Uplay Account IDs


18-12-2013 21:22:37

List out your Uplay in this thread to allow other DB Member to share your in game achievements with other DB Members. Supposedly there are social events which can occur when your Uplay friends find stuff in game too, even in single player mode!

Include your Uplay ID and which platforms you have Uplay Games on (Ubisoft games)

Uplay ID: (TBD)
Platforms owned: (Hopefully I get AC4 soon!)

Ood Bnar

19-12-2013 17:17:37

Uplay ID: Cardolan

- Assassin's creed II
----- Brotherhood
----- Revelations
- Assassin's creed III
- Assassin's creed IV


20-12-2013 12:49:43

uplay id

have AC4


30-12-2013 06:48:40

Account Name: neroinferni

Platforms Owned:
- Assassin's Creed II