, Scyrone scanned the area around immediatly. It was hot and humid. There were a few orange, rocky mountains all around them. He could see that they had landed in what looked like an old dried up stream heading downwards in the mountain. The tall rocks blocked out the sun from there view, but the sun was out alright, and beating down on the planet extremely hard.

Scyrone can be funny at times, but when it came to battle and death it was something else. It was poetry for him. Maybe even a long extended story that had ups and downs and hidden meanings to it.

The Protector could not sense any danger yet, but had a gut feeling if they were to explore they would find this danger. Scyrone held the grip of his Katana, but did not pull it out. The Protector jumped out of the cockpit and landed with a thud on the ground. The two of them, Scyrone and Xavier, looked around the landscape again, just to make sure they had gotten the full gist of the landscape.

Scyrone looked at Xavier and said, "Let's follow the path of the old river down the mountain. Maybe we will find something useful." He waited for Xavier's reply to his comment, but he was still looking around. Scyrone assumed that Xavier was feeling something. "Do you think we should follow the dried-up river?" inquired Scyrone. Xavier looked at Scyrone and said commandingly, "I'll search up the dried river while you search down the dried river."
"Ummmmm . . . okay? Why should we split up? That would be dangerous for the mission."
"No, the mission is not exactly known yet. We must split up to find this . . . whatever we are finding."
Scyrone just agreed to it and walked down the mountain.