[New Horizons] Official Feud Fiction and Events


30-11-2012 11:01:36

All feud news and updates will be placed here, along with emails. We start this Sunday December 2.


02-12-2012 11:10:01

Please review the main Brotherhood page for the official fiction. Here are the events for week 1. If you have any questions, please contact your House Summit.

General Rules and Guidelines

1 . All standard Brotherhood vendetta rules apply
2 . Unless otherwise noted, members may only submit to each event once. All submissions should be submitted to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com. Please clearly indicate which event you are participating in.
3 . No member of either House are involved in the judging of the events.
4 . The House Summits agree that, in the event of a dispute, they shall defer to the judge(s) final decision. This involves disagreements over results as well as if either House Summit fails to perform its functions as needed to ensure clean operation of the feud.
5. You must include your dossier number and ID line in any emails, as well as within the entry itself!

Week 1 Events (2 December 2012- 9 December 2012):

All Week 1 Events are Due by 11:59pm Eastern Time on 9 December 2012. All submissions and scores are to be emailed to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com

I. Fiction

1. Write a story based upon the prompt given to you by your House leadership.
2. Entries should be at least 750 words, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial font, but there is no maximum.
3. Email submissions to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com

II. Battleplan

1. Members should design a strategy utilizing the military forces available to Tarentum and Odan-Urr. You are competing against the forces described in the official fiction.
2. The goal of the plan should be to immobilize and isolate the enemy flagship to prepare for boarding
3. The plan may be presented in any format the submitter wishes: graphical or written
4. Submit your battleplan to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com

III. Gaming- Flash (1 event- week 1)

1. Members will play the Rogue Squadron flash game, but only the first level as an analogue for attacking the enemy flagship
2. Submit your best score via a screenshot showing medal and point total.
3. Submit your screenshot to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com
4. You may find the game on many sites, but if you have trouble, use this one: http://www.maxgames.com/game/star-wars-rogue-squadron.html


02-12-2012 11:24:33

The following events are duration events- that is, they are lasting the entire vendetta. You may start on them now, so long as a final result is emailed to the newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com address by 18 December 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern Time.

I. Wiki Event

1. Create an article for the feud, documenting all the events therein, as well as any other information you see fit to add. The article should be called “New Horizons- [Your Name]”
2. Members may do this event solo or as a team (up to four people per team). If done as a team, the team must have at least one member from both houses
3. If you do this article with a team, all members must contribute to the article and it should be named after just one person on the team
4. Because of the nature of designing the feud, the House Summits shall not participate in this event. However, each house will receive 2 participation points (1 for each summit member)
5. Email the link to the final submission to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com by 18 December 2012 at 11:59pm Eastern time.


[Pleas note: though the fictional chance for hand to hand combat does not occur until week 2, you may conduct hand to hand combat duels in the ACC now. We also encourage you to utilize the space craft venues for fighting these matches)

1. Standard ACC rules apply
2. Matches will be two posts each (1 regular post and 1 death post).
3. There will be a 24 hour time period in which to post; failure to post will result in a victory for the other participant (even if you are to post first).
4. You may only challenge members of the other house
5. For each victory, you earn 2 points and for each loss you earn 1 point. The member with the highest point total from ACC matches will win this event. If you time out, you will receive no points for the loss.
6. Match results should automatically be emailed to the house summits; however, you are encouraged to keep a record of your results.

III. Graphics

1. Members will create a graphical representation of any scene from the feud that they wish
2. If a member utilizes an existing graphic and edits it, they must provide a link to the original image, as well as crediting the original artist. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and possible CoJ charges.
3. Email submissions to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com by 18 December 2012


09-12-2012 11:10:43

Week 2 Events (9 December 2012- 16 December 2012):

Unless otherwise noted, all Week 2 Events are Due by 11:59pm Eastern Time on 16 December 2012. All submissions and scores are to be emailed to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com

I. Fiction- Week 2

1. Write a story based upon the prompt given to you by your House leadership.
2. Entries should be at least 750 words, 12 point font, Times New Roman or Arial font, but there is no maximum.
3. Email submissions to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com

II. Decoding

1. Members will be provided with 4 jigsaw puzzles to solve; all are related to the feud in some way and are of varying degrees of difficulty.
2. All four puzzles must be solved and a screenshot of your completed times sent to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com
3. The best average time for the four puzzles will determine placings.
4. You have until 18 December 2012 to submit to this event

III. Gaming- Duels

1. Members from the competing houses should duel each other in any Brotherhood supported game
2. Standard match rules in any game apply; however, members may agree to different terms if they wish. If no agreement can be made to determine the winner, the default will be best of five matches (example: Jason and Morotheri fight each other in TOR; they would need to fight each other until one member kills the other three times)
3. Members may duel the same person in the same game no more than five times (using the above example, Jason and Morotheri could repeat the best of five match five times in TOR before switching to Jedi Academy)
4. Submit scores to newhorizonsfeud@gmail.com.You must copy the other player(s) with your email. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of that match. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the victor of the duel should email the results
5. Each victor shall receive two points per victory and one point for each loss. Using the same example above, if Jason beats Morotheri 3-2 in a best of five match, he would receive 2 points and Morotheri 1 point.
6. Total top score will determine the winners of this event. Please note that points earned in this event do not count for overall totals.


06-01-2013 19:01:36

Final Results:

Week 1

1st- Anshar
2nd- Raiju
3rd- Levathan

1st- Levathan
2nd- Hades

Flash Game
1st- Raiju
2nd- Anshar
3rd- Kaira

Week 2

1st- Levathan
2nd- Anshar

1st- JScumm
2nd- Kaira
3rd- Morotheri


1st- Anshar
2nd- Jason
3rd- Raiju

1st- JScumm
2nd- Krandon
3rd- Anshar

Overall, Final Standings

1st- Anshar
2nd- Levathan
3rd- Raiju
4th- Jscumm
5th- Kaira
6th- Hades
6th- Jason
7th- Krandon
7th- Morotheri
8th- Annihl
9th- Solari
9th- Lambow
9th- Alexander
9th- Drodik