Planning on getting special peripherals?


02-12-2013 02:57:20

Star Citizen is probably going to be the first Space Sim a lot of us have played in a very long time (Or, *SHOCKING* the first Space Sim some people have played). Is anyone out there planning on getting any special peripherals just for it?

Personally I have a desk that would work great for a nice flight stick and separate throttle on either side of my dropped keyboard, so I'm looking into HOTAS setups atm.


20-12-2013 10:07:00

Has it been confirmed it will be joystick capable? I'm afraid they will follow the freelancer pattern and it be just mouse based (like Galactic Starfighter too).



22-12-2013 14:53:10

From the "About the Game" page of the site:


Raw power, unchallenged customization and an open system: why would we choose anything other than the PC? Star Citizen aims to return PC gaming to its former glory by taking advantage of the platform's incredible strengths. Star Citizen will feature constant content updates, fully equipped modding tools and the ability for players to host their own custom servers. The full range of PC peripherals will be embraced, from HOTAS flight sticks to the Oculus Rift; you have control over how you play the game!


15-01-2014 22:02:51

This is the first time I have heard about this. So far, I really like the looks of the game. Ill think about purchasing a ship in the near future. Though that joystick you linked to earlier, it's not an A-10's flight stick. I've sat in an A-10 cockpit multiple times. But that is the kind of joystick I will be purchasing after I purchase a new desktop system.

Could you imagine how many financial backers like this a Star Wars game of this type would get? It would put this one to shame. If only Lucas would have been this smart before he sold it. But, knowing him, Jar Jar would have voiced it. Sigh...


16-01-2014 17:33:43

Eh, I dunno about a Star Wars game of this nature having the same or even more successful time crowd funding than this did/does.

The guy behind this (Chris Roberts) is the guy behind the Wing Commander series which had a HUGE following. In order for Star Wars to get the same sort of hype you'd have to get the team from the original TIE Fighter game on board... otherwise people might assume another shitty money grabbing game :P


06-02-2014 23:56:44

I have a Saitek X52 ... that i have been dieing to use since i played IL2 with it