Celebration Anaheim: Roll call


21-04-2014 23:55:35

Planning on going to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim next year? Please post up here and also let me know if you'll be cosplaying (as what?)

Also would you be willing to help out the Brotherhood on the day and/or do you want to help out with the planning of the thing?


22-04-2014 13:08:24

Haven't decided yet, but trying to set it up

Kaira Rohana

22-04-2014 13:43:52

we are talking about it. Will let you all know as soon as we desided what to do.


22-04-2014 17:20:42

Me, my husband and his brother are planning to go.


27-04-2014 20:11:04

Already have tickets. I'll be there.