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03-02-2012 20:56:25

Please post here any ideas, questions about what has happened, etc. Please review the scouting report, attached to Anshar latest report, for details on the fortress itself.


04-02-2012 14:43:31

I would like to take part, I just don't have any intro ideas.


04-02-2012 14:44:16

Sorry double posted for some reason...


04-02-2012 19:36:16

Well, right now, we're about to enter the fortress itself. In my next post I was planning to divide into groups to check out different sections, but you could start the process.

The goals are to determine the operational capabilities of the facility (how much work woud need to do to get it running), but the houise will eventually be drawn deeper into the facility. You could say that I have plans for you ;p

I will post again tonight, but you don't have to wait for me. What will my character be doing? I'm going to be heading deep into the caves below. I will explain more in my post, but this will tie back into "In the Shadows" and much more. My character, through house history, is uniquely qualified to do this. Obeerst and Dranik, among others, could do this as well.

I hope to provide everyone else with equal opportunity. For something like this.

Also, I had to delete Egregious last post, as that was an entry for a competiton that doesn't technically start until tomorrow.


04-02-2012 22:39:46

Posted, didn't know exactly what to write, but got myself involved lol.


04-02-2012 23:48:30

The more posts, the better! I'm just hoping that more people get involved. I've always greatly enjoyed the run-ons that we've done as a Clan...and now House. Still not used to that! Gah! >:P

I'm still not sure what I'm gonna be doing throughout this. I kinda just go with the flow, write it out as it comes. I'm just waiting for you to post, Anshar!


05-02-2012 00:35:30

Ditto :)


05-02-2012 04:16:24

ok i appoligize i guess my mind was thinking that we were to write how we got there and why we were going there i modded my first post to bring me and merlance up to the doors with the group... Merlance is my master, so you putting me in charge of a group kinda doesnt jive... but ill make it work. (probally have merlance join you deeper in the cave since I am going else where ??)

I need 3 more people to join me so i can write it in the next day.

Id like to get more people involved, either with just giving permission to write you in or they write themselves.

and sorry about jumping ahead.. just that i check compations daily lol and i usualy try to knock them out :twisted:

In darkness


06-02-2012 11:15:32

Sorry bout the block writing and short posts, but I have no idea whats going on other then walking and exploring and I'm trying to feel out how I want to write my character still. Once some fighting starts I'll do better lol.


06-02-2012 11:47:21

With this run-on, as with any (hopefully) good one, I do have an idea to push the story forward. We're still in the introduction phase of the story, though. Some ideas for you to start adding/commenting on in your posts:

1. As you move through the fortress, does the general sense of the Dark Side ebb and wane, or is it constant? If it does grow stronger and weaker, what does your character think about that?

2. Look on the walls for any type of marks- what do you see? We know there are some wild animals loose in the place, per Egregious last post, as well as the scouting report (which will be attached to my next house report).

3. Before the story really gets going, I would like each group in the right place: Dranik/myself at the cave entrance, Jason's group at/in the hanger, and Egregious' group at the control room for the generators. When those groups get there, what do you see and observe? Is the hanger empty, or are there some derelict ships in there? Can we get the generators running, even partially, to provide some power? Stuff like that.


06-02-2012 12:22:00

Can do, I'll post later tonight, I want to give Hunter a chance to post before I do again. But I get it now lol. Sorry for the confusion.


07-02-2012 16:35:11

so who is going to adopt a herd of banths and keep the in anshar's cabin??? :twisted:


07-02-2012 17:52:30


I do, pick me pick me :lol:


07-02-2012 21:00:58

Anybody else want to post?


07-02-2012 22:09:14

its all you bro if my master merlace doesn't respond soon i'm making him gay for robots i swear


07-02-2012 22:25:45

Lol, alright I'll start working on a post and throw it up there.


07-02-2012 23:25:47

Aaaaaaand posted.


08-02-2012 01:09:05

I'm gonna be a little behind in posting. Tuesday and Wednesday are my weekend, and I spend it with my girlfriend. I don't get any computer time, and I don't really feel like writing a whole post from my phone. So, I'll just do my part Thursday after work. Hope tbat doesn't hold the.story up any!


08-02-2012 11:12:01

No problem, I'll keep us going. If you have any ideas just PM them to me and I'll integrate them into my next post.

Ambushed by droids and Ice-Devils..... interesting.


08-02-2012 11:50:56

yeah but whats controlling it all i wonder the beasts are gathering and the droids are trying to repair something ... can we either gain control of it and use it or will it destroy us all who knows unless you post :P

i found this pic on the interwebs.... looks interesting for the "exalted one" rx-9 spoke of ....


08-02-2012 13:53:32

That it does.....that it does.

The Exalted One, hrm....curiouser and curiouser...


08-02-2012 14:41:29

So, finally got my next post in, and I think Dranik is going to post tonight (I'll kick him if he doesn't... hard).

Where I envision things going from here:

-whatever is behind the seal gets to come out to play
-There is one spirit floating around the place; I think it should be Rond (mentioned in the prologue post). Perhaps he is what "attacked" Saronyx.
-when what is behind the seal comes out, the animals that are in the fortress can scatter; we won't need them as enemies.


08-02-2012 14:48:13

Sounds good to me, I also took the liberty to mention what I think all parties are thinking, but if it goes against the grain, it can be disproved. Just thought to add further dread. :twisted:


08-02-2012 15:31:21

-There is one spirit floating around the place; I think it should be Rond (mentioned in the prologue post). Perhaps he is what "attacked" Saronyx.
-when what is behind the seal comes out, the animals that are in the fortress can scatter; we won't need them as enemies.

great idea but we could have the spirit posses her to i just put another post up. Kinda left her behind concealed. But the question is are we going to find a new keeper or is it going to be something the keepers were building in secret.... like a mega sith nexus (kinda like aboloth ) or is it going just to be something we fight one and done? or does it get away from us...

having the spirit possess saronyx lead to her strong telekinetic powers ..... but im open to figuring that out for now she is safe and out of the way so after we open the thing we could go back and shes not there yada yada yada

also Rond could be the exalted one also just manipulation of the droids ect ect


08-02-2012 21:01:15

I don't intend to find another Keeper, at least not in this story. Down the road, what we've begun here, will lead us into contact with one. My idea all along for this part of the whole story arc is to have something trapped (sealed) inside the fortress. This thing is something that was unleashed to hunt down followers of the Keepers. This could lead to a situation where Dranik and myself, having been much more deeply involved in the clan's necromantic past, could be viewed as higher priority targets. But, anyone in Tarentum is going to be touched by the Keepers (albeit indirectly), even the newest members. I guess a good way to look at it is that the house is tainted by past associations with the Keepers, even though those are largely broken at this point in time.

As for Rond, to be honest, I'm not quite sure what role he would end up playing. All we really know about him at this point it that A) his sister was Talitha, B) he was killed by whatever this thing is, and C) he probably harbors resentment against both the Keepers (who was about to sacrifice his sister) and the people who hunted them. Rond could be interfering with the electronics, like the droids (there is Star Wars canonical evidence of this being possible) and this could be where any mentions of "the exalted one" really come from.

Of course, "the exalted one" could simply be the Keeper that Rond's group followed.

Of course, in a bit of a teaser, though not relevant to this run-on, what if another Keeper is hunting the followers of the others? Just some food for thought...

We will have our work cut out for us against this being that is about to be released; don't think that it will be defeated easily, or even by one individual. And no, I don't have any particular ideas as to how we're going to kill it...


08-02-2012 22:50:43

Welp, the critter is out to play now. I honestly figure while, Anshar, Jason, and myself would be its primary targets (of those currently posting) it would, after being kept locked away for so long, consider fighting us at the same time foolish (me and Anshar that is). I would think it would find "easier" targets since we are all tainted by the keepers until it finds a way to replenish its energy.


08-02-2012 23:35:37

OK merlance and myself have come to the party and are ready to play...

was thinking.. What if the thing absorbs energy.. like all energy the thought then on killing it would be to over load it maybe.. also the absorption thing would keep it from being hacked to pieces from light sabers and also would result in all the power being directed to it.

just a thought makes it more fun if you don't do the usually Lucas book and say like the force takes over and the blade wins type thing :twisted:


09-02-2012 01:18:25

Before anyone else posts, I want to note a couple of things, primarily for future reference. These are things that are common in many run-ons, especially for those not used to writing them.

Just as in any story, even by a single author, there needs to be a certain flow to the story. Though your character may have been en route to the location, you don't want to just suddenly show up there if your last post ended with you just starting that way (unless, of course, you have a situation where you're right next door). There is still some distance to cover (both for your character, physically, and for you as the author). In this instance, with the creature being released, that posts begin with reactions to the sudden flow of energy, and deciding what to do from there. Rushing head long towards something might not be such a feasible idea. At the very least, you might end that post with arriving at the scene of the incident, but not yet getting involved with it: maybe something like "Egregious skidded to a halt at the entrance to the chamber, taken aback by what he saw. His hand clenched the grip of his blaster, unsure of just what was going on."

This gives other writers, especially those you are writing with (such as Dranik and myself) a chance to take over the story for a bit. Or, as in Egregious' last post, if Merlance were to join in, he would have a great spring board to his post if Egregious' previous post had ended with their arrival, but before any initial involvement. The best run-ons that I have ever seen/graded came off as a much more collaborative effort than single authored pieces. Yes, some people write better, and some people have better ideas for the story, but when someone else can take up a post and continue it, it bodes very well for the overall story.

Remember, in Brotherhood wide events, like Great Jedi Wars, run-on posts are permanent. Once you make them, there is no editing allowed, so you have to be on your game.


We still have a group in the hangar, and a group in the control room (with Saronyx unconscious at the moment, but we can awaken her soon and get her back into the story). As I see it right now, this creature has both a physical body, as well as an energy part. Regardless of that, we know (as readers) from the prologue that it is deadly.


09-02-2012 02:16:21

ah i see so.. do we keep it or is it going to be thrown out.. guess i was rushing into things


09-02-2012 10:27:17

I plan on getting that group out of the hangar this evening ;)


10-02-2012 00:15:01

And my next post is up. So, who's next? What direction does the story take now?


10-02-2012 00:50:32

Im not sure, it would most likely be sometime on Friday before Anshar can post, and I would like to give him the chance to post before I do again. But...that depends on how bored I get between now and then. ;p


10-02-2012 01:05:16

so we got so far....

Dark side energy out of control

A large mean thingie hairy and pissed.....

One knocked out Saronyx hidden but possibly taken by a spirit...

Jason and Tor’Fel making their way down

And the rest finding themselves trapped with the beastie...

anyone think of any music...

and no one has used the line "I've got a bad feeling about this"

way to go !


10-02-2012 01:31:46

Yeah, I've got a song..."Disposable Heroes" by Metallica. Probably not the MOST exact song for the scenario, but when I was listening to Chimiara earlier and their cover of that song came on, the run on came to, yeah. That's what I think. And the title fits, if the powers that be so intend on using us as bantha fodder. But, only time will tell, right?


10-02-2012 01:35:51

sweet get John Williams to do a cover


10-02-2012 03:03:45

Lets hope they dont plan on using us that way. I remember the pure chaos the last "event" (In the shadows) was....all those pointless deaths.. (I think we actually had some PCs die too didnt we?)


10-02-2012 09:50:25

I just recall NPCs being killed off. At least as far as the events on the Swords Sheath go. I was going back and reading through the old "In The Shadows," and I think all those who participated made it out. Not sure since I still haven't gotten to the end (it's a much longer read than I remember it being at the time!), and my favorite parts are the ones that I wrote, naturally. ;p. I can always pick out my writing style.

But, yeah, that was chaos Dranik. I actually forgot that the draugr got a good whack to the side of the head in on you back then.


10-02-2012 13:51:33

greetings !

today is the day of my birth, so in my classic style i will be getting shitfaced wasted and attemting to score some tail :twisted:

I will probably post tomorrow .... My thought was to post saronyx awakening during the blasts and confronting the spirit or ghost trying to over take her mind. Using her well developed mental abilities, she would either exile the spirit or contain and minlupulate it for information.... bending it to her will so to speak... either she joins up with Jason's party or goes it alone it doesn't matter to me.


10-02-2012 14:07:07

So does the beastie get bigger because of the attacks, or is it the gremlin effect with thermal detonators instead of water?

Happy B-Day Egregious!!!


10-02-2012 14:34:29

In my talks with Anshar on the phone I think we decided that the critter absorbs energy and gets stronger (not necessarily larger) the more you throw at it. However, what happens in the story would of course trump what we talk about (unless it makes 100% no sense).

Now the fun part is that,yes I just told you that energy makes it stronger (that includes the force kiddies, and most types of "blasters" (since they are all charged up)) however, too bad none of your characters actually know this yet and can react on it. I wonder who will zap it with the force first.

(Im still giving Anshar a bit of time before I post again, however if he doesnt by the time Im ready for bed tonight, then I will be posting.. That however does not mean someone else can not post in the meantime.)


10-02-2012 16:02:49

hmmmm would the energy of a lightsaber then be absorbed making them useless also ?????


10-02-2012 16:19:30

Maybe...It would depend on what happens in the story tho. Im not comfortable to rule on a lightsaber as they violate the rules of physics anyways (even the starwars physics). So Ill leave that up to whoever wants to tackle it. I mean, some blasters would still hurt it because while they are charged, they still have a physical "bullet" inside it. So the creature would absorb the energy of the charge, but still get hit by the bullet. Lightsabers are energy, but they act solid in the SW universe so, Im not sure on how they would behave in this situation. I want to say they would be absorbed but it would still hurt it making them slightly better than useless lol.

But ultimately I am leaving that decision in the hands of the story or Anshar.


10-02-2012 20:22:21

Actually, if this creature absorbs energy, any energy weapon would be useless. Blaster and lightsaber alike. I was just reading the Wookiepedia entry on blasters, and there is nothing about a blaster bolt that is like a bullet. Unless you consider the particles of super-heated gas to be the bullet. That might be the only thing could potentially do any physical damage, but in a super-heated state, it's essentially just another state of energy(at least as I understand physics).

And a lightsaber, well, the blade is just plasma. Pure energy there, too. Nothing but energy for this thing to absorb. I say we just drop something heavy on it.

My question about the beast is, is it corporeal or ethereal?


10-02-2012 20:47:18

I should Have been a little more clear but I was using blaster as more of a generalized term for any gun type weapon. Such as the Flechette launchers, which do actually fire physical objects. But I dont think any of us really use that weapon. (There may be others as well that have physical objects inside the shot). But yes Jason, for the most part blasters are just energy shots.


10-02-2012 21:04:07


Post made.

I have us retreating from the creature for now, but we have learned three things:

1. The beast does seem to react to the use of the Force.
2. The tendrils can be deflected by bladed weapons, but we don't know if we can cut them.
3. Dropping heavy physical objects may slow the creature down, but don't know the extent of physical damage that can be done to the creature.

Some other points for the story:

1. Rond will actually be the primary target of the creature since he is a pure Force spirit. I envision the beast as essentially killing its targets twice (though generally at the same time)- physically, but also on the Force/spiritual plane. Talk about something that really wipes out its targets.

2. Once Rond is gone, it will turn more attention on us. If anything, the only reason it did not go all out against us would probably be because it hasn't finished "stretching" so to speak.

3. As the story progresses, I will be introducing (to the present story) Ikes, servant to one of the Keepers. But more on him when the time comes.

For now, we need the two groups to meet up and head back to the hanger. We do know that there are caves below the fortress, so we might need to head there. For the next couple of posts, let the beast remain buried, but working its way out.


10-02-2012 22:12:43

Yay! New post!

And Dranik, I just wanted to make sure things were clear. I like to know what all's going on, and everyone to be on the same page.


11-02-2012 01:20:09

Next post is up, next post is up....let's keep the ball rolling, guys!


11-02-2012 13:11:29

HANG OVER POST! man stop the room from spinning


11-02-2012 14:43:41

*grabs the corner of the floor and gives it a Wheel of Fortune spin*


11-02-2012 15:25:13

lol force is gonna vomit once agian


11-02-2012 20:27:47

You better believe it


12-02-2012 19:24:14

Ok, post is up. A few notes:

1. Gija and Quavon are *not* real DB members (that I know of). However, naming them "Cannon" and "Fodder" did not work very well, so I had to make up some names.

2. I will use Rond to give some more backstory in my next post. One idea that will be presented is that the creature (Tarcotak) essentially kills everyone twice- physically and spiritually.

3. Mainly just for information, but for those unfamiliar with past history, Anshar does practice what I can only term as "spiritual necromancy." This has been a running theme for some time now, thus the threat to excise Rond by force. This is not something being pulled out of nowhere simply to make something work in the story.

4. The creature is on the move, and it can essentially jump from one location to the other, at least as long as there is consistent Force use going on.


12-02-2012 21:17:30

"spiritual necromancy." is in tor in the inqisator story line but i dont think they call it that


its called mind walking


12-02-2012 21:59:45

If the Tarcotak travels through the shadows, apparently, then would it not be trapped in the light? Just a thought. Don't know if you were going down the same thought path, Anshar.

And an ironic thing...getting past the tentacles and harming it from inside, I thought of something like that lat week. ;) Not sure it'd work, but Jason Hunter is up for the challenge if it presents itself. *raises his lightsaber triumphantly*


13-02-2012 00:32:59

Just a note for people that may be interested in joining in to the story. There are other groups out there (two house members with Dranik for example) and others that are not just those mentioned with Anshar's group. Feel free to write yourself into one of those groups.


13-02-2012 01:11:09

If the Tarcotak travels through the shadows, apparently, then would it not be trapped in the light? Just a thought. Don't know if you were going down the same thought path, Anshar.

Light side of the force???? like not using dark side abilities??


13-02-2012 02:10:40, no. As in physical light. Come into the light, Carol Ann.

For future reference, since I don't know if you're joking or not(which I hope you were) when I'm talking about the Force, I always capitalize Light and Dark. Just. So. You. Know.


13-02-2012 03:03:02

To answer the question about "travel through the shadows". I -think- that was just an expression. What I think it means is that the creature travels (aka teleport) through the force to area's where there is a concentration of force usage. Of course, I could be wrong in which case Im sure Anshar will correct me.


13-02-2012 04:39:59

Hey guys sorry that I haven't posted in a while, had to go with my wife to place a headstone at her grandmother's grave over the weekend. Had like four of the extended family stay with us unexpectedly so I was out of reach. I will be posting sometime tomorrow, but wanted to let you guys know that I caught up on the story and it sounds like this story is full of awesomeness. 8)


13-02-2012 21:46:34

I am posting this on behalf of Anshar.

He asked me to let you all know that he was having some computer issues and would email the house tomorrow night.

Ill add to that, if something major crops up for the run on you can ask me and Ill text/call him and get an answer as soon as I can.


14-02-2012 00:27:12

so what are we supposed to do in the hangar??


16-02-2012 01:30:58

Computer seems to be fixed; thanks to Dranik for reminding me of a program.

I will make a post in the morning, but in general, here is where I think things can/should go:

1. The hanger was just an easy meeting place. We can go anywhere from here.
2. That said, I suggest we look at taking this "underground" so to speak; there are caverns underneath the fortress that, I believe, would be away from the power sources that could possible feed this creature. We could also make this the site of the original ceremony mentioned in the prologue post.
3. Ikes will be introduced, though I think Oberst has some plans on that end. We don't need to worry about that right now.
4. Rond will need to leave Saroynx's body; I must admit that this is two fold on my character's part- I'm interested in what he has to say and what we can learn from him, but I also think he'll draw the creature away (though maybe he has a way to hide himself, too...). Eventually, before Rond perishes (if he even does), I will introduce him to what happened to his sister.

Also, to respond to Jason's comment about not being able to be in the light, I wasn't going quite in that direction. When I said "shadows" I meant more about the Force itself and Oblivion (for those unfamiliar with that term in our sense, Oblivion is the term we use to describe the realm of the undead- this runon is reintroducing necromancy to the house).


16-02-2012 02:19:46

Oh...THOSE shadows. As in the Shadow Jedi thought of Force use? A melding of Light and Dark Side, to use a mundane explaination? If so, that's up my alley since I tend to tread more in the Shadows than the Dark as it is. But, do correct me if I'm still translating you wrong, Anshar.


16-02-2012 07:52:17

No, that sounds like it is right up the alley. To an untrained observer, it would seem as if the creature just simply appearedout of nowhere.

Think about how the draugr moved in "In the Shadows"- seemingly coming from nowhere. The only big difference is that this creature (in my mind) is a bit more "supernatural" than the draugr.

For this overall story arc, our primary enemy is an expert with this type of movement. Anshar has been studying it for some time, but it will open the path to everyone. Even if it is only in house/clan fiction, I see Tarentum as going back to necromancy. It is where some of our best competitions and fiction came from, and some of our best activity.


17-02-2012 01:38:44

...crap! I wanna post, but I don't know what to write! Damn this sudden-onset writer's block!!!!!

Quick! Someone else post! We need to keep this thing going! It can't stall-out now!


17-02-2012 03:35:08

not stalled just getting it together now will be posting in the am


17-02-2012 03:49:40

Will also post tomorrow.....this time for sure lol


17-02-2012 09:42:11

*wipes sweat from his brow* Whew! And here I was afraid we'd started to slip into inactivity again! Thanks for queling that fear, guys.


18-02-2012 14:49:11

I'm working on a post right now. I plan to have Oberst and Ikes confront each other, though I won't start a fight between them until I give Oberst a chance to post.

The question I would like to pose to the participants is whether or not the creature should live. The decision is not relevant to the larger storyline, but it could provide some conflict down the road. Some options that I have considered:

1. Kill the creature; let Oberst take the corpse to the Asylum for study.
2. Capture the creature for study
3. Seriously hurt the creature, but have Ikes intervene and take it with him
4. Kill the creature and not care about the body

Either way, we need a large open area like the hanger, or the caverns, to fight this thing. We're going to try to get "inside" it, so to speak. Of course, how well that works is another matter.

**Edit** I'm actually more inclined to take the fight to the caverns, since that is where Rond's sect/cult had their chambers and the like.


18-02-2012 15:01:19

caverns works well .. as for killing it how are you thinking of accomplishing this.. maiming it and wanting to use it for defense seems fitting maybe using a force collar or something


18-02-2012 15:04:26

In my opinion, I think we should be able to hurt the creature but Ikes save it so to speak. Sure it might not be an important to the story, but it keeps that challenge alive. To me, killing it would seem to much like Episode 2 when Obi-Wan fights the acklay, it just seems to suddenly end. I think since we still don't really know how to kill it, just a hint of a strategy, that we could trial and error our way to figure out a more definitive solution.


18-02-2012 15:28:05

As far as killing it goes, ultimately we need to strike at its inside. Whatever is the core of this creature's existence, the external (the tendrils, fangs, claws, etc) is the threat to us. Dranik noted in one of our phone conversations that it was very much like the demon infected creatures in "Princess Mononoke" (if you don't know the reference, just search for "Princess Mononoke demons" or something similar, and you'll see the screen captures).

This wasn't my original intention, but then again, I tried not to formulate too specific of details for what we would face so those details could be filled in. In this case, this seems to be the route that we are taking.


20-02-2012 20:47:40

post up... come on guys keep it up :P


20-02-2012 21:19:12

Where did the creature go? Or is it a secret? Lol


21-02-2012 01:50:38

it doesnt matter we cant fight it till everyone groups up meaning they have to come down


21-02-2012 10:45:51

I would definitely think that it is heading towards you guys. It detected your use of the Force, even though it was brief. Unlike Rond, who appeared and then disappeared completely, you guys are still there. You used the Force, it pinpointed your location.

From what I have seen, the consensus seems to be that this thing lives for now and I have an idea on how to go about getting us out of here, but without killing it. I'll try to post later today/tomorrow morning, but I want to give some other people a chance to post, since my post will likely move the story ahead a great deal.


21-02-2012 15:58:36

I'm gonna get something up tomorrow, as I'm uber busy today. I'll wait to see what Anshar has planned before I post.

Sorry I haven't been active as of late; RL has been throwing me a handful of curveballs lately.


21-02-2012 18:27:26

No problem, I haven't been as active since I've been working on several competitions. Want to see where the story goes a bit before I post, but I won't let myself slip back out of inactivity on this RO :)


22-02-2012 23:10:59

Ok, new post up. We're heading for our final encounter with the creature (at least for now). We still haven't quite decided if we're going to capture it, kill it, or have Ikes take it. At this point, we'll see where the story takes it. If you've ever written anything longer than a short story, you've probably had that happen. Sometimes you just have to let the story tell itself, or the characters do their own thing.

What has happened?

-Well, Rond is no more. Yeah, he ended up serving as a distraction for a moment to temporarily save Hazzan and Egregious.

What will/might happen?

-We have to fight the creature and get past its defenses. Jason has stepped forward and volunteered to be the one to cut inside and drop the thermal detonator in (or whatever we decide at that moment).
-That means the rest of us will distract the creature and help clear the path.
-Finally, I reference myself (Anshar) having a last resort. This would go back to previous run-ons and stories the clan/house has written, but we'll see if it becomes an issue at this point. Again, my goal is to reintroduce necromancy to the house with this story arc, and everyone who utilized that for their characters had different takes on it.


23-02-2012 10:19:47

Time to take on the beast. Fun will be had. *grins in a most feral manner*

I'll get a post up after I get home from work today. I was too busy these past two days (drama with friends) to attribute my talents.

I am assuming, though, that the whole blaster-lightsaber MacGuyver grenade thing was designed to be more of a distracting than a damaging tactic, Egregious?


23-02-2012 10:56:17

not a lightsaber vibro sword and yes or a way in to him maybe


23-02-2012 20:12:17

Ok, my bad. Misunderstood what weapon was being used.

Now, before I make my post, I'm hoping I can get a consensus on this. The nature of the story is leading me to think that things are progressing towards the messy demise of the Tarcotak. I'm inclined towards capturing it, but I don't think it would let us. It doesn't seem like the type to just roll over and be pliant. Unless Anshar has some necromantic trickery up his sleeve.

I have a rough idea of what I'm going to write in my head, but I want to get permission from those involved before I just go all hog-wiled on this thing and take it out. So, unless there's more plot to be moved along I want to call the next post, and I'll get it up later on tonight. Hopefully that'll give you guys time to read this and give your input.


23-02-2012 20:54:31

Either it dies, or it escapes. I'm not sure which, but as long as its epic it can go either direction.

Also I know that the creature probably out classes my ability to fend off its attack, so if it makes the story more realistic then you can damage Hazzan. Just no losing limbs :P


24-02-2012 01:14:51

Ok, so new post is up. The story lead me to,'ll just have to see. ;p

And just so everyone knows, the exploded Jason Hunter biggie. Just past the elbow is prosthetic. Lost it fighting the Vong. So, yeah. Very-little-know character fact.


24-02-2012 01:47:22

I think its safe to say.....that was awesome!


24-02-2012 01:58:08

...sweet. :) Once I posted it, I was afraid I was stepping over some plot boundaries, but I always feel that way when writing with other characters and a story line that's not of my creation.

Glad you liked it, though.


24-02-2012 02:12:24

So at risk of sounding quiet nOObish.....if the creature really is dead, do we just continue exploring?


24-02-2012 09:24:42

Well, I had a thought on that. Just because I blew up its chest, doesn't need to mean its completly dead. Following the Princess Mononoke example, it could have a physical form, them an ethereal one that can disappear into the air and go find another host to continue chasing us.

But I'll leave that call up to Gamemaster Anshar.


24-02-2012 12:28:31

does this mean i owe you a new arm? cause i can fassion one out of empty beer cans


24-02-2012 15:13:04

As long as they're not Steel Reserve cans, and the fingers are made of shot bottles. Preferably Maker's Mark.


25-02-2012 02:36:55

steel reserve.....check
old crow bottles.....check
duck tape......check

one new arm coming up!


25-02-2012 10:14:07



25-02-2012 20:01:59

So who's next to post?


25-02-2012 21:13:33

That' what I'm starting to wonder. I'd do it, but...I just posted. :)


26-02-2012 00:01:07

I posted before you, but I'll do it again if no one else will. :twisted:


26-02-2012 00:17:27

i was going to post in the am been grinding on tor lol


26-02-2012 01:11:49

I, for one, shall be awaiting the next addition to our little story.


26-02-2012 01:47:36

im to drunk to post now


26-02-2012 05:52:03

ok i posted

get to it post or die


26-02-2012 16:37:16

I'm going to go ahead and do a concluding post (maybe broken into two, given that I have to go cook dinner here shortly).


26-02-2012 16:48:25



26-02-2012 21:05:00

Did you just do a kamehameha wave?

Didn't know that was a Force power :P


27-02-2012 14:44:34

There are many powers within the Force that many are unaware of.