DJB Clans/Organizations


16-03-2014 10:47:01

Just a brief listing of existing DJB Clans or Guilds available for people to join in games. If you would like to see a DJB Clan or Guild created in another game let the Fist Staff know and we'll see what we can do. Thanks!

Star Wars: The Old Republic: (membership is required to earn CFs in TOR)
Server: Jedi Covenant
Empire Faction: Dark Jedi Brotherhood
Republic Faction: Knights of Odan Urr

Starcraft 2 (Clan for Social purposes only)
Clan Name: Dark Jedi Brotherhood
Clan ID Tag: DJB

Diablo 3 (Clan for Social purposes only)
Americas Clan: Dark Brotherhood
Clan ID Tag: DJB
Europe Clan: The Dark Brotherhood
Clan ID Tag: DJB