GFX Forum Information & Rules


17-01-2014 19:04:47

This forum was created so that the Herald staff can receive comments and suggestions regarding the GFX it creates for the DB. As many have read, Orv and myself are absolutely open to critiques done in a constructive manner. Since the news page is constantly moving, we felt this was a more appropriate place to have discussions regarding the GFX.

Separately, we also like to see what other members have created. This can be personal, for DB, and even outside commissions that you've received, and can be both art, music, etc. Everyone is free to post their creations and receive feedback if they'd like.

All comments need to be constructive in nature. That means nothing bashing, degrading, etc. I don't think it needs to be said, but standard DB rules apply as well; nothing too risque, even after hours. ;)

Lastly, we'd like to keep a loose format for the threads. We won't delete anything that falls outside the guidelines, but without any information on your creations it will be difficult to comment or suggest things.

Every topic should have:

Member Name | Title of the work | Type of creation

Example: Socorra | Rhelg GFX Submission | Photoshop

Somewhere in the post please list medium/how it was created (pencil, Photoshop, sound recorder), a guestimate on how long it took you to create, and anything else you'd like to list.

If you've used Stocks for your creations, please link those as well. Even though you may have made significant changes to stock images generally it is still required to link them for credit, same with lines that may not be yours.

Happy drawing!