DJB Organization Created!


05-01-2014 15:22:21

07Feb2014 Update: The DJB Organization is now live! We have created a Faith Based Organization. Follow this link to join the Star Citizen DJB Guild.

In Star Citizen Organizations will be their form of Guild Structure. They'll be implementing them on their website this month (January 2014), with each Organization able to have a Forum, Ranks, Roles, etc. Now we're still about a year away from Game release (probably?), but we'll definitely be starting an Organization on the Star Citizen Site when the option becomes available.

The Game will have five different Organization Types. These archetypes are a roleplaying element only, and will not impact how the Organization actually functions. I've copied over the description for each Organization from the Star Citizen Transmission and included it below (with modified comments for one)

Corporation - a for-profit business entity. A corporation is a great choice for everything from shipping flo-pets to Goss II to organizing a hostile takeover of Origin Jumpworks.
Private Military Company - For organizations with a taste for combat. Focuses for PMCs include escorting cargo runs, hunting for pirates or helping the UEE take on the Vanduul.
Faith - Organizations that have come together for a single cause or under a single banner. This could be rebels fighting for Terran independence… or the devout followers of the Force!
Syndicate - Common interest groups for those who operate on the edges (or outside) the law. There’s safety in numbers when you’re moving contraband through Spider or preying on hapless cargo ships.
Organization - Want to make your own way without any previous association? Feel free to leave your group’s archetype blank!

So, what kind of Organization would you like to see for the DJB?


05-01-2014 15:45:03

My vote goes to Faith... it just makes sense :P


05-01-2014 15:55:28

I'd say Faith as well.



05-01-2014 19:34:08

My initial read on the Star Citizen I was leaning towards Syndicate, but the idea of a Faith based one quickly warmed to me after I found out that its purely for roleplay function of the Organization and doesn't affect gameplay or what your Organization can do at all.

It would also explain an Organization named the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in a non-Star Wars genre game lol.


02-02-2014 21:43:54

Faith for the win. I also think it just makes more sense.


06-02-2014 20:04:20

I figured that I would start a DJB organization to hold the name ... and it was taken ... I applied to the one i found hoping that it is us


07-02-2014 22:25:58

Probably in a different Unit. Sarin just created our Organization. Check out this link to join it.


08-02-2014 01:22:44

the other djb group was started by a Condar Freed. gonna apply to the one sarrin did