Repossession RO Discussion


18-04-2012 10:51:28

Hey all, this is the discussion topic for the Divergence Repossession Run On.

Firstly, I know I Was supposed to make the first post yesterday but somethings happened in the Real World that just made it to where I couldn't even think right to do it. I will try to get it up today, but I have a full day and depending on how the next hour or two goes will determine if I can.

If I can not get the rest of the starting post up today, I can say that it will be up by no later than tomorrow afternoon. I know I have free time then.

Anyways, feel free to discuss the RO that isnt happening yet ;p


18-04-2012 18:59:57

um...right...the RO that isn't happening yet...sure. discussion

my only opening question is this.....based upon what i submitted for the fiction comp, where does that put me at for a starting point? am i on the doomsday, as i should be i guess....or in my tie?


19-04-2012 11:02:06

Well, Sicon's entry being first is the official fiction for the event. However, you are going to be handled. You will be arriving with me. I actually already have planned out how to get you involved since the Doomsday is elsewhere for this part of the fiction.

Now, to go work on my post so that I can get it up sometime today.


20-04-2012 21:14:58

Beware, this Repo Man is packing! 8) :P

How should I enter the RO?


20-04-2012 21:23:36

Well, I think firstly, we need to wait for Dranik to get his post up. Which....was supposed to be done yesterday. So......

...WHAT'S THE HOLD UP, DRANIK!!!!???!?!?!?!


21-04-2012 22:34:58

Okay, the run on is now open. Sorry for the delay in getting a post up, I got hit by a pretty nasty little virus that made using the internet almost impossible for a bit. Ive got it taken care of now tho, but its left me with a nasty headach so, thats why my post is not much much longer than what it is.

Also, Jock, you, if you want to be involved can write yourself in as arriving on one of the shuttles of Tarenti or as already being on the MK since it was established in the posts that many members of the House are already present on the ship.


22-04-2012 11:42:37

Yay! Posty posty! Runon goodness is happening for AAAAALLLLLL!!!!!

Yeah, I posted. Thought it was gonna be always looks that yay until you hit "submit." Annoying....


24-04-2012 13:08:01

um, yeah....i know it's only been a couple of days, but is anyone else gonna post?


24-04-2012 19:33:12

I've made my first post; a bit short, but I intended it that way. My hope is that more people in the house will pick up and run with this.

Dav Gorta is the leader of the pirates; I've got him pegged as a Twi'lek in my mind, but that isn't particularly important. His chief lieutenant is the one running things from the Sword's Sheath. He doesn't have a name, yet, so feel free to toss one out there. Dav will come in to play later; his lieutenant can perish in this run-on if we so desire.

A quick real life note: they moved my boss to another location, so I'm running things until they bring someone else in. I don't know when that will be. But, Dranik and I do have back-up plans for the run-on.


25-04-2012 02:23:42

back...up...plans? i don't entirely think i like the sound of that. almost sounds like rl could get in the way of us finishing this.

and as a side note...when my posts aren't properly capitalized, i'm either on my tablet or phone, and too lazy for proper grammar. like right now, it's tablet time. the keyboard i use set up like a fullsize keyboard, but it doesn't auto-capitalize. i wish it did. so, yeah.


25-04-2012 15:06:30

By back up plans, I am simply referring to moving the story along, if the house does not, or starts getting caught up in a singular facet of it (remember some of the old run-ons where everyone might get caught up fighting undead creatures, even after we specified that we had "moved on").

Just sent a reminder email to the house, too.


25-04-2012 22:44:55

well, maybe i wanted to continue fighting that undead creature(damn draugr), and you guys just didn't give me the proper opportunity to smear its face into the stone wall of the Sword's Sheath.


28-04-2012 02:44:52 we're gladius's former home. presented with a few different options for the assault of the sword's sheath.

i, for one, like flanking the enemy. however, don't wish to be part of that particular operation. send me up the middle, into the target rich environment. that sounds good :D

but, i'll sneak around the back if i'm needed.


30-04-2012 14:22:17


Just a few notes:

The 15 fighters don't include "Shadow Flight."

"Shadow Flight" is a group of six fighters with experimental stealth systems. As a refresher, Tarentum picked up plans for this system back during the "Of the Past" run-on series. With at least one traitor in our military (Craft), we can assume he passed the designs along to Infinite, who put it into production. Now, this is not stealth like a cloaking device; the ships don't disappear, but my idea for the system was one that reduced or eliminated energy signatures, cut off all lights (even in the cockpit- you would need night vision eye wear), and generally made the ships difficult to detect. Paint the ships black and they're harder to see.

As to what type of fighters they are, I leave that up to you and your imaginations.


01-05-2012 02:39:24

Hmmm...triksie pirates.

I'll get something posted Wednesday. Busy with work and school during the week, but I've got that day off from work at least. So, feel free to add on to the story til then, folks!


03-05-2012 20:29:10

Just to note: watch for my QUA report and more RO activity from me tomorrow evening. Fun times at work, but I'll explain that all in my report. Cross your fingers in that it'll be over after next week.


04-05-2012 02:40:39

i've been trying to work on a post, but i work from 8-2, then have class from 3-11. so, between that and sleep, not much time for writing. i guess i'll wait to see what you put up, and try to get something up this weekend, since i SHOULD be free to get something done for the db.

fortunately, my class is done on the 23rd, so not much longer will it interfere with my brotherhood life.


08-05-2012 18:47:15

Next up for those writing is the space battle. Please refer to previous posts in the discussion thread concerning the fighter threat.


10-05-2012 14:22:38

Anshar, I think you were QUA way back when at the time I "brought" two ships from the EH over to Tarentum with GM Sarin's approval. They were both coated with Sensor Absorbing Material (S.A.M.). One was a TIE Defender (my personal craft) and one was an Escort Shuttle. I have maintained these ships the entire time. We could use the E/S to transport a team to the base without detection and I could also fly the T/D and give the enemy "stealth" ships something to really fear.

And, to be honest, I didn't see anything about those ships being removed or subdued from the Force. Any Tarenti pilot should be able to get a general sense of these ships. The higher ranking members even more so.



14-05-2012 19:54:13

I don't see any particular problem with it, though we definitely need to make it clear to everyone (especially newer members) that they are for in-house use only. In larger DB fiction, they are not "canon." I do want to avoid a lot of confusion.

My general thoughts on the stealth systems were that, while useful against normal pilots, anyone with heightened and/or trained Force sensitivity would be able to find the pilots and track them that way.


15-05-2012 16:44:49

I think the E/S would work perfectly in this situation. If someone else can post, we can move this forward! .. Anyone? Please?

Oh, and just a thought. With that E/S we can bring in a boarding party and station them in E/V suits just outside the Macon Field for the main hangar. Honestly we could do that for all the points of entry. As soon as Shadow Flight is dead and any other opposition is toast, we strike.

Wait, I have a weird idea. Scion and I were both former QUAs of Gladius. It is possible some of our old command override codes might still work. Can we take over the bases defense systems and target all enemy fighters using the Sheath's weapons systems?? That would be kinda funny.. ;D


17-05-2012 10:18:15

i can either assist in taking out Shadow Flight, or be part of the shuttle party. if i take on the fight jock role, i just kinda see myself crashing into the hangar like anakin, as the boarding party follows in the e/v suits through the magcon field. and my "landing" would create a distraction for the pirates in the the hangar, so the boarder's arrival would be an added surprise!

and i think it would be sweet if we could hack into the defense systems....


17-05-2012 19:56:55

Hacking into the systems is perfectly legitimate. Dranik and I talked about the pirate's capabilities and our general idea was that they would really only be using what they need for a base: hangar, defenses, life support, and a few other minor things. All the twists and turns in and out of the Sword's Sheath would be left alone.


18-05-2012 17:42:01

well, someone's gotta post...move this thing along. i'd do it, but i'm too busy with work and school to write anything good. my tablet needs wifi, and the one here at school is locked. if someone wants to, they can write me into something, just don't maim, kill or have me do anything stupid. ok? ok.


21-05-2012 11:33:05

I generally don't like to post twice in a row, but will if I have to. I'm off from work tomorrow (about to go in right now after this post and an email).


28-05-2012 19:44:47

So, I'm poised to post something. How are we going to board the Sheath, though, is my first question? I like the shuttle idea, and think it would be the best route. Sneak up to the edge of the hangar while Apollo eliminates Shadow Flight in his stealth Defender, then assault the pirates in E/V suits through the magcon field. Or, have a couple of people go around a secondary back entrance, as I think Apollo previously mentioned in a past RO post.

All I'd like, is some form of consensus before I go ahead and make a post. I don't like making big plot decisions, without a little group involvement. That's just how I am. So, what's the vote?