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Welcome to the Dark Crusade Prologue. The following rules are in effect:

1. 250 word minimum per post.
2. 1 post per player, per phase (this will be a three phase run-on separated conducted in 7 day intervals). If a member fails to post during a phase, the team will lose points.
3. Edits may occur on a post until a follow on post has been made (follow on posts include "reserving" a space).
4. Members may reserve post, but no posts can occur until after the reserved post is written.
5. The event will be graded by Raken, Sarin, and Muz using a rubric that focuses on creativity, plot development, realism, and grammar.

Event Timeline:

1. 1-7 January - Signups, Set up starting posts on 7th
2. 8-14 January - Phase 1 posts, 15th = Sarin post, start new phase.
3. 16-22 January - Phase 2 posts, 23rd = Sarin post, start new phase.
4. 24-31 January - Phase 3 posts, and the joys of grading.

You will find the details for phase one here: http://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Dark_Crusade_-_Prologue

Good Luck!


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A single shuttle gently skimmed through the shroud, its destination was the huge frame of an SSD, known only as the Avenger II. The shuttle rippled slightly as it continued on its destination, as a bit of turbulence rocked its hull slightly. The team, that had been sent by Muz, prepared themselves in the back of the transport compartment. Their minds flitted to the cockpit, knowing that the pilots would do their job, leaving the mission objectives up to the team of five to complete theirs. Standing tall in the compartment wearing white Armour, a black cloak hung to his shoulders as he faced the team that he had been given to use. The Aedile pulled himself up to full height as he addressed them.

“This mission is simple. We are going to bring up the counter attack against our enemy, using a hanger, our objective is to capture this hanger quickly and efficiently, during this mission I will be splitting us up into two fire teams, if you will, sound good with everyone?”

Jaek simply nodded to the reply, acknowledging that the order was being given, his eyes drifting back to the floor, as if he were deep in thought.. Only for K’tana to follow the same impression of her Master knowing, the group didn’t seem to say that much only for them to acknowledge the matter at hand.

As he paced up and down the ship, the Exarch’s eyes looked at them, deciding on what roles they would need. He knew that the resistance that they would meet would be one that would challenge each and every one on this team including him. He stopped in front of the younger members, his eyes traced down to them, knowing what needed to be done at that moment in time, at the same time pondering if Jaek would be up to the challenge.

“Inarya, will lead K’tana and Fet'ai'narun to attack what troopers they have. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to complete this order.” His voice stern as always the Exarchs metallic arm clenched into a fist as he spoke to them.

“Understood, looks like us girls get the mop up job.” Inarya spoke to the others as she sat in her seat.

K’tana bounced around in her seat at the prospect of killing something; the Guardian seemed just as eager to get herself involved on the chance to be killing someone that attacked the Brotherhood.

“Jaek, you will be with me, we are going to take anyone that poses a threat, and by god if you fail me in this combat….” His voice showed a threatening tone as the Exarchs eyes glared over to those of Jaek’s.

Jaek ignored the comment made by the Aedile, his hands traced over his equipment at that moment in time checking that it was up to scratch as he prepared himself for combat knowing that he would be challenging himself now.

“Sir we are coming in on the landing process now, your orders?” The pilot was requesting for the orders that were being given.

“Crash” The Exarch’s voice was cold as ever as he looked at the SSD that was approaching.

“Sir?” The pilots voice was quivering as he spoke, the shuttle lined up perfectly with the hanger bay. Instantly a saber activated ramming through the pilots chest leaving the co-pilot stunned for words as he watched his friend die instantly.

“Did he stutter?” The voice behind the Exarch was that of Jaek, though the man rarely spoke when he did his words were to the point.

“No, sir.” The new pilot instantly began to head towards a crash landing inside of the hanger bay, knowing that this was not what he was prepared for but his choices were not exactly hard to figure out.

The shuttle's engines sounded up in the hangar bay as the sound of metal scratching the floor erupted through, the shuttle itself skidded through the hanger, killing troopers, droids and even a Dark Jedi that failed to move out of the way in time. Sparks flew from the bottom of the shuttle as it finally came to a slow halt inside the hangar bay leaving debris and dust setline around.

Moving quickly the team assembled at the ramp of the shuttle as it lowered itself, the Exarch stood at the front of the group as he moved out of the shuttle quickly. Cethgus was the first out, his boots clinking as they hit the metal floor of the hanger, his eyes scanning around for targets only to see two which stood out the most.

Inarya, K’tana and Fet'ai'narun where already on the move, the group of Arconan females were fighting their way through troops, While Inarya was engaged with two droids, her blade deflecting bolts as she moved towards them, while Fet'ai'narun stabbed a trooper through the chest, though a quick kill she moved straight onto the next target with precision. Though the member that was having most fun was K’tana, she had launched herself on top of a unprepared trooper and began repeatedly slamming the butt of her saber into his visor, though this did little damage, the saber itself went through his skull ending his life.

Cethgus and Jaek however where straight through to the twins, their eyes looked at each other as droids approached them to stop their progress, though Jaek was already through them before they had a chance to raise their weapons, the metallic thud of clankers hitting the ground could be heard as now the two Obelisk members stood in front of their opponents. The sound of blaster fire ripped through the hanger as the second group continued to work through what troopers where remaining.

Though the fighting with the troops had ended it wasn’t about to be finished so quickly for the three Arconan’s. Fet’ai’narun had very little time to react a red saber being stopped inches from her skull by Inarya. Inarya pushed the Dark Jedi back, the man simply stood there his hand extended towards K’tana lifting the Guardian offer her feet as he choked the younger member, only to have Fet’ai’narun step in taking a slash at him and breaking his concentration. As the three females charged the Dark Jedi, sabers clashed and parried as their battle began.

Cethgus stood in front of the twin’s with Jaek, his hands coming up and unclipping the cloak he had letting it drop down to the floor leaving the white armoured Exarch prepared for the fight. Simultaneously the two Arcona’s allowed their saber hilts to be in their hands, before being able to react the twins allowed the force to flow through them, exploding a blast of force into the

Exarch’s chest sending him slamming into the metal floor of the hanger. As Reaper launched himself towards the Exarch his two sabers coming down to end the fight before it had started, only to be meet with the purple blade of Jaek stopping him.Reaper’s eyes glance to those of the Templar as the anger flowed through Jaek’s eyes, quickly reacting Cethgus threw his opponent backwards as he recovered standing up beside Jaek.

“Looks like I couldn’t have anyone better to fight beside” Cethgus voice showed a small hint of appreciation knowing that this fight was about to become harder than he first expected.


09-01-2013 11:33:30

Jaek’s hand moved up, brushing a bit of dust off the Exarch’s spaulder before looking back up the Aedile. “Reaper and Frost, huh? Rather comical if you ask me.” He jested, a rare thing for the man to do, but the adrenaline of combat was flowing through him.

The Templar’s eyes immediately moved to the two Sith, the hum of their lightsabers dulled only by the blaster bolts that rocketed around the hangar towards the two Journeymen and the Equite that had accompanied them. A small grin flitted across the Obelisk’s face as he moved into a Form II stance, the evident Makashi fighting style.

Jaek’s footwork brought him quickly to the first Battlelord, his lightsaber feigning a downwards attack on the man, though his body quickly dropped and brought his leg to the back of the man's knees. The attack surprised the Sith, if not from the action but simply by the speed in which it was executed.

As the legs were cut out from underneath the Sith, his back smashed against the durasteel floor, hard. The Sith quickly responded, placing his hand outward and sending a blast of energy through the air which slammed the Templar into the opposing wall. Pain flared throughout his body, the air rushing out of his lungs in response as the Qel-Droman fell to his knees. Jaek pounded his fist into the ground as he brought himself back up to his feet. The Obelisk took a deep breath and centered himself, before sprinting towards the Sith once more, only to be met by another blast, driving the Obelisk again into the wall. A loud crack rocked the Templar’s durasteel armor as it cracked from the force of the attack. He felt himself cringe, slamming his gauntlet back into the ground and forcing himself back onto his feet.

A forward attack on the Battlelord was not going to bode well for the Templar. His eyes quickly searched his surroundings when they locked on lift controls several feet behind him. Lifting his hand and gesturing towards the switch, Jaek released a large mechanical lift that began to fall down towards the Sith Battlelord.

The Battlelord’s eyes averted from the Obelisk, looking to the impending death that was swinging towards him. With a simple side step he was able to avoid the attack, though he was greeted almost instantly by the Templar, who drew upon the Force to close the distance between the two men. Jaek’s lightsaber came down upon the man with such an intense speed that made , meeting blow after blow from the Templar, Jaeks speed and strength the only saving grace that kept the Sith from slaughtering him.

Cethgus, on the other hand, was having less of a difficult time, his blade parrying and repelling the Sith’s with almost a grace that could be matched in a dance. He evaded the blasts sent his direction while continuously crashing his blade against the Siths two, though the men seemed to be in a stalemate.

It wasn’t until a sudden blast from the force caught Cethgus in his chest that the Aedile found himself questioning how easy the battle was going to be. He quickly pushed himself back onto his feet and resume his attack on the Sith, his blades coming to bear against the Two Sith Battlelords, the loud clash echoing throughout the hangar. The Aedile was on the defense now, as the dual blades of Battlelord crashing against Cethgus’s repeatedly driving him back farther and farther until he found himself pinned against a wall, his blade parrying against the Sith’s in a desperate attempt to keep himself alive.


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K’tana moved swiftly from trooper to trooper, practically leaping at one to bound over to another. With every kill, a giggle flew from her lips. She ran, full tilt, at a trooper who was firing at her. One shot nearly grazed her tchun as it swayed, with it’s sister head-tail, behind her. She dodged to the side and slammed her vibroblade into the side of his visor. It should have gone through his ear and killed him almost instantly, but she stopped before the blade was hilt deep and she twisted it in his ear. She smiled as his scream echoed in her ears. She wasted only a moment before jamming it in further and the reefing it out, spinning to find her next target.

Bounding with a dancer's grace over to her next target, K’tana smiled and laughed as she went to launch another brutal assault with her blade. Only this time the trooper had been paying full attention and he slammed the butt of his rifle right between her eyes. She hit the ground hard, landing on her back. Her green eyes burned up at him and she shook it off and somersaulted backwards away from the man, only to land crouched. She leaped at him, blood gushing from her nose and down her violet skin. Her lilting laughter was joyous and sounded like that of a happy child. She sprang forwards jabbing her vibroshiv into the mans face. It was his turn to be planted on his back as she sawed through the visor and stabbed deeply several times before moving on.

She quickly glanced around to see her Master Jaek double over and her first instinct was to run to his side. However, that distraction cost her. A blaster bolt grazed her thigh and she shrieked in fury and pain. She shook it off, and licked the blood that had poured down from her nose, off her lips as she found her next target. He was close to Fet’ai’narun and the opponent she was quickly dispatching. She used Fet’as position to as a shield as she quickly made her way towards her next foe.

The trooper would have fired at Fet’a but risked shooting the man that she currently had her lightsaber through. So K’tana used that to run behind the two and come out around the other side of them and called on her ability to pull the trooper towards her as she ran forward. She was done playing with them. Her Master may be in some kind of danger and it was time to stop karking around.

As she pulled him towards her and she ran forward, she used the momentum to drive her blade deep into his throat. She ran the blade over her neck and ripped it towards her, slicing through his carotid artery, almost through to his spine. She wanted to continue running to her Master, but the gush of blood that flooded from the man she’d practically beheaded with her shiv gave her chills and she had to look.

His head tilted backwards as he began to collapse to the ground. His neck spurted and his body began to spasm. K’tana heard a choked gurgling sound come out of him just before he fell in a heap on the ground. Her body flushed and her mind grew wild. Nearly forgetting her Master, she ran towards another trooper.

She heard a loud crash and she spun to see her Master furiously battling a man that held two sabers. Her guard dropped as she began to run towards her Master. Anyone in her way facing towards her or away, either found her blade in their throat, or at the base of their head. She moved as quickly as she could, taking as many people down as she could to get to him.


09-01-2013 16:14:09

Inarya felt herself slide back as the grip of her boot slide across the metallic floor, the droid pressing down on her. She could hear the hum of the mechanisms giving the metal husk the appearance of life as her saber held in off fully aware of the other unit getting ready to engage her. With a extension of her hand she sent the droid backwards leaping through the air onto its chest, the crimson twi’lek lifted her saber high above her head, driving it through metal chest plate, listening to hiss of her yellow blade penetrating through it like a hot knife to butter.

The female felt the white hot heat of blaster fire skim over her skin leaving a thin red whelp as the second droid opened fire onto her. Instinctively the Priestess took to her feet, darting through the volley of fire to cover. With annoyance she deactivated her saber, quickly reaching for the rifle that hung on her back. Her amber eyes focused on the droid, as she released to round of burst fire the red bolts melted through the protecting shell of the droid leaving large hollow circles over the chest plate, she watched as the damaged droid fell to the ground like a marionette once its strings had been severed.

Over the blaster fire she could hear the roar of the Zabrak as he charged towards the force sensitive twins, Jaek at his side. His orange saber blade engrave itself into the atmosphere leaving a faint mark as if he was wielding the pure heat of the sun. She looked towards the two females that she had been tasked with leading, one was a purple twi’lek delighting in the slaughter her laugher being carried through the air as she went from trooper to trooper dispatching them with the utmost violence. The other was a Chiss female, the left side of her body scarred from the effect of a fire fighting hard and fast with the attacking troops. The amber eyes of the twi’lek fell on an advancing trooper towards the back of the battling Guardian, she leaped from cover driving her blade into the neck of the man severing the arm of another that tried to protect his squad mate, his scream erupted through the hanger before she spun round her, lightsaber slashing through the thick neck of the trooper sending through the air before making a collision on the floor.

The twi’lek heard the battle between the males rise in ferocity, she knew that something wasn’t right, before she had time to react she saw a flash of purple running towards Jaek. The attention of Fet'ai'narun the Chiss female with them was also drawn to this event. She laid down her saber and slowing starting to run towards wounded male, Inarya acted fast running towards her standing in her way.

“K’Tana has already endangered all of us through her brash actions, if you follow her then you will kill us” Her words were stern, Inarya had seen many of her clan mates injured in battle she had grown accustomed to it.

Inarya looked into the red eyes of the female and surprised to see no sighs of defiance or outward display of emotion of someone of her rank, before either of them had a chance to act two more droid made their way towards them. Inarya used the force throwing them backwards on top of each other.Using this opening the Krath let her mind clear focusing the darkness inside her into the physical world, she stood curtained in a black smoke twisting into three human form. The smoke grew thicker bringing in three specters made of the force into physical world, they screamed unnaturally as the engaged the troops that were advancing on the two females.


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Fet'ai'narun dodged and spun, evading blaster
fire as best she could and landing crippling and disarming blows to advancing troopers where available. She cursed herself for not having advanced further in her saber training over all this time. She was good with her knives but they were near useless against the armor of the troopers and the droids.

Keeping a handle on the droids and troopers should not have been a terribly difficult task for the 3 women but the numbers made the difference.

A blaster bolt singed the woman's hair as she barely managed to dodge, losing her footing for a moment and throwing herself into a spin that caught her a bolt to her upper arm on her left.

"Ktah!" She cursed in Cheunh as the bolt burned her already scarred skin.

This was no good. If she kept up at this rate she'd be too injured to be of use in no time but focusing on that end would get her nowhere.

Grounding herself, Fet'ai'narun focused on the pain, doing er best to make it work to her advantage through the Force. What did not kill her would make her stronger.

But the woman was snapped from her trance by the howl of their leader and turned her gaze just in time to see her world spin 180 as Jaek hit the floor, K'Tana reacting harshly as she delivered her last killing blow before running to aid him. Her emotions flared and she pushed down the reaction.
It couldn't happen like this. It was what she had feared. Too many times she'd seen this happen and it wouldn't go that way today.

Disengaging her saber, the Chiss spun on her heel to go after K'Tana but was stopped dead in her tracks by Inarya's voice:

“K’Tana has already endangered all of us through her brash actions, if you follow her then you will kill us”

Fet'ai'narun snapped her head toward Inarya, meeting her eyes. She did not respond and she didn't have to. Inarya would understand soon enough what the Chiss meant to do. Yes, she was of lower rank yes, she was expected to react in a certain fashion but she was well-seasoned and knew the risks of going into battle with friends. No matter the assumptions of her superiors, the Chiss intended to aid Jaek. She knew that hysterics and brash actions would not be what saved his life.

But what could she do? Fet'ai'narun was well aware that the young woman would not obey a command to stop whether from herself or Inarya. As two more droids approached, her crimson eyes darted back and forth, taking in the scene.

In her rage, K'Tana would do what she wished and there would be no stopping her.

The Journeyman's scars burned with the memories of old wounds but not of the flesh. She'd be damned if she let K'Tana go through the same.

Using sheer force of will to keep herself from becoming overwhelmed with memories, flashbacks, emotions, the Chiss turned away from Inarya and ran to cover K'Tana, unaware of the Force Wraith that coalesced behind her.


09-01-2013 21:22:15

In an instant both the Obelisks were distracted, the oncoming Guardian wish to protect her master was simply a foolish mistake. Cethgus sought to stop the girl before she got herself killed, his saber coming up to block an attack from Frost. Seeing the young woman move closer, the Exarch’s metallic arm came out and and hit her in the chest, sending her stumbling backwards. The Entar’s decision to protect the girl left him completely open as the sound of a lightsaber cutting through metal could be heard followed by a clang. Stumbling backwards the Exarch looked at the prosthetic limb he once bore lying on the floor. As his eyes came up to seek the offending party he was hurled backwards, smashing into the hull of their shuttle with a concussive blast through the Force.

“Stupid!” shouted Jaek as he opened his palm, sending K’tana flying halfway across the landing platform out of the way of the fight through the simple use of the force saw to this.

Reaper, like his twin, seized the opportunity fully. His blade lashed out under Jaek’s guard, sundering armour and cleaving flesh from the Templar’s torso. Coming in for the kill, his boot darted out, sending the Arconan to one knee in an instant. Reaper’s two blades were poised, ready to kill. It seemed that though K’tana had only had her Master’s best interests at heart, her distraction had caused the dramatic shift in balance in this two versus two battle.

The form of Cethgus slammed into Reaper, sending him reeling across the floor in a split second as the Exarch slammed down in front of the Templar, his eyes glowing with rage as he hauled himself to his feet, his destroyed arm hanging limp at his side.

“I guess I returned the favour then, and your student will pay for her stupidity, Templar.” Cethgus’ voice shook with rage as he stared at the twins knowing they had managed to take the advantage from the two Arconans.

“Can the repayment wait until after we have taken the ship?” Jaek replied, while pulling himself to his feet, the wound in his chest giving off the smell of charred flesh.

Cethgus charged forward once more, his saber slamming into Frost’s as the two engaged in combat, though the Exarch’s strength was now being depleted from his missing arm causing him to struggle in what should have been an equal fight. Jaek wasn’t faring much better as Reaper brought his sabers down against the Templar’s. As he did so, his hilt slipped under the man’s guard punching him in the wounded flesh causing a grunt of pain to be released.

Fet'ai'narun and Inarya continued their conflict, killing those that tried to interfere in the harder fight. Knowing that they probably would be able to handle themselves, it was that moment in time that the two women noticed K’tana sliding to a halt by them. Inarya allowed her eyes to look over to the battle, seeing Cethgus missing an arm and the destroyed chest of Jaek brought worried panic to her eyes.

The increasingly problematic duel between the four Dark Jedi encouraged Inarya to interfere. With the aid of the Force, her pace quickened as her saber caught that of Reaper. As the man was caught unprepared, the second saber coming towards him from Jaek saw the Sith deflect it. However, the deflection was half-hearted, catching the side of his face as it did, causing him to glare at Jaek as the Templar backed away. The fight between Cethgus and Frost intensified as Frost saw the wound incurred on his sibling.

“This one is mine, no-one interfere.” The Iridonian ordered as his blade slammed down against that of his opponent, as the battle rage continued to take a hold on the Aedile. Cethgus allowed himself a breif second of pause, though Frosts took full advantage, sprinting at Cethgus he used the force to throw the Exarch backwards sending him hurtling into the wall of the Hanger. Pain, suffering and the raw scream of a broken man erupted through the air as Frost’s saber rammed through the mans shoulder blade, pinning him in place. Cethgus forced every bit of energy he had into the force throwing a blast back at Frosty sending him across the hanger.

As the Exarch pulled the saber free, his breathing shallow as he forced his body to endure yet more than it was able to knowing that this fight had to end soon for his sake more than anyone elses.


09-01-2013 21:29:20

Jaek nodded to Inarya as he moved towards the Krath. Her combat abilities were sub-par by Jaek’s standards but, she would have to do for the time being. The burning gash into his chest seemed to only infuriate the Templar even more as he twirled his saber once and moved in tandem with Inarya towards Reaper. Their speed matched then exceeded the Battlelord as he attempted to send a telekentic blast towards them to knock them back. This only served to be a disadvantage as Jaek and Inarya split and moved to opposite sides of the Sith.

The burning flesh underneath the Sith’s eye caused him to wince, Reaper’s vision seeming to blur as he attempted to track the onslaught of the Priestess and Templar. They were simply too fast for him. As his lightsabers parried and blocked them, the Sith was quickly being worn down by the consistent power of Jaek’s downward swing. Each time he felt himself grow weaker and weaker as Inarya continued to wear at him with increased vigor as well.

It would only serve to aid their continued plight as Jaek rolled across the plated flooring in front of Inarya, just barely missing the passing blade of Reaper. Coming up on the opposite side, his left arm occupied by the Krath’s lightsaber, Jaek’s blade spun and catch his arm, causing him to cry out in agony and drop his remaining lightsaber. He recouped by bringing his hand up and throwing out a blast of the Force into the Priestess as she brought the killing blow inches from his neck.

The Krath was thrown backwards into the opposing wall, a loud groan escaping her mouth a she felt herself double over from the pain, attempting to catch her breath, a sharp pain ripping through her lungs as they attempted to fill with air. heavily as the Obelisk took the advantage and brought his boot across the man’s already injured face as hard as he could. He heard (and felt) a crack as the man's skull fractured from his durasteel boot.

With a grunt, Jaek, walked over to the Sith, who was attempting to reach his lightsaber. The templar quickly put an end to this, bringing his lightsaber across the man's wrist, severing it, which caused him to cry out. Jaek’s eyes took a moment to look up and around at his surroundings, seeing the Aedile fighting Frost, he looked to Inarya.

“Go.” He uttered, shortly before leaning downward his boot on the man's severed wrist. “I have a few questions for you. The faster you answer, the less pain will be involved before I kill you.” He growled, his lightsaber hovering above the man's cheek, singing the skin as it burned.

“I’ll tell you nothing!” he growled through gritted teeth.

“Pity.” The Templar uttered as he got up, making sure to put his weight on the boot that held the man's severed forearm down, causing him to cry out. He disengaged his lightsaber and clipped it to his belt. Jaek stood overtop of the man, his other boot clamping onto the man's arm as his fingers wrapped around his collar, pulling up the man’s head, he brought his fist hard into the man’s already fractured face several times.
Jaek turned away from the downed foe, bringing his lightsaber back from his belt and igniting it once more, he dragged it lazily across the man's thighs in a sawing motion. “Let’s see how long you last, as well as how many limbs you have left before you talk.” he glanced down to the man's leg as the blade burned through the material, and then the top layer of flesh. “Personally I have a lot to work with here, so it could take awhile.”

The man's screams filled the hangar as he groaned and cried out. Reaper didn’t give up the information Jaek was seeking until he finally had cut off both of his legs and one of his arms.

“Th...the codes....are in....my data pa..” before he could finish Jaek’s saber was across his throat, severing his head off completely.

His eyes searched for Fet’ai’narun and his apprentice. Jaek saw the Chiss covering his apprentice who was, at the moment, safe under the Jedi Hunter’s protection. His eyes then moved back to Cethgus, whose battle with the remaining Battlelord continued.


09-01-2013 22:20:22

K’tana saw only her Master. Nothing else. Her eyes were wild like that of a frightened animal, but she pressed on. She didn’t even see the man who tried to push her out of the way. She only saw her Masters eyes and his fury at her. Then, suddenly, she realized she was moving further away. Her mind reeled in anguish. The wind was knocked from her lungs and they burned when she tried to take a breath. She could not even cry out. Jaeks eyes had only landed on hers for an instant, but that instant before she was thrown back, it was an eternity to her.

“Kark!” was the only word that escaped her lips when she realized how badly she’d messed up. She landed near the other two women. When she hit the ground her breath came back to her in a painful gasp. This would be the second time her Master had cracked her ribs. Tears welled up in her eyes. She’d disappointed him...again. She looked up to see the Chiss standing over her. She looked to the woman’s face and a passing look of pity came over it as she helped K’tana stand back up.

K’tana took the hand and stood up with the pain welling up through her chest and up into her shoulders and neck. She used the pain to channel her rage once again. This was no longer as fun as it was and it was time it ended. She made eye contact with Fet’a nodding in the direction of a group of three troopers before flying at them. She let out a scream of fury as she charged.

Her scream was almost as unnerving as her laugh had been.

She twisted her lekku around her neck as she ran, keeping them out of the way. She felt searing pain as she was sure she was grazed, again, by blaster fire. Once again she used the pain to fuel her lust for her next kill. She lashed out with her shiv, pointed at the troopers face and jammed it up, under the visor. She tilted the blade upwards and brought the mans face to hers before tearing out his throat with the shiv.

She screamed again as she ripped the blade out and spun towards the next trooper who was standing close to the first. As she spun, she flipped the blade in her hand to hold it backwards and made quick work of driving the blade down through the mans shoulder, driving it under his collar bone. She pulled it out and used the momentum to drive her foot into the man’s knee cap, taking him down and pushing the blade in all the way to the hilt. She ripped it out with little grace.

She felt Fet’a close to her and, as she booted the man on his knees knocking him over, she turned to the next man. She heard her Master’s voice, but knew she had to ignore it this time. Fury, pain and shame welled up in her. She pulled the man towards her and made a quick thrust into his visor. Her arms had tired and her body was losing it’s fuel. Her blade was defected and it jarred her arm.The pain in her shoulders shot up her neck and she lost her grip. Her blade went flying somewhere behind her.
That’s when the trooper brought his boot up into her lower abdomen. She heard the sharp crack as one of her cracked lower ribs broke. She wheezed and her legs grew numb just before she collapsed before him.


10-01-2013 07:28:56

The female looked over to the Sith that her and Jaek had brought to his knees, she stood catching her breath recovering from the impact that her body had made with the wall of the hanger. She knew that even though that battle was harsh she needed dust herself off and get back in the fray. She looked over to the raging battle between Frost and Cethgus, watching the way that both men moved across the floor. She had watch Ceth fight many times throughout her time in the Dark Brotherhood, she could read his movements knowing what emotion that he was feeling and level of pain.

Inarya watched as the Sith brought his blade down on him once more, the Exarch struggled almost falling out-of-the-way of the impacting blade. She knew that this wasn't a good sign, Ceth was losing this fight. The Priestess got back to her feet channeling the force to her leg propelling her through the air towards the path of Frost's next bowl, the was a clash of light as the two blades collided looking as if the blades themselves where spitting lava. The male combatant held his saber against hers , his strength pressing down at her causing the connected blades to float inches above the women throat, she could the heat and the hum of the saber hilt knowing that she needed to break his hold on her. The blades inched closer to her she closed her eyes preparing for the killing blow before the weight of the man disappeared; she opened her eyes seeing Zabrak standing next to her. His eyes looked at her with a mixture of emotions that only she could read. Their foe lay on the floor from the force push that Cethgus had administered; he swiftly got to his feet running at the pair of them the rage flaring from his eyes as he swung wildly at the pair with his sabers.

The Obelisk dodged the blades heavily and clumsy the lost of his arm clearly impacting on his fighting technique, the female swung back with her lightsaber catching the male's chest watching as the wound open before swiftly closing again from the heat admitted from the blade. Frost stumbled back in shock and pain, he looked over to the red skinned alien his eyes full of fury. He charged at her screaming his blade catching her with every swing forcing her to parry each of his blows never once letting up. Inarya moved the best she could to avoid his onslaught her arms getting weaker, her footing slipping. Her feet tangled themselves around each other causing her to tumble to the ground, her shoulder hitting the floor with an audible noise. She looked up seeing the Equite standing over her his saber ready to strike down, he brought it down Inarya quickly rolling out-of-the-way kicking out at his ankles as she did watching him fall she saw the full force of the Zabraks elbow collide with the back of his head.

"I didn't need your help" The anger in the Exarch's voice was clear as he glared over to the scarlet Twi'lek.

"I didn't say you did" Inarya run off towards the still battling Journeyman, she could see that Feta and K'Tana holding her own up against the remaining enemy forces


11-01-2013 04:07:11

Fet'ai'narun was on the man in a flash, igniting her saber and taking the trooper's head.

The Chiss spun, slicing the arm from another trooper and barely avoiding a blaster bolt from a droid, dropping to one knee and sweeping the legs from beneath an approaching trooper who hit the floor on his back, his rifle flying from his hands and sliding across the floor. Fet'ai'narun was back up in an instant and took his head before he could react, deactivating her saber and offering a hand to the younger woman, her crimson eyes narrow as she helped the Twi'lek to her feet.

"Keep your back to me and don't leave yourself open." Her tone was imperative but not sharp.

It was hard to stay focused. Fet’ai’narun had never used a saber this much in combat. She was nervous, even a little scared but she had to remain confident so she spoke as if she were.

"Don't ignore your pain. Use it, feed from it." Fet'ai'narun instructed, knowing the girl already knew how to use the pain to her advantage. She was trying to keep the apprentice focused. She knew what it was like to watch someone she loved fight possibly to the death. Hell it was happening right now.

"Keep your eyes off him." The Chiss snapped as she saw K'Tana start to glance away.

"Your concern is to clear this area and make it safe for him, not to watch him die because you couldn't accomplish your task." Her tone was sharp this time, challenging, playing on the girl's pride and her attachment to her Master.

Scanning the area, the Chiss saw more troopers approaching and droids to follow.

“Stay close. Eyes front.” She snarled to the other woman as she caught herself wanting to glance toward the men.

To her surprise, K’Tana moved into position with her. She must have known the Chiss was goading her into doing what she asked. No matter. As long as she cooperated…

The two worked back-to-back, never moving too far apart, covering each other as they took down troopers and droids, neither avoiding insult or injury as Fet’ai’narun took a blaster bolt to the thigh. She went to a knee but was still able to take out the droid before it advanced to point-blank range and got back to her feet.

Her leg ached from the blaster bolt. She focused on the pain, touching the Force, letting the pain fuel her rage.

“You still alright back there?” She asked K’Tana as the other woman dropped the last trooper from the group. There would be a short lull now but more where on the way.

Fet’ai’narun’s crimson eyes darted back and forth, scanning the scene. She saw Inarya approaching them and glanced toward Jaek and Cethgus. They were alive at least…

Hopefully this wouldn't take much longer.


14-01-2013 20:03:21

Cethgus allowed his elbow to connect, the dull sound of bone crunching under pressure echoed around the hangar. In his blindness, the Exarch could see only the reward of another kill and nothing else mattered to him at that moment. Grabbing Frost by his hair, hauling the man to his knees with his only attached arm, it was at that moment in time that the orange blade hung poised to strike by its master's side as he looked at the beaten and broken man slumped in front of him. Knowing that the fight for the hanger was over.

“Your brother has fallen already, and now it is your turn” His voice cold yet the rage spoken in his words still echoed out of his lips.

“I will se….” The man’s voice was silenced in a second as the saber blade severed his head from his shoulders.

Cethgus allowed his blade to hiss from existence as he clipped the hilt of the weapon back onto his belt, his anger still flowing through his eyes as he stared down at the dead body of Frost. Leaving them for a second they glanced up to Inarya, the red skinned twi’lek standing above the man, her help was unwelcome and a direct disobedience of an order he had given.

Walking up to her in a flash, the back of his hand connected with her cheek. Sending the red skinned Equite sprawling across the floor. As she lay on the floor dazed and disorientated a boot coming down against her neck as the Exarch sucked the life out of her with no regret, not even the slightest sign of remorse for his actions. Grabbing at his boot the member of Dark Forge struggled to get away.

“You failed to follow my orders, do it again and I will see you dead” his voice still showed the sign of rage he was under but it was understandable at that moment in time. Releasing the boot, Cethgus stood there looking around the hangar.

Looking at the rest of his team, he checked quickly for any true damage to them, though Jaek had a simple enough chest wound, it wouldn’t kill him, as K’tana and Fet stood by him it seemed that the hangar was as secure as it would ever be and their mission for now was completed. Before K’tana had time to react the force threw her into the door the twins had protected with their life.

The dull sound of metal and armour colliding echoed throughout the Hangar as the Exarch withdrew himself back, the fight had finished now and his belief that the punishment for what had happened has been adequate, he didn’t want to kill them only prove his point as he saw fit.

“As for you Jaek Kaeth, if your student ever endangers me again, I will have your head as a wall trophy. You’re her master, her failings are on your head” his voice spoke the years of experience in combat it wasn’t a threat it was a promise and one he knew would be received.

The shoulder wound was shooting pain through the Exarch’s body as he stood there looking at his team, summoning the Force. Starting with K’tana, the pain seeped away from her body as the injuries she had sustained began to subside from her at that moment in time. He swiftly moved onto Fet though she had hardly taken anything larger than a scratch it was a quick solution as two of the team were fighting fit. As for Inarya he focused his energy as he began to feel it draining from him, removing any signs of injury she had before his eyes looked over to Jaek.

Walking towards the Templar, he found himself using a larger amount of energy, more than he would have wanted, the wound beginning to close itself, mending what damage had been done, though forcing his focus into this left little strength for the Exarch to use for himself, feeling his knees giving way the concentration breaking as he slipped down onto his knees. Breathing deeply a low growl came from his lips as his shoulder continued to bother the Exarch and the loss of one arm would hinder their goals further on in the mission. Satisfied that he had healed the others in the team four out of five fully prepared members were a better odd than just healing himself.


14-01-2013 23:38:55

Fet'ai'narun stood near Jaek, nearly at attention, her crimson eyes fixed on Cethgus, following his every move as he dealt his own brand of justice between the members of the team. She had seen his type before, had known many like him. With harsh words and a heavy hand, he'd swiftly bring them all down with him as he slid to his knees so long as he thought it would serve his purpose. The Chiss held her gaze on him until she was certain he would make no further comment before she glanced at the other two women.

Quickly regaining her bearings, K'Tana stood. She had been doubly punished this go-round and though she had been healed from the wounds of the flesh, she bore a great wound to her pride. The woman stood where Cethgus had left her, patting lightly at the shoulders of her armor in turn, as if the motion were meant to convince her that she felt as nonchalant as the action conveyed. How very feline. Inarya was on her feet when the Chiss's eyes reached her, standing across from the other Twi'lek. Both stood silent, tight-lipped. Their complexions, stark against the steel-gray hues of the hangar, were quite complimentary.

Fet'ai'narun met eyes with Jaek and for a moment, she let her concern become apparent in her expression, her eyes telling him all he could have wanted to know of her feelings though her lips spoke different words as she turned away. Her eyes conveyed her worry for him, fear and obvious disapproval of the way Cethgus had chosen to handle the situation at hand once they had dealt with the twins.

"Divided, we are nothing." She addressed the other two women.

"Let us take what we can from this mess and move on." She said as she scanned the walls for an undamaged data panel. "And I will see what I can do with these infernal security measures."

"Thank you, Sir Exarch. We await your next command." Fet'ai'narun addressed Cethgus, bowing formally before excusing herself and the other women from the presence of he and the Templar with a quick glance at Jaek. The look was almost apologetic as she left him to deal with the situation at hand. She dared not comment upon the state of their leader after his recent assertion regarding Inarya's attempt to help him and she certainly did not wish to make light of his choice to heal the team.

The Chiss walked silently to the data panel to begin her work as the Twi’lek women scanned the bodies, droid bits and damaged equipment for anything salvageable that could be of use to them. She was worried for K’Tana for obvious reasons and hoped that Inarya would not be too offended by her overstepping of the boundaries between ranks.

This had been a sobering experience for the lot of them. None of these five had come into this mission unaware of the threats at hand or thinking it would be easy but one was never quite as prepared as they may have thought for the harshness of battle, no matter how great or small; especially when fighting with acquaintances. It was all too unfortunate that sometimes, the mirror of combat revealed more truth than one had hoped to learn.


16-01-2013 03:27:54

The loud crack resonated ten-fold inside of the turbo-lift, nearly rupturing the inhabitant’s eardrums and certainly leaving a dull ringing for a duration of time to come. Jaek, alongside Cethgus were unaffected by the flash, their eyesight remaining intact, due to being at the forefront of the group. Their hearing, however, was equally as damaged as the high pitched whine seemed to dissolve all of the sound around them.
The two Equites felt it before it happened, moments after the flashbang had gone off, a barrage of blaster fire had intruded inwards on them. Jaek’s arms twisted and turned, his amethyst blade weaving an intricate pattern through the air, sending the blaster bolts within his range back to their sources. Cethgus was alive with the same enthusiasm, though managing a bit harder with his single arm, but faring no less success at dropping the ensuing battle droids.

A few moments passed before the two Equites began to move forward, branching outward, and deflecting the fusillade of blaster bolts that was hurled in their direction so that the remaining members of their team might escape outward.

Inarya, still recovering from the blast, had her vision return to her slowly as her lightsaber ignited, she began aiding Cethgus and Jaek. Fet’ai’narun had taken cover inside of the Turbo-lift, along side K’tana. They waited for their eyesight to recover, knowing that endangering themselves blindly would only burden the three Equites further.

As the last of the droid carcasses hit the floor, Inarya’s and Cethgus’s lightsaber would disengage. Jaek’s, on the other hand, would stay glowing as he moved to the elevator. He leaned inside to find his student and Fet’a, his eyes surveying them both for damage before his eyes moved to Fet’a, a genuine look of concern playing about his face as he spoke.

“Are you good?” his query almost seemed hushed, as if to keep it quiet from the others hearing.

“Yes, I’m fine.” The Chiss concluded, a smirk almost played across her lips. It was faint, but Jaek noticed it and brief grin pulling at the edges of his lips as he backed away from the elevator and moved to Cethgus, his mind calculating and coming to a conclusion.

“Security Droids. They weren’t an attack force. They would have brought more firepower if they were. This was a localized cluster activated from a security terminal. We need to find it, shut it down, so that we can access the elevator system and doing keep running into these droids.” Jaek finally disengaged his lightsaber, but it remained in his hand. The dull throbbing within his ears from the flash bang was beginning to dissipate and his hearing returned, slowly but surely.


16-01-2013 18:58:14

K’tana, crouching next to Fet’ai’narun went over the events rapidly in her head. Her situation had moved so quickly her mind had to run to catch up and she remembered laying waiting to die at the behest of the trooper that stood before her. Suddenly she was thrown somewhere her mind could barely comprehend. She felt her broken rib pierce something and she could no longer breathe. Suddenly she felt the warm tingle of someone else s force run through her body and remove the anguish her body had been in.

The next thing she remembered was her Masters cold blue eyes scan over her as she stood next to Fet’a as she recalled the threat that Aedile Cethgus had given her Master Jaek. Fear welled up in her. She’d unintentionally put her Masters life in her hands. Anymore emotional mistakes from her could cost him his life. Her life was worth nothing without him. Her fear became panic and she stood numbly next to Fet’a. When she looked at the Chiss her mouth was moving, but K’tana heard nothing.

She followed near the Lethan Twi’lek and began helping her go through the bodies for anything that could be of use. Her mind had wandered through her fear and she realized she’d been rolling over bodies and not actually seeing anything that she noted of use. The sudden blast from the turbolift sent her mind, ears and eyes reeling in pain.

She realized she was back next to Fet’a crouched in cover. When Jaek spoke to Fet’a and K’tana saw the looks pass across their faces, her heart dropped. Her body and lekku quivered in rage. Her fear and rage mingled together. Her green eyes flashed as they readjusted from the flash bang. Her entire body flooded with that familiar burst of energy as her mind began to race. This woman who showed flashes of concern for her was more to Jaek then she would ever be. As the owner and Master of her life she was devoted and indebted to him regardless. She would not endanger his life again.

K’tana ran her fingers over her blood covered lekku with one hand as her other tightly gripped her vibroshiv. She rolled her shoulders and she suddenly giggled as a thought occurred to her.

Hey Fet’a!” she grinned at the other woman, “Let’s play a game! Wanna find out who can kill more troopers?”

K’tana watched the Chiss woman's face go from one of confusion to a near grin.

“If you’d like to.” Fet’a said with a smirk

K’tana burst into giggles as she scanned for her first victim while thinking this should keep her out of any further trouble. Kill and keep killing until there are no enemies left. She would protect her Master by staying out of his way, even if the price was her own life.


17-01-2013 01:11:28

When she had left Jaek and Cethgus for a moment to themselves in the hangar, Fet'ai'narun had assumed the two men would work out the tension between them and move on. But their time for conversation had been interrupted by the entrance of a shuttle into the hangar.

It bore the mark of the Dark Council. As it touched down, the ramp dropped and Raken, the Deputy Grand Master himself had stepped out onto the ramp accompanied by Ekeia, the Praetor to the Herald. She had given Cethgus a datapad and both groups had gone in their separate directions without a word.

Obviously, the Dark Council's mission was none of this team's business but their presence aboard the Avenger II not only changed the situation, it complicated things a great deal.


"En'kar k'imsi!

Fet'ai'narun cursed as she pressed the heel of her hand to her temple, shaking her head. It felt as though her skull were vibrating and she couldn't see.

What was going on? She could feel the vibrations of something happening, steps being taken...She had been standing near K'tana and reached out to find her, hoping to stay close to the younger woman. She couldn't protect her while blind and deaf but to locate the girl made her feel useful, able.

The two women stayed together, crouched in the lift until they began to regain their sight and hearing.

Spidery lines of white and green streaked her vision as she looked at the Twi'lek beside her and then out into the fray. The lighted colors of blaster bolts in rapid fire made her head ache and she pressed her back against the wall, leaning away from the door. She could barely hear the din of the scrimmage over the hum in her ears. At least her vision grew slightly clearer...

Concentrating on the humming, Fet'ai'narun focused her mind, to find her inner silence, to ground herself.

"Are you good?" The voice was familiar but it seemed so distant. The Chiss looked up to see Jaek, through the bright streaks. He peered into the lift through a hole that should have been the door but looked as though it must have been cut by a saber.

"Yes, I'm fine." She managed, her voice vibrating strangely to her still partially deaf ears, a smile threatening to spread across her lips before she caught herself.

Jaek moved away and the woman's crimson eyes darted to his apprentice who still crouched beside her. She was concerned for this girl. More than she should be. Why hadn't Jaek addressed them both?

Her vision was clearing and her ears still rang but she felt as if she could concentrate again. Moving to stand, Fet'ai'narun started to speak to K'tana but was interrupted by a giggle from the Twi'lek.

Such an odd girl...

"Hey Fet'a!" She said. "“Let’s play a game!"

The words startled the Chiss. She was asking to play a game....asking to see which of them could take down more troopers...

Fet'ai'narun's crimson eyes showed her confusion. Why on earth would this girl think that killing was a game? Was she younger than she'd thought? Was she daft? But she thought of watching the girl and how childish and free she seemed at times. It nearly cracked a smile across her face.

"If you'd like to." She replied quickly, containing the expression to a competitive smirk.

She knew the girl was jealous. Perhaps they could find camaraderie in their status as journeymen.

As she moved to exit the lift, Fet'ai'narun put those thoughts aside and focused on the silence, found it. She would need to push those thoughts from her mind for now. It was too much of a distraction. They needed to watch for details now that the remaining panel had been damaged. Who knew what would come at them from what direction and when?

"Clear?" She gave a low shout to the Equites, waiting for a response before exiting the lift.

"Clear!" Was the collective return.

Even so, they still needed to watch closely.

The woman stepped from the elevator, K'tana at her left, giggling, her green eyes darting about, most likely looking for something to kill.

Such a strange girl...

The woman scanned the area, seeing if there were any panels nearby she might be able to use to help guide them to a security terminal, waiting for another attack or a command from the Equites.

"Hey." Fet'ai'narun addressed K'tana in a low voice as the two scanned the surroundings for prey.

"Bragging rights or bet?" She asked in a hushed tone, shooting the girl a rare, mischievous smirk.

"Oh bragging rights of a bad-ass kill count?" K'tana giggled, "I think that'd be enough."

“Sorted.” Fet’ai’narun said as she once again focused on the task at hand.

They had to do something about these gorram security measures before something else went wrong.


20-01-2013 13:54:27

Cethgus allowed his saber to come up, deflecting a blaster shot that would have seen him dead in a heartbeat. As the assault continued the members of the team found themselves fighting an unusual high number of enemies. Bringing his orange saber down, the Exarch cut his opponent down straight to the ground instantly. Inarya’s blade came up blocking the flank of her Aedile as her hand reached out throwing the man attacking across the room and into one of his friends. As the group continued to fight their way through the group that stopped them their advance.

So far the resistance that they had encountered had not been anything special, simple droids or turrets nothing of any concern for the group as they continued to work their way deeper into the tunnels their goal being a simple one. Cethgus continued his advance through one of the lines that was holding them up, knowing that their group had to advance quicker than they currently were. Seeing Fet and K’tana continue to play their games, he noticed them hacking through turrets and droids with ease.

His eyes wandered over to Inarya, her saber engaged with one of the Sith Warriors commanding this small group, her grace was admired only by her ability to kill efficiently and effectively. She danced under an oncoming swing, allowing her blade to launch up into the mans heart. Dropping him before he could react.

Jaek stumbled backwards an elbow colliding with his nose, followed by a loss of ground. He was forced to leap back from a strike that would have seen his abdomen ripped apart. As blood trickled down from his nose, splattering the floor with the ruby droplets as he continued his fight.

K’Tana was instantly upon the man, puncture wounds riddled the warrior’s back as his life slipped from his falling body. Jumping around excitedly on the spot her delight at being the man's downfall was obvious. As the group lost the fight, leaving the small team of Dark Jedi Brotherhood standing in the midst of scattered body. The silence only broken by the humming of saber blades.

“He counts as two, eh Fet, am I right?” K’Tana spoke while jumping around the body of the dead warrior with glee.Fet merely rolled her eyes and showed her an index finger up indicating that the kill only counted as one and nothing more.

Though that still did not put the excited and bouncy K’Tana off her game, as the group continued to maneuver themselves through the ships interior, they came across sporadic levels of defences though nothing was preparing them for the room that came next. The circular room opened up leading into a squad off fully equipped Nova Guards. Standing ready and prepared to fight the intruders that were making their way aboard the SSD.

Instantly the two groups collided, as sabers, blasters and the thundering of boots on the plated floor echoed in the room. Inarya was straight into her target, sliding on her knees under the horizontal slash that came her way, spinning on the ground her boot collided with the back of the man's knee cap, sending it slamming into the ground. Continuing with her elegant offensive Inarya brought herself back onto her feet. Her movements flowed like a stream of water; there was no break in the Equites performance. Grabbing her saber the blade hissing to life as she brought it down towards the males head. The impact should have killed the man but only to find that it was stopped by one of the Nova Guards. Throwing his shoulder into the lock the man easily broke free from the Twi’leks blade before driving himself towards her.

Jaek at the simultaneously had two of them pounce on him, forcing him to stop his advancement instantly. His saber coming up and deflecting the bolts back at the owners with practised ease. With Jaek being limited by blaster fire, it gave the two Journeymen their chance to move in for one of the members. K’tana and Fet were on the rush, charging in against the flanking member of the Nova Guard.

Though it was short work for the two females, their instincts kicking in the midst of combat. Slashing and stabbing the man stood no chance against the carnage that befell his bodyl. Finally the Exarch pounced on his prey, the orange bladed saber gripped in its master's hand poised to strike out. Colliding with the last member of the Nova Guard, Cethgus spun the blade in his hand slashing out with precision. Blocking the attack the armoured men seemed to be experienced and dedicated fighters something the Exarch would have expected from Mando’s.

“The armour isn't mandalorian, yet you fight with skill, who are you?” Cethgus voice was sharp and to the point as the fighting continued around him.

“I am a warrior of the Nova Guard, and you will advance no further scum” throwing a boot out the man forced the Aedile backwards.

As the fighting within the group continued, the force aiding the assaulting team in seeing that the death’s of the Nova Guard was secured in the battle. As the last one fell, Cethgus turned his gaze to the group, no-one seemed seriously injured at glance. Jaek’s noise was clearly broken but it was not effecting the Templar. The exception was K’Tana, her robes now soaked in blood but the blood belonging to the Nova Guard not her own.

The group entered their objective area only to be meet by a fully robed female standing firm between them and their objective. Behind and to the right of her was a SCr-114 maintenance droid. From what they were informed, she was wanted dead or alive. The team knew this wasn't going to be an easy fight, the female’s appearance spoke of her years of experience.

“So it has come to this?” Cethgus spoke to the women who only nodded in return.


22-01-2013 22:12:21

Inarya stood close to her Aedile, taking the place of his missing arm ready to strike at the slightest movement that the women made. She looked quickly over to Jaek, his nose a waterfall of blood as the bone was clearly broken under the skin, the bridge of his nose now sat at a strange angle the swelling already had began to set in. The two young females could be heard behind them battling with the guards that would interfere with the tough battle that she knew was about to follow.

The three equities stood silently looking at the female in front of them, there was a flash of colour as the purple from Jaek’s saber . She could hear the battle cry of the male as the noise of his saber cutting through the air as he charged towards the unknown female. Wordless the female flicked her wrist sending the Templar sprawling backwards onto the ground below him almost hitting the two younger women as his journey came to an end shortly before the wall.

“Insolent boy.” Dantella spat before activating her lightsaber, charging towards the Zabrak and the Twi’lek, in a fluid motion. Inarya took her place at the man's side reacting with his movements in the hope to take the place of his missing arm. Despite the woman's rank Inarya was surprised by her lack of strength, her blows being parried quite easily.

The female’s amber eyes quickly turned to Jaek, seeing him returning to a vertical position rushing into the fray. Inarya knew that her strength was no match of those of the two males, she did not want to get in the way of their offensive, and instead acted as a shield for the one armed male.

The women leaped back knowing that she could not physically match the three, her speed even though not amazing seemed to increase beyond that of Inarya’s. She raised her arm grabbing Inarya by the throat slowing squeezing the life from her body. The female panicked kicking her feet frantically her toes sliding on the ground below her.

Cethgus seeing an opening charged at the full speed towards the Elder, his shoulder meeting with the female’s chest with the force of a bullet train breaking her concentration, taking the air from her lungs.

The female stumbled back before Cethgus’ and Jaek’s lightsabers are upon her, forcing her backwards as the fury of their swipes break through her defences, the panic in the woman's eyes were clear as the strength of the pair of them nearly overwhelms her. She takes a step back allowing her a few seconds respite from the two Obelisks.

The crimson Twi’lek fell to the floor coughing, trying catch her breath as she rubbed her throat, got to her feet watching the as the woman was pinned trying to deflect the saber blades of the much stronger males.

Inarya ran back into the battle taking back her defensive position at the Aediles side, she watched at the Exarch’s blade grazed elegantly over the cheek for the Elder leaving a deep red welt in its wake as Ceth and Jaek continued the relentless attack on her.


23-01-2013 02:00:25

K’tana had taken out at least half a dozen turrets, droids and troopers since she and Fet’a had started their bet. One of the men she had pounced on and massacred his face and chest, all while giggling and bouncing around his shoddy aim. Once the man had collapsed to the floor in death, K’tana grinned over her shoulder at Fet'a.

“He counts as two, eh Fet'a, am I right?” she booted his side to be sure of his death as she giggled and danced towards the next target. She glanced toward Fet'a long enough to see the Chiss shake her head and hold up a single finger. It was only one point worth. It was totally worth two if counting the fun she had slaughtering him. The violet -violent Twi’lek twisted her lekku up and bolted at the Ailon Nova Guard. She quickly dropped to the the ground and somersaulted past his his neurotoxin tipped Eklot. As she rolled past she shot her arm out just before coming up slicing at his achilles tendon.

His screams echoed through her ears as he fell to the floor. Instead of standing up, K’tana leaped onto his back and drove her shiv through the back of his helmet.

“KARK!” she screamed when she went to pull out the blade and realized something horrible had happened. It was stuck! She reefed on the blade but it wouldn't move. Her exuberance died at the thought of switching to the saber she was so unaccustomed at using. She tried to pry it out using both hands. This ended up with her being a great, non-moving target. She was fired upon several times by droids who noticed her vulnerability.

Screaming she rolled the guard over top of her, holding the blade by it’s hilt she felt blaster bolts hit the guards corpse. Several cut through the dead man and singed her as they passed into the floor. She used her knees for leverage as she, with a loud grunt, managed to shove the man off her blade. As he slid off, his head having been pulled back as she pulled, his head snapped up and back down, the back of his head cracking against the bridge of the Twi’leks nose.

The loud crunch of her nose breaking permeated the air as she squirmed to get out from under him. She rolled him over as she slid away, using his body to shield herself until she was capable of ducking away from gunfire herself.

Her eyes found another guard and, as her nose gushed crimson fluid down her lips, she flung herself at him. No longer was she playing the killing game. She was in pain and that fueled her rage. She lowered her stance and did a handspring at the man, landing within a breath of his face. She wished the guard had no helm so she could've seen his eyes when she came up thrusting the blade up and under his jaw. So perhaps she could have seen him open his mouth and watched the blood gush out as her dagger shone through behind his teeth. Sadly, she could not. She reefed the blade out and spun to Fet’a.
“Hey doll! What’s your count?!” she asked as she smiled through the blood.


23-01-2013 03:32:10

Sweat beaded down the Templars forehead as his eyes glanced over at the Exarch who furiously swung his blade into the Elders, batting it sideways, only to have it replied to by an earth shattering blast from the palm of her hand that sent him sprawling backwards. She recovered from the Exarchs attack and moved towards him only to have Inarya upon her once more, her blade weaving against Dantellas with a magnificent speed, but ultimately ended in the same result.

Inarya was sent backwards with another similar blast that sent her sprawling several feet away. Jaek motioned for her to wait, his hand idly shaking and waving at her as he moved forward, running towards the Elder at the same time as Cethgus brought his blade downward upon her. The Templar brought his blade towards Dantella harshly but felt only pain in his lower abdomen. Almost as if an ice cold sting was spreading throughout his chest. his eyes moved downwards at the dagger that was impaled into his lower abdomen.

As Jaek had pushed his blade towards her torso, she had stepped backwards. The Templars blade moved in front of her and her blade pushed off of the Exarchs, using it as leverage to pivot and bring her hand, bearing one of her poisoned knife into the abdomen of the Obelisk. Cethgus pushed her backwards, her blade twisting shortly before being removed from Jaeks abdomen causing excruciating pain the sent a shock throughout his entire body, as Dantella swiveled out of way of the Exarchs blade once more.

Jaeks eyes moved to his apprentice and Fet’ai’narun, then back to Cethgus who was breathing heavily once more. He managed to push himself to his feet and bring his lightsaber towards the Adept in one last final attempt to bring her down. His speed brought him upon her quickly, the Templars blade gracefully met the the blade of the Elders. The muscles within his arm rippling and pushing the Elders blade upwards, leaving her core exposed to the Exarch whom replied with a forceful blast directly into the center of the chest of Dantella. She exhaled her last breath of air as she was flown backwards towards Inarya, who stood waiting with her lightsaber extended forward.

Dantella felt her eyes fall downwards upon the blade penetrating through her chest. Inarya would remove her blade from the woman's torso, allowing her to fall to her knees shortly before swiping it in a horizontal motion across the shoulders of the Elder, decapitating her on the spot.

Jaek felt himself collapse onto the ground, his bloodied, broken nose beginning to coagulate and clot, restricting his breathing from his nostrils. His hands quickly went to the wounds in his abdomen and he groaned, feeling as though his body were going numb and being pricked with a thousand needles at the same time. His eyes were a blurry mess as he attempted to focus on his Apprentice to make sure she was okay, but he couldn’t see her. His fist pounded against the durasteel plating of the floor as he attempted to push himself up, but he collapsed once more, unable to stand.


24-01-2013 09:36:29

Cethgus watched as the fight was over; his eyes glanced over to Jaek as the Templar dropped onto the cold metal floor. Instantly the screams of his apprentice could be heard, her panicked voice was already shouting at them to help him. Though at the moment it was more of a hinderance than help, and it needed to be dealt with. Looking over to Fet and Inarya his eyes narrowed themselves down, as he looked over to K’tana who was already mid stride towards the Exarch and her Master.

“Inarya, Fet you are now personally responsible for keeping K’Tana out of my way am I understood?” His voice was harsh at that moment in time.

Instantly Inarya was there showing the speed that an Equite could produce, she instantly appeared behind K’tana grabbing the girls arms and restraining her in her place, though it wasn’t the best situation the Exarch was left no choice he would need complete silence for what was to come now and he knew that he needed some restrain on the crazy Journeymen if only a small amount.

“I’ll kill you I swear” Her voice echoed around the room, though it was nothing to the Exarch.
Fet and Inarya continued to keep up the vice like grip they had on K’tana making sure that she was unable to move at all.Cethgus crouched down his saber hilt still gripped as he allowed it to rest on the floor. Now with his hand free he allowed his hand to grip around Jaek’s neck as his breathing was continuing to slow down.

“You made this too easy if I wanted you dead I could have it so right now” His voice no more than a whisper to Jaek.

“DON’T YOU DARE” K’Tana was now fully struggling with the people holding her at bay.

“Though today is your lucky day as I am not willing to lose a person due to his foolish actions” Cethgus allowed his hand to hover over Jaek as he spoke.

Allowing the force to flow through him he began to cure the poison that was seeping through his body, knowing that he would be focusing on this for the next few hours. His concentration away from K’tana and the others as his mind continued to get rid of the toxin from the blade that managed to strike the Templars torso.

Time slowly passed by the Exarch continued to focus his energy into the man, knowing that he was nearly finished, as he continued to complete the task that he had he had his mind set on. Stopping the force once more, the task finished; only to be acknowledging by a slow grumble. As he switched allowing the force to heal what was required of the Templar he watched as the man’s eyes came to life in a second.

“Get your arse up, we are moving on” Cethgus walked away from Jaek he nodded allowing the females to release his apprentice.

K’tana was instantly up and moving to Jaek, the Templar was slow to his feet but it was too be expected, as he looked around at his surroundings giving him a second to recover, the Exarch grabbed Jaek and hauled him onto his feet.

Reaching down he allowed himself to grab his saber hilt feeling the exhaustion of this battle finally beginning to take hold. As he stood there his hand summoning his lightsaber hilt back to it. Waiting patiently he made sure that he was prepared.

“Jaek you ready to fight?” Cethgus spoke to Jaek, his words being cautious pondering If the Templar could continue.

“I am I guess, lets finish this.” Jaek spoke slowly he was clearly still recovering.

“Here keep these on you they might be useful at some point” Cethgus reached down at that moment in time grabbing the two poisoned daggers and handing one to Jaek,and the other to Inarya knowing that they had the best to utilize such weapons. Instantly the alarms began to ring through the whole ship knowing that something was up the Exarch managed to take a look towards the group knowing that they would need to get there and fast.

Moving out the team found themselves heading to their final objective knowing that they had to stop whatever was sounding the alarm off. As the turbo lift doors opened the Exarch was first out, though the sight was one that he didn’t expect. Corpses were littered on the ground of the bridge; the only sign of life came from a man standing at the very far end of it.

“I think we might be able to handle this one” Cethgus spoke as he stepped forward to the bridge his voice calm as he advanced forward.

The group came with him fully aware that the crew being killed so easily was something of a interesting feat, nonetheless it was clear what the man’s intentions where. Stepping towards him the group of five Dark Jedi Brotherhood members lined up slightly away from the man. As they stood there he turned around and looked at them, a twinkle of madness glistened in his eyes.

“So you made it this far, I am….” His voice was stopped in an instant as the Exarch was already on the move.

Cethgus allowed his hand to come out, stepping from the line of his team he allowed a small shock to come from his fingers at the man, though it didn’t appear to do anything at all. Shrugging it off like it was nothing at all in that moment in time.

“That the best your little group can throw at me? Then I will show you true power” Necar was quick to respond to the Exarch’s attack.

Throwing his hands out true lightning slammed into Cethgus, pushing him back as he felt himself battered down onto the ground, his body twitched as he fought against it.

It was an overcoming sensation, rare and unheard off the Exarch allowed a scream to part from his lips. Unable to control himself under the pain. As sudden as it happened it stopped. Leaving Cethgus on the floor, smoke coming from his robes as his breathing became all the more shallower.

Fighting against himself the Exarch allowed his hands to come out and hauled himself up onto his feet. Though it was a struggle, everything hurt as he moved.

“We will not just roll over like you expect.” Defiance was a true trademark of the Aedile, as the man advanced towards him. The man approached standing over Cethgus now, his boot coming down and slamming into the Exarch back causing him to be pinned down on the metal floor.

“I will speak now and hear my words, I am Darth Necar and this is my ship” His voice cooled as he addressed the group; Pondering if he could crush them without even fighting. It was time to talk and he wanted to explain his madness and his dreams and desire to the group at that moment in time. Though his master was dead he would see his ambitions till the end.


25-01-2013 01:51:56

“Do you think me so ignorant as to not know of your triumphs...” He cracked a smile at the last remark, the last syllable trailing off into a snicker. “....barely, I might add.” His foot removed from the Exiles spine and placed onto the floor, the hard ‘clank’ of the durasteel tread coming to the plate floor. The Grand Master stepped from the Obelisks, currently broken, body and paced to the other side of the bridge.

“If you were so smart, you’d have thought of deactivating the reactor override switch.” Kat piped in; walking cooley to the forefront of the group, against her better judgement. She didn’t dare look at her Master who’s eyes burned like molten cortosis through the back of her head as the Twi’lek strode to the front of the group.

“Insolence, you dare speak to me.” The Grand Master roared but restrained himself in a moment, the idea pulling throughout his head. “The Reactor. Blowing the ship...they wouldn’t...but would they? Could they afford it....” the man muttered to himself, a hand coming to his forehead. He began to pace back and forth seemingly becoming ignorant of the teams presence.

The Templars eyes met with the priestess’s in the same moment that the roar of the two Terentateks rumbling begrudgingly into onto the bridge. One coming from the starboard, the other from Port. Their roar rattled the bones of the journeymen, and even coaxed a twitch from the two Equites still standing.

The Templars thoughts raced. ‘What do I do? What can I do? He’s too powerful...the Terentateks...’ it was in this moment he looked down to find a blaster of a dead soldier lying before Inarya’s feet. His eyes trailed upward to meet hers who had followed his line of sight to the blaster.

"I have a bad feeling about this..." He muttered under his breath as he nodded to the Twi'lek.

The Priestess nodded and looked to the Terentateks standing before them, quickly she booted the blaster to Jaek who dove for it in the exact moment the creatures decided to charge forward. As the blaster reached his hand, Inarya grabbed the collar of her follow Twi’lek, ripping her backwards and grabbing onto a nearby command console while subsequently yelling to Fet’ai’narun.

HANG ON TO SOMETHI...” her voice was cut short, as the blaster bolt left the chamber of the pistol, glided past the Terentateks, above the head of the Necar and into the glass pane of the Bridge.

A normal shot would have merely deflected off and into a nearby wall. though as Jaeks fingers had wrapped around the grip of the weapon, he’d slipped his finger over the limiter resulting in an overloaded shot that shattered the glass and created a vacuum.

The beasts were halted in their tracks, attempting to still claw their way towards their pray they were dragged across the ground, slamming into the Grand Master as they were ripped into the view port. Their large bodies were far too large to fit through, wedging them wholeheartedly within the viewport, at least until the blast shield dropped gracefully across their midsections, severing the creatures in half.

The Grand Master, snapped out of his psycho-babble daze, pulled himself to his feet...a bit of blood pouring down his shoulder. His eyes emerged backward to the severed head of one of the Terentateks, revealing a small painting of blood across one of its large, poisonous tusks...

How...dare...YOU!” Necar erupted, his hand shooting forward and a blaze of lightning erupting from it, cascading around Jaeks body as he was electrified. Bolts danced across his teeth and through his mouth as smoke from searing flesh began to choke out of his collar and erupt into the air.

The pain firing through his body was excruciating, his mind tried to center but failed. All of his muscle. All of his speed. None of it mattered as he felt himself slowly losing grasp on reality as well as his life.

Fet’ai’narun emerged from her spot behind a console to witness Jaek being shocked, her eyes shooting a glance to Inarya and K’tana as they emerged from their hiding places as well. Her red hues shot back to the convulsing body of the Templar, her mind racing at possible strategies.


25-01-2013 21:30:33

The purple Twi’lek finally snapped. She’d watched her Master nearly die twice and not once did anyone let her help. Her mind was a labyrinth of turmoil and anguish. Being restrained while Cethgus “healed” her Master through a series of threats, now watching him get mutilated by electricity. It was too much. She could stand no more of it. She didn't know who was holding her, but she whipped around and backhanded them across the face and wormed away from their grasp as she ran towards the man, if he could be called that.

As she ran, she lowered her shoulder as she ran and slammed it into the man. Her rage and worry for Master Jaek was so high that her life being in danger never even phased her. She hit what felt like a big, hard wall. Darth Necar hardly staggered a half step, but his infliction on Jaek stopped. This young, Twi’lek woman was less effective than a fly hitting hitting a force shield. She rebounded off, but quickly regained her footing.

The Darth just looked at her. A look of amusement crossed his face. He began to murmur illegibly to himself. Finally flying into a mad rant he spun towards the violet woman, however his eyes went back to Jaek

“You brought a pathetic little child?!” he seemed to laugh despite his face becoming placid, “ A weak child... TO FIGHT ME?!”

Suddenly, his amusement and insult turned to rage. He took barely a step forward and backhanded K’tana. Her head snapped back and she flew backwards, landing against her Master. Jaek had shakily got to his hands and knees when his Apprentice came flying at him, knocking him backwards. She hit him and was sprawled sideways, her elbow pressing into his chest. Jaek leaned sideways and grabbed the Twi’leks closest lekku, bringing her head up. He looked down at her face and a flood of anger flooded through his being.

Jaek could hear the mad Sith’s laughter peel through the room and echo in his ears.

When the Sith Lord connected with K’tana's face she heard a strange clank. Like that of machinery. Only more...organic. Then she felt sudden pain... followed by nothing. Blackness enveloped her. No pain. No fear. No rage. No panic for her Master. No thrill of the kill. her vision was entirely shrouded by darkness. Her unconscious state was a relief and a blessing.

Jaek looked once more at his young Apprentices dislocated jaw, which mangled her lovely face. He rolled the woman slowly off his lap, her breath was shallow. He stood up slowly igniting his lightsaber as he came to his feet. Renewed by rage he poised himself and looked over at Fet, whose eyes were wide with what she'd just seen and not knowing if the young woman was alive or not. She also didn't know how much more Jaek could undergo. Or how much the group could, for that matter.


25-01-2013 22:38:08

The Templars eyes moved, once again to his apprentice. He felt a sudden chill envelope his body. Her battered body laying before him, his eyes moved back to the Grand Master. The chill was quickly replaced by an indescribable rage. His fingers tightened around the grip of his lightsaber, the amethyst hue casted upon the ground from the blade. His blue eyes rushed to the movement of the Exarch, moving slowly back against the nearest command console for support from his nearly shattered back.

Cethgus let out a grunt as he pushed himself to his feet, barely able to stand. The Obelisks looked at eachother, then to the Dark Lord. With a twist, Jaeks wrist sent his blade into a spiral, burning through the conduit beneath his feet and relinquishing the lights from the command deck. The Exarch turned to the command console and slammed his fist into the emergency release panel, opening the blast shield that had sealed the Dark Jedi from the vastness of space.

The remaining halves of the beasts were quickly sucked into the void, along with the remaining material within that wasn’t nailed down. Jaeks hand quickly moved to the the nearest console and grabbed his apprentices hand, whilst anchoring himself to the panel. His fingertips tightened around the twi’leks wrist, clamping around it. He grunted as the vacuum continued to dispel the oxygen from the room into the nothingness of space.

The Grand Master, clutching onto the nearest console, began grunting as he felt wind rushing towards him. As though hands were attempting to drag him out of the ship. He anger grew, these neophytes would not defeat him. They would meet their doom at his hand; enough toying around. Necar looked back at the blast shield, using his hand, the force wrapped itself around it and he began closing the shield. It took a few moments as the engine gears and restraints on the blast shield shattered and gave, the shield coming loose and slamming closed.

The Templar, having let go of K’tana the moment the air calmed, would have gotten to his feet and ran towards the Grand Master his blade flashing to life and slamming against Necars. It would be only moments before Jaek saw the mans hand come up, shooting bolts of lightning towards him. In a flash, the Templars hand brought his blade in front of him, his weapon absorbing the attack.

The slight snicker the followed was replaced by unbearable pain and shock. His eyes dropped to the stump that had been where his hand had formerly been, the fingers unraveling from around the blade as his lightsaber ruled out from underneath it. His eyes closed as his other hand moved to his wrist, trying to choke off blood flow to numb the pain. The Grand Master moved idly toward the Obelisk, his blade coming to just beside his neck.

“Any last words, from the fool who decided to attack a Grand Master?” Zoraans apprentice roared.

Jaek remained silent, his eyes still closed as he waited. Necar raised his blade and swung horizontally towards the mans neck, but met only air as the Templar had rolled forward. The blade missed his head by only inches, the man rolling towards the mans legs, his remaining hand grasping the poisoned blade that Cethgus had given him earlier and pushing it directly into the mans thigh.

With a roar, The Grand Master grasped Jaek by the back of the neck and with the aid of the force, tossed him hard against the nearest control panel. Jaeks body ripped through the electronic panel, going through it and smashing into the wall, quickly being knocked unconscious. Necars hand moved to the blade and ripped it out, tossing it onto the ground.


29-01-2013 20:40:17

Inarya watched her eyes darting around the hangar frantically, as she watched Jaek convulse with the the organic lighting that shot from the fingers of the Dark Master of the Force that stood before them. She knew that none of them stood a chance if they stood still, even though he was strong with the Force he was half mad; a thing that Inarya wasn’t sure was something that should cause her to more afraid and delight in. The Twi’lek took to her feet once again sprinting across the flow of the command deck towards the body of the Exarch, he was still and lifeless but she knew that he wasn’t dead. She could still sense him. The female took hold of his legs pulling him to safety away from the eye line of the frenzied Dark Lord giving her enough time to establish his medical condition he was badly injured but he would live. She held his head gently watching as the spark of consciousness returned to his blank eyes. Cethgus sat up, his movements being met with a deep grunt of pain as every movement he made put a great amount of stress on this already battered body.

The female’s amber eyes watched as Jaek ran at Necar, the poison blade cutting a long thin line over the man’s thigh, a slow trickle of blood showing that his purpose was fulfilled,.Kaeth’s rejoicing was short lived as the half-mad Lord flicked his wrist sending the Templar flying through the air like a rag doll into a metal wall breaking through it with the force of the throw.

The powerful male turned around, his crazed eyes looking directly into those of the female, she felt the Sith looking deeply inside her reading every iota of her being. She heard people talk of being in the same room as a Grand Master, the very thought overwhelming the weak of mind, it was something that she had never considered as happening to herself before, but now in his presence it was almost as it she couldn’t move.

Cethgus got to his feet, the bridge of the ship was damaged from the shot that Jaek had administered to the observation window, in its place now lay a thick sheet of metal cutting out the view of the dark void beyond. Inarya watched as the hulking Zabrak ran clumsily towards the ranting Darth, his head colliding with his chest. Necar looked downwards, seeing small flecks of blood leaving his body as Cethgus’ long sharp horns met with this soft flesh.

The mad Lord looked down at Cethgus in a mixture of shock and disgust his saber looking to meet with his flesh once more, Inarya noticing the danger focus all her might to her speed making it across to him in a matter of seconds, her saber met with his knowing that her strength was no match for the impressive male but at this moment in time she needed to buy time. The Mad Lord pressed his strength on top of her, she felt her muscles shaking, straining to hold the saber in its lock. Cethgus moved his impressive size into Necar once more, the Exarch’s elbow colliding with his stomach, breaking the saber lock that had the crimson Twi’lek trapped.


31-01-2013 21:02:31

As Necar stumbled backwards at that moment in time, caught off guard as the poison began to take its effect. Cethgus allowed a small smirk to come to his lips as he caught his opponent off guard, Inarya was already there her saber coming down in an attempt to end this fight quickly.
For a split second the group thought that the fight was over, in a last ditch attempt to win swiftly. Though the attempt proved futile as the man’s saber came once more up defending against the attack. Cethgus instantly launched himself toward the Sith, his saber coming out as he did so.

“Your foolish attempts to kill me will fail” His voice still boomed across the deck, as he let out a blast of force towards the incoming threat.

Slipping from his lips a small grunt escaped the Iridonian, as he was sent sprawling across the floor. Taking the time to recover with the team assembled once more, though the pain that was spilling through the groups body was enough to cause them concern, they knew that their mission was more important than their lives. Jaek hauled himself up and off the floor as the group took their positions, the hum of active sabers filled the air at that moment in time.

Suddenly the entire group pounced forward their sabers poised, though it was to be expected that some of them wouldn’t make it to the Sith. Necar unleashed a devastating attack into the lowest ranked member of the team, as a faint scream could be heard as K’tana was sent slamming into a wall, dropping down it was obvious that she was out for the count. Fet was the first one to meet Necar in combat, her saber blade catching against the Darth’s own weapon. As both locked into combat it was obvious that she was fighting someone ten times stronger than herself.

Fet was instantly backed up by Jaek, the two of them managed nothing more than to keep Necar at bay. Though that was all the group needed was time to allow the Poison to run its course. They just needed to stay alive, that was their only goal at that moment in time. Cethgus and Inarya were already there, as the Darth quickly moved out of the way of the attack. The Exarch growled slightly as his saber blade hit only air.

The group continued to persist in their movements as the combat continued. It was becoming more and more apparent that the poison was taking its toll on the Sith. His speed was decreasing as well as the strength that he had, though he continued to throw the force out it was only a matter of time before his body would fail him. Connecting his saber against the Fet and Jaek’s, he stumbled backwards as a saber pierced through his torso, a cry of pain escaped his lips as his legs failed him sending him to his knees.

“What did you do to me!” his voice cried out manically as ever, his body twitched from the poison that was running through it.

“It seems that you were not able to hold out against the poison for long enough after all.” Cethgus voice showed pure hate when he spoke.

His saber coming down once more ripping a hole through his enemy’s rib cage and deep into the Darth’s internal organs, it was the group who would have the kill as Inarya, Jaek and Fet all punged their sabers into the man’s body. Screaming out in pain it was silenced quickly as his organs failed him, the poison weakening him before he finally died from the multiple stab wounds the sabers left on his body.

Inarya was already in movement as the man died, gracefully she made her way over to the command console and halted the SSD’s movements, as it slowed down to a stop before making impact, leaving the mammoth ship lingering in space, stationary and silent. Cethgus looked around to the group, their injuries and fatigue could be seen, this ordeal had taken a toll on all of them that much was sure.

“Looks like our mission here is done.” His words softer now, as he looked at the group.

Fet was already in motion over to the unconscious body of K’tana, helping her up and carrying her was going to be the groups main task, though with their objective completed, the fighting that had taken place on this ship and to have all of them standing there alive, now that was something short of a miracle. Heading off towards the turbolift, the group headed towards the hanger. It seemed that everyone else had been on a move, shuttles were landing in the large ship though it seemed a bit late as troops began to head off in different directions.

“Seems like they arrived just when we needed them?” Jaek's voice echoed sarcasm but the Exarch had to agree.

“Aye, if only they had arrived sooner.” Looking around his eyes caught onto a medical craft that was landing inside of the hanger.

Heading over to the medical shuttle, the medics were instantly over them they rushed to help, the team was split up to be dealt with it was a matter of just seeing to the wounds that they had sustained during the course of this fighting. Cethgus found himself on a bed next to Inarya though it seemed like he would need more healing to come.

“Ceth, don't you wonder if this was all worth it?” she motioned with her hand around to the ship, the team had been dragged through hell and he knew that much.

“I have to agree, it seems like only a small amount where sent, and what we had to face well would have been helpful to know what we were truly up against.” His voice was dry as his body began to take heed of the injuries that it had suffered.

The team had completed their goal, their injurys where now in the hands of the medics, and they had time to rest from what had taken place. It seemed that after all of this the SSD just lay silent in space, waiting to be used once more. Though this time it would be commanded by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and used to complete their bidding.


Thank you for taking the time to read this Run-On, it was completed by the following people:

Obelisk Exarch Cethgus Tiberus Entar - 6705
Krath Priestess Inarya - 10439
Obelisk Templar Jaek Kaeth - 10502
Jedi Hunter Fet'ai'narun- 3325
Jedi Hunter K’tana - 13419


31-01-2013 23:42:37

Fet’ai’narun, having handed K’Tana over to the paramedic team, sat on a bench in the medical shuttle, holding her head with her elbows on her knees, exhausted.

This entire mission had been like nothing she’d ever dealt with in her life and she couldn’t imagine what had possessed her to want to come along other than displaced ambition and wanting to be close to the only person with whom she’d recently managed to connect.

Her mind raced with too-recent memories of the combat situation. She had been far too lucky not to have been as seriously injured as the rest or even killed but her mind focused on the fate of K’Tana more heavily than anything else.

She caught Jaek’s eyes as she pressed her hands together, clasping her fingers and resting her lips against them, her crimson eyes surveying the team in their damaged state. The girl, K’Tana…It was likely that her wounds would not permanently disfigure her visage but the girl would likely be devastated by whatever was left of them. The Chiss could understand and hoped that the two would be able to find a sense of camaraderie in their scars. The girl would no doubt need some kind of guidance. However strange she was, she was still a living, thinking creature and regardless of Fet’a’s own aversion to the difference of race, she could feel something for K’Tana though she knew not why.

Closing her eyes and resting her forehead against her clasped hands, the Chiss let her mind wander. She no longer needed to think of tactics or escape plans. Now, she could relax and hope that their efforts had served to impress.

As the images of battle continued to race through her mind, Fet’a thought that this had been too close for comfort and would only serve to drive her ambition harder and faster onward. One day, she would be able to prevent this outcome. One day, the team would be her responsibility and she had to make certain she was ready, no matter what the cost.