BT Bas-Tyra Motto


02-03-2006 18:09:33

Alright, vote on your favorites. If there is no clear-cut winner I will make a new poll with the top three choices and we shall vote again.


05-03-2006 15:24:19

Do we even have a motto right now?

Wes Biriuk

06-03-2006 05:22:48

Bas-Tyra? No. That is why the poll is being run. We are a new Battleteam, ne'er before seen in Arcona or the DB. We are becoming something from nothing.


07-03-2006 18:42:55

Alright, its been long enough. It has been decided. Congratulations to Dhet!

Wes Biriuk

09-03-2006 03:34:37

Woo! Go me! Go Bas-Tyra!