Making Tarentum the best

Sephiroth Kali

17-05-2005 11:48:32

Hello members of Tarentum,

I would like to discuss ways that we can increase overall activitiy i our great Clan.
I would also like to find out what is the favorite type of activity for the Clan.
I want to crush Taldyran.


17-05-2005 12:58:11

Bring it on >:)

*hands out cookies to help with the brainstorming*

Sato Khan

17-05-2005 23:17:44

I don't know what the training schedule (if indeed one exists), for those who have the capability for interactive play. Other than that I would say putting a greater emphasis on establishing a good detailed fiction foundation (Krathy). Basically it's one thing to write some history about kicking alpha all over the galaxy and a cool personal history, but what about the day to day stuff? I'm not eloquent so I hope I got that out without sounding like a jack a@!


18-05-2005 01:27:58

I'd just like to start by reminding everyone that we have taken first in the last 3 Sith RoS and 2nd in the last GJW. I'd say Tarentum and Taldryan are the only true contenders for "The Best Clan" in the DB. And if you go by points for the Sunday tourney...Taldryan has the lead by a sizeable gap, with the rest of the DB lagging behind us.

I'm sure that the Clan leadership would be more than open to suggestions on how to usurp Taldryan right now, and something truly innovative, brilliant and doable would be amply rewarded...


18-05-2005 02:46:57

Its simple, we need more Sith. Even though I got first place in the XwA tournament, I cant fight a war by myself. Thats why we need numbers.

Or at least improve the Sith we have.


18-05-2005 04:46:33

Mer, I beleive it is all well and good saying we need more members, and enhancing the ones we have, but the question is how do we acomplish this? One on One training? maybe not one on one, but still.

Sephiroth Kali

18-05-2005 08:53:33

Well, we have a surplus of new members, I think some one on one mentorship would be good. The entire Clan is responsible for the health of the clan. I personaly try to welcome each new member, but i get few replies.


18-05-2005 14:16:58

Well I did establish a gaming trainning for members, but as I was the only person to even partake in fizzled, frosty, dox, and welsh all helped...but no others wanted to take in the help.

as for the ficition, remeber that there is monthly comps from the KHP, and weekly gaming days.

Its all boiling down to people not doing anything...and all the emails dont help...Ive emailed the new recruits myself, and I do from time to time get replys. I try to give out some fun comps. Ive asked for ideas. But when I go and implement those ideas, the ones with all the ideas for gaming well they dont sign up.

So I guess with the pending IG games, maybe some activity will pick up. The battleteam Yu has also gotten pretty inactive with only opne member playing its pretty hard to keep that afloat.

As the clan summit is trying to find ways to get all of us active, I have as well.

the ideas are there, but the people dont want to jon it. Thats the bottleneck where we need to find a way to solve.

just several months earlier, we had a large amount of activity. Dunno if the school is a big factor, but alot of members have finals and classes that are winding down, and some members have been grabbing 2nd jobs.

So the question of whats next? do we grab new mebers or train the ones we already have?

the members we have already trinning them will not a big choir, but rather getting them to respond to a simple email is the tough question.
getting more mebers isnt the smartest way either...but we have recently got a few new members that seem to be doing some SA exams, and with the new battleteam Rei, maybe the focus as a sole gaming clan will be opened to new eyes as we can now also have a nother avenue with writing.

I will stand behind any ideas we throw longs as its not
well I have this idea.....and we go ahead and do it, and that person doesnt take part in it.
those of you that want gaming we can do gaming comps, those of you that want writing comps we cna do those as well. But for people to complain to me, about Krathy comps and then turn around suggest gaming stuff, but dont want any part of it, when its asked for a sign up....well those are the ones who are killing it

case in point
I had been told we needed to do some gaming comps...So in short order I go ahead and email the entire clan about XWA, JA, and JO ladder gaming before the IG games star, I got 3 total people outside of myself to sign up for this....
XWA 3 people
JA 2 people
JO 3 people

now anyone knows that a ladder tournament will not work for 3 people....only one more person would be needed.

I had better response from Clan trivia then gaming. The so called "Krathy" events gathered a respectful following..the graphics comps were a bit of a let down, but not everyone was into those.

I will agree with merlance on the Sith Wars and him being the only one to really be flying in this, Im not really good with XWA but I will die tryign to help this clan out with also JA, and JO too.

here is a list of known gamers in House of Tridens:
Rayf Bynne-JO/SWGB
Tavin Longspear-XWA/JA/JO

as you can see several people play multiple platforms..the trick getting them on-line to play, Merlance did have a few good suggestion of trying to get a massive amount of people qualified for next weeks sunday tournament. I agreed to help. So people we need to get Tarentum back in shape, if not he whole clan but the House of Tridens as well.... I hate spiels, but man we have to get ready for the Sith Wars..and honestly I really dont want my rear-end to have a missing piece from the pending ripping I will get from the Clan Summit if things dont get the saying goes.."[Expletive Deleted] rolls downhill"

Im not going to beg, or plead, or grovel. But we need to fid a way to get this bottleneck to end. I understand people need to have lifes..thats cool in all, but if you want promoted or rewarded, then do something......

When a machine is oiled right and taken care of then it will run for a long ol time. we have talented young members and talented old foggies too. If the new members have anything to say, or something they need answered then feel free to ask, dont just sit in the cold and not know, ask questions some of us dont bite....(beware there is some old foggies that do bite......not hard, but they nip.)

Im more thna willing to help ayone out to the best i can, or find a answer to your question. I was in the same shoes a few months back myself, but when you align yourself with good people as we have, the sky is the limit. The gaming well we all know when and where it takes place.....for those that dont
Tuesdays (ALL DAY) in #gmrg
Thursdays (ALL DAY) in #gmrg
Saturday (Pretty much ALL DAY) in #outerrim called ICTE or Inter club trainning event
Sundays (ALL DAY-EVERY OTHER WEEK) in #gmrg

Clan Trivia...well thats once a month unless a higher activity is started..refer to the CON Report

The DJB is all about friends, and Tarentum is pretty much the same way, but at times we need to also help those friends out and play a few games, or do some writing comps, or what have you......

Ok speil is over...if there is typos...sorry for that.

Smoke has left the building :P


26-05-2005 19:50:39

Well, we do have a master-student program to help with training. That's a start.

Smoke is right- sometimes things get offered and then never happen because of a lack of response.

Oberst is right- we're always looking for ways to knock Taly down a peg or ten.

On top of that, if you have any ideas for competitions to run, let your BT/House/Clan leaders now, depending on what level you want to run it at. Then, you can run it and the leaders can participate in them.

Personally, I'd like to see more people add to this topic to see what we can get.


11-06-2005 20:47:40

this may sound stupid but what is the sith wars
nov tyrus
dossier 5575


12-06-2005 09:45:47

Mer, I beleive it is all well and good saying we need more members, and enhancing the ones we have, but the question is how do we acomplish this? One on One training? maybe not one on one, but still.

How about House vs House Training every Saturday night or something on JA?


12-06-2005 16:58:19

Tyrus, each of the three Orders (Sith, Krath and Obelisk), have their own Rites of Succession. The Sith Rite of Succession is also called the "Sith War." They're run by the respective order leader.

Malus Maximus

25-06-2005 21:47:52

Getting new members is a great idea.It's rather obvious that we all want to take Taldryan once and for all. But before we can do that, we have to fill up our battleteams. First of all, we ave to go through the Clan roster and check for all of the new members who don't have a battleteam yet. All also think that Rekio should kick out any people whose names have been rotting away on the roster for months while they haven't been active at all.

I also agree that we need more Sith. A war cannot be won without tacticians and generals. We also need to better organize the heirchy (not sure if I spelled that right, but screw it) so that the three orders can better use their individual strengths to help the clan reach greater heights. The houses also should all have three battleteams (one dominated by each order).

Next their is the problem of member inactivity. If a full out fude were declared upon Taldryan, many more people would become interested again.

Well, that's just my two cents. This may not be the right way, but it's one possibility.


29-06-2005 21:43:13

Well, maybe things would look better if we could get a few more people into the battle teams? Im sure we can find one or two new people for Yu if we went over who we had. Being in a battleteam motivates people to be more active.

Malus Maximus

29-06-2005 23:04:07

Well, maybe things would look better if we could get a few more people into the battle teams? Im sure we can find one or two new people for Yu if we went over who we had. Being in a battleteam motivates people to be more active.

Yes, but we also need things in which people can be active. More of us have to make requests for house and clan competitions. I've also noticed a lack of runons here.

Sato Khan

01-07-2005 15:35:56

I also agree that we need more Sith

I think we need more ACTIVE members of all the Orders, not solely the Sith.

Malus Maximus

01-07-2005 21:04:17

I also agree that we need more Sith

I think we need more ACTIVE members of all the Orders, not solely the Sith.

Of course I did not mean that we should be a solely Sith clan, and I send my apologies unto those who interpreted my words to mean such. I agree that we need to have an large amount of a variety of members (in relation to their orders, that is). However, one can't deny the fact that we do have a slight lack of Siths here at Tarentum.

Sato Khan

02-07-2005 11:38:03

You know, that is true. Lately I've seen alot of Order Changes come across my email inbox, many of the new APPs enter as Sith or Obelisk and are changing to Krath. I can think of at least 3 in the past week and a half or so. The question isn't just a matter of recruiting it is also a matter of Order retention.


19-07-2005 05:09:00

Yeah, what do they see at the Krath order?


19-07-2005 13:45:24

its not about orders.....the orders currently are not important.
What we need it members that are actually willing to get involved with DJB events, gaming days, and competitions.
So gatting new members is good in all, but if those members dont do anything we still lose...But of late we have been getting active members from the dark fury, which is a really good thing.


20-07-2005 02:36:25

Yes, I understand your point, but you for example. Why did you choose Krath? You are more active in the gaming, and you like it , I think.