Smoke is back home


22-12-2005 00:34:46

Good day Members of HOO, as some of you may or may not know, I was first in House of Galeres, shortly after that I went to Tarentum....(boooo...I know)

Well after a disagreement with a few things in Tarentum, I choose to leave and come back home, I had told a few of the older members I would return and today was it.....

So what all I can say, well I have been a Quaestor in Tridens, so leadership is one of my qualities, but I will not seek one for the time being, Im glad to be back, and help with whatever I can for the clan and the House, so feel free to pick my brain for the leaders.
As soon as my apprentice JH Archean Bruth'Kothae gets his next promo I will take another Apprentice, but I prefer to dwell in gaming, and touch on some poetry(Thanks Trev)

for some of you that may not know, Yes I am under the master/apprenticship with the Oracle Shan-Long till I achieve Dark Side Adept......his rules

Well not to drum this out, its good to be back, and Im here to whoop some gaming tail.....I do reguarly game, so if anyone is in need of gaming and want to participate in the gaming days, ICTE, and SIT feel free to ask away..even if its for the heck of it
JA, JO, RC, BF, BF2, XWA, XvT, Allegiance, SWGB are pretty much what I play besides Halo

I do hope to get a few of you activly gaming, and I look forward to a new future in HOO. :w00t:


22-12-2005 00:43:03


Welcome back, Smoke!


22-12-2005 13:45:06

Welcome back I've been telling you to return since you left and I must say it's about time :P

Tarax Kor

22-12-2005 14:52:12

Smoke smells. :P I'll still never forgive you for leaving in the first place. ;P


22-12-2005 16:38:41

Shut up Tarax you left :P

Kaelin Ring

22-12-2005 17:08:35

Hey ya'll. Nice to meet you Smoke. I've got a question to help one of the people in my BT. How do you get on the Battlefront 2 gaming thing for the DB?


22-12-2005 17:14:57

Well for the Db as long as he/she has mIRC, they can play anytime on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and everyother Sunday

Tues, Thurs: #GMRG 24 hour period
Sat: #outerrim 12 hours and at times 24hours
Sun: this is a tournament format, you would need to play in one gaming day in a two week period to be qualified for the event held every other Sunday....(There is one this sunday..yes the 25th...X-Mas, unless the cancel it...dunno yet)

Outside of that they need to go thru the Multiplayer section of the BF2, the way we have been doing it is one persn hosts it, and will set a name for the server, and password..that way you are undisturbed....

this is of course till Jac gets us a Server for BF2.....

let me know if you need other things answered Im here to help the best I can


22-12-2005 19:11:10

Nice to meet you Smoke.

Ceric Crimson

23-12-2005 21:49:01

It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Jin'ei Ceric Crimson.

Kaelin Ring

24-12-2005 22:27:36

let me know if you need other things answered Im here to help the best I can

Thank you, smoke! I will, and probably often... Haven't been here too long.


26-12-2005 16:40:21

No problem, Ive been here roughly over a yeah and a few months, and I am a active gamer, and I do dabble in poetry and some writing from time to time.

Just so some of you know, my characters name is Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir, on IRC I usually can be found by: Smoke20, `Smoke`, Ma`ar, and Chaos20

So anytime you need to chit chat hit me up.

BTW: Starting in Late Jan 2005 I will be taking another apprentice or two....I love them huge assignments....hehe



20-01-2006 14:28:38

Hiya master :)

I wish you were in my house :P Anyways I just wanted to say hi there :) :D


20-01-2006 14:49:01

Mi friend now you are at home with your friends good there is no place like home, jeje >:)