Your Ships!


22-09-2013 16:06:00

Okay Everyone. Please leave the following information on this thread so we know what the DJB has already purchased for this game.

User Name: Pravus
Ships: 325, Drake Interplanetary Cutlass
Other Purchases: Pirate Skin (duh!)
Backer: Yes


22-09-2013 18:52:13

User Name: BubbaX
Ships: 325A, Constellation
Other Purchases: None... yet.
Backer: Yes

Rosh Nyine

22-09-2013 21:41:02

User Name: R_Nyine
Ships: RSI Aurora MR
Other Purchases: No
Backer: Yes


22-09-2013 23:53:56

Username: Korras
ship: Freelancer

no other purchases yet.. though I am hoping the Starfarer goes back on sale. :P


21-10-2013 02:56:00

Username: Masoch
Ship: Origin 300i
Backer: Yes


05-11-2013 22:01:26

Username: DarthDink
Ship: Origin 300i
Backer: YES I AM


08-11-2013 13:26:42

Username : Brimstone
Ship : Nssis-class Clawcraft - Brimstone's Yashuvhu


12-11-2013 14:10:14

Brimstone, this thread is about the ships you have brought for the upcoming PC game "Star Citizen" (, not your fictional DB ships ;)

Nikola Valtiere

25-12-2013 20:15:20

Username: Glacierrr
Ship: Constellation
Backer: Oh hell yeah.


23-05-2014 09:36:08

User Name: Chaos_geek
Ships: 325a, Drake Interplanetary Cutlass, MISC Freelancer
Other Purchases: Pirate Skin, Oshi
Backer: Yes, since June 22, 2013


27-05-2014 13:07:05

User Name: RaxVonKlug
Ships: F7C-S Hornet Ghost, Anvil Aerospace
Other Purchases: N/A