Naga Sadow: Team 1


28-02-2014 18:41:41

DP Darth Vexatus
KPN Methyas L'eonheart
OE Mirado L'eonheart
SW Alexander DelGotto

IC: You are a member of an elite task force assigned to conduct a rapid entry raid in Xlopora City. Your team is tasked with recovering the the lost blade of Ferran, known as Revelation. Intelligence reporting indicates four distinct opposition Forces operating within Xlopora City.

1. One Sith Forces: The Sith Lord Esoteric has been identified by Taldyran reconnaissance teams. Esoteric is an unpredictable Sith Lord and has been connected to the death of multiple members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

2. Unknown Imperial Forces: Arconan agents have reported multiple engagements with Storm Commandos and unidentified Imperial Storm Troopers. These unknown Imperial Forces appear to be coordinating their operation with the One Sith.

3. Sith Revenants and Ancient Sith Magic: Xlopora City is the seat of ancient Sith powers and is protected by unknown quantities of arcane wards and traps. Sith Zombies have been identified within the catacombs underneath the towered palace located in the center of the city. Shadow Academy Scholars have reported multiple deaths resulting from failed attempts to breach warded doorways and structures.

4. The Dark Brotherhood: The Dark Brotherhood is a fragmented organization designed to reward those who excel. Infighting, backstabbing, and treachery are acceptable tactics to achieve results. Dark Council reports indicate at least three skirmishes have occurred between opposition Clans and Houses.

The Sith Medium, Dantella Novae, has provided the Dark Council with a rough sketch of the chamber housing Revelation. She believes that a ritual, of some sort, will be required to gain access to the weapon. This ritual will require a significant cost from the team who discovers it.

This is a time sensitive operation that will conclude in 96 hours (16 real life days!) with the commencement of an orbital bombardment. Due to the short nature of the operation, your team will be limited to light infantry operations (no mechanized forces are to be deployed in Xlopora City). You may use any other equipment from your organization's order of battle.

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01-03-2014 12:40:14

Contested Aerospace over Xlopora City
Esstran Sector

The aerospace above Xlopora City was thick with flak and starships engaged in fierce dogfights as the aging Delta-class DX-9 transport dove into the heart of the conflict. Its pilot had been given clear and concise orders by not just the Consul of Naga Sadow, but also the Dark Council and its Grand Master. Regardless of how bad the fight for this planet, for this city became, they had to complete their single-minded objective and deliver their passengers to the appointed drop zone as well as extract them when the mission was complete.

The aging Imperial vessel rocked hard as it entered the airspace screened by various anti-air batteries of mixed affiliation. Resistance across Bosthirda and throughout the system had been fiercer than the Brotherhood's initial intelligence has indicated and they had been largely unaware of the presence of an unidentified Imperial force. Yet the Imperials weren't the only ones firing upon this rickety transport, as both the One Sith forces and their "allies" fired indiscriminately upon any ship foolhardy enough to enter their kill-zone. Even now the pilot regretted taking the mission as the transport's shields attempted to bare the initial weight of the assault before fizzling out and allowing the flak to tear into the vessel's hull.

"We're under too much fire! I'm not going to be able to keep her together long enough to get you to your drop..." the Pilot shouted into the hold before a singular voice boomed forth with warning.


In a moment, the bone chilling shriek of metal rending metal filled the passenger compartment before the howling wind tore through the transport's hold. Where the nose of the transport had once been was now completely open to the elements, sheared off by the wing of a fighter spiraling out of control, and the aged Delta-class had now begun to tumble uncontrollably towards the surface. Without a pilot or any flight controls, the vessel continued to spiral through the air, rapidly losing altitude before unceremoniously slamming into the surface and careening through several of the city's ruined structures. When the transport finally came to a halt, its final resting place was at the base of a tower along the palace walls.

Of the team that had been assigned, few remained within the wrecked hull; many had been thrown from the tumbling vessel during its decent. But those who did remain had survived through either sheer luck or skill; their training and experiences throughout the Crusade having given them the edge they required. These select few had been chosen for the qualities they possessed that would give them a better chance at completing Lord Ashen's task, and now especially was their time to prove it.

"Qui...quickly! Form...form a perimeter!" came the barks of the lone Arc Trooper as he tried to keep his recent meal from making a repeat appearance.

A crisp metallic snap signified the release of a restraint before a heavy pair of boots clattered upon the floor, their footsteps uncertain as the individual fought to regain their balance. A few other boots could be heard against the metallic plating among some groans and complaints at being jostled about so roughly, after finally regaining their center of gravity, the individual they spoke, "Is everyone alright? Sound off!"

"A little help?"


"Anyone hurt?"

One-by-one, more voices started to rise up checking up on one another and help free those trapped in restraints or under wreckage. It wasn't the largest group of soldiers, but it would be enough to get the team closer to their objective. The champions of the team, a quartet of Dark Jedi, had already grouped together to quickly assess their situation as each could feel the presence of hostile forces steadily closing in on their position.

"So we continue with the objective?" Alexander raised the question at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

"We have no choice, unless we could capture another transport..." Teu paused as she shook her head, "and we'd still have to neutralize the anti-air."

"The Palace is nearby and our soldiers signed up for this. Its not like we'd be able to return to the Council empty-handed regardless," came the blunt response from Methyas, the Miraluka opening himself as a conduit to the Force before he continued, "My concern is the taint of this place though, the bitterness..."

Among the quartet, the Krath was the most knowledgeable in the ways of the Force and yet most susceptible to its machinations. It was this fact alone and his past history with missions for the Council which concerned his brother. With a swift slap to Methyas' back, Mirado growled, "Let's get moving then."

It was enough to snap the elder L'eonheart back to attention as Teu turned to their Arc Trooper, "Commander, get your men in position, we're going to move on the palace."

"Yes, ma'am. You heard the lady, grunts. We've got less than ninety-six hours before the Council orders Base Delta Zero, so let's find their relic and get off this rock!"


02-03-2014 12:45:10

The palace wall stood ominously on their side as they pushed forward, streaks of fiery orange lit up against the dark stone as ships were blown out of the sky, their wreckage landing elsewhere. The small group walked carefully, the Arc troopers scanners were looking for surprises from around them. As the Dark Jedi were carefully monitoring the area around them and both looking for unneeded surprises.

The silence of the group was thick, only the sound of boots on the hard earth was heard. They knew they would have to fight soon. Their shuttle falling at the base of the tower was an unfortunate event that would lead to their discovery rather quickly. Each of them was at the ready.

Teu’s eyes moved quietly as she took in her surroundings. She shook her head slowly as she took in the site before her. When the Dark Council approached her about the mission she knew one thing and this wasn’t what she expected. It mattered little when the Dark Council told you to act you didn’t just deny them…that could be career ending.

A slight shiver sent Teu out of her inner monologue as she looked towards a thicker area of brush.

She didn’t have to look to know everyone was looking in the same direction, blaster rifles were raised, Teu pulled her lightsaber off her belt. Her thumb swept the symbol on the side before idling above the blue button. She used her peripheral vision to notice the other three were in the same motion.

Within a couple of minutes a mixed group of Imperial forces and One Sith came into view. Their weapons raised at the ready.


02-03-2014 21:37:24

The Imperial Stormtroopers fired a volley of blaster bolts at the group. Most of the bolts were aimed that the groups Troopers that were with the Alexander and the others. As the bolts arched toward the group the snap-hiss of light sabers was heard. The four Equite's easy deflected most of the bolts away from the group. The few bolts that did get past were only grazing shots that the Armor of the Troopers easily withstood.

The Troopers reacted without orders. Some advanced placing themselves between the Imperial forces and the Dark Jedi. Some moved to to the flank opposite the wall to protect the flank. And a third group held there ground behind everyone to move were needed or ordered.

As the ARC Troopers moved forward they started to lay down some cover fire. This was mostly to make the Imperial forces move to cover, but a few of the blaster bolts found a target.

“Commander, Make sure some of your men cover the palace wall, and watch for snipers,” Alex gave the order through his comlink as he rushed toward the Imperial forces. He had not felt like this since fighting in the Liberation of Coruscant.

“Alex wait” Teu shouted, but Alex was already starting to fuel his rage with the force. It had been some time since he had been here, a long time since he had seen Imperial forces, and a long time since he had felt the anger need for revenge. It had been Imperials that caused the worse pain he ever felt and they all would die.


04-03-2014 09:58:12

Elsewhere in Xlopora City
Esstran Sector

Lightsaber blades snapped and crackled as they collided in the streets below the rooftop. From her vantage point, Dantella Novae could see everything in the clearing below. The mysterious Sith Lord leading the One Sith forces that had besieged the city had disappeared again, shortly after making a mockery of the strange new Elder who had recently joined the ranks of House Taldryan.

Esoteric had vanished into the thick clouds of black smoke that now engulfed the city.

Down below, Kincaid and Cantor battled on with the team of Sith Warriors that the Sith Lord had left in his wake to stall them. Dantella sighed and shook her head as she activated her commlink.

It took only a moment for the miniature blue-white image of the Grand Master to appear.

“Report.” Lord Ashen spared no time for idle pleasantries and introductions.

Even separated by lightyears and without a full image, the Umbaran agent could not suppress a small shudder beneath the intensity of the man who had killed her original master, Zoraan. She was lucky to still be alive—although, she no longer remembered exactly what had happened to change her loyalties in the past twelve months… she remembered flashes… bright lights… but…

Dantella’s mind quickly returned to the present, and back to the fierce gaze of the hologram.

“The Herald’s killer is here,” the Umbaran said. “The primary strike team has been… engaged.”

The Grand Master considered this news for a moment. The team from House Taldryan had been the unit that they had hoped stood the highest chance of securing Ferran’s sword, but it seemed that Esoteric had had the exact same thought. Like always, it was as if the One Sith not only had known the Dark Brotherhood’s broad plans, but had already known about their operation in detail before it began…

Her datapad chimed and the Dark Lord’s holographic visage turned back toward her again.

“I am transferring you details of another strike team,” Ashen explained. “You are to shadow them, and report back to me when they near the objective. I will issue more instructions then.”

Dantella nodded, already studying the list of names.

Her lip curled slightly at one of them. One of the group that back on the Avenger II had...

“I trust there will be no problems,” the Grand Master stated coldly. It was not a question.

And with that the transmission cut off.


08-03-2014 11:21:22

The unmistakable sound of blaster fire filled the ruins as the two forces began to square off, soldiers moving swiftly on either side in an attempt to prevent the other from getting the advantage. Explosions could be heard near and far as the other strike teams attempted to make their way towards their objective, wherever it may be, within the forsaken city. As Alex's rage began to consume him, Teu began to orchestrate their forces as her saber deftly reflected the scorching energy beams which lanced towards her. Between the L'eonheart brothers though, a discussion had summarily been completed with two simple phrases communicated across their bond, the chain allowing the mere feelings to snap between them within a fraction of a second.


"On it."

The feral L'eonheart withdrew his saber in a flash while his offhand withdrew a fierce razor from its sheath at his hip and with just as much speed the man was off. He was a blur of motion, diving headlong into the nearest pack of Stormtroopers before he delivered them a swift end. His brother had done the opposite however, the elder L'eonheart easily centering his mind as he opened himself to the Force around him. The Jedi's first act was to meld their soldiers, his battle meditation swiftly congealing their forces into a unified mind and purpose as his body moved of its own accord, flowing instinctively to place his saber between himself and the blaster fire which thirsted for his flesh.

The Miraluka's actions had greater effects than he could have anticipated however, he had known there was something different about this world and this city especially; he had warned the others of its unusual bitterness after all. But what he hadn't anticipated was how powerful the nexus of Force energies were about him and how they may communicate to someone so attached to the Force. The instant Methyas allowed himself to become a conduit, the Force itself took the moment upon itself to give him precisely what he had wanted.

Interconnecting strands all but encompassed his vision as ties from the past and present seemed to touch every square inch of the ruins about them, and worst of all were the voices. Whispers and voices seemed to echo and bounce throughout his head coming from anywhere and everywhere around him. Some spoke in languages he could not understand, others in tongues he had heard only in passing, but there would always be the voices speaking Basic that he did understand and their numerous voices were easily capable of keeping him distracted. Methyas faltered as he became overwhelmed, his knees buckling for a second as he instinctively attempted to shrink away from the source of his discomfort, and the momentary distraction was enough for a bolt to pass through his defenses.

The bolt struck the Jedi in his leg, causing him to completely fall to the ground with a searing pain while Mirado stumbled for a moment in the field; the brother's Force chain had caused the pain to lance through Mirado as well, given Methyas' usual defenses protecting his sibling from just such a thing from happening had been compromised. The younger Miraluka's brow furrowed furiously as he shot a glance towards his brother to ensure he was still fine, a subtle response from Methyas assuring him, before he doubled his efforts to clear their adversaries. The others had felt the disruption too as his battle meditation had faltered the moment the bolt had struck him, but none could afford to break from the combat and take action on it for now. For the moment, Methyas was on his own and his concerns were with the voices invading his mind instead of the pain in his leg.

These voices continued to whisper and speak to him even as he attempted to restore some of his mental shields, to try to keep himself stable and useful for the sake of his team, before something finally happened, something unexpected.

"We know what you seek..."

"Excuse me?" the incredulity of the statement had caught him off guard, almost as though he hadn't heard the voice correctly, which was possible given the number of them present.

"You walk the path of the sorceress, you seek what was left behind..."

Methyas' brow furrowed for a moment as he considered what the now clearest voice was saying, his focus completely divided as he began to heal his wound while trying to maintain his meditation, "You speak of Tiamat? Of the Triumvirate?"

There was a long pause as the voice seemed to contemplate its next statement, and the sounds of combat seemed to have dulled behind the chorus of voices still speaking all at once, but it was still present enough that he still knew it persisted, "So many millenia ago, she too heard our words and followed our guidance. Will you, Jedi?"

Methyas' guard immediately went up as the offer seemed too good to be true, as the voice spoke of his alignment among the Brotherhood. Yet as he did, Mirado and the others seemed to have finished their rampage. Alex kicked a fallen trooper as he approached before Mirado spoke up briefly, "You alright?"

Methyas nodded quickly before he spoke, "Yes, of course, just...wasn't expecting, the intensity of this place. I should be fine now, we need to continue towards the palace."

The trio glanced at each other for a moment before Mirado reached out a hand to help his brother up, Alex and Teu starting towards their waiting troops, Mirado gripping his brother's hand for a moment as he asked once more, "You sure?"

Methyas nodded once again, "I'll be fine, Mirado, believe me. I'm more concerned for what lies ahead."

Mirado simply nodded before he released his brother's hand and started towards the other two, the former tracker taking point as he began to search for any potential dangers.

As the others started forward once more, Methyas simply stood there for a second as he tried to regain his center, but he could not seem to shake the voices as they continued their chorus around him.

"Continue along your path, young one. Your goal will surely be within your grasp, you need only to take it..."

Shaking his head in an effort to clear it, Methyas grimaced only for a moment before starting after his companions; the rear guard of their troops falling in line behind him. Try as he might, the voices would not relent, though Methyas feared less the voices than the inching clarity of his mind and his increased insight into the Force as it began to course through him so simply now. Few would notice, it now, but the intoxicating nature of the Force was beginning to have its effect on the Miraluka; and he would not be the first to succumb to its power in this quest for secrets best left on Bosthirda.


13-03-2014 11:54:41

Teu glanced back at her former apprentice from time to time; she frowned slightly but pushed ahead with Alex. She did not want to disappoint the Dark Council by not getting the targeted item before all hell broke loose. She knew that they weren’t the only group after the targeted item, but the thought of getting it first fueled her drive forward.

The group trudged forward; they managed to avoid any additional big skirmishes as they pushed forward towards the city center. According to reports, there are Sith zombies the closer to the city center scouts got.

The noises of the battle raged above them as they pushed forward, their trek clear as they reached one of the doors to the catacombs. The front of the group went in first, followed closely by the Dark Jedi. No one spoke for fear of disrupting the things that were for all intents quiet. It was doubtful it would last long but no one dared to test the theory.

The thought was short lived as a shuffling of footsteps could be heard coming from around the group as they phased a four way juncture, one leading back the way they came. The other three lead deeper into the catacombs. Without thinking Methyas took the lead as he followed his senses, he led them down the left path. The shadows were deep, even the lights on the troopers helmets did little to brighten it up. As the group turned a slight corner a larger space opened up and it was filled with around fifteen zombies Sith came from around them. Leaving only two choices, fight or turn around and go back.

A moment of pause fell over the group before a simultaneous snap-hiss was heard over the room. All four of the Dark Jedi had activated their lightsabers. Teu quickly leapt towards a group of the zombies, blaster fire from the soldiers pelted the air as they tried to mow down the group of zombies.


13-03-2014 15:19:35

Xlopora Palace
Esstran Sector

Dantella’s hand closed around the forearm of the reanimated corpse and with the assistance of the Force she heaved the rotten, reeking monstrosity to one side, dragging its head away from her just before a thick, gloopy bead of dry saliva fell from the chipped and peeling grey flesh left of its lips.

“Disgusting,” the Umbaran breathed and with a blast of the Force, she hurled it backward—and off the edge of the high stone wall that surrounded the palace. The zombie, for lack of a better term, didn’t even make a sound as a fell, its carnal, bestial urges driven not through some unholy undead lust for flesh, but simply out of carrying out the unspoken instructions of some long dead sorcerer, whose silent orders had been etched into the beast’s skin. Indeed, as the creature tumbled through the air, the runes that had been scratched into its flesh seemed to glow slightly in her mind’s eye.

Tsaiwinokka hoyakut

The ancient tongue was alien to the Dark Adept, whose own scholarly pursuits had been in the art of alchemy and ways to control the flesh while it was still alive with the slightly potion or drink, but it didn’t take the secret tomes hidden in the forbidden archives of the Star Chamber to guess what the words meant:

They were a call, a beckoning to restore some false simulacrum of life to the dead…

But that was all they were.

As the unliving body parts finally reached the bottom of the wall, with a loud crack they struck the surviving parts of an unrecognisable statue, the crunch echoing out through the courtyards below. However, Dantella paid no attention to any of this; her eyes had now fixed on the small strike team she had been observing make their way through the remains of the city with their armed escort.

Without any further words, the four Dark Jedi had quickly entered into the catacombs that ran beneath the palace—and which, at the end of their twisting, trap-laden corridors, laid the sword of Ferran, the original Obelisk who had led the armies of the first Star Chamber all those millennia ago.

Dantella keyed online her commlink and raised the wrist-mounted device in front of her lips.

“Strike Team Osk Nem Alpha has entered the target area,” the Umbaran whispered, and then she shut off the comm again. There was no need to wait for a response. Lord Ashen would not expect her to either: the Grand Master wanted her to bring him results, not entertain his time with idle pleasantries and small talk.

And bring the Dark Lord results, she would. Dantella’s lips curled into a satisfied smirk. But also, maybe a token of pay back for herself. Loyal she might have been—although for what reasons her loyalties had changed, still she did not remember, most of the past year a blank—but she had not forgotten the humiliation that had been forced on her by the blind Miraluka and his companions a year before…

Deep below, there was a price to be paid, and this time, she would make sure someone else paid it...


14-03-2014 05:19:44

Xlopora Palace Catacombs
Esstran Sector

The strike team entered the the chamber were the sword of Ferran was thought to be. In the center of the room was statue, a statue that looked like it was only months old. The pure Dark Side power along with Sith Alchemy seemed to affect the statue. As they entered they all seen it, the body parts of the zombies.

“Someone else was here, Commander set up a security perimeter. Methyas is this the sword?” Alex turned to the Miraluka.

Methyas took a deep breath and concentrated on the surroundings.

“Yeeesssss, Yes do walk the path of the sorceress. You do seek what was left behind. We will show you”

The images flashed in the Miraluka's mind. The three entering the room, the sword being placed into the statues, the lighting surging, and the hand on the floor. As the vision flooded his mind, he was racked with the pain of the vision.

Methyas dropped to one knee and brought his left hand up to his head, as he did this Mirando felt the surge of pain and shook his head. The pain faded as fast as it started.

“Yes Alex it is the sword. But there ...”

As Methyas said that Alex walked up the sword and pulled it from the statue.

“ … is a trap?”

Nothing happened as Alex pulled the ancient sword from the statue. “A trap uh?” Alex examined the blade. The weight was perfectly balance, the edge looked freshly sharpened. Alex test the feel of the sword. Felt the blade, and inspected the hilt.”Beautiful” was all he said.

“In my vision there was lightning surging from the sword when it was in the statue.” Methyas looked puzzled for a moment as he thought. The Miraluka walk up to the statue, examining it closely. “I guess that once the trap was set off the first time it is deactivated.”

“Now what”, as Alex started to step of the pedestal there was a loud rumble and grinding of stone. The room shook as though there was a planet quick. Suddenly there was Stone doors blocking the exits, and there was a click of a locking mechanism.

The four Jedi tried with no luck to move the stone blocking the exits.

“Um, guess there was a trap.”

The the other members of the strike team just looked at Alex.

“Well the doors were open when we came in and the sword was in the statue, maybe I should just put it back in.” With that Alex started to replace the sword.

“ALEX NO”, but Methyas's warning was not in time. As the blade finished being replaced the lightning surged through the sword and Alex.

The pain was incredible, Alex felt like he was every nerve in his body was surging with electricity. All of his muscles contracted at the same time, causing a death grip on the hilt. The agony clearly seen on his face, as his jaw clinched shut. His eye wide open with a look of terror.

The snap-hiss of a light saber being lit was drowned out by the sound of the lighting, and the muffled scream of Alex. There was a flash of a blue light saber blade cutting through the air near the statue. The lighting stopped and Alex fell to the ground unconscious. His left arm severed between the elbow and wrist. With this the door leading further into the catacombs opened.

Teu shouted medic as she moved to Alex. The troopers medic was already moving to the fallen Jedi, not thinking it would do much good.

“He's alive Ma’am, not sure how but he is,” the trooper started to dress the wound to his arm.

Mirado deactivated his light saber. “Guess we have to go deeper to find a way out. What do you think brother?”

Methyas simply nodded.