Octa and Hito Appreciation Forum!!!

Kaelin Ring

23-11-2005 23:40:56

As afor mentioned I propose that we all thank our leaders for busting their arses for us!

Yukimura Ansatsu Mifune

23-11-2005 23:45:48

Thank you octavian and hitokiri, you have done much for this house. the life of a leader is filled with painstaking hours of dealing with people who are not that easy to get along with coughcoughcoughtuskanicoughcough. and the achievements are not often publically recognized; however, the work of a good leader is shown in the activeness and successes of the ones that they lead. judging by the active members in HOO, i say you guys are doing one HELL of an excellent job. keep up the fantastic work

Kaelin Ring

23-11-2005 23:55:01

Ya, it's kicked back up recently. They have done alot for me. They made me more interested in this place and made me feel welcome. They became like brothers to me. I thank them alot for that.

Yukimura Ansatsu Mifune

23-11-2005 23:59:36

Good leaders have a knack for putting their personal lives aside and making those under them feel welcome and like family

Kaelin Ring

25-11-2005 01:49:45

Ya, I just hope they don't see this until other people post here :P !

Yukimura Ansatsu Mifune

27-11-2005 21:13:43

So do i my friend, i hope all of HOO posts at least some small "Thank You" note to Octavian and Hitokiri. what an impact they have had on this house

Kaelin Ring

28-11-2005 12:45:30

I'll order my BT into action! Spread the word, Ansatsu!


30-11-2005 11:34:33

I would like to thank Octavian and Hito for all of their hard work.

Ceric Crimson

30-11-2005 17:24:30

I would like to send you guys a Christmas present. Just one question...do you like blond, brunett or red head?


30-11-2005 18:38:57

I would like to thank Octavian and Hito for all of their hard work.

I will make you pay for that.

Ceric Crimson

01-12-2005 07:33:02

I was talking about you too, Tusk.

Kaelin Ring

02-12-2005 12:53:34

It's getting there. And to answer your question Ceric, "Yes."

Ceric Crimson

02-12-2005 15:39:56

Don't be greedy now.


04-12-2005 22:38:41

LOL, boys boys boys.

Thank you Octavian and Hitokiri.

Kaelin Ring

04-12-2005 22:40:53

Come on, Devani. Tell 'em why.


04-12-2005 22:45:42

Tell who why?

Kaelin Ring

05-12-2005 13:11:11

OCTA AND HITO!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!

So they feel better about what they do.

Ceric Crimson

05-12-2005 15:06:30

Shh...try to keep it on the wol nwod!


05-12-2005 15:09:06

On the what?
Octa ain't Quaestor anymore, Hito is so....
and he's cool I guess (LOL, JK!)

Ceric Crimson

05-12-2005 15:14:00

Yeah, Hito' s not cool anymore now that he is one of the suits!

Fight the Power!!

Hitokiri Bokuzen Mifune

05-12-2005 16:25:35

You know what? I shall own ya'll with the power of my lightsaber! I have one now! :D


05-12-2005 23:57:32

Um...no. Just because you have a lightsaber in no way means you have our respect as a leader...you earn that.

Wes Biriuk

06-12-2005 03:13:23

So far as I have seen and can tell, Hito is fit for the position which he now holds and will only get better.

Kaelin Ring

06-12-2005 12:16:41

Ya! So Hito, when do I start as Aedile?


06-12-2005 19:54:13

LOL, Rev Halc is Aedile now.

Wes Biriuk

07-12-2005 05:08:48

Yeah he won't last, Halc will go back to his role of "Advisor" soon... that way he can persuade people to do his bidding with out ever having authoritative status... but that wont work now that he is the awesomest dude in the DB...

There goes that analogy...

Ceric Crimson

08-12-2005 16:34:00

What analogy? Where did it go!?

Kaelin Ring

09-12-2005 13:21:55

I know, it was a joke. Dev, you never posted? GRR!!!!


09-12-2005 15:07:01

Sorry dear brother, I totally forgot about it what with trying to pass all my classes and stuff and just generally being lazy. I'm just sort of sick of the ACC...

Ceric Crimson

10-12-2005 21:35:14


How about if you were up against me??????


11-12-2005 21:20:06

Mmm....we'll see. :)

Ceric Crimson

12-12-2005 15:03:59

I issued a challenge on the ACC.

See U there!

Kaelin Ring

14-12-2005 11:31:33

GUYS... Anyway, I need to know Octa's email, I need to talk to him.

Ceric Crimson

14-12-2005 15:03:24

Octa's email: macdancer1987@hotmail.com

Kaelin Ring

16-12-2005 15:24:54

Thanks Ceric.

Ceric Crimson

16-12-2005 15:45:51

No prob, bro.


20-01-2006 15:25:40

you are rally good and you are doing a great job congratulations! >:)