Plagueis: Team 2


28-02-2014 18:38:57

Ophelia Delacroix (8106)
Taranae Rhode (13721)
Kul'tak Drol (13819)
Ashia Kagan Keibatsu (6353)
Silent (3151)
Zednich Wolfram (13728)

IC: You are a member of an elite task force assigned to conduct a rapid entry raid in Xlopora City. Your team is tasked with recovering the the lost blade of Ferran, known as Revelation. Intelligence reporting indicates four distinct opposition Forces operating within Xlopora City.

1. One Sith Forces: The Sith Lord Esoteric has been identified by Taldyran reconnaissance teams. Esoteric is an unpredictable Sith Lord and has been connected to the death of multiple members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

2. Unknown Imperial Forces: Arconan agents have reported multiple engagements with Storm Commandos and unidentified Imperial Storm Troopers. These unknown Imperial Forces appear to be coordinating their operation with the One Sith.

3. Sith Revenants and Ancient Sith Magic: Xlopora City is the seat of ancient Sith powers and is protected by unknown quantities of arcane wards and traps. Sith Zombies have been identified within the catacombs underneath the towered palace located in the center of the city. Shadow Academy Scholars have reported multiple deaths resulting from failed attempts to breach warded doorways and structures.

4. The Dark Brotherhood: The Dark Brotherhood is a fragmented organization designed to reward those who excel. Infighting, backstabbing, and treachery are acceptable tactics to achieve results. Dark Council reports indicate at least three skirmishes have occurred between opposition Clans and Houses.

The Sith Medium, Dantella Novae, has provided the Dark Council with a rough sketch of the chamber housing Revelation. She believes that a ritual, of some sort, will be required to gain access to the weapon. This ritual will require a significant cost from the team who discovers it.

This is a time sensitive operation that will conclude in 96 hours (16 real life days!) with the commencement of an orbital bombardment. Due to the short nature of the operation, your team will be limited to light infantry operations (no mechanized forces are to be deployed in Xlopora City). You may use any other equipment from your organization's order of battle.

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01-03-2014 11:11:12

Ophelia Delacroix
Plagueis Team 2

Ophelia stirred from her meditation and shook her head. The same images had come to her as usual, the accident the approaching acidic chemicals and the feeling of intense pain as portions of her body were consumed by the deadly liquid. The Templar looked down at her left arm and eyed the glistening metal of her replacement arm, clutching her fingers and giving a satisfied sneer as the metal fingers touched upon the palm. Her eyes travelled down her body to where her combat boots covered most of her replacement leg before turning her attention elsewhere. The damage had come in her younger years within the ranks of the Jedi, her arm, leg, portions of her left side and face burnt away by an acidic substance. The damage was deemed irreparable and so she was put under the needle and awoke a shadow of her former self. It had disgusted her, made her less than human, driven her to the brink of madness and eventually to the Dark Side of the Force.

She pushed herself from the floor and made to leave her room, her lightsaber hung at her side as it always did, her whip snaked it’s way up her arm as she playfully used the Force to bring it to her. She relied on little else in a combat scenario, she had to the best of her abilities mastered the dual use of both saber and whip and thus was more than confident that she could accomplish all she needed with the bare minimum. Her robes flowed about her as she made her way to the the Hanger.

“Lady Delacroix. Your LAAT is up this way. The rest of the team are either already on-board or have notified us they are on their way.” The orderly ran to keep up with the annoyed strides of the Templar. “My Lady…”

With a glare that would cause a Rancor to freeze in it’s charge Ophelia stared at the man “What...what is it? Do you need to constantly spew nonsense into my ears?” she moved away from the man towards the LAAT.

With a slight smirk saw the man open and close his mouth several times before swallowing hard and plucking up the courage to follow her and continue “ Lady as it stands the assault on the planet has begun, I have been asked to inform you to launch as soon as possible.” He backed away as she turned towards him and just stared “...I have...other things to go and do Lady Delacroix” and with that he scurried off as quickly as his legs could carry him.

The soft clack of covered metal meeting metal reached her eyes as she stepped into the LAAT crew compartment. Most of the team were already present and as she ignored their nods of welcome and seated herself the final team member made her appearance “Ahh, Taranae thank you for joining us. Seat yourself, the rest of you buckle up.” she tapped the intercom “Pilot take us out and down.”

The confirmation flooded back as the pilot recognised the order and with a lurch the LAAT lifted from the deck and made the transition out into space and it’s descent towards the planet below. She stared around each of the team in turn, some avoided her eye others met her steely gaze straight on. She couldn’t tell what each one was feeling nor did she care. They had a job to do and feelings had no place in it unless it was rage, anger and hate. She closed her eyes and rest her head back against the shuddering wall of the transport, it would begin soon and she thirsted.


01-03-2014 13:03:09

Taranae Rhode
Plagueis Team 2

Taranae nodded a greeting to Ophelia and sat in her seat, buckling herself in.

"Everyone ready for this?", she asked.

All replied in the affirmative, a slight smile playing across Ophelia's face as her head rested back against the seat and she nodded. Taranae kept looking at Ophelia as she laid her head back and closed her eyes and wondered what she must be feeling right now. She knew Ophelia had a reputation as a cold, calculated individual and she hoped that this fact would not interfere with the mission at hand as the LAAT began its descent through Bosthirda's atmosphere and shook violently. She sighed inwardly to herself, knowing they had to show a united front in the battles to come on the surface and if Ophelia thought of nothing but herself it might pose problems to the entire team. Taranae knew that the Juggernaut was an accomplished combatant, but the feeling nagged at the back of her mind that she cared not who crossed her path, be it friend or enemy, and either one would be brushed aside if they proved an obstacle to her objective.

She closed her eyes and concentrated, trying to sense in Ophelia's direction and found nothing but a cold wall of hatred, the waves emanating from her feeling like multiple blasts of cold wind, and the feeling of contempt was overbearing. Ophelia opened her eyes with a glare towards Taranae, and she reined in her powers. It was almost as though Ophelia had sensed the intrusion into her mind. Trying to look as if asleep, Taranae still sensed Ophelia's glare, but as suddenly as she had felt the glare, the feeling ceased and she opened her eyes. Ophelia had her eyes closed again and Taranae felt a wave of relief. If she had been sensed, surely she would pay for it in time, but for now all seemed calm. She let herself drift a while, switching her senses between the rest of the crew and finding mixed emotions of excitement, anticipation and in some, bewilderment.

The intercom flared into life a short while after, shocking Taranae out of her reverie as the pilot announced their arrival in the lower atmosphere.

"Bringing her around - your landing zone will be a short distance outside Xlopora City. Keep your eyes peeled as forces have been seen around the area with battles already breaking out"

Taranae thought back to the days on Ziost. She had visited the planet knowing Jedi were present there and thought it a good way to find one and learn more about her budding Force Sensitivity. Little had she known that the area she had ended up in had been swarming with Brotherhood forces and she had been captured, tortured and forced to serve the Sith under her Master, Brimstone. Now she had grown to respect him, even though she hated him for doing to her what he had, and made her travel back to Naboo to kill her family and prove her loyalty. Blinking back a tear, she still struggled to come to terms with their deaths, even though she couldn't remember exact details about what transpired after she crept into the family home..

A sharp explosion brought her to her senses to find her fingers ached. She had been gripping the seat edges so hard in rage that she had left impressions in the moulding. As she lifted her hands and stared at them, another explosion rocked the LAAT. She looked around at the crew to see some smiling, some frowning as the ship dropped rapidly. She panicked then realised they weren't in a dive but instead were swinging around and losing altitude, the pilot trying to find a suitable, even place to land.

"Drop point is compromised!", he barked. "Be ready to disembark as soon as we touch down and be prepared to engage!"

Taranae unbuckled her harness and looked at Ophelia. She seemed to be smiling, a look of intense concentration and pleasure spreading across her face. The expression was cold and heartless and Taranae knew that Ophelia was going to enjoy the carnage outside the ship. She steeled herself as the rest of the crew unbuckled themselves and rose, heading toward the ramps that would lead them onto the surface of Bosthirda and the search for Revelation.

"Landing zone is hot - prepare for hostiles", shouted the pilot and the ramps lowered the same instant there was a loud thump as the ship touched the surface.

"You heard him!", she shouted at the assembled crew. "We have hostiles on the ground. Our mission is to get that sword. Anyone who gets in our way should be worried! Let's get out there and do this!"

Taranae drew her dual DL-44 blasters from their holsters and checked her saber. All were present and she stepped forwards onto the ramp as the rest of the crew followed - she and Ophelia leading the way. The pilot had dropped them in a good, defensible area and they all rushed for cover as blaster fire sounded and explosions resounded all around the area. This was going to be one tough mission - Taranae Grinned - she loved a challenge...

Ashia Kagan

03-03-2014 23:58:36

Outside Xlopora City

Twin blades ignited with a snap-hiss as the team disembarked. The Nightsister pushed back against the blaster fire as the team ran for cover inside an abandoned warehouse. Each wave driving her further back until all had taken shelter.

“We can’t stay here.” Taranae peeked out of a broken window and fired a couple of shots. She was answered by a hail of fire.

Ophelia looked around accounting for her team. “Where’s…?” She mumbled under her breath. “Great.”

The Keibatsu had holstered her sabers and slipped to the shadows the second they had taken cover. Moving up through the building, she quickly found her way to the roof and moved quickly across the roof tops until she was over the team of Storm Commandos that had been firing upon them. She dropped soundlessly from the roof and landed right in the middle of them, her sabers crackling to life as her warcoat came to settle around her.

“What the…!” One exclaimed just as his head was severed from his body and sent flying across the ground. Ashia spun on her heel, her blades slicing through two more as she darted quickly aside to avoid the grasp of a third. She ran up the side of the building and launched herself over him, her blade striking him as she landed.

Blaster fire erupted out of nowhere as her sabers slid through the air, deflecting every burst. The Krath hurled one of her sabers towards the blasts; the argent blade arching gracefully through the air as it slid through the Commando who was firing. His lifeless body collapsed to the ground in a heap. The Keibatsu called her blade back to her hand and surveyed the carnage at her feet.

Ophelia looked cross at her as she rejoined the team but said nothing.

Kul`tak Drol

05-03-2014 00:37:33

Kul’tak watched as his fellow team mates ran ahead in an effort to outpace the blaster fire filling the air around their LAAT. The Zabrak was trying to put his war sword back together, snapping the connectors into place and tightening it with a twist to ensure it was locked in place. He had chosen the blade after being asked what sort of weapon he’d want to bring to Bosthirda considering he didn’t have his own lightsaber yet. After perusing his choices, he had noticed a section for bladed weapons and had jumped at the opportunity. Plus, this blade was the same type as was wielded by his House’s namesake. Maybe the spirit of Ajunta Pall would grant him protection during this incursion. Also, double bladed sword…enough said. Though it lacked the cortosis that the ancient models used, Kul'tak figured he'd leave the saber wielding enemies to his superiors anyway.

Realizing he was being left behind a little too much, Kul’tak threw back his hood so it wouldn’t impede his vision and he took off after his compatriots. Unfortunately, the dust their sprint had made caused him to cough rather hard. As if to add insult to injury, as he was catching up to them a handful of grit kicked up by boots smacked into his left eye. He was efficiently blinded, a searing pain activating the reflexes that close the eyelids when something invades the soft tissue. Using his available hand he attempted to wipe the grit away, but in doing so his upper arm blocked his good eye. While his team went into a door on the right, he ran into the one on the left.

His run was halted when he smacked into something solid and staggered back. Able to see more clearly now, he saw he had run straight into an Imperial trooper. The glazed helmet reflecting Kul’tak’s face across the front showed no emotion, but the armored hands brought to bear an E-11 blaster rifle. Kul’tak was pretty sure it wasn’t to show off his shiny toy, either. Reacting according to his training, Kul’tak crossed his hands and twisted his war sword which brought one blade down on the blaster and knocked it out of the trooper’s grasp. Grasping the elongated hilt tightly, he then smacked the trooper in the helmet, causing the man to rear his head back—exactly what Kul’tak wanted. He brought the sword back and then thrust a blade into the weak part of the armor where helmet and cuirass meet but do not completely connect. The trooper sagged to the ground choking on his own blood and Kul’tak smiled at his victory. A good start, I suppose.

Kul’tak noticed a door to the right and he could see his team some distance away in the room. He moved to go through the doorway, but as he was turning got his cloak tangled on the trooper’s armor and his own leg. The next thing he knew he was face first on the duracrete floor. A pair of boots filled his vision and he looked up to see his red-haired master peering down at him with a skeptical look.

“Apprentice, what are you doing?”

Kul’tak mentally berated himself for such clumsiness. He sort of wished the trooper had offed him in exchange for this embarrassment.

“Lost my footing, I guess.”

Taranae sighed and wiped a strand of hair from her face. She had a feeling that being a master was going to be interesting.

“Well, get up and brush yourself off then. I need you to head upstairs and see if you can spot a way through to the main part of the city.”

“Of course, Master, it will be done.” With a curt bow after having gotten up, Kul’tak was running up the stairs eager to please his master. He made it all four flights before stopping to catch his breath a bit. He made as if to walk on the main roof when he ducked back behind the door. Peeking his head around, he confirmed he had seen something: another trooper kneeling on the corner of the building. This one had a sniper rifle and was scoping the street that the team would have to pass through to get anywhere. He reminded Kul’tak of a patient hunter waiting for the prey to show itself and unwittingly offer itself up. He wasn’t having any of that, though. Carefully gripping his war sword, Kul’tak stalked closer to the trooper in the hopes of catching him by surprise. To his satisfaction he managed to get almost on top of the man. Apparently the helmet he was wearing was more detrimental than helpful at the moment. Kul’tak tensed his muscles and prepared to strike. He couldn’t go straight for the back because the blade could slip and ricochet. There was no room for such a mistake this close to the edge. He smirked as this gave him an idea and he lunged for the trooper. Instead of the blade making contact, the trooper was thrown forward as Kul’tak’s foot slammed into him from behind. The body sailed through the air for a second with a cry before gravity took over and reunited metal and flesh with earth. There was a loud cracking noise that followed, which confirmed Kul’tak’s query if his attempt would work. He spit over the edge of the roof after the body.

Gazing across the parts of the city he could now see, Kul’tak pondered on what their possible routes could be. There was the street here that led through the other districts leading to the city’s center, but the concussive sounds of artillery and the blaster bolts lighting up the sky told him it was practically a warzone of its own. East of that appeared to be a row of what could have been living spaces. It may be possible to move through them in order to pass by the main combat through this block, but it was a little too quiet for his liking. The only other choice was to attempt a scaling of the rubble wall that had been set up by one of the forces in the city blocking the opposite street. A quick scan told him it was lightly defended, but the climb would be difficult and would provide the troops up top to rain fire down on them most of the way. The only cover they’d have is when they made it under the balustrade protruding from the wall as the walkway. Noting the details to memory, he made his way back down unhindered and reported his findings to Taranae. He walked a couple steps to her right as she brought the news to Ophelia and they discussed the possibilities. Regardless of what they decided, Kul’tak knew the task ahead would be difficult. But he also knew something else: Clan Plagueis had arrived on Bosthirda.


05-03-2014 15:48:17

Greed. Now and then I think of when we were together, like when you said you felt so happy you could die. Told myself that you were right for me, but felt so lonely in your company, but that was love and it’s an ache I still remember.

The Force. Years ago I was possessed by the spirit of Plagueis, killed and flashed cloned, now I am one body and two streams of the force. In me I am me, I am also Plagueis the wise, together we are two, we are stronger.

The Exarch had yet to ignite his sabers, the others will do the fighting, if it came to be he would join but he had another reason to be here. Revelation was finally found, the blade had abilities that the Dark Consul had yet to mention to its task forces. Silent wouldn’t of been in the dark with his Dark Lord whispering in his ears.

Forty-Eight Hours ago
Exarch Silent Private Ship

Sitting in his meditation room, two blazers lit ablaze; smoke filling the room. Darth Plagueis the wise fused force and smoke together to make an embodiment of himself.

“We need the blade Silent.”

“You need every artifact that comes into view of the brotherhood, yet we have none. Tell me do you plan to use me to rob the vault? What need do you have of all the artifacts?”

“My Son what little the masters of the Brotherhood have told you, it’s like the dogmatic views of the Jedi’s. Do you truly believe that there are some prophets untold to those who are not Masters of the force? There will be a war and I have seen the outcome of it, we will need to be ready to kill those you call brother and sister.”

“So how do you still plan on getting those in the Vault?”

“By the one closest to your Grand Master….she did just join your new clan.”

Preset Time
Xlopora City

Silent studied his team, looking upon them knowing only two of them would be a real threat when the blade was found. As long as he continued to spread doubt through all of them in the force, he could wither away their defenses. If they fell in battle by another more a victory for himself. The others he could take but not as a group, weaker they are but united they are strong.

The Exarch pulled his hood farther down, extending his reach in the force, looking for other life forms. A big group of unknowns were coming their way from ground and rooftops and for the first time the Exarch spoke to the group.

“Ambush up ahead, prepare yourself.”

The Exarch slowly stepped back taking one saber in hand and putting his back into the nearest building wall. You call all wear yourself out I will fight from a distance and slowly drain your will. The others prepared with sabers ignited as Kul called out a cadre of Commandos and Troopers closing in, everyone took on a defensive position ready to pounce.


06-03-2014 11:50:44

Ophelia Delacroix
Xlopora City

The combat knife scraped across her left shoulder and up, the noise reached Ophelia and she turned with it roaring in primal fury and bringing the hilt of her saber down hard across the helmet of the trooper that had swung at her. She reversed her grip and swept her saber up and across the faceplate severing the skull in two. As the soldiers crumpled to the ground she whipped out her left hand and her whip snaked out, partly guided by the force part by years of training, and wrapped itself around the arm of another trooper. As she yanked back the trooper stumbled and his shot, which had been aimed at the back of Kul’tak’s head went wild and clipped another trooper on the shoulder. The Acolyte abused the moment and shoved his sword through the distracted troopers chest whilst his master, Taranae, beheaded the one entangled by Ophelia’s whip.

They had come across the ambush, that Silent had pointed out, within minutes as they snaked their way through the city streets. Up until this point they had pretty much had a clear run, which even Ophelia felt was unusual. She didn't even dare to assume the reports had been wrong in regards to hostile force numbers but with the Imperials now involved she had no idea.

Her thoughts snapped back to the here and now as she pushed herself off the ground and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to what appeared to be a specialist's head. The weight of the booted cybernetic foot smashed the trooper from his feet and to the ground and a further three stomps stopped the man twitching where he lay.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw further patrols converging on their position from up the street and blaster fire swept towards them, Ophelia growled into the comm link “We need to get off the streets. Now.” she had noticed a rather large structure to her three o'clock as they had run into the patrol. Symbols fluttered across its brick work and she could see nothing of the inside and the entrance itself gave off a foreboding presence. “Quickly, building to the right. Ashia break down the door, the rest of you follow her inside.”

As Ashia moved towards the door the rest of the squad used the available cover and the bodies of troopers to absorb the increasing fire. Ophelia moved with purpose and before she knew it she was within the building, blaster fire zipping off the stonework behind her. She looked around the team and noticed they were all there before turning to see what most of them were staring at.

Before them a great staircase, the walls lined with torches, descended into the ground. Stale air blew up to them from below and sounds that were definitely inhuman reached Ophelia’s ears, and she could tell she was not the only one who heard them. “I guess we found a way into the Catacombs, reports suggested that we may come across one.” She turned her attention back to the door of the building, no one had followed them in but she could hear voices from outside, Ophelia turned her attention back to the staircase. “Acolyte take point, put your scouting skills to use. Taranae follow behind, I’ll take the rearguard. Move out.”


07-03-2014 15:24:23

Taranae Rhode
Plagueis Team 2
The Catacombs

Taranae watched Ophelia with a growing respect as she nodded, letting Ophelia know she was proceeding as ordered. Slowly, she started down the dimly lit passageway, glancing nervously up at the archway spanning the top of the staircase, the symbols etched into it seemingly moving in the flickering torchlight and making the way forward even more foreboding. Kultak remained in front, his head snapping this way and that as he moved forward slowly, his keen eyes keeping a lookout for any sudden movements that might herald an attack or ambush.

"Do you see or sense anything, Apprentice?", Taranae asked. Of course, she knew the response she should get, having already sensed something moving somewhere ahead of them.

"Yes, Master. There is movement ahead, but what it may be I cannot tell", he replied, "maybe some subterranean vermin?"

Taranae smiled. His training was coming on well and his connection with the Force grew stronger each day. She herself could not tell what they were facing either, but one thing she knew is that she would be ready for whatever this place threw at them.

The walls dripped with moisture, the torches casting barely enough light to navigate by and casting shadows everywhere Taranae looked. Kultak seemed just as nervous as he moved, crouched in attack position in case he should be surprised by something unseen ahead in the tunnels. Every now and then he would pause briefly, as if listening, but Taranae knew that this was his way of sensing the things around him with as much Force power as he could muster, all the better to focus all of it into the act. Suddenly Kultak stopped dead, and Taranae pulled up short, her senses screaming at her that there was danger ahead. Glancing around, she realised none of the rest of the team had followed her and she sighed as she realised that they were alone in this place right now, with a possible attack on the horizon.

Standing stock still she let her mind focus and sensed something.... not alive. She carefully scrutinized the walls to either side of her and Kultak and saw strange markings reaching from floor to roof, another set stretching the entire width of the passage from left to right above them. Kultak again made to move forward as the realisation of what the markings could mean hit home with Taranae.

"Look out Apprentice! Stop and don't move!" she screamed at Kultak, but she was too late. As he took another step forwards, the markings glowed briefly. Acting out of instinct, Taranae yanked her saber from its hilt and ignited it in one swift movement - she had seen Brimstone do this but now she was trying with no training. She knew wherever the saber landed she would have to retrieve it herself, no matter what danger that put her in. Drawing her arm back, she threw the saber with all the Force she could muster directly at the area in front of her Apprentice. Kultak's eyes widened as he turned to face Taranae and his mouth dropped open in an 'O' of shock as he saw her Saber spinning through the air towards his head.

Taranae threw as much power as she could and gestured her hands from right to left, using the force to push Kultak out of the way of the spinning saber and against the left hand wall. The collision knocked the air out of him and he collapsed, gasping for breath. He gaped as he saw the saber fly past him, just missing him as it spun along the corridor. The markings around the area glowed an unearthly green and suddenly the immediate area was awash with bright white light as lightning erupted from the floor and roof, meeting in the centre of the passageway. The lightsaber buried itself in the stone directly in the path of the lightning strike and as the lightning hit it, it grounded safely into the stone floor. She breathed a sigh of relief as she walked forward to retrieve her lightsaber as the lightning stopped and the markings changed from a glowing green to a dull grey.

"Master don't go through there!", shouted Kul.
"Calm yourself Apprentice, the lightning has stopped and judging by the marks around us turning grey, I believe the ward has expired."

She walked forward calmly, sure of the trap now being inert and picked up her lightsaber from the ground, noticing that as the bolts hit that it had shut down. She gave it an experimental click and it sprang to life in her hand.

Hmm these things are more robust than I imagined, she thought as she holstered the weapon. As it clicked into her belt, she and Kultak froze - sounds suddenly coming from all directions as they strained to make out what they could be. Taranae was sure the sounds presaged what she had been fearing most, and now the trouble with the ward had made enough noise to alert whatever was down here to their presence. Once more she reached for her lightsaber and ignited it, entering her battle stance as she looked around for the source of the sounds. She realised that whilst dealing with the ward, they had approached a crossed section of passageway and as she extended her senses with the Force, could detect multiple humanoid contacts from all directions but the one they had entered the catacombs by.

"Kultak, we are about to be attacked en masse", she calmly told her apprentice. "I suggest you ready yourself."

"From which direction Master?", he replied.

"All of them", Taranae replied and gripped her lightsaber tightly. "Left hand passage first."

Kul drew his war sword and assumed a battle stance. Taranae smiled as he did so, another testament to her tutelage. As the noises grew louder, they caught their first glimpse of what they were facing. A number of humanoid shape creatures ambled towards them, armed with swords, vibroblades and what could only be describes as 'anything else they could find'. Their clothes were ragged and all had seen better days. Indeed it looked as if at some point they had been human, but now sightless eyes gazed out from empty sockets, the brains in the bodies seemingly finding their way by sense. Now it seemed they sensed... prey. They suddenly charged Taranae and Kultak's position and Taranae was taken aback by the sheer power of the attack. Planting her feet firmly onto the ground, she let her rage fuel her actions and her blade began its deadly routine.

She began by slowly swinging the blade around her body in arcs, cutting down the first corpse as it tried to swing its weapon into her neck. Cleanly decapitating it, her swings gained more speed and her motions started to blur, the saber finding multiple opponents with each rotation. The next corpse to attack her swung for her legs and she sidestepped, twirling around as it stumbled, finding nothing to hit and she brought the saber around in a curving swathe across its midsection, severing the top half of its body from the top.

The fury poured from Taranae in waves and Kul sensed the danger, moving away from her slightly to avoid being caught on the end of one of her swings which were now cutting through the enemy mobs as if they didn't exist. This side of her made Kul squirm - it was the first time he had seen his Master's anger used in combat this way.

"KUL!", she screamed. "More behind! Other corridor!", she finished as an enemy head was detached from its torso.

Kul spun just in time to find them coming along the corridor with macabre grins on their faces and weapons raised. He hefted his sword and stood his ground, taking the first one down with a well-timed swing.

"Master! I won't be able to hold these for long!", he cried.

"That's the least of our problems!", Taranae replied. "We didn't watch the other passageway! They made it past, look!", she hacked the legs out from beneath another enemy as she pointed along the passage they entered by - a whole horde had passed the two, sensing more prey, and were on their way towards the rest of their unsuspecting party above ground.

"OPHELIA!", She screamed, "LOOK OUT - YOU GOT MULTIPLE INCOMING!", She swung around just as two more corpses swung at her from both left and right, aiming for her midsection.......


10-03-2014 18:22:46

Ophelia hollered as the corpse dragged his boney claw across her abdomen. The corpse’s fingers dug into her skin carving out bloody tacks. Ophelia grit her teeth, raising her lightsaber she cut the corpse in two and spun to lop the head off another corpse. More corpses began turning the corner coming out of the new passage. Taranae pulled her blasters and fired from a distance while the Obelisk sliced through them pressing forward. Taranae’s rounds hissed as they passed by Ophelia’s ears hitting their intended corpse targets. After the wave was neutralized Ophelia put her hand on her stomach and winced in pain.

Taranae and Kul rushed to her and asked fearing the worse “Are you ok!”

Ophelia straightened her back up and took a deep breath. The wince that was once on her face turned to an angry snarl. “I’m fine” she said.

The Templar powered down her lightsaber and pulled her hand away from her wound. Ophelia wiped the blood on her robes and squatted down over the remains of the corpse that cut her. The Obelisk pealed a piece of rotten flesh from the bones. Kul and Taranae looked on in disgust. Ophelia spoke a quick few words silently and placed the flesh in her mouth.

The Templar popped up and said “Let’s move.”

Kul shot a glance to his master, both shaking their heads. The three pressed on through the passage. Taranae took point. The passage slowly began to narrow; the Juggernaut was the smallest of the three and pulled her blasters. The constricted space made lightsaber dangers to everybody. Ophelia stayed in the back keeping the young acolyte in the middle. Finally the passageway opened to a larger room….

Ashia Kagan

11-03-2014 00:50:31

Xlopora City
Catacombs beneath the city

Stale muggy air enveloped them like a wool blanket that had been left out in the rain. Taranae followed her apprentice closely as he led them into the catacombs. The shadows played along the walls as movement could be heard up ahead.

Ashia moved soundlessly watching Silent out of the corner of her eye. Something seemed amiss and she didn’t want to take her eyes off of him.

Taranae and Kul moved forward quickly and carefully, but the group started to spread apart more thinly. Suddenly, they were gone.

“Where are they?” Ophelia’s voiced echoed slightly in the corridor. Taranae and Kul’tak had seemingly disappeared.

The three of them moved forward at once and noticed the corridor split in different directions.

“Ok, you two go that way, Zed and I will take this one. They can’t have gotten far. If you find them, use your com to let me know and I’ll come back and find you.” The Nighsister nodded as she and Silent slipped down the opposite corridor.

The two moved wordlessly down the tunnel as the blackness surrounded them. As they rounded a curve, a ghastly green light started to emerge from the darkness before them.

They came upon a chamber, a large dais stood in the center with a statue looming in the center. Torches were lit around the room casting an eerie green glow.

The room seemed empty which seemed strange. They both moved cautiously into the chamber and approached the dais, studying the statue that stood before them. The warrior stood proudly, a solemn expression set on his brow. At his side hung a sheath and in it…a sword.

Silent pushed past the Keibatsu and jumped upon the dais to examine the statue more carefully. A strange look crossed his eyes as the green light played along his features. He mumbled something incoherently then shook his head in a strange fashion.

An audible click sounded throughout the chamber as the sound of stone sliding against stone echoed all around them. Several hidden doors slid open and out of them came a shambling horde. Listless bodies in variable forms of decay came lumbering at them from all sides.

Ashia drew her sabers and looked to where Silent was, but he had vanished. Letting out a long breath, she called on the Force and sent a wave through the nearest of the zombies as they made their way towards her.

Silent had taken to the shadows as soon as the doors had opened. His quick examination of the sword left him giddy with anticipation. He dared not touch it though for fear of some ancient Sith magick that might be lingering about. No, he would let one of the others do the dirty work.

He peered out of the blackness that surrounded him and watched as the Nightsister threw one of her sabers into part of the horde, slicing them in twain before calling it back to her hand. She leapt upon the dais and vaulted over a couple more; bring her sabers around with the momentum remove their heads. Her coat danced around her as she moved through the room. Suddenly, a group of them fell rapidly near one of the doors as Ophelia, Zed, Taranae and Kul poured through. A crack resounded throughout the chamber as Ophelia’s whip licked through the horde, taking several more down.

Within minutes the room was cleared, bodies laid in heaps at their feet as they surveyed the room.

Silent was abruptly at Ashia’s side once more out of no where. She cast a sideways glance in his direction, but said nothing.

Ophelia jumped up onto the dais to examine the statue.

“Don’t touch the sword.” The Keibatsu cautioned suddenly. Delacroix froze.

“Why not.” She asked; the hair stood on the back of her neck for a moment as she prepared herself for a confrontation.

“Because the hand of the last person that did is at your feet.” Ashia responded quietly.
The Priestess looked down to the decaying remains of what had been a hand. She stepped back a bit to think.


12-03-2014 18:25:29

Whispers echoed down the unknown darkness.

“Silent, Ophelia, Zed?” Taranae said with the softest voice possible, hoping only to catch the attention of her team.

The master and her apprentice were on their own. Somehow they had slipped down a hidden passage in the dark labyrinth that was the catacombs under Xlopora City.

The two Dark Jedi powered their lightsabers on supplying just enough illumination to see each other.

“Master, what’s the plan?” Kul asked eager for their next move.

“We complete the mission.” The redheaded Sith closed her eyes and meditated for a moment. Meditation was easy in the quiet catacombs. The only sound was the quiet drip of water falling from the ceiling.

Taranae eyes popped open, “This way! I feel the power coming from the sword!”

The two moved cautiously down into the darkness trying to raise someone on their coms. Their messages were only met with static. The master and her apprentice pressed on, they knew any survivors would be hunting for the sword as well and there they would link up.


Silent jumped up next to Ophelia.

“I have an idea.” He said

Ophelia hopped down from the statue and Silent ignited his lightsabers and tried to sever the statue’s hands holding the sword in place. Silent’s blue blades danced across the surface of the statue never making contact. They skipped and hissed, but never so much as caused a chip in the stone. The dark magic coming from the sword was protecting it. Ophelia had an idea.

“Silent, let me have a turn.” The templar said.

Silent powered his blades down and jumped aside. Ophelia swung her whip and latched onto the swords blade. With a tight hold on the blade she pulled with all her might trying to free it. The sword would not move.

Ash spoke up “Maybe the key is the Force?”

The Krath raised her hand and gripped the sword with the Force. She focused as hard as she could. The chamber started to shake and small stone chunks of the ceiling started to crumble and fall. Still the sword would not move.

“That’s it!” Zed exclaimed and jumped up next to the sword and began striking the sword with elbow blows and kicks.

Zed dealt blow after blow until he was winded. The sword was exactly where it started. Ophelia, Ash, and Silent all looked at each other in defeat. In a moment and frustration and recklessness the Marauder extended a single finger and touched the hilt of the sword. A sudden energy burst erupted and electrocuted the Dark Jedi Knight. Zed’s body slid off statue’s base as if he no bones. The team rushed over to a simmering and smoking Zed. He was alive, but he had seen better days. What was the key to unlocking that sword?


13-03-2014 02:11:48


A thousand voices filled inside the mind of the Exarch, telling him to kill everyone in the room and take the sword for himself

The Exarch let out a loud scream as his body lifted into the air from the Force, his Shi’ido body contorting, arms and legs extending, skin ripping off and healing turning a pale grey. The force escaping through the eyes and mouth of the Exarch like a bright light in the small room. With a final push the force escaped the body of the Exarch pushing everyone back to the walls, as the others adjusted back to the dimness of the room, there in front of them stood a Muun.

The others knew of Silent being a Shi’ido and never understood his reason to look like a Pure Blood Sith but to change as he did they were clueless. The Muun reached out and took hold of the sword, pulling it easily from its hold, the blade an unknown metal but dripping with Dark Side energy.

“Silent how did you do that, and what just happened?” Kul asked

Grabbing Kul by the throat in the force, choking him as his face started to turn a dark purple, the others chimed in igniting their sabers. The Exarch easily threw Kul into the group knocking them back.

“Your Exarch was weak, he failed to kill you as I saw fit but now I had to go and change my plans. If you wish to stop me you will have to kill that of your Exarch. Are you willing to kill your brother?”

The Exarch walked toward Ashia as she ignited her two sabers once more, drawing on the force of the sword he rushed forward but froze midway.

“No I am in control, you cannot have this body back!

The hand reaching for Ashia grew sorter and turned a crimson red, calling on the force to one of his sabers. The saber ignited and quickly cut through his other hand holding the sword, all the light seemed to fade to darkness in the room in a blink of an eye. Others looked upon the Shi’ido as he returned to a Pure Blood Sith form. The other hand still in the form of the Muun holding the blade stayed its place as the Exarch returned to his feet.

“I will use the force to lift the hand holding the blade but we should leave.”

Wrapping his severed limb with a piece of his cloak, Silent flipped his hood back on looking back on his group.

“What sometimes I cannot hold back the voices in my head and that happens and it was apparent that we need to jerk the sword out, why I took the form of a Muun, I don’t know but it is out so let’s go.”


15-03-2014 11:36:56

Ophelia Delacroix

Ophelia stepped back and let her saber hum at her side, she had been inches away from smashing it into the Shi’ido before he regained control. She growled under her breathe and dark side energy boiled within her. She struggled to maintain control and the urge to give into the Rage was overwhelming. Yet she knew that once unleashed she would not be able to control it and in her anger the ex-One Sith might look upon her current allies as what they used to be, her hated foes.

Taranae looked towards the Templar with a quizzical look. She took appeared on edge but the gentle grinding of Ophelia’s cybernetics and the hatred upon her face had the young Dark Jedi worried, so much she dared to step in towards Ophelia and laying a hand upon her shoulder “Ophelia are you…”

The saber was at her throat within minutes, then as quick as it appeared it vanished and Ophelia had her back to her and was walking towards the exit “I’m fine, everyone let’s get out of here we have a sword to deliver.”

No sooner had she uttered the words when a voice from the darkness cackled out “Indeed you do, to us if you would be so kind.” From the entranceway strode a dozen figures, all robed in various ways and all wielding lightsabers. The markings gave away who they were instantly. One Sith.

Ashia’s sabers ignited behind her, Zednich coughed in slight concern and Kul muttered a curse under his breath. Ophelia tilted her head to the side and just sighed; “Really? After all this now you appear? Don’t you scavengers ever do anything yourself?” She spun her sabre around lazily. “Now there is two ways to do this, you move to the side and let us leave or and this is my personal favourite we cut you into teeny tiny little pieces and I get to feast. Your choice.”

The One Sith squad leader let out a confident laugh and turned to his men before turning back to the Plagueians “I have you outnumbered, so i’ll use that to my advantage.” With another laugh he ignited his own saber and went to order the attack when a startled cry echoed from one of his men, and then another. Turning back around and raising his saber to illuminate the entranceway he had just come from showed more men than he had remembered bringing….far too many.

Ophelia backed away as she realised the idiots had drawn a small horde of the Sith creatures to them with all the racket they had made. As the One Sith set to defending themselves she turned on her heel and headed towards the second entrance to the room, picking up speed as she moved.

She broke into a full blown sprint and was glad to see the others were catching on and following, it was Ashia that voiced what Ophelia had already thought “No harm in running away, though I would of preferred you put this as option three during your threat, Silent keep that sword close and secure!” The Shi’ido picked up his pace, the sword close to him as the team plunged back into the dark, the screams and groans following them as they ran.


15-03-2014 17:01:56


The Dark Jedi team sprinted as fast as they could down the dark catacomb pathways. As they looked over their shoulders they tried not the trip over each other’s feet.

The screams of the One Sith squad had stopped in distance. The Plagueians knew they were next on the menu.

Ophelia yelled back to the rest of the team “Speed it up! We can make it!”

The echoes from the Sith creatures got louder as they got closer. Their teeth clattered together dripping with blood from the fresh kills. Looking over his shoulder Zed could make out their yellow eyes in the darkness.

“They’re here!” Zed exclaimed to the rest.

Ash spun around and released a blind Force push and shock down the pathway hoping maybe one would find its mark. Zed pulled his blaster and fired randomly at the beady eye he saw. When Ash tried to spin and fire a second volley of Force strikes her toes caught on the uneven catacomb floor and tripped her.

Zed stopped and looked back and forth at Ash and the team running away in the ever growing distance. They did not notice she had fallen.

“Keep going! Get out of here and deliver the sword!” Ash screamed at him.

Zed ran back and reached out his hand while firing at the nearing Sith creatures. He heard a yelp and a thud.

“That’s one down.” Zed said with a sarcastic smile.

Ash grabbed his hand and as she pulled herself up a disgusting Sith creature leapt out of the darkness and knocked both Dark Jedi down. Zed and Ash quickly made their peace. Suddenly Ophelia’s whip appeared between their faces cutting the grizzled creatures face in two. The Krath Pontifex and Sith Marauder looked up the see the Templar standing over them.

“We all make it out of here or none of us do,” she said “Run!”

Kul`tak Drol

15-03-2014 22:39:22

Kul ran, though he couldn’t help but notice that the group’s endurance was beginning to hit a low point. After traversing the city and then the catacombs, it was too be expected. However now, with a horde of enraged beings after them, they were losing ground faster than he liked. He could hear the adrenaline-fed pants of exhaustion, and see the rapid bursts of expelled vapor from his teammates’ breathing. Casting a brief glance towards his rear revealed the creatures either could not become tired, or just didn’t care enough to slow down. Great. Turning his head back around, Kul almost ran smack into a bit of rock jutting out from the wall. A quick vault allowed him to make it over…or so he thought.

At the last instant, his foot snagged on the rock coming down and he barrel rolled to a stop, his war sword clanging down beside him. He jumped up in a panic and grabbed up his war sword. He watched as the rest of the team went around a corner and out of sight, while on the other side a single creature had caught up enough to pounce. Sensing its approach, Kul was able to spin around and cleave into its shoulder, pulling the blade down as far as he could in anger. It was bad enough he had been tossed like a ragdoll earlier, but now his companions may be over run if nothing could hold the horde back. His teeth grit deep together, but he could not feel the aching. His muscles were sore, but he ignored the fatigue. He did not know if he would survive, but he made up his mind. He probed for the team’s whereabouts though he was unable to pick them up anymore. That meant he could maybe hold for long enough to ensure their exit, or at least buy the time they needed. He thought back to his first day of walking into the community room of Clan Plagueis, when an older man had approached him and welcomed him to the family. Kul would never forget the feeling of purpose that arose within him as the man uttered just three words: Do work son.

The Zabrak smiled as he faced the frontrunners of the horde, their feet pounding the pebbled floor with the thumping of something powered only by hunger. Smelling a close kill, the ones up front physically moved faster by throwing themselves forward and leapt for the Acolyte, teeth gnashing with fury. Unfortunately they were not aware of the pure fury of their opponent as he leapt to meet them. With a growl of blood thirst Kul thrust the handle of the war sword forward and the front two creatures were caught midair by the blades, both bodies falling to the floor with wide gashes relieving them of their entrails. He came upon three more and realized he was glad these things weren’t armed or intelligent. He had to give ground against these due to the ferocity of their attack. He had taken two of them down with a couple of sturdy stabs when the main portion of the horde burst around the corner in a thunderous roar and bore down on top of him. Kul’s eyes widened and he decided it was time to throw courage to the wind, and took off down the tunnel in the opposite direction of the flesh-eating crazies.


Getting close to the exit point, Taranae suddenly got the feeling like she had forgotten something. She was trying to keep pace with the others without tripping over them in the dark, so she hoped it wasn’t something important and that she could replace. A small point of light suddenly appeared in front down the tunnel and they all relaxed a bit inside as safety was a little closer. They just needed to make it back to the ship with the sword, and victory was to the Brotherhood.

Ashia Kagan

16-03-2014 00:25:41

Xlopora City

Daylight blinded them as they emerged from the beneath the city. The moans of the Sith creatures faded behind them as they all stumbled out into the burning light of the sun.

Silent faltered as he gripped his severed limb. The sword he clutched to like a child.

Taranae knelt to help him, he looked up at her but his eyes were dark and rimmed red.
She tried to help him, but she still had this nagging feeling as if she had forgotten something.

Ophelia looked over the group and took a head count. “Where’s Kul’tak?”

Taranae looked around and saw her apprentice wasn’t with them. “Kul!” She shouted as she started to move.

“I’ll get him, you take care of Silent. Get him and the sword to the ship. We’ll catch up.” The Keibatsu was gone before she could protest.


The Nightsister blinked as she readjusted her eyes to the dimness of the catacombs. She reached out through the Force, searching for the young Zabrak. A constant dripping resonated throughout the passage way as rivulets of water found it’s path and moved freely to its final destination.

Taking to the shadows she moved swiftly back the way they had come. Searching for the Acolyte she reached out further, letting the tendrils of the Force flow freely from her finger tips as she tried to pick up his resonance.

She was finally rewarded as she picked up his signature in a chamber off the corridor. The Krath also discovered a swarm of Sith creatures surrounding him.

She rounded the corner in time to see him snarl as he launched himself at the nearest one. His sword cleaved clean through its skull rendering it motionless as it fell in a heap at his feet.

Blood dripped from him as his eyes widened in rage. Drol readied himself for the next attack as Ashia emerged from the shadows. Igniting her sabers with a snap-hiss that echoed through out the alcove, the Pontifex leaped over the horded with ease and moved to stand next to the Journeyman.

“Lady Keibatsu!” Kul’tak gasped but that was all he had time to get out as he swung his sword around for another blow.
Back to back the two Zabrak fought, taking down one after another of the Sith creatures until all that was left was a pile of dead flesh at their feet.

Kul breathed out hard as he struggled to catch his breath. His arms ached with the weight of the war sword.

“We must get out of here.” Ashia holstered her sabers and turned to him.

Kul nodded to her as he drew in a long breath and readied himself to continue on. The Nightsister moved back the way she had come with purpose; Kul close to her heels.

Daylight stung their eyes as they emerged.


16-03-2014 18:56:58

Xlopora Cit

Taranae let out what must have been an audible sigh of relief as Kultak and Ashia emerged, blinking into the bright light of the surface. They looked worn and tired, and she realised that they must have been through hell to get out here in one piece. She reached out with her senses to find Kul a little panicked but relieved and Ashia full of determination, but both were flagging. If they expected to reach the extraction point, they better do so soon and without much confrontation as she had no idea how her comrades would hold out under more pressure.

"Are you both feeling strong enough to continue?" she asked. Both answered in the affirmative and Taranae stepped forward to talk to her team Leader, Ophelia.
"I think we should move out as quickly as possible", she said. "I'm not sure the team can take much more."

She glanced around at the assembled squad, noting in particular, Silent, with the hand still clutching the sword close by him always. Kul and Ashia, worn and looking ready to drop and Zednich with a grim look of determination on his face. Ophelia seemed perky enough, but Taranae knew even she had limits and suspected that she was very close to them or she had exceeded them and was hiding it well.

She set out, motioning for the others to follow as she took point whilst Ophelia marched by her side, ever watchful as they made their way back to the rendezvous point for extraction. As she walked, she let her senses roam freely, feeling the battles and fighting all around them. A massacre was in progress here on Bothirsda, and she was glad for once that her team wasn't involved instead of screaming and rushing in headlong as she was prone to doing during full-scale battles. Her team needed the respite, and she was relieved that they were getting it at last.

"Stop!", she hissed, punching a clenched fist into the air to signal to the ones following that they should freeze.She had sensed a small group in the building ahead of them that they had taken refuge in on the way into the city, but couldn't sense exactly who they may be.

"Kul, take the rear entrance. Silent, keep that sword safe and hidden while we deal with this.Zed and Ashia, cover that window while me and Ophelia check it out.", she said as she quickly gave the orders, a textbook response to hidden enemies.

The team dispersed to their attack points as Taranae and Ophelia crept to the entry to the building, Taranae drawing her Dl-44 blasters and Ophelia readying her saber. Crouching and moving slowly along the wall, Taranae reached the entry and glanced quickly around the door frame, signalling back to Ophelia that there were four enemies by holding up her fingers. Ophelia nodded and looked at Taranae as to what she was planning. She gestured to the ceiling, then her blasters and Ophelia nodded, understanding what was expected of her. Taranae knew that the rest of the team would respond appropriately as soon as they saw what was about to transpire.

Taranae readied her blasters and rolled into the open doorway, coming out of the roll in a shooting stance and aimed directly at the ceiling above the troopers. They hardly had time to register her appearance before she let loose shots from her weapons that had a large slab of duracrete falling onto their heads and knocking one of them unconscious. The rest reached for their weapons as Ophelia leaped, saber flashing, towards them as Kul, Ashia and Zednich burst from the other directions, surrounding them entirely. The result was a bloodbath. Kul severed a head from one trooper as Ashia and Zednich easily took on the other two whose resistance lasted but a scant few seconds before they too lay dead at the team's feet.

"Good job everyone." Taranae exclaimed as she holstered her blasters, and she checked out her team once again. All seemed fine, and the extra adrenaline burst from the fight seemed to have fuelled them again, all looking ready for anything.

"Ok let's get out of here and find that extraction point."

With that she motioned to them all to follow and set out through the door and onto the street, heading for the extraction area.

Kul`tak Drol

16-03-2014 19:42:56

Kul had just about had enough excitement for one day. Even as a Zabrak, he was reminded of the limited abilities of flesh and bone as his body began to wear off from the adrenaline high he had been in. He thought there may be a way to activate the process through the Force, but with so little training in the alchemical ways, he didn’t want to test it and make a mistake. Especially so close to the finish.

As they exited the building and made their way down the street side, Taranae resumed her probing for any unwanted guests, while Silent continued to hold Revelation, the pride obvious in the way he moved. Kul couldn’t blame him for that, he had sliced off a hand in order to aid the Brotherhood cause. Any reward he was given would be deserved. Of course, they had to make it back first. Kul sighed and shouldered his war sword while trying to not appear tired for the sake of his master. At least the hardest part was over, it was all downhill from now on. Quite literally, actually, as the team crested a hill just at the edge of the city. They were able to gaze over the forest that sat flush with the city’s once sturdy walls. Kul went over the path they took in his head, able to artistically recreate an image of their route in his head. The image gave him an insight as to where their dropship may be located and he cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention, who were discussing which way to go.

“I’m pretty sure it’s that way.”

He pointed east of their position towards a patch of trees a couple clicks out and they followed the line with their eyes. Ophelia cocked her head to the side and slowly nodded.

“I can sense the pilot, the Acolyte is correct. Come on, everyone, I don’t feel like waiting around here much longer.”

With that the group made their way down the hill, the excitement of almost finishing their mission building up.


16-03-2014 21:05:00

The group continued down the path nearing the tree line of the forest, their drop ship awaited. There among the line a platoon of commandos waiting for them to try and make a break. The Exarch walked past the group and stood in front of them.

“If you want the blade, you will have to dig it out of my cold dead forceless body!”

The Severed hand that held the sword, began to grow around the blade covering every inch of it. Silent removed his robes as a large hole began to open in his chest and moving the blade into his body with the force. Extending his right arm, flesh began to grow once more as the sword became his new right hand. Grabbing his saber with his left and igniting it with a *SNAP-HISS* the Obelisk smiled. The sound of Kul gasping was enough to know he knew nothing of Shi’idos.

“I will handle them, make your way to the ship.”

“Our mission is the blade Silent, were it is we are.” Ashia claimed

“You may outrank me Ash but to be here worn out would mean your death as well as the rest, the blade would be safe even in death, but death will not find me today. Get to the ship I will make it.”

Exarch put on a burst of speed pulling most of the platoon away from the ship awaiting them.

“Ashia, we can still pick him up in the ship but we have to make it, we have to trust in the force. Silent has shown some questionable behaviors but what he said feels right we are tried and he has been holding back as if he knew this could happen.” Ophelia said

“He tried to kill us to, if anyone is going to kill him it’s me, we can’t let him take the sword.”

“He won’t we make it to the ship and we can provide air support and snipe some of them off, but we have to make it.” Ophelia said

Ashia could only nod in agreement as they raced to the ship, within minutes they arrived and ordered the pilot to take off toward the Exarch.

Silent stood in a clearing surrounded by the commandos awaiting the first to fire, instead the parted as a lone figure entered the ring removing his hood. The Sith Lord Esoteric ignited his saber smiling at the Exarch.

“Impressive they you managed to get the sword, but I will take it now.”

“You can try if you like you sorry excuse of Sith spit.”

The Sith Lord burst forward forcing the Exarch to be on the defense, duel blades pushed up against a single red beam of energy. The might of the Sith Lord pushing with the force making the Obelisk fall to one knee, sweat beginning to pour from his brows. Shi’ido held his ground as shots began to rain down around him, Commandos drawing their attention to the sky as a shuttle circled them. Death all around as the two Dark Jedi stayed in a steady embrace.

“The blade of Revelation shall be the One Sith’s!”

Increasing in the force, the Shi’ido was forced down to his other knee as his back began to arch back. His strength would not hold out, he only had one shot to make it work, forcing his mind to concentrate his body began to grow in mass as his arms, legs, and body grew pushing back on the Sith Lord. Screaming out not only out loud but in the force the Exarch pushed Esoteric back and swinging the blade of Revelation at the Sith Lord missing his torso but gaining his slow left hand.

The Shuttle came down enough to be boarded, Silent swept up the severed hand and ran forth to the shuttle. It quickly took off with a very angry Sith Lord wanting revenge.