The House of The Great Ones


20-01-2006 16:10:24

Hey!! come and write some about your DB character and let the others know more about you.


20-01-2006 17:50:28

Im Vladeck Ragnos and im here to learn about the force in this brotherhood, i am descendent of Marka Ragnos one of the most powerful siths ever, hes is guiding my training but my master is The powerfull dark jedi knight Archean Bruth Kothae, for Vladeck Ragnos only power matters, with the time he will try to restore the lost power to his family or the ghost of Marka Ragnos will destroy him.


20-01-2006 18:15:40

I'm Akhara Kiddo, I'll keep this short and sweet, if you wanna know the whole story, check out my history sheet :P. Anyways I joined the DB to learn from the dark side of the force (and to meet people who have this common interest of the dark side with me) and to share thoughts, opinions and comments about the dark side.
And since I decided to join the dark side of the force, I'm gonna learn all about it and go all the way to become a Dark Jedi Knight, I don't like any half*** work!

Ceric Crimson

20-01-2006 20:23:49

If you are so inclined as to learn more about my charismatic self, learn to read, and then click below.



20-01-2006 20:39:39

I'm Devani Te'Arianu. My clan was massacred but they left me a special gift through the ceremony of the Re-jak. To put it simply, since the begining of the clan each persons spirit who has passed out of their physical bodies has been, uh, implanted in a special priestess, allowing the priestess to utilize all their knowledge and add special strength, speed, wisdom, etc. in times of great need. It can be very energy draining to do so in large quantaties however, and the "older" and less known a person in the clan was, more energy is needed to speak with them or let their knowledge of certain abilites augment her own. When my clan was massacred my Mother, the current Re-jak Priestess performed the ceremony on me before hiding me. Having watched her all my life I was able to perform another ceremony that allows the Priestess to take in the "souls" of the dead. From there I lived for a couple years on my home planet, just surving before trying to stow away on ship. I was caught and sold into slavery. My Master eventually felt to me as if he was my Father, taught me everything I know of fighting and taught me how to make my Shyarn. When he was killed I went mad with grief and a deeply seated anger turned me to the dark side when I met Revaan Himura, he convinced me to become a Dark Jedi. I was first part of Clan Plageius before switching to the most awesome Clan Arcona...I've been here ever since :D


21-01-2006 12:51:45

so you are powerful endeed jejeje >:)