Tarentum: Team 2


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SBM Raiju Kang
DA Maxamillian von Oberst
SBM Archean Tarentae
SBM Rax Von-Klug
GRD Garloaf

IC: You are a member of an elite task force assigned to conduct a rapid entry raid in Xlopora City. Your team is tasked with recovering the the lost blade of Ferran, known as Revelation. Intelligence reporting indicates four distinct opposition Forces operating within Xlopora City.

1. One Sith Forces: The Sith Lord Esoteric has been identified by Taldyran reconnaissance teams. Esoteric is an unpredictable Sith Lord and has been connected to the death of multiple members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

2. Unknown Imperial Forces: Arconan agents have reported multiple engagements with Storm Commandos and unidentified Imperial Storm Troopers. These unknown Imperial Forces appear to be coordinating their operation with the One Sith.

3. Sith Revenants and Ancient Sith Magic: Xlopora City is the seat of ancient Sith powers and is protected by unknown quantities of arcane wards and traps. Sith Zombies have been identified within the catacombs underneath the towered palace located in the center of the city. Shadow Academy Scholars have reported multiple deaths resulting from failed attempts to breach warded doorways and structures.

4. The Dark Brotherhood: The Dark Brotherhood is a fragmented organization designed to reward those who excel. Infighting, backstabbing, and treachery are acceptable tactics to achieve results. Dark Council reports indicate at least three skirmishes have occurred between opposition Clans and Houses.

The Sith Medium, Dantella Novae, has provided the Dark Council with a rough sketch of the chamber housing Revelation. She believes that a ritual, of some sort, will be required to gain access to the weapon. This ritual will require a significant cost from the team who discovers it.

This is a time sensitive operation that will conclude in 96 hours (16 real life days!) with the commencement of an orbital bombardment. Due to the short nature of the operation, your team will be limited to light infantry operations (no mechanized forces are to be deployed in Xlopora City). You may use any other equipment from your organization's order of battle.

OOC: The following links provide additional information.

Plot Update Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0rPsJ1Xn54cZ1VFYjY3SElrMU0/edit?usp=sharing

Bosthirda Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0rPsJ1Xn54cbmNOMURTM3R0R3M/edit?usp=sharing

Dantella Novae Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0rPsJ1Xn54cY1piSHZJOHhlMEU/edit?usp=sharing

Competition Rules:

Welcome to the Dark Crusade Epilogue: Bosthirda, a Run-On Event.

The following rules are in effect:

This is a run-on event based on the most recent Dark Brotherhood Plot Update, Bosthirda Planet Document, and event hook placed at the beginning of each run on.

Sign-ups for the event will begin on 22 February 2014 and end at 2359 EST on 27 February 2014.

The Team Captain from each team will email their team name and team roster to Muz, Raken, and Sarin.

Teams will consist of no less than 5 members and no more than 7 members. Units may submit as many teams as they can field.

250 word minimum per post. No maximum word limit. A post under 250 words will not be considered in a participant’s 3 post total. If a player writes five entries, 3 over 250 words and 2 under, they will still be given credit for reaching the minimum post limit.

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The winning team will win the Run-On for their unit. A single Independent Unit can finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in this event. This is a nova producing event.

Event Timeline:

22-27 February Sign-Ups

28 February: Event Hook Published on all Team Threads (You can read the plot update and potentially divine your mission!)

28 February to 16 March: Members Post on the Forums! This event will be plugged into the Database, but will not conclude on the forums until 2359 EST on 16 March 2014!!!!!!!


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Only a few fibers of flesh remained. It strung the jaw up, although it hung slanted and drooping, creating a dumbfound expression on the creature. Of the flesh that remained there wasn’t enough to provide functionality; the only motion the jaw produced was a sway back and forth with the creature’s stumbling steps. Yet a hungry growl croaked out of its open mouth as it advanced, the creature certainly intended to attempt to use it on the individual lying on the floor.

The setting around the creature was ablaze with action. A rifle of some sort filled the air with its fury, as bolt after bolt was sent into a swarm of the creature’s allies. Commands boomed over the noise from across the setting, but carried a tone of concern and panic – pleading towards the audience for support. However, no one seemed to respond; even the pair of crimson blades that angrily burned into the flesh of the enemy provided no support from their owners.

In the center of the event, only one figure could be clearly comprehended. Darkness swelled around the individual on the floor, leaving the orange hue of his lightsaber to illuminate his features. With long green tendrils and rubbery looking skin it was clear the individual was a Nautolan, but a missing large, black fishy eye left the witness in confusion. Immediately the witness was flooded with a whirlwind of emotion.

Fear. Anger. Resentment.

And yet, through all of this, the crowd of creatures kept coming.

* * *

ISD II Magnus Kaerner
High Orbit, Basthirda

His knuckles quickly paled as his fist clenched tightly. The Nautolan always met reality with adversity; a fact well known by those that now surrounded him. A quick shake of his head, in attempt to distance himself from the images in his head, brought worried looks from the troopers next to him.

“Alright, sir?” Crackled the audio feed from the helmet on the right.

“Want me to alert, Stitches?” This time from the left, referencing the medic of their unit.

“No…” The words came slowly from the Nautolan as he wiped his brow, before pausing to look at his char-colored hand. “It was just a vision from the force. Something to beware of on the ground below.”

“What would that be, sir?” From the right again.

“You ever hear stories of Koros or the Corsair Facility?” When two nods were returned, the Nautolan eased back in his seat and started to scan the area behind them. “Better be prepared for some of that.”

With that the conversation ended, and while the Nautolan was aware of the worry that gripped the two troopers; he cared little as he examined why they weren’t off the deck yet. Loaded shoulder to shoulder in one of the ATR-6 Assault Transports of the Magnus Kaerner, they should have been on their way to their insertion point already. Glancing around, only the troopers beside him broke the calm, professionalism of the Special Operations Detachment but further down his line of seats he could see his apprentice, Garloaf, was nervously checking if his seat straps would hold in his large, Cathar frame.

When the Cathar didn’t return his gaze, the Nautolan stretched in his seat so he could view over two lines of seating to the last line on the opposite wall. There, right at the end of the seats near the loading ramp, the Nautolan could see a pair of Sith Battlemasters seething at the delay. Rax Von-Klug was the first to notice the Nautolan’s watch and sharply elbowed Archean beside him and directed the man’s attention to their Nautolan Aedile. Mouthing, “what is the hold up?” to the pair, each man shook their head and shrugged. A sigh burst from the Nautolan’s lips as he began to unbuckle his straps, intending to make his way to the cabin. That was when several heavy lumps echoed into the transport, cutting off idle conversation and grabbing everyone’s attention.

As the towering man stomped his way into the transport, backs immediately straightened across the rows of troopers following an announcement from a junior officer by the ramp. A smirk slowly crept across the Nautolan’s face in disbelief as he stood to witness the man’s arrival. A glare was reflected off the man’s bald head as when he came to a stop inside the transport, pausing as if to take in the troopers’ display with his mechanical eye. When the red lensed piece fell upon the Nautolan, the large man made his way across the transport’s deck to his target.

“Marshal.” The Nautolan acknowledged the man with a nod, though the singular word struggled to find a respectful tone through gritted teeth.

“Raiju…” A similar tone was returned to the Aedile, and a wave of uneasiness could be felt coating over the troopers.

“Have you come to join our merry, little band?” The Nautolan said with a chuckle, his glance at the Marshal’s baton remind him of the crimson bladed weapon that lay hidden inside.

“I’m not letting leaving Arcona to rely on those Taldryan Karks.”

“Glad to have you.” Raiju nodded his approval and bounced a hard fist twice off the hull as he raised his voice. “Pilot, let’s go!”


03-03-2014 15:46:46

ISD II Magnus Kaerner
High Orbit, Basthirda

Garloaf felt the ATR-6 start to get off the deck, so he gave up trying to buckle the straps of his seat. He looked around at the rest of the men on the transport, the only one he knew was his Master; the troopers he did not talk to and the other Tarenti all out ranked him.

He looked at the pair of Sith Battlemasters and saw that they were talking, he then looked over at the man that had gotten on to the transport before they left he had no idea who he was but feeling uneasy around him. He grabbed his slugthrower rifle, catching the eye of one of the troopers.

“Is that not a little outdated?” The trooper quipped with a grin.

“No.” Was the only answer Garloaf gave the trooper before looking away, hoping the trooper would get the clue to mind his own business. Garloaf knew that as the junior member of this team even the Yridian troopers were eyeing him up, along with the other Tarenti, questioning his potential. Until Garloaf won their approval, he wasn’t going to waste words.

Down the line of seats Garloaf could see Raiju glancing over at his apprentice, no doubt checking out how the Guardian was doing. Ignoring his master’s watch for a moment, Garloaf proceeded with his ritual. With a forceful tug, Garloaf snap the barrel of his slugthrower back in place and checked the weapon’s sight. When he felt confident in the weapon, he then grabbed something that was hanging from around his neck. Garloaf did that before ever mission, and he was getting the feeling his master was growing more curious of the token each day they spent in each other’s company.

He’s not finding out today. Garloaf thought to himself as he tucked the token into his shirt before finally meeting Raiju’s gaze. Before his master could call out to him, Garloaf cut in.

“How far outside the city are we being dropped?”

“About a mile outside of Xlopora city.” Raiju announced and Garloaf nodded before the Cathar continued in his native language. A giant smirk crossed his master’s lips before the Nautolan sat back in his seat.

“What did you just say?” The trooper asked, interrupting the Cathar. When Garloaf looked back at the trooper a low growl expressed his growing frustration with the man.

“It’s a good day to die.” Garloaf stated, followed by a laughed. Closing his eyes, the Cather put his hands on to his lap and whispered to himself in his native language, once again ignoring the clueless trooper.