Get to know your Tarenti (July 2013)


20-07-2013 14:35:04

Please nominate your pick for which Tarenti you'd like to get to know better.
Deadline is July 26th.


20-07-2013 14:39:21

But the Tarentae look cooler... :(



20-07-2013 14:42:21

i want to know more about SCION!

like sure i know and worked with the guy, but i'm sad to say i don't really KNOW him.
as for Erno, i know him too well :P


20-07-2013 16:10:12

Or Scion if Tarentae don't count.


21-07-2013 00:40:11

I don't think being a Tarentae excludes someone from being a Tarenti. The Tarenti are all the members of Tarentum, whereas a Tarentae is a Tarenti who went above and beyond, and earned the right to bear the Clan name.

So, I think Tarentae would be open for nomination.


21-07-2013 04:14:23

Jason is correct :)


21-07-2013 04:24:05

I love this ideea. I'd like to know more about Spears Tarentae.
Edit: If Spears is unavailable, I know Bloodfyre has an interesting life story that everybody should know. :) Also there's nothing more Tarenti than a Tarentae. We bleed Tarentum.


21-07-2013 10:04:27

Aventine nicks Frosty and drinks some of his blood. Im more Tarentum then all of you non-Tarentae! :P :P :P


23-07-2013 21:51:30

I vote for Levathan. :P


23-07-2013 22:07:10

That puts Lev in the lead right now. We'll continue this in future months too :D


24-07-2013 14:56:02

well... aren't i popular ;)

just so you guys know, you're PROBABLY going to regret choosing me :P


24-07-2013 16:29:59

Regret... I love that emotion. 8)


24-07-2013 16:39:42

Looks like you're in the lead so far


26-07-2013 18:37:29

Voting is closed. Lev is the chosen one this month. We'll get him to post it here and send an e-mail out!


27-07-2013 02:22:20

Hey all!

Altheseus Levathan here, you asked for it, so I am complying, but remember, I WARNED you about this! So donít blame me if this is rather boring! ;)

A forewarning: some things in here may piss you off, but please remember, these are my beliefs, and they are relative to me, I have never and will never set out to change anyoneís beliefs, so please show me the same courtesy.

So the real me, letís see, where to begin:
I was born in Glasgow Scotland, to a Thai mother and a Scottish father, on the 19th of August 1989. So pretty much in the middle of a summerís afternoon. Apparently during gestation I forced my mother to eat sour stuff, lemons especially: P so itís little wonder I love sour foods. I have a sister, whom is 7 years older than I am, used to be a flight attendant, now runs the airlineís flight attendants, go figure. As a kid I was always breaking my toys; I was extremely curious, thus I kept pulling them apart to see what was inside and how it workedÖ the chagrin of my parents.

I love science and technology, but I am agnostic simply because I donít know and am not afraid to say I donít know. I believe firmly that humanityís future is in space and that the culmination of all of human knowledge is for us to become a space fairing civilization. I dislike politicians, because the overwhelming majority is in it for themselves, rather than the advancement and betterment of those they are leading. I believe selflessness and honor should be the example of human behavior, but I am aware that selfishness and self-interest is the norm for our society as that is what it trains us to be. Iím also aware that we are all hypocrites in one form or another, including myself and that once in a while, we should take that hard look and evaluate ourselves and compare it to our own ideologies, to judge and better improve ourselves. As free thinking and sentient beings, only we have that right and ability. I believe that everything is relative, no matter how much we put ourselves in anotherís shoes, what we get will always be colored with our own experiences and bias. I believe that everyone has the right to believe whatever they want, as it defines who they are, people should not be told what to believe, but be free to choose and decide for themselves, without outside pressure. I believe in the adage, ďif youíre old enough to ask the question, youíre old enough to know the answer.Ē Also replace ďoldĒ with ďpreparedĒ, I believe in that too. Finally, I know that despite what we want, nothing and I truly mean nothing, is ever black and white when you look closely at it. There is likely a few things Iíve missed out here, but this pretty much describes my code, itís like trying to describe oneís subconscious so it may have been a bit hazy.

Anyways, I grew up mostly in Thailand, but with my fatherís business being what it is (shipping company exec), I also spent a few years in a couple of other countries, most notably Scotland and the US, with a sprinkling of Japan and the UAE. So yeaÖ Iíve been around. The schools I went to were called International schools, using the British educational system, which catered to foreign kids like me, so I became friends with people from a lot of nationalities, and I like to think that has enriched and given me a rather broad perspective on life and society as a whole. However it also means most of my friends arenít actually in the same country as me, so I never grew up too much partying or a lot of social gatherings or events with people my age. Instead Iím more used to formal gatherings with my parents took me and my sister to, thus Iím sometimes more comfortable in a suit and tie (despite its cultural connotation), rather than casual ware. I was a ďseriousĒ kid, as my teachers described me, little in the way of social ability on account of being shy, not a lot of smiling, not a lot in the way of visible emotions unless you look closely, I also have a bit of a sadistic streak Ö actually I suppose that makes me a bit of a sociopath :P. Love to swim though, was captain of the swim team for most of the timeÖ beaten only by this girl who later became my second ever girlfriend. this was in high school. (Yes, list of relationships Iíve been in can be counted on one hand, even now.)Academically, I focused mainly on scientific and computer studies, thus my abysmal spelling and writing (like seriously, even I have trouble making out my own handwriting at times.) then again It could also be because I was diagnosed as mildly dyslexic, to which Iíve learned to live with, yet I am still frustrated with myself from time to time on memory and language learning issues. To which I can speak 4 languages, with passable French and Spanish, fluent Thai and obviously English. Anyways in collage I realized I awakened an interest in philosophy, so I tend to think along those lines from time to time. At other times, I just like to have fun. Thus my actions and the way I speak and talk.
As for my appearance, being honest, I am a rather shy person, Iíve gotten around that mostly by simply forcing myself to not be so shy, but cameras still give me a weird vibe when pointed in my direction so I donít have much in the way of photos, sorry. However I can say that I have dark (almost black) brown hair, brown/amber eyes and heavy set, at 185cm (a little under 6 feet) Iím a little overweight, but working on it by going doing laps in the pool every morning and watching what I eat. Iím kind of a weird mix of characteristics; according to an ex-military, now working as a bodyguard, friend of mine who has this ability to tell where people are from; Iím a bit of an enigma, I look like I could come from anywhere in the middle east, Europe or the Americas. I.e. I just donít have any specific features that mark out my origins. However I like to think that since my father is Scottish and my mother is Thai; I look like I came from somewhere in the middle (geographically.)

So thatís me! Been around the world a few times, love science and tech, I like to think Iím brutally honest with myself, but I know there are times Iím not. Iíve done some good things, and some bad things, but Iím just making my own way through the world, trying to be the best person I can be, knowing Iím not always living up to myself. Thatís life! At least for me :)

Sorry it was a bit long, but describing WHO you are if difficult for me.

So if youíve got any questions, Iím probably willing to answer them, so just ask, and hopefully since you now know more about me, youíll know I donít judge.



23-01-2014 20:35:35

Okay.. Who IS next??


28-01-2014 11:47:44

ah, if you guys want more I'd be happy to continue this on. Send me nominations and I'll gladly put up at poll



31-01-2014 00:06:21

Lets go with the runner up from last time, Scion. :)