Scholae: Team 2


28-02-2014 18:36:17

Eetherbail 11484
Flelm 10262
Shadow 11405
Brandon 13582
Lucyeth 13700
Black Eagle 13751

IC: You are a member of an elite task force assigned to conduct a rapid entry raid in Xlopora City. Your team is tasked with recovering the the lost blade of Ferran, known as Revelation. Intelligence reporting indicates four distinct opposition Forces operating within Xlopora City.

1. One Sith Forces: The Sith Lord Esoteric has been identified by Taldyran reconnaissance teams. Esoteric is an unpredictable Sith Lord and has been connected to the death of multiple members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

2. Unknown Imperial Forces: Arconan agents have reported multiple engagements with Storm Commandos and unidentified Imperial Storm Troopers. These unknown Imperial Forces appear to be coordinating their operation with the One Sith.

3. Sith Revenants and Ancient Sith Magic: Xlopora City is the seat of ancient Sith powers and is protected by unknown quantities of arcane wards and traps. Sith Zombies have been identified within the catacombs underneath the towered palace located in the center of the city. Shadow Academy Scholars have reported multiple deaths resulting from failed attempts to breach warded doorways and structures.

4. The Dark Brotherhood: The Dark Brotherhood is a fragmented organization designed to reward those who excel. Infighting, backstabbing, and treachery are acceptable tactics to achieve results. Dark Council reports indicate at least three skirmishes have occurred between opposition Clans and Houses.

The Sith Medium, Dantella Novae, has provided the Dark Council with a rough sketch of the chamber housing Revelation. She believes that a ritual, of some sort, will be required to gain access to the weapon. This ritual will require a significant cost from the team who discovers it.

This is a time sensitive operation that will conclude in 96 hours (16 real life days!) with the commencement of an orbital bombardment. Due to the short nature of the operation, your team will be limited to light infantry operations (no mechanized forces are to be deployed in Xlopora City). You may use any other equipment from your organization's order of battle.

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04-03-2014 11:25:28

= Aboard Dodo Bird
= Dodo Squad of Scholae
= 0600

The Grand Master of the Brotherhood has tasked all his clans and houses to send rapid entry teams to the planet of Bosthirda. A planet with a long history of power struggles with the triumvirate, ambitions of Dark Adepts, and One Sith forces that has taken its toll on a desolate planet once luscious. The primary task was to secure the lost weapon of Ferran, Revelation, a powerful sword imbued with such force that it has caused the very mobilization to reclaim it. The House of Scholae Palatinae sent two rapid entry teams to aid the Brotherhood cause with one composed of the special forces of the House and the other, the recently formed Dodo Squad, which has already gained notoriety up to the conflict of Bosthirda.

=Surface of Bosthirda
=Dodo Squad of Scholae

After a long journey from Brotherhood space to the depths of the Outer Rim territories, the crest of the Dark Brotherhood could be seen on the nose as the shuttle broke through the atmosphere of Bosthirda and descended towards the decrepit city of Xlopora. The shuttle had it’s distinct features with the symbolic crest of Scholae on one wing and the legendary bird of the squad on the other. As the shuttle touched down on the rocky surface of the planet, chaos could be heard throughout the city as the boarding hatch opened. Each member of the elite task force filed out of the shuttle followed by their leader closely in step. The leader gave a flick of his wrist and the shuttle ascended away and out of the open.

“I will await for your signal Commander, let me know otherwise, out,” the shuttle pilot could be overheard over comlinks.

The team looked on with anxiety towards their commander as they awaited instructions for the plan to enter the war stricken city.

“I want Shadow back for sniper support until we reach the underground passages. Tarsus and Black Eagle will be on gunner support while Lucyeth holds tight to the gunners for additional support,” explained Eether.

“Let’s pick them off one by one,” Brandon replied while he checked the power cells of his blaster.

“I like your style, I’m all for that,” replied Black Eagle as he went through a check of his weapons.

“Sounds like a good plan,” replied Shadow with a grin of satisfaction as she cleaned her rifle barrel.

“I have a question, Captain. We are Dark Jedi, so can’t we just go in with lightsabers?” questioned Lucyeth.

“It would be, however, I want to conserve the strength of our lightsaber skills and force powers when we encounter one Sith forces and the like,” added Eether to clear up doubts of his comrades.

“The city is not far from here. We will move over this ridge and advance into the city until we enter the passages, good?” Eether summed up while he examined his armaments at his waist belt.

“What would you like me to do, Chief?” asked Flelm.

“You are on point with me,” assured Eether with a hint that it was an assumption.

“When everyone is ready, we move out,” added Eether as the team began to move over the ridge.


04-03-2014 20:59:42

=Surface of Bosthirda
=Dodo Squad of Scholae

Eether closed his eyes while his squad milled about. He branched out with the Force to see if there were any beings out there that saw the ship land. His squad was busy readying their weapons, supplies and crucial necessities. Eether however, had everything he needed strapped to himself under his cloak. His strict, former master had grilled him to always be ready at a moment's notice. He would have to teach this new squad that at a later date during a random instance...if they survived.

They had a hard road ahead of them. The different forces that they would clash with in the city and temple was inevitable. Eether had come to blows with many of these opponents before, but the one that hovered in the back of his mind was the Brotherhood itself. There were power hungry Sith, Krath and Obelisk out there in his organization, and this weapon would be a tipping point for many.

Eether and his squad had to obtain it for their emperor. This is quite possibly the only way that we can unite many of our fallen empire factions and bring them together...they could form a better grip on the unity that bound them under Palpatine. Eether thought to himself.

The Force tendrils slowly crept out further from him, in what seemingly felt like a web, waiting to catch and spill the first blood of this assault. Something brushed against the Force tendrils that Eether sent out, probing outward itself, and instantly the enemy became aware of him.

Eether opened his eyes quickly, barking at his squad, "Get ready! They know we're here. This was sooner than I expected."

He remained calm as the members of the team jumped to attention and darted their eyes around. Some of them were new to this kind of operation, and sometimes stealth wasn't always the option, "We need to try and flank around them, I don't know their exact location, but we felt each other's presence."

"I want us to break up into two teams, stick with the positions, Tarsus, Black Eagle and Lucyeth go to the left around the hill. Move quietly and stick to the shadows until they give their position away. Flelm, you're with me and Shadow on the right," said Eether.
"Let's move out."


05-03-2014 20:06:32

=Surface of Bosthirda
=Dodo Squad of Scholae

Flelm looked around as the rest of the squad mobilized. A veteran of many battles over his long career, he was as prepared as his squad leader for the battle at hand, lightsaber on his right hip and blaster on his left. With Eether’s exclamation that the element of surprise was lost, the normally jovial Flelm hardened his features and nodded in acknowledgement at the orders given.

“Aye sir,” he responded as the strike team split into elements. Taking point, he slowly skulked around the ridge. Coordinating with the other half of the squad, Flelm rounded the hill, and stuck his head partway over a rock pile. Ahead, he saw a wide open courtyard nestled against the hill. The fountain in the center had long since ceased flowing, and framing the area were a pair of meter-high ruined walls, with a two-story, flat-roofed building at the far end, opposite the hill. Holding his hand up in a fist, he blinked his eyes and looked at the terrain with Force-enhanced sight.

Ducking again behind the rock, he reported to Eether, “Three men on the second floor, second window from the left, sixth window from the left, and first window on the right. Ground floor, it looks like there’s a gun emplacement set up behind the double doors with four people.” He paused, and shrugged. “Best guess is one sniper and two riflemen, and a two-man team for the repeating blaster. That leaves two unknowns. Could be a support team, could be Storm commandos. In any case, this took planning. They either knew we were coming, or there’s something important around here.”

Brandon Tarsus

08-03-2014 21:09:07

Tarsus, Eagle, and Lucyeth moved quickly and silently to the left. They circled the base of the hill that was near. Eagle was behind a little, yet he was able to keep up. Tarsus stood out like a sore thumb because of his enormous self.

I sometimes wish I was smaller…. Sometimes…

As they circled around the hill, they saw a building. The first thing Tarsus saw was the gun placement, and the first thing Tarsus wanted to do was kill the guy who had it… And take it for himself.

“I call the big gun,” Tarsus said with a grin.

“But I wanted-”

Tarsus quickly tripped Eagle before he could finish his sentence. “Oops,” He said as Lucyeth went to help Eagle up, and Tarsus quietly went to kill the enemy gunner. He expected more in the building, yet he knew not what all to expect exactly. The large Obelisk lowered down as low as he can go. He moved with much speed, and surprisingly with little or no sound. As he moved closer from the gunner’s blind spot, Tarsus silently thanked Shadow for making him so quiet as he ran. Her training paid off, along with the serious whoopings she gave him in training.

Okee dokee, quick and easy!

As Tarsus was close enough, the gunner turned and saw the Obelisk. Before he could sound an alarm, Tarsus forced pulled the gunner toward him. The brute used all his strength as he kicked the enemy hard in the chest; knocking his breath out. As the trooper gasped for air, Tarsus grabbed his neck and slammed him as hard as he could to the ground. Using the Force, the Obelisk removed his enemy’s helmet. With his barbarian ways, Tarsus grabbed the poor soldier's head, and smashed it against the wall till he was dead. His enemy’s blood was splattered all over the wall and himself. The large man used the Force to grab the blaster repeater. He then began to run back to his comrades, lucky to not have alarmed the enemy yet.

Eether is probably going to chew me out… Oh well, at least I can give them some good covering fire.

Shadow Nighthunter

09-03-2014 16:59:39

What the?

Shadow Nighthunter had watched her apprentice take out the gunner almost with ease. As much as she was proud of him, she was also a bit upset since he had acted without Eether’s orders. Even though she would’ve like to have done things her own way by going on alone, she knew that they all had to work together and with guidance from their team leader in order for this mission to be a success.


As she watched her apprentice near his two other companions, Eether turned to her. Waiting to be chewed out for her apprentice’s actions without orders, she prepared to take full responsibility. However, that was not the case.

“I want you to cover us as we rush in and take out the remaining men. If there is a sniper like Flelm says, we’ll need you to take him out. Also, go to Brandon and have him set up the repeater blaster on the hill and provide us some cover as well.”

Shadow nodded. “Got it,” she said as she was about to head towards her apprentice.

“And Shadow...tell your apprentice if he does that again, I will deal with him personally,” the Zeltron said with slight humor.

“I’ll tell him,” she said before she left and made her way towards her apprentice. When she got there, she saw Tarsus looking at her boldly. She wanted to slap him for his defiance, but held back her anger.

“Is Brandon in trouble?” Black Eagle asked, eagerly waiting for the answer to be yes.

“Yes, he is...with me anyways,” Shadow said as she looked at Tarsus. “Eether has orders for the both of us. You are to get that repeating blaster set on the hill and provide them cover, while I put my rifle to use. Got it?”

Tarsus nodded, understanding clearly that his master was upset with him.

“Good. Lucyeth and Black Eagle, you’re to rush in with Eether and Flelm when he gives the signal.”

The Knight and Protector nodded, Black Eagle smiling gleefully to finally be able to take part in some action. As much as the eleven year-old annoyed her, Shadow couldn’t help but admire the youngster’s enthusiasm. She remembered when she had been like him as an apprentice.

Those were good days...

Returning her attention to Tarsus, she gave him one harsh glare before turning and going up the hill silently and quietly. Keeping low, she took a glance at the windows of the second floor that Flelm had mentioned. Something told her that his guesses were right, and that there was sure to be a sniper. She smiled, eager to take on another sniper.


The Knight looked at her apprentice. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry,” the tall man said.

Shadow shook her head. “Apologies are for weaklings,” she said just as she found the perfect spot for the two to set up.

Now to wait for Eether’s signal.

Black Eagle

12-03-2014 22:31:15

Tarsus and Shadow quietly set up on a ridge watching intently for Eether’s signal. Once Eether saw that Shadow and her apprentice were ready, he gave the signal. Shadow began taking out the guards with shocking efficiency and accuracy. Black Eagle, Lucyeth, Flelm, and Eether began moving forward quickly under the sniper fire. As they reached the walls of the compound, they could hear the voices of the guards shouting orders.

“Fire at will Tarsus!” Eether exclaimed.

“With pleasure!” Tarsus replied with a smile.

The repeating blaster opened up with devastating fire as Tarsus fired wildly. The guards ran for cover, blindly firing their weapons.

“Alright, the rest of you, over the wall, make a run for the building, we have to clear it before they recover and send a distress signal. Black Eagle and I will handle the remaining guards in the court yard!” Eether said

“We got this!” Lucyeth said confidently.

“Good! Let’s go!” Eether replied

The team climbed over the wall. Lucyeth and Flelm ran toward the main door, cutting down guards with their blasters as they went. Eether sprinted to the fountain, firing at the confused guards. As fire rained down, the guards ran for it. Black Eagle, still on the wall, fired at them, quickly downing all of the fleeing guards.

“Alright, we’re good down here Shadow, go scout ahead and report back to me when you’re done, and tell Tarsus to bring that repeating blaster to the courtyard!” Eether ordered.

“Understood,” Shadow replied.

Black Eagle and Eether walked into the building finding guards strewn everywhere. One hung from a old chandelier making Black Eagle laugh.

“These guys are the most idiotic and useless guards ever, even a Gamorrean could do better,” Flelm said with a smirk

“He’s right, the distress signal wasn’t sent. Though whoever they’re commanded by will realize something is wrong when these guys don’t report in,” Lucyeth warned.


13-03-2014 19:55:25

The team continued through the building ever closer to their primary objective. Eether looked around the building and reached the end of the long corridor.

“The building is clear,” Eether said to his team with a sigh of relief.

“We worked very effectively as a team through the building, but we have to keep moving towards the tunnel system that will take us to the place where Revelations is held,” Eether explained further.

“We must keep moving if we are to secure it before anyone else does,” added Eether.

“We have company down my scope,” Shadow warned through her communicator to the rest of the team.

“It could be the commander of the group sending out a reinforcement party for the downed guards,” replied Lucyeth

“Okay same plan, Flelm, Lucyeth and I will dispatch them on the ground while Shadow, Targus, and Black Eagle provide cover fire. Sound good? Good.”

“How many are we looking at Shadow?” asked Flelm over the comms in hopes of sizing up the unfolding conflict.

“Looks like a few dozen soldiers with a few of them holding force pikes and vibroblades, they look fairly trained,” replied Shadow with an easing calm tone of her voice.

“Nothing we are not able to handle,” replied Flelm with anticipation as he reached for his weapon from his waist belt.

“Everyone wait for my signal until we can catch them off guard, once I give the signal, it’s a go.

“Repeater is still cooling down but should be ready to go” replied Tarsus.

“Locked and loaded here,” replied Black Eagle.

“Hold it…hold it…now!” yelled Eether as he charged with his lightsaber ignited.

“Flelm and Lucyeth were close behind the team leader as they engaged the enemy soldiers.

Blaster fire flew throughout the front yard of the large building between the sniper fire and the heavier firepower of Tarsus’s repeater as both sides exchanged fire.

“The crimson hue of Lucyeth’s lightsaber moved through the air with a rapid flurry as he sparred with one of the force pike wielding soldiers. Lucyeth let the dark side flow through him as he pushed out towards his enemy with the force. The soldier flew backwards in the air to hit a rock hard enough that snapped his neck like a small twig. Lucyeth turned around to see Flelm and Eether finish off a pair of force pike weilding soldiers with ease. The team regrouped on the squad leader outside the large building as the remaining forces of the enemy were routing in the opposite direction.

Black Eagle

15-03-2014 12:21:46

Eether gathered the squad around a holo map.

“We need to move quickly. From here on out, we avoid contact as much as possible till we reach the tunnel system. This way we’ll leave them clueless and they’ll have no idea where we are,” Eether explained. “The entrance to the tunnels will be on the outskirts of the city so we’ll have no trouble sneaking in.”

“Why don’t we just fight our way there?” Tarsus scoffed “We could take all of them on if we want”

“And alert the entire city to our presence and have every armed group on to us before we’re even half way to the Blade of Ferran?” Eether asked a bit surprised at the stupid aggressiveness of the guardian. “There’s a time for aggressiveness and stealth. Get your mind straight.”

Eether closed the holo map and ordered everyone to move out. The squad moved quickly occasionally running into scouts but managing to stay out of sight. As they exited the woods, they could see a large pipe heading toward the direction of Xlopora City.

“Create a perimeter. Be weary I’m sensing that there’s something wrong here,” Eether said quietly

He ignited his lightsaber and began cutting the pipe. meanwhile, Flelm watched out towards the endless darkness.

I can’t see for bantha crap! Lets see what the force can do for me. Flelm thought to himself. He focused carefully and almost instantly sprang up. the rest of the squad did the same also sensing the hostile presence. a massive screech pierced the air surprising the group. Three large groups of animals charged from the dense grass. At the same time, 5 lightsaber blades ignited illuminating the creatures in a rainbow of green, blue and red also revealing the confused yet determined faces of the elite squad.

“What the heck are these things?” Black Eagle exclaimed.

One of the creatures charged at Tarsus. Black Eagle leaped up landing on the back of the creature. He stabbed the neck of the giant, causing the beast to flail wildly throwing Black Eagle off. He hit the large metal pipe with a hard thud. Tarsus stabbed at the legs of the beast and swiftly sweeping his lightsaber up and cutting the head open.

The other creatures charged but all of sudden fell to ground in pain as lightning coursed out of Eether's fingertips. The animals fell in a smoking heap resulting in a sigh of relief from the squad.

“You okay Black Eagle?” Lucyeth asked as he helped him up
“Yeah, looks like you owe me, Tarsus,” Black Eagle said with a smirk.

Tarsus just rolled his eyes.

“Guys, these are hunting animals, though I have never seen these things before, they might be genetically engineered. This means that a more powerful and wealthier group has their sights set on us,” Shadow said, standing up from the corpses.

“Looks like we need to expedite things a little bit, alright everyone inside the pipes, we go quickly, and don’t stop for anything. Eether said urgently “We have to get that blade before anyone else.”

Shadow Nighthunter

15-03-2014 12:25:42

Just as Eether had finished speaking, Shadow quickly went into the pipes first. “I’ll scout on ahead!” she declared to the others as she ran ahead of them. “Tarsus! Follow!”

Her apprentice did just that, running as quickly as possible to keep up with her, also having to carry the repeating blaster in case they needed it later. She would use him to travel between her and the rest of the group as a messenger. Just the thought of her apprentice being a messenger. Though she would’ve chosen the smaller Black Eagle to perform such a task, she wanted to make her apprentice useful. Plus, if she ran into trouble more than she could handle, she’d need back up from the huge man.

Sorta wish Fenris was here with me instead.

Just thinking about her vornskr companion she had left home, made her wish she had thought about bringing the force-sensitive canine with her for scouting and hunting purposes. However, she also knew that the others might not have liked having an animal with them. Yet, she found that they might’ve appreciated having a stealthy beast to assist them as well.

Oh well, another time.

Focusing on her task, she continued on with her apprentice following closely. Ready to use the dagger she had hidden in her boot, she continued following the pipe. She could sense her fellow. Palatineans following far behind her, making sure that nothing was following behind them. Right behind her, Tarsus was attentive to any sudden attack that might lay ahead of them. Shadow expected some kind of assault upon reaching the main tunnel system, but to her surprise she found the chamber she had entered to be empty.


Looking around, she saw three paths leadning from the chamber. Not sure as to which she planned to scout out, she turned to Tarsus.

“I’m heading into the right tunnel. I want you to wait here and wait for Eether and the others. Once they’ve decided which path to take, I want you to take the right path and catch up to me. Understand?”

Tarsus nodded. “Yeah, I understand. I wish you good hunting in the meantime.”

“Thanks, and for you too when you join up with me. The others aren’t too far behind, so don’t take too long in following me.”

“Gotcha,” the tall man said with a mock salute.

“You Obelisks,” Shadow said teasingly before she took off for the right path.

I wonder what lies at the end of this path?

However, Shadow hadn’t even gone halfway up the path when she saw the bodies slumped against the wall ahead of her. Some were covered in blood, while others were the victims of a clean kill. Although there were no assailants around, or at least none that Shadow could sense, she felt that something was wrong.

I don’t like this.

To her left, one of the corpses heads turned to face towards her, revealing have of its face missing. Slowly, the others began to move as well, turning to look at the Knight with soulless eyes.

Oh frak...Sith zombies.

Brandon Tarsus

15-03-2014 13:12:18

Zombies… Sith zombies… Like the ones in the holo movies aren’t bad enough, now fraking Sith zombies… Ha! My dreams have come true!

“Yee haa!” Tarsus yelled as the rest of the squad came in. His voice echoed throughout the pipes and tunnles and all. “Zombies! My dreams’ comin’ true!” Tarsus then held the blaster repeater in one arm. To him, it was like a normal blaster. “Let’s get it done!”

Without any hesitation, Tarsus, the perhaps crazed Obelisk, ran where Shadow had told him to run to. Despite his larger size, he could run quickly and silently if he tried. This time, he didn’t care for stealth, but only to kill a few Sith zombies. It took only a matter of seconds for the apprentice Obelisk to reach Shadow, but the master already killed all the zombies.

“Frak! Shadow! Why you didn’t save me some!?” Tarsus looked at Shadow like a saddened child.

Shadow Nighthunter rolled her eyes at her apprentice. “Quit being a big child, you klutz! Grow up!”

“You grow up.”


Tarsus then stuck out his tongue, and he got his master to stick out hers. “Ha! See, you are a kid too!”

“Am not!” the Sith yelled back as she stomped Tarsus’ toe. As the Obelisk let out a harsh curse, Shadow turned to continue forward with a grin on her pretty, little face. Tarsus quickly shook off the pain from his foot, and followed Shadow.

“So, general!” Tarsus said with an officer like voice. “What is your orders?” he asked as he stood up straight, only for him to bump his head on the ceiling; again saying harsh curses.

Shadow giggled at her apprentice. “See… Being tall isn’t all that great.”


Shadow couldn’t help but giggle more. “How’s the weather up there?” she asked as she elbowed Tarsus in the side.

“I don’t know, how is the dirt down there?” Tarsus replied.

“Oh, shush!”

Tarsus chuckled as they continued their way down the tunnels. As they continued their way, Tarsus saw how eerie it was in the dark, damp, and cold tunnels. He let out an evil, and eerie chuckle that echoed down and from. The Obelisk then slowly scraped the barrel down the sides, making the mood even more eerie and creepy. As he did so, Tarsus let out a very evil, and psychotic laugh.

“We are all… Food for the zombies,” he said with his eyes wide open, and in a creepy voice. It was a perfect time for Tarsus to let out some of his insanity. “Food, food… For the zombies! Ha ha! What a way to die, aren’t I right, Shadow-?”

Busy trying to make the mood even creepier, a zombie snuck up from behind Tarsus and grabbed him. Tarsus; though, quickly grabbed the zombie’s hand and flung it over. The brute of a man grabbed it’s head and pulled it off. Blood, gore, and all other sorts of rotten flesh and meat flew all over him. Seeing this, Tarsus wrote on his forehead in blood, ‘Victory or Death.’ Tarsus was indeed insane, and perhaps belonged in a hospital.


15-03-2014 13:24:40

After the break in the path, Eether took Lucyeth, Black Eagle and Flelm with him down the left path.

Of that we went down the second of the three, it’ll be down the center knowing our luck. But I don’t want to send these guys alone, they’ve never worked together before, Eether thought to himself.

He heard fighting down the catacombs and became alert instantly, he held up his fist in the darkness as a signal to stop causing Black to Eagle barrel into Eether.

Eether turned around and grabbed him by the shoulders and glared at him. His eyes had adjusted to the dark faster, so he couldn’t blame Black Eagle, but for all Eether knew, Black Eagle hadn’t been paying attention. They all stood in silence, hearing the sounds of combat die down within the tunnel systems.

Eether closed his eyes and reached out in the Force, still holding Black Eagle against the wall to make sure he didn’t mess up formation again.

There was nothing alive that Eether sensed anywhere near him besides his comrades.

Eether opened his eyes as a shape moved behind Lucyeth.

He reached with his hand forward and grabbed Lucyeth with the Force and yanked him forward as the shape lunged forward. Lucyeth turned himself with the Force so he didn’t land on his face and ignited his lightsaber at the black mass on top of him, cutting it in half.

As their eyes adjusted from the Lightsaber being ignited in the darkness and the night blindness faded. As each of them stared at the mass, Eether had his realization.

There were rumors of these Sith zombies within these catacombs, but he had never believed them, and now Eether knew why he hadn’t sensed anything living in them...these had no life in their bodies no longer.


15-03-2014 23:11:29

“Sithspit,” Flelm muttered under his breath, crimson lightsaber quickly activated upon seeing Eether’s victim. “We have a problem here.”

Eether nodded in the dim glow of the blades. “Yes, we do. Anyone dealt with Sith zombies before?” Seeing all of his companions shake their heads, Eether shrugged and ordered, “Alright then. We move carefully. They can’t be sensed by the Force, so keep your eyes and ears open. Move out.”

Eether lead the column of Dark Jedi, followed by Black Eagle, Lucyeth, and finally Flelm in the rear guard position. Their ignited sabers left eerie shadows on the wall, seeming to morph and claw as the Palatinaens walked by. Twisting and turning, the tunnel began to grow smaller and colder, but right before Eether was about to call a halt to the march, it suddenly opened up into a large chamber past a blind turn. Consulting his internal sense of direction, Eether held up his fist again, and the squad stopped, this time without the stumbling.

“We’re a little off course,” Eether said, with puffs of fog forming from his breath. “These tunnels are unguarded, so there can’t be anything valuable around here. We need to search this room, see if there’s any exits that will get us back to the others. Hopefully they’d had more luck finding something useful.”

“Could be worse,” Black Eagle offered. “We could be slogging through zombie guts the whole way.”

As the words escaped his mouth, a shuffling could be heard from the opening ahead of the group.

Flelm groaned, “Zombies. Why’d it have to be zombies?” even as his lightsaber hummed into life.

Eether shook his head at Flelm’s whines, but his lightsaber quickly joined Flelm’s in activation. “Let’s kill these zombies again, and get back on track. We’re running out of time.” With those words, he leapt into action, heading into the dark chamber with a quick sprint, companions close behind.

Brandon Tarsus

16-03-2014 14:16:37

This is fun!

Tarsus stood next to Shadow as the tunnel was filled with flashes of red and green. It also was filled with much screaming, moaning, and groaning from the zombies that were charging the two. Tarsus held his blaster repeater with one hand, firing non stop at the zombies. In his other, he held his armory lightsaber in defence. When they got close, either Shadow sliced them in half, or Tarsus did with his red blade. The two hit a dead end in the tunnels, and now were in a grim situation with little chances of survival.

As the two fought on, Tarsus’ blaster repeater’s barrel melted and warped. It blew up on him, and the Obelisk tossed it in anger. Now, he was using his blade; cutting the living dead in half, plus more.



“How many Dark Jedi does it take to survive a zombie horde!?”

“I don’t know!?”

“Two!” Tarsus replied as he began to advance. Shadow soon advanced by his side, the two in a beautiful dance in which zombies died, and their blades glowed in the dark. The combination of Shadow’s green blade and Tarsus’ red made it seasonal in a way. Well, a creepy way one could say.

The two fought on and on. They slowly inched their way forward as zombie after zombie seemed to take the other’s place.

“Oh, Frak this!” Tarsus yelled out as he picked up Shadow, and sat her on his shoulders. The brute then charged right through the middle of the huge horde; knocking down all that was in his way. Shadow, with the advantage of being smaller, swung at the zombies that threatened the two. She kept her balance with the Force, and one could say that the knight was on her gallant steed, so it looked. Tarsus didn’t slow down. The zombies tried to tackle him down, but the large man was too much for them.

“Tarsus!” Shadow yelled as she decapitated all she saw. “We need to find the others!”

“Where are they!?” He replied with much excitement, yet worry in his voice.

“I think they went left!”

“On a scale of one to ten.. How sure-”


“Yes, ma’am!”

As the two reached the where they had began, the zombies were all gone. Quickly, Shadow got off of Tarsus’ shoulders and turned around to expect the rest to come back. but they didn’t.

“Did we kill them all?” Tarsus asked in curiosity.

A few moments passed. The tunnel they were in was silent, but the left was filled with noises. “Does that answer your question, Tarsus?”

“It does.”

“Good… Lets move.” As the two began to head for the left, Shadow stopped Tarsus. “If… You ever make me ride on your shoulders again… That will be 100 planks… Plus push ups.”

Tarsus nodded as the two made their way towards the rest. The two began to pick up the pace; Force sprinted toward the rest of the squad.

Well, Shadow and I killed some zombies…. Yeah… Best day yet.


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Flelm, Eether and Lucyeth extinguished their lightsabers with no more zombies that moaned towards the group.

“We got company coming up fast from behind us” warned Black Eagle as he pointed his blaster towards the advancing strangers.

“Relax they are moving way too fast to be zombies” explained Flelm with a calm voice.

“Friendlies, Tarsus and I are catching up!” yelled Shadow as her voice reverberated along the tunnel walls.

“Was the other tunnel any promising?” asked Lucyeth.

“No as a matter of fact, it was a dead end waste,” replied Shadow.

“Took care of heavy zombie resistance that give us any more trouble,” added Tarsus with the large Obelisk’s cracking laughter boom throughout the tunnel system.

“Well that is good news. Less to do later,” replied Lucyeth.

“Alright, listen up team. We checked the other tunnels which have led to dead ends and Zombies but we are now in the correct tunnel path to our goal,” explained Eether.

“ We have made it this close to the sword and I fully believe we can secure it in the name of our team. However, it will undoubtedly become more difficult from this point on, so stay alert,” replied Eether as the team moved further through the tunnel.

Lucyeth kept his lightsaber in hand to be ready for anything that lay ahead of the team.

“ I have movement up ahead,” Lucyeth whispered to the rest of the team.

“Hold up team. What do they look like Lucyeth?” asked Eether.

“They are clearly human and donned in Sith clothing, but not Brotherhood forces,” said Lucyeth.

“That would be one Sith forces . Watch each other’s backs and let’s dispatch them quickly,” replied Eether


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They needed to grab the blade and get out. Their objective was clearly, very, very close due to the One Sith forces ahead of them in the chambers, but time was running out. If the team did not grab the blade, and grab it soon, their shuttle would leave them there. The mission would fail and they would all inevitably...die.

His Emperor had tasked him to grab Revelation at all costs, but despite being a Sith Warrior, he couldn’t sacrifice his least not on his first mission in which he was the leader.

The extraction would have to be switft, but only after they dealt with the One Sith forces, and so far, the team had not been detected yet due to their immobility. However, the One Sith were slowly walking towards them, and they would be found soon.

The only thing left to do would be to use the element of surprise. None of the enemy were scouting for hostiles, so that also meant that they shouldn’t have to worry about zombies this far into the Xlopora City catacombs.

Eether flicked his fingertips slightly, signalling their attack. The unit ignited their lightsabers and armory sabers. Eether reached out with his hand and gently pulled two One Sith forces towards himself and slashed his lightsaber horizontally.

The surprise pull and attack caught them off guard as their bodies split apart and fell to the ground with soft thumps. Their halves cauterized immediately and lay there.

As the team used the surprise tactic to initially kill various members, out of the darkness poured more One Sith forces than Lucyeth had originally interpreted.

“Formations, NOW!” Yelled Eether.

The members grouped up and covered each other as they slashed and used the Force. Eether and Shadow were separated from the others and stood back to back against each other, their lightsabers in front of their bodies.

The light blue hue of Eether’s saber radiated in front of him, illuminating the enemies before him. He cocked his head to the side and saw Shadow’s saber illuminated green and cast her own enemies within the darkness.

“Just like old times right? Let’s just hope that I don’t get possessed this time…” exclaimed Eether.

She smiled and the two of them spun around each other, slicing off enemy limbs. Enemy lightsabers ignited and swung at them. Eether grabbed Shadow’s elbow and spun her around and thrust his lightsaber where her head was, blocking an enemy blade.

As they nodded to each other, Shadow kicked the One Sith minion that was shocked at his blocked attack. As the man grunted and fell to the ground, they heard Black Eagle shout as the sound of stone moved filled the chamber.

The One Sith forces partially surrounded the unit while Black Eagle hung from the edge of the pit fall trap by his fingertips, holding on for dear life.

Black Eagle

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“GET THE FORMATION BACK TOGETHER!” Eether commanded. “Fight towards the edge! and defend Black Eagle.”

Black Eagle pulled himself up, igniting his armoury saber. Unaware of his presence, One Sith troopers began attacking the formation of dark jedi.

“Here I come!” Black Eagle yelled as he struck down 2 troopers with a single sweep as the rest of the squad fought through the group of One Sith.

“Alright, lets finish these guys! we’re almost there, We still have to get to the shuttle,” Eether said encouragingly.

The group continued swinging, but despite the superior skill of the Dark Jedi the One Sith kept charging.

“We need another plan! We can’t keep this going,” Lucyeth said as he stabbed a trooper that lay wounded on the moist ground.

“Leave that to me,” Shadow said with smile. Her eyes closed as a small clicking and noises echoed throughout the cave. The One Sith watched the ceiling as the entire cave began shaking and hunderds of rats poured out of every crevice and crack overwhelming the One sith troopers.

“Well thats no fun,” Black Eagle said with a smirk

“Run past them, we’re running out of time!” Eether said quickily

The squad began running down the tunnel passing the screaming One Sith Forces still trying to shield their faces from the endless horde of rats. The group finally reached a large door that was barely standing. The bodies of One Sith soldiers lay bloody with rats still feeding hungrily. The door was painted with ancient drawings in an ancient language.

“Huh, big fancy door and a lot of dead One Sith troopers, I think we’re here” Flelm said with a relieved smile.

The squad carefully moved into the large cave. The Blade lay on a hand carved Stone slab.

“I got this” Tarsus said as he charged up the steps.

“WAIT!” Shadow yelled “It may be booby trapped!”

Tarsus, ignoring his master, grabbed the blade.

“See! NO problem” He said laughing as the cave began to shake.

Shadow Nighthunter

16-03-2014 22:21:09

I’m going to kill him!

The cave continued to shake as debris began falling from the ceiling. One chunk of rock was heading straight for Tarsus, Shadow remembering when a similar thing had happened to her back on Rhelg. Quickly, she used the Force and pushed Tarsus out of the way, the blade falling out of his hand. The Knight forced pulled the blade to her, also pulling Tarsus towards the group.

“Everyone, out!” Eether ordered, Shadow not even hesitating as she ran ahead into a passage. Scouting ahead, so as to keep the group from cornering themselves at a dead end, she kept way ahead of Eether and the rest. Again, she wished she had her vornskr to help her, but she had to make do with only herself.

Come on, give me a sign for an exit!

Fortune seemed to be smiling upon the Knight as she saw some rats and even lizards skittering in the same direction. From her experience with animals, Shadow knew that the critters were heading instinctively for an exit. She ran along side them, Now and then using her saber to scorch the wall so as to mark a path for her companions. Once in a while, she alerted Tarsus telepathically to make sure they were on track.

We’re going to make it!

As she continued on, She saw movement ahead of her. Not surprised to see that a few One Sith forces were ahead of her, she charged, not giving the fleeing enemy time to defend themselves, Holding on to Revelations in one hand without planning to use it, she quickly cut through them, grinning as she heard them scream in surprise and pain.

The others are going to owe me for this...finding a path and cleaning house for them.

Continuing on, she ran into more One Sith forces along with Sith zombies, both barely giving her a problem. She still had a firm grip on the blade, feeling a little sly for having taken it from Tarsus before he could’ve regained it. Grinning in satisfaction, she made her way through the passages and corridors, still following the little critters.


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Finally, the end of these tunnels, Shadow thought to herself, right before she almost ran face-first into a rock coming around a blind turn.

A large stone slab blocked her way, carved with esoteric Sith writings severely worn to the point of illegibility with the passing of time. Banging her fist against the rock, she cursed under her breath. She heard the rest of the group coming up quickly behind, and in a last-ditch effort, tried to stab her lightsaber into the thick rock to cut a hole through. As she did so, however, the weathered writings blazed to life with a sickly green glow, and some sort of ward seemed to stop the blade before it ever touched the rock itself. Even a telekinetic push failed to do anything besides make it glow brighter.

Eether observed the spell on the sealed exit with a look of concern on his face. “The surface is right there. I can’t raise the shuttle crew, there’s some kind of interference still. Choobies! So close! Anyone got any ideas?”

The squad looked at each other, none of them well-versed in ancient Sith lore. Tarsus giggled. “Why not just push it out of the way?” Setting his shoulder to the rock, a surge of power flowed through him. Muscles strained and teeth gritted, he seemed to be making no progress until Flelm shrugged and put his shoulder next to Tarsus’. A large crack appeared between the Obelisk and Sith, slowly growing until all at once it shattered, revealing daylight beyond.

“Let’s go!” Eether commanded, and the squad sprinted out of the dank tunnels. As soon as they crossed the threshold, a transmission began coming in from the shuttle crew. “-barding the area. Repeat. Arcona forces are bombarding the area!”

“Sithspawn,” Flelm moaned, as Eether keyed his transmitter. “We’re coming out of the tunnels now, mark my location,” he ordered. “We need extraction now! We have the objective!”

“Roger that,” came back over the commlink. “We’re on our way. We’ll set down half a click west of your position.”

Turbolaser bolts began falling from the sky, throwing dirt into the air and creating massive craters. “They must have tapped our transmissions!” Lucyeth called out. Eether nodded his head, and responded back to the shuttle. “Negative, don’t land. Just lower the ramp, we’ll jump in.”

“Jump in? Are you crazy?” Shadow asked, Revelation in one hand and lightsaber in the other, but ready to sprint across the cataclysm erupting across the landscape. Eether nodded, and threw his hand forward, signaling the mad dash to safety. The six-person team quickly scattered, using their Force-granted precognition as best as they could to dodge the devastating destruction.

Energy beams sliced down from the clouds, seemingly endless, but the Palatinae squad was able to avoid the worst, and quickly picked their way across a wasteland. They heard over the explosions the loud hum of the shuttle’s repulsors, and it appeared like a winged savior over the far ridge. “There it is!” Black Eagle cried out, pointing at it, and the momentary distraction cost him. A geyser of earth flew up from ten meters away, and he didn’t manage to dodge in time. A rock the size of an astromech droid clipped his legs, knocking him to the ground in a daze.

Shadow looked back over her shoulder, sensing something amiss. Seeing Black Eagle on the ground, unresponsive, she called out to Eether, “Catch!” and tossed him Ferran’s blade. Eether smoothly caught the blade, and jumped onto the ramp of the descending shuttle, yelling back, “Hurry up! We have to get out of here!”

Shadow, with a burst of speed, managed to grab Black Eagle off the dirt. As she looked back to the shuttle, she saw it flying straight towards her, weaving in and out of the blasts. It flew overhead, and with a leap she propelled herself onto the closing ramp of the shuttle, into Tarsus’ waiting arms. Giving the unconscious Black Eagle to Eether, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Mission accomplished.”