The Ale Pond Reborn!

Sith Bloodfyre

14-11-2011 00:46:37

The puddle returns! The first round, as last time, is on me! Also, congrats to Genocydal on his recent promotion!


14-11-2011 13:22:38

Excellent! Congrats Genocydal! Also, congrats to Dox and Scion for their Seals of Loyalty.



14-11-2011 20:41:03

I don't drink, but I'll buy from time to time...

Sith Bloodfyre

15-11-2011 12:41:46

When you're willing to buy booze for others, you don't have to drink! You'll always have friends enough to drink it for you, for sure.


17-11-2011 10:04:02

For this round I wanted to bring up an old re-opening of the ale pond. Just so you all know how old this tradition is :-).

I figured, even though we have new boards, we shouldn't leave the pond behind. As such, first round is on me! (I figured it was appropriate for me to buy. Heh.)

-DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae (Sith)/QUA/Tarentum
Grand Chamberlain of Tarentum
The Ghost Dragon

"Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come; and when death has come, we are not."
-Epicurus (341 BC - 270 BC)

"Think not disdainfully of death, but look on it with favor; for even death is one of the things that Nature wills."
-Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121 AD - 180 AD)

(Reply to BF's post from Shadow Taldryarearea(hwhwhatever they call thesmlevs)

Posts: 502 * Shadow urinates in the pond.


17-11-2011 14:13:11

haha please, let's try to keep urine out of the pond this time.

Sith Bloodfyre

17-11-2011 15:43:35

Congrats are in order! Booze is on the House Summit for the time being!

Anshar (Anteian Cross), Archean (Dark Cross), Demos (Dark Cross), Dox (Anteian Cross), Frosty (Steel Cross), MERLANCE (Dark Cross), Raiju (Steel Cross), Scion (Dark Cross), Sarconn (Dark Cross)!

Congrats to all! Drink up!


17-11-2011 19:04:37

Congrats all for your rewards!

Also congrats to the new Aedile, Anshar!

*dresses in a maid outfit and serves everyone, since she doesn't drink*


19-11-2011 23:23:47

My god, the Ale Pond... Long has it been since I've gathered 'round its' frothy shore.

And if the Summit is buying, it's time to get my drunk on! ;p


22-11-2011 00:16:10

We have two new members in Tarentum, please welcome Redge and Melody!

Also, Jason Hunter passed the Light Side History course in the Shadow Academy! Congrats!

Next round is on me!

Sith Bloodfyre

22-11-2011 15:07:41

Congrats to Jason, and welcome to our new members! And, I guess congrats to the whole House, since Saronyx is dressing up in maid outfits now!


22-11-2011 16:22:25

hehe only for Tarentum. ;)

*serves drinks to everyone*


23-11-2011 01:25:48

*grabs a beer and greedily chugs it down*

If Sithie's going to keep buying rounds every time I do something good, I'll pass SA courses all the freakin' time! ;p


23-11-2011 02:21:52

Um, Jason, I believe I was the last one to buy for everyone... And passing an SA exam is worth a drink in my opinion. :)

Now, let's see how much activity we can get in the Clan. (Yes, Tarentum's a Clan to me too, and it always will be.)


23-11-2011 12:26:51

Oh, well, yeah....I suppose that's true. Either way, if I'm gonna get rewarded for learning something, I'll gladly kill it again with beer. :)

Oh, and on the House/Clan thing: I think, and this is just me putting my thought on the matter out there, that if we want to get the activity back that we used to have when Tarentum was a Clan, we need to think of ourselves as a Clan. That's why I came back from the Rogues. I was looking at the Roster one day, just randomly, and saw we'd been demoted to back down to a House. It pissed me off. So, I thought I'd come back and try to lend my hand in whatever way I can to get Tarentum back to Clan status, as it should always be...and now, I guess, just save it from the chopping block. But, that's why in my new MB banner, I used the old tri-House Clan crest, to show my pride in Tarentum's Clan past and what I always new it to be and what it can be again.


23-11-2011 13:33:52

Cheers for that Jason! And let me get drunk before I face that old Taldryan dog in the BB's final. I'm buying the next round!
Drink up!


23-11-2011 15:12:43


I like you, Jason. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Good luck Dox... Wait, you don't need luck, you got skill. :)

*serves everyone*

Edit: Second page! That deserves another drink, right?


24-11-2011 14:34:12

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to Tarentum well as political, but I'll try to leave those ones at the door of reality. But, I've been in this crazy thing known as Star Wars online gaming groups since I was a, 14 or so. Started off in the Emperor's Hammer, and joined the DB when we were under Ronin's control there. So, I go back a ways for Tarentum. Not as far as most, but I've been around a while. And as I said before, I was pissed when I saw we were a House again. I definitely want to change that, and if I can be an agent of that change, all the better. And, if others wish to join me in that crusade, that's even better. :D

So, I say we declare an unofficial war on lethargy and inactivity, get our asses as a CLAN out of neutral and into at least second gear, and tell the DC where they can stick the notion of closing down the most illustrious CLAN the entire Dark Jedi Brotherhood has ever known. What say ye, my brethren?

And, yeah, two pages calls for more drinks. :D


24-11-2011 20:58:26

I'm with you, Jason.

*serves more drinks to everyone*

EDIT: I heard Redge was promoted. Congrats Redge!


30-11-2011 17:41:04

It's been too long since someone's posted...the Ale Pond is going to dry up! Start talking again, guys!


30-11-2011 19:40:19


Congrats to all that received medals: Dox, Giovanni, Oberst, Scion, and Raiju! And Redge and Melody both were promoted to Novice. Celeste is a new member in Tarentum. This calls for more than one round.

*buys and serves three rounds for everyone*


04-12-2011 02:49:18

Yes! More booze!

*happily grabs his three drinks and saunters off to enjoy them*

Oh, yeah...congrats to whoever on whatever they did and whenever they did it... :P


04-12-2011 23:49:10

*wonders where everybody went to...*


06-12-2011 01:16:05

I, too, have been wondering that. It's like the holidays have taken everyone's time. Stupid Christmas! We're trying to rebuild Tarentum, here! Jeez!


06-12-2011 02:24:12

lol indeed! Hopefully, we'll get some activity in here, though. That would be a nice Christmas present for Tarentum. :)

Sith Bloodfyre

06-12-2011 13:21:40

Congrats to Akki Draco, Lucious Black, Poguesy, Darth_Lugo and Tenda! All five were promoted to Novice! Also, congrats to Egregious and Scion for taking the Legions of the Scholar in Week 3 email trivia!

Also, I'm buying shots for Jason and Saronyx for keeping the taps here flowing. They're doing a great job of keeping the Ale Pond growing.


06-12-2011 19:48:56

Well, isn't that what you'd expect from the Baroness? ;)

*serves the drinks*


07-12-2011 11:21:50

*Snags his drink and eyeballs it with a big grin*



07-12-2011 14:02:01

*sips her ginger ale* This does count as ale, right? :P


08-12-2011 15:42:22

Egregious passed his IRC Basics with a perfect score. Congrats Egregious! *serves more drinks*

Sith Bloodfyre

08-12-2011 19:01:20

Congrats Egregious! You're doing great man!


13-12-2011 10:07:55

Gah! Five days since the last post! The pond is starting dry up! Postingpostingpostingpostingdrinkingposting!


15-12-2011 15:20:32

Sorry, went out of town and wasn't online. But now I'm back! Okay, what all have I missed...

We have 10 new Novices here: Yeva Nocte, Tenda, Poguesy, Nebuchadnezzar, Lucious Black, Lugo, Dark Devastator, Celeste, Andco, and Akki. Egregious keeps knocking Shadow Academy courses, passing 13 so far, including the Tarentum history course. Armus is back in Tarentum, and Biyann and Redec Livan are new members.

*counts the number of drinks she's paying for this time* One for each promotion, one for each of Egregious' passed SA exams... 26.

I like having to type a paragraph for all of Tarentum's activity. Keep it up, people. Welcome Biyann and Redec, and welcome back Armus.


18-12-2011 12:22:40

26 drinks? Holy crap, I just might have to pace myself this round!


18-12-2011 13:50:02

hehe That's one for every letter of the standard alphabet. Would you like me to serve one at a time for you?


22-12-2011 15:41:48

Yes please :D


22-12-2011 15:50:38

*wonders where everybody is*

I heard there's supposed to be a party here... *shrugs, then serves a drink to Jason*


23-12-2011 15:53:17


Makes more drinks for everyone and drinks more drinks while drinking.....DRINKS!


23-12-2011 21:46:30

haha! Don't worry about it, Egergious; I'll make and serve the drinks. What will you have?

[Edited for spelling mistakes. ><]


24-12-2011 01:59:56

*takes his drink and downs it, waiting for his next one*

I don't know about him, but I'll have whatever's free. :D


24-12-2011 13:51:36

*laughs* I don't blame you. *serves Jason*


30-12-2011 15:25:38

Holy Darth lords 21 drinks for passing exams.... im probally gonna vomit... and I just got these robes......(slams 5 shots) hic ..... m warms me belly the alcohol does yes.....


31-12-2011 18:19:19

Picks his head off the bar and smacks his lips ".... Bartender! Bartender where are you!" Looking around the pond where is everyone its almost coming to the time where the party begins ...


31-12-2011 18:37:16

Stumbles up to the bar.Taking care to pick his steps carefully .. reaching out he fumbles to steady himself on a stool, missing he cracks his head on the bar."frack ..that hurt,,"


31-12-2011 22:05:35

hic.... " where did everyone go to " hic... "this thing was supposed to go all night long. " pushes back from the bar and observes the room. walks behind the bar and flexes his beer muscles and truns the dail on the stero up.....

"thats better" he thinks "now where to find the ladies to liven this place up!"


31-12-2011 22:37:47

Smiles braodly as the scantly clad Twi'lek dancers sauntered into the room. Walking back around the bar he looks to see who is around.

"well ladies take the pole and the men over there and wait to be called by the guests." he gestures over to side. "my my we do have some stunning women tonight this should be a blast weather or not anyone shows up!"

He then walks over to the bar and pours himself a drink wondering if anyone is going to make it in time.....


03-01-2012 20:07:51

I apologize for not replying; we had our internet cut off. I'll be back regularly on the 10th, I hope. :)

*serves Egregious and anyone else in here*


06-01-2012 00:55:25

*quickly snags a drink before Saronyx leaves again* I was just busy with family and Christmas computer time for me that week. :( And I've been trying to get my Wiki page done, which is taking more time than I ever thought it would. More history to this character than I initially thought!


12-01-2012 10:03:38

We lost internet at our house. But I'm at school, now, so I should be on at least once a day.


19-01-2012 17:57:56

Oh no!! One whole week since someone posted!! The pond is drying up!!

*starts pouring beer into the puddle* We need to save it! Someone help me!


20-01-2012 11:08:52

*turns all of the taps on and lets the alcohol flow*

Sorry, I was waiting for someone else to reply. :P


23-01-2012 21:35:47

Yeah, so was I. Looks like we're the only ones that post on here anyways. Guess it's up to us to keep the Ale Pond alive!


23-01-2012 21:38:47

That's alright; we can keep it alive. Right? :D


24-01-2012 02:23:15

Sounds like you need some new blood in the forums lol.

Well, I'm always up to shake things up a bit :twisted:


24-01-2012 10:47:17

Hey Sarconn. It's nice to see you here. ;)

*serves Sarconn*


24-01-2012 12:30:51

Well, it would appear as though the Krath of the Clan....guh, House are the only ones that seem to know how to post on here. That works for me! Krath Order, unite!


24-01-2012 13:29:38

Woo, extra drinks for the Krath! *changes into a slightly more appealing outfit to serve the drinks*


24-01-2012 14:21:17

Well all in all, I killed off Sarconn, my new character is named Tor'Fel Hazzan and now I'm a Sith.


24-01-2012 16:49:25

Aw, why'd you kill off Sarconn? :(


24-01-2012 18:14:39

Well I lost the direction I was going with him awhile back, and fictionally he reached his peak. So I had an NPC apprentice I was building anyway so I decided that his apprentice should kill him like a true Sith would and take his place in the Brotherhood.


24-01-2012 18:19:14

That sounds like a good idea. :)
*serves Tor'Fel Hazzan*


24-01-2012 20:57:08

Cheers! :D


31-01-2012 10:32:34

I've never understood people's ability to just, kill off and randomly change their characters. I've had the same one since I joined the Emperor's Hammer, back in '01 or '02. He's changed, but in a linear way, as I have. I've just always seen my character of Jason Hunter as an extension of myself, of who I'd rather be in a least that's how it was in junior high and high school when I made him, and I didn't have but a cup full of self confidence.


31-01-2012 13:45:37

I killed off Syrna Valkiss before making Saronyx. Onyx is somewhat like me, only I'm not a spy... or in shape at all... But it seems easier to me to play a spy. *shrugs*


31-01-2012 23:43:11

Maybe I'm just not creative enough to keep reinventing and creating characters. Or I just don't get bored with one or two, as some of my RL friends have done with characters they've made for different things.

I dunno. I just know that Jason Hunter is enough for me. :)


01-02-2012 14:36:12

The thing with Syrna is that she was made by a friend who was also in the DB. Saronyx is a character I made myself. Much better, in my opinion.


03-02-2012 14:52:33

My problem is I get really cool ideas and I start putting them into motion instead of being patient. Eventually I end up with a character with too many directions to go in and no set path lol.

With Hazzan I took a long time in his preparation and I have a set idea that I will make a point in not deviating from.

I also have ADD which might have something to do with it.......just saying.


03-02-2012 22:19:38

It's always better to make your own character, by far.

And, yeah...ADD I'm sure has something to do with it. :P

Anyways, there's a run-on!! Return to the Shadows! All Shall Post!!!!! I commandeth thee!! Get to it! Now! *whip-crack!*


04-02-2012 19:53:37

I apologize in advance for not participating in the RO. School has most of, if not all of, my attention. It sounds fun, though... I'll do my best to post.


04-02-2012 20:36:17

Well, if you can't post, you can't post. The more the merrier. But, RL takes precedence...sadly. :P


04-02-2012 21:18:34

Just posted, have no idea whats going on, but hey I love RO's lol.

I can't wait to take Hazzan for a test drive :twisted:


05-02-2012 10:39:54

Yes, Jason, I understand. We'll see what happens.

Hehe have fun taking Hazzan for a test drive. Sounds interesting. :P


07-02-2012 02:35:56

So hows school for everyone attending this semester, otherwise, hows life treating you all?


07-02-2012 10:48:37

Life, as a whole, isn't bad. I hate my job, but that's what happens when you only make $10 an hour in one of the highest taxed states, and have been making the same for coming up on four years. My job ruins my body and puts me at risk of injury every day. Moral of the story, kids....don't go into appliance delivery! I may sound like fun, and it can be fun, but it isn't fun in the long run! Especially when you boss is a big, fat, greedy a-hole!

But, I get to start training that will eventually lead to a job with Boeing, which is one of the biggest employers out here in the greater Seattle area. Just about everyone I know either has worked for Boeing, works for Boeing, or has a parent or other relative that works there. Three months of training in a field that I already have experience in, and I can start looking at have a much better foot in the door.

Longer post than I usually make. But, hey, you asked! :P


07-02-2012 13:13:17

School is going great! After my first two semesters, I'm surprised at how easy school really is! Of course, my faith in God is stronger now than it's ever been, which might influence the way I look at school...


07-02-2012 16:24:13

Boy am i thirsty....

Well I am working on a lot of things now.. I am trying to get some competitions going for you guys... so tell me folks what do you want to see us doing for fun mostly and for the house. I like to think out of the box (mainly cause living in a box is scary).

Are there things in the past you liked but don't see anymore... are there things you see the other houses doing that would interest you... not that i would copy it but an idea can be adapted to fit us as a whole group.

I want input lol

and remember egerious has a new email

My door is open though post here or email me I could care less


07-02-2012 17:59:28

Well with the House/Clan RO I'm happy, but I could go for some ACC stuff, but with the ladder coming up idk how well that will work out.

Mainly I'm big about fiction and character development, so anything along those lines are good by me.


07-02-2012 19:28:20

personally i cant compete on acc till i can get my back story .... and it has to be approved by muz cause of the content.. cant say much but i'm working on it...


07-02-2012 19:30:32

on a side note i just watch "rum diaries" Love hunter and his works i want them do do his hells angles book in movie form.... best writer i ever read... just saying

live free


07-02-2012 19:46:06

Never seen "Rum Diaries", but I have seen Apollo 18......which should never be seen if you value intelligence. Stupid rock crabs.

In fact anything that is beyond the scope of retardation, and has become so stupid there are no words for it, my new insult for things of that nature is going to be.....rock crabs.

It's going to be a thing.


07-02-2012 20:27:08

hmmmm "fear and loathing las vegas" or "where the buffalo roam" all hunter

also his works of writing

he is quite frankly awesome

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


07-02-2012 20:58:26

"We can't stop here.....this is bat country!"


07-02-2012 21:00:45

well said


08-02-2012 00:06:09

Okay, I'm gone for a few hours and people are posting. Sweet!

*gets her maid outfit back on and serves the guests*

I'd love some sort of comp that would allow me to write a fiction of a mission for Onyx. Of course, that's just me. And I'm kinda too busy to do much... Sorry. :P


09-02-2012 23:33:56

Maid outfit?! Is this a Tarentum approved maid outfit or just the standard boring one.


09-02-2012 23:52:24

And what, exactly, would be "Tarentum-Approved?" ;)


09-02-2012 23:53:14

No worries; it's Tarentum approved. I wouldn't wear any other outfit. ;)
And Jason... Good question. hehehe


10-02-2012 00:13:52

Well, I thought it was :)


10-02-2012 00:17:24

hehehe *thinks evil thoughts, then regains focus and serves the patrons*


10-02-2012 00:43:03

Lol Jason, you have been In Tarentum long enough to know what the hells would be Tarentum approved ;p.Just use the dark part of your imagination then remember that it would be 100 times "worse".


10-02-2012 00:45:05

oh and Jason...

Jason: "It was like the Force just vomited on us.

Most epic thing I have read in sometime.


10-02-2012 01:09:55

Yes its getting goooood.... I got my 1/72 scale millennium falcon today after visiting 3 post offices!!!! Been slapping it together! I have photos coming my camera battery died but its awesome!


10-02-2012 01:41:31

You know, it wasn't that funny when I wrote it. But, reading it again as a quote...that is just too damn funny. I can't believe that came out of my brain!

And speaking of coming from the brain...that reminded me of one of my favorite webcomics that I haven't read in years. It be funny, in a gamer-nerdy way.

God! Every time I read about the Force vomiting I can't stop laughing! What have I created!?


10-02-2012 03:02:05

CAD = Pure WIN


10-02-2012 09:19:43



10-02-2012 14:54:30

CAD = Tarentum-approved? :D

I love CAD as well.


10-02-2012 15:35:05

Tar-Approved indeed! It's too badass not to be!


10-02-2012 15:40:35

Indeed. Now then...Who here is in need of a drink?


10-02-2012 16:00:44

I am 34 today ill take s many as you got 8)


10-02-2012 16:03:26

Happy birthday! How many you want? I'm sure there's more than enough to go around. ;)


10-02-2012 16:44:03

And if the tap runs dry, just dip a glass into the pond.


11-02-2012 02:51:16



11-02-2012 12:33:26

YFM! I love YFM. Actually, I love all of Ray's work. ^^

*serves extra booze to Egregious*


11-02-2012 14:39:37

Nerd Rage...awesome. ;)


28-02-2012 01:50:34

So what, I win in the run on and the boards go quiet? What's up with that?


28-02-2012 02:31:43

Poor Thing. I am actually thinking up a competition idea that I want to submit to Anshar. It would be related to the run on (mostly meant for those that participated but anyone could as long as they read it first).


28-02-2012 02:53:24

haha Congrats dude you deserve it mate :P drinks on me


28-02-2012 03:56:11

Just waiting for another run-on to start up if there is one.

Congrats btw :D


28-02-2012 13:01:19

Yep, yay me. I actually didn't know that it was a comp or anything. So, when Anshar made the announcement about winners, and I saw I had a shiny in my inbox, I was a little surprised. I was just having fun!


28-02-2012 13:28:07

Tis the best way to win.


28-02-2012 15:35:56

Poor Thing. I am actually thinking up a competition idea that I want to submit to Anshar. It would be related to the run on (mostly meant for those that participated but anyone could as long as they read it first).

dolt i cant read


28-02-2012 16:09:04

Well, I'm busy with school, so... *goes to a meeting* I'll do my best to reply to the forum.


28-02-2012 16:32:03

Be active when you can, Saronyx. I'm doing an online school to help me get a job at Boeing while doing my full-time job, so I'm finding the little bits of time I have to devote to Tarentum. We all have our priorities.


28-02-2012 16:38:19

That picture.......made my day.


28-02-2012 18:29:10



29-02-2012 00:43:08

SO...this should totally be the next caption contest thingys photo...cause it is the epic...


29-02-2012 02:45:34

Hmm...I wonder if I could equip my Xterra with that...


29-02-2012 08:34:10



29-02-2012 08:50:29

I'll have to Photoshop something up. Just imagine a yellow 2006 Nissan Xterra with AT-AT legs. :twisted:


29-02-2012 09:33:51

Legs have to be yellow as well, don't forget that detail.


29-02-2012 11:29:57

I think we just stumbled onto yet another competition


29-02-2012 11:48:07

We just might have.


29-02-2012 11:49:39

And the winner gets a yellow 2006 Nissan Xterra with AT-AT legs :P


29-02-2012 11:51:01

Yeah but where are you going to park it


29-02-2012 11:58:10

ok i sent the paper work ill run the contest this week best photo will run as next weeks caption contest photo.... I also started week 2 of the caption contest and sent out the award for this past week.... winner winner chicken dinner looks like that one needs more bbq sauce !!!!!!!!!!!!!


29-02-2012 13:26:21

With AT-AT legs? You can park anywhere you damn well please.


29-02-2012 13:41:41

mmmmm chicken


29-02-2012 14:21:48

Who won the contest, did you say?


01-03-2012 01:45:17

Booo Silentness...More talking..and go do my comp. ;p


01-03-2012 02:33:08

Silence is golden, but not here!

And comp shall be participated in after work tomorrow. Horry for Krath-friendly comps!


01-03-2012 03:33:25

post post post


01-03-2012 04:25:33

Down with the Krath, the Obelisk shall rise again!


01-03-2012 08:39:33

And yet.....the Sith will always be the ones that rule the galaxy :twisted:


01-03-2012 10:11:04

And yet, it was a Sith that tossed his master down an exhaust shaft when they were on the verge of TRULLY controlling the galaxy. And all because his son was begging him for help like a baby. What a puss. ;p


01-03-2012 12:33:18

Hrm, this order run on makes me wonder if we could pull off a round of run ons that were teams of 2 (or 3) and then the best at the end of x amount of time wins.


01-03-2012 13:03:40

i never got on a team x(


01-03-2012 13:04:55

oh and MAKE A FRICKEN CAPTION this is all


01-03-2012 14:28:50

Jason: I will not deny that Vader was a puss, he was his entire life, but I will say this. Vader did not throw his master down the shaft, Anakin did......that stupid bastard of a kid.

Dranik: Are you talking for the House?


01-03-2012 14:36:35

Yes Im talking for the a run on of x prompt (maybe a military thing) that is me, you, and Jason VS Anshar, Egreg, and Scion or something (we could have more teams). But each team would do their run-on privately (through email or something) then at the end submit it to be graded, and the best one wins.


01-03-2012 15:55:36

Eh, wussy Sith, still. I'll be Krath until death.

And I like the sounds of this team run-on idea. Maybe it'll start small, but later incarnations I hope will have more of the House involved.


01-03-2012 16:24:52

Yay Krath! *high-fives Jason*


01-03-2012 16:30:50

I do too, Im just trying to figure out how it would actually work...I mean, we would have to have judges that were not participating in the events


01-03-2012 16:43:11

*high fives with Saronyx most enthusiastically*

Well, if need be, we might have to go outside the House to get judges. Maybe tap someone from the DC to do it. Or, do it elimination bracket style; have those that sit out for a round be the judges, then when a team gets eliminated, they become the judges.


01-03-2012 16:57:17

You people really should get on IRC more often lol.

And yea, I thought about going to the DC, seeing if we could get someone (maybe our new HM or even Muz!) to be our judges. Im really going to have to run this idea by Anshar.


01-03-2012 17:06:17

I'm down for that.


01-03-2012 20:44:05

Well, I downloaded an app to my phone and tablet yesterday to let me get on IRC when I'm out and about. Well, not with my tablet so much...that needs a wifi connection, but I can chat and not be bound to the computer so much. Gotta love Android! Just wish my phone had a bigger screen. Dumb pre-paid phone. Can't wait until I can upgrade in October.


02-03-2012 00:50:05

I'm too busy for IRC. :P If another RO is started, I'm going to try again to post something, but there's still no guarantee.


02-03-2012 00:57:27

Oh, I'm sure there's gonna be another RO. With the success of the most recent one, there's bound to be another.


02-03-2012 03:06:51

Im sure there will be one too...just dont ask me what its about or when..cause I dont know


02-03-2012 03:23:19

What's it about Dranik, and when is it? :P


02-03-2012 05:10:17

Dont make me put on a bowtie and get a sonic screw driver to come after you with!


03-03-2012 09:47:18

Is that a threat or a promise?


03-03-2012 21:03:19

Uhh, its both! Cause, bowties are cool.


03-03-2012 21:07:47



05-03-2012 21:40:42

*listens* NOOOOOOO there are too many crickets in here now, quick someone lightsaber em


05-03-2012 21:52:16

only have 2 entries for the caption contest and 1 picture submission.... sadface


06-03-2012 01:43:08

I submitted to both of your pic contests.

Also good luck on the Voice comp.


06-03-2012 01:44:24

Sadface, NNNNOOOOOO!!!

Silence, NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


06-03-2012 01:58:19

You get on IRC Jason!!!! :P


06-03-2012 10:43:46

Sorry, I was at a friend's place last night. So, no IRC for me!


06-03-2012 19:18:27

*rocks back and forth trying to hide from the silence* Make it go away, someone make it go away.


07-03-2012 09:43:34

*puts on some music*

There. No more silence. :D


07-03-2012 13:06:12

*listens for a few seconds, then drops in a Metallica CD*

There. Better ;p


07-03-2012 14:38:34

But I don't know how to dance to Metallica... :P


07-03-2012 14:48:27

Usually you run around and punch people in the face. Just don't slip in the beer. :P


07-03-2012 21:34:47

What is this "dance" thing that you speak of? I only know of head banging and air guitar. Oh, and the air drums. All the good, wholesome things that any metalhead knows.


07-03-2012 22:19:11

No no now, dont forgot the girls with the stripper can do that to Metallica too..


08-03-2012 01:51:20

Well yeah, I suppose you could do that as well. I was speaking in general metal terms, though. Not sure how many strippers dance to Lamb of God. That would be cool, though.


08-03-2012 03:00:29

Im sure their are some out there that do...I know Ive heard of stranger songs for them to dance to...


08-03-2012 10:37:50

Maybe I just need practice then...


08-03-2012 14:23:40

Ummm...well im sure we can install a stripper pole next to the bar if you would like? ;p


08-03-2012 16:19:28

*grabs a hammer*


09-03-2012 01:37:31

So hopefully we will have a major competition starting very very soon for the House, I hope to see every one of you participating in it.....If not, I will feed you to ummm...something very bad.


09-03-2012 09:24:48

To Oberst?


10-03-2012 00:06:14

That would, indeed, be bad.

Looking forward to a comp!


10-03-2012 14:14:01

Oh hey. I was told this is the real Ale Pond and the other one's just an imposter. Anyway, new guy here. Ale for everyone?


10-03-2012 14:19:06



10-03-2012 16:01:13

*holds out his mug" Yes please.

Welcome to Tarentum! Here at the Ale Pond, you will find random bits of insanity and the occasional useful tidbit of information. But, it's normally just drunken antics.


10-03-2012 17:03:37

*pulls out his flask*

What are you talking about Jason, we don't drink here. :P


10-03-2012 20:29:38

Then...why is it..called the...Ale..Pond..? ;p


10-03-2012 20:45:34

*shrugs and continues drinking out of his flask*


11-03-2012 01:34:27

*takes Hazzan's flask away and burns it in fire*

No flask for you!


11-03-2012 03:37:10

*takes out his back-up flask*

Nope, no drinking at all...


11-03-2012 17:50:43

*takes flasks and glasses and such, fills them with ale, and serves the patrons* Greetings, Tenda.


12-03-2012 01:53:16

*steels Hazzan's drink and pours it out*


12-03-2012 02:46:52


That is a good way to lose a hand foo! :P


12-03-2012 11:36:43


*serves Hazzan again and takes away Dranik's drink*


12-03-2012 13:34:42

Looks like someone's taking sides.


12-03-2012 14:15:41

*looks at where his drink was* awwww


12-03-2012 16:00:56

So I have to say that was one hell of a discussion on IRC today.

Lucky for me, I have pain pills that make me just......just not care :P


12-03-2012 18:49:01

Aw man, did I miss something good?


12-03-2012 19:11:17

Just a super intense discussion on the aspects of ToR and the DB.


12-03-2012 22:54:20

You know, I was so going to make this a sticky topic and remove the old one...but I cant figure out how (also know as, the options to do such do not exist for me)...*mutter*


12-03-2012 23:33:04

Well, find someone who can, for crapping out loud!


13-03-2012 00:00:01

If you is bored...go watchy


13-03-2012 22:29:52

I see how it is, my link scares everyone off.


14-03-2012 02:13:28



14-03-2012 17:32:07

Well, mIRC isn't working for me anymore. I tried uninstalling and installing it again and and nothing. :evil:


14-03-2012 21:43:17

I never could get mIRC to work. I tried a couple different programs, and right now I'm using one called XChat. Seems to work just fine, and it even lets you monitor multiple channels. So, maybe check that one out.


15-03-2012 10:27:45

But were on irc yesterday??? *is so confused*


15-03-2012 20:41:52

Yea, I beat it into submission


16-03-2012 09:15:24

Hammer mechanic?


18-03-2012 18:25:16

*tries to think of something to say, but instead draws a blank and serves another round to all of the patrons*


18-03-2012 18:51:02

*sends Hazzy a few extra rounds* Cheers!

*steals the bottle opener and hides it in Jason's pocket*


18-03-2012 22:21:47

Yay booze!


21-03-2012 02:14:26

Why you people no chat no more. Silence is bad! Tarentum Demands talk!


21-03-2012 23:03:26

Silence is bad, mmmkay?


21-03-2012 23:35:42



21-03-2012 23:46:18

Silence: the one thing you break by saying its name. :P


25-03-2012 13:57:56

I hope the reason that it's so quiet in here, is that everyone's working on those comps that Anshar and Dranik are putting out. I know I am. :P


25-03-2012 18:37:00

My excuse is still school. Sorry. :/


25-03-2012 18:49:04

Well, the crossword is quick. Took me, like, 5-10 minutes. At least it'd be something.


25-03-2012 19:04:14

*looks away from her essay for a moment* Maybe when I'm done with my homework...


26-03-2012 09:39:23

*shudders* Ugh, essays. Remember those from high school. So glad I'm going through a tech school; college isn't my thing.


26-03-2012 10:23:55

I'm going to a liberal arts school, majoring in religion. A lot of essays shall be written. -.-


27-03-2012 01:29:58

Religion? That's a hell of a thing to be studying. Good luck with that.


27-03-2012 11:27:48

Thanks. I'm really looking forward to it. ^^


01-04-2012 09:57:57

If anyone notices the DB site today, it appears that Aoril Fool's has struck's inverted.


01-04-2012 13:54:47

It was actually a pretty good April fools gag Though, almost as good s the one when they reversed the ranks and Firefox (sitting GM) became an INI so he used his powers to fix it, so when they changed everything back he was actually an INI.

Though it is a bit annoying when you have work to do on the website. I bet today will see the least amount of db work ever.


02-04-2012 00:29:11



03-04-2012 03:58:29

Okay Everyone, Drinks are on our newest EQ 1, so everyone go Demand that Hazzan gives you your drinks!


03-04-2012 13:02:10

Yay for new person! And, I think Hazzan should buy us drinks just because he hasn't posted in a while. ;P


03-04-2012 13:22:00

I agree. It's Hazzan's turn to pay for drinks. Until then, I shall provide entertainment.

*dances for all of the patrons*


04-04-2012 02:47:44

Thanks all for the support, and incredible thanks to both Dranik and Anshar for the reccs.

By order of the newest Sith Warrior and new Rollmaster of Tarentum, I say bring on the booze!

*opens the loading bay doors for a truck filled with kegs*


04-04-2012 09:02:15

Excellent! *helps unload the truck*


05-04-2012 01:05:01 got promoted!!??!? Crap...I mean, congrats! Er, yeah....great, now we're both EQ1's... *mumbles something nasty under his breath*


05-04-2012 12:03:05

Thats what I meant by drinks were on our newest EQ1. I didnt mean we had a transfer ;p


06-04-2012 09:08:58

Yeah...when I went back and reread that, it made sense. No idea what was going through my head at the time.


06-04-2012 20:10:45

You mean you ever know whats going on inside that head of yours?


07-04-2012 02:12:19

Ever so rarely.


07-04-2012 05:19:35

So my new saber came in to day, I think its the epic. You should go check it out ;p


07-04-2012 23:35:05

Really? The Dooku style? Never been a fan of that curved hilt style.


08-04-2012 07:02:21

Lol I like it, and it goes with my eventual chosen saber style pretty well.


08-04-2012 18:37:15

Well, too each their own, right? I still don't know which of the canon styles I prefer, but I've liked a standard straight hilt. Eventually, when I have the rank, I'll be dual wielding. That's badass in my book. ;p


08-04-2012 22:02:51

Who doesn't want two lightsabers?


11-04-2012 13:44:47

That's what I figure. ;p


11-04-2012 13:53:48

I'd take two lightsabers if I could. But with the way things are going right now, I don't think I'll even make it to DJK.


12-04-2012 01:10:42

That's only two promos away. Just plug away in school, get through that, and come back strong. The DB will always be here, ready and waiting to reward you for that which you put in. The nice thing, is that the early ranks are easy to get out of. Once you get into the Equites, it's a little harder to get promoted. I mean, hell, I've been a Priest for-freakin-ever!


12-04-2012 14:20:37

But this summer, I'm going to be an intern for a ministry. Which means I still won't have time for DJB stuff. Then school again in the fall... -.-


12-04-2012 21:52:52

Holy crap(literally). When are you gonna be done with all that? The next ice age? ;p


13-04-2012 00:31:10

haha nope. The rapture is coming before then. :P

I have no idea when I'll be able to participate again.


13-04-2012 01:10:37

I thought the rapture was supposed to have happened sometime last year? Oh yeah, that's right...that math guy got his calculations wrong...again.

Well, when the Mayans are proven wrong just like Y2K, and you're done with school, the DB will still be here. :D


13-04-2012 02:07:53

And here's something that I think everyone will get a kick out of. Here's my girlfriend's 2 year-old daughter, wielding the weapon of the Jedi on Easter. Later we ran around on the front yard, and she chased me around swinging it like she knew what to do with the damned thing. ;)


14-04-2012 18:50:06

Lets see how many people I confuse by changing this topic's location and closing the old one.


15-04-2012 00:36:14

Well, you certainly confused me. But only for a moment. The Holocron indicates a sticky, correct?


15-04-2012 09:19:06

If the holocron is the triangle thing in the circle then yes ;p


15-04-2012 09:46:48

Yes, that's a holocron...


16-04-2012 09:49:39

Well it seems that you may have been the only one to figure it out....


16-04-2012 10:12:09

I am a Star Wars nerd, after all.

I'd be surprised if I trully was the only one who knew what that pyramid was...


16-04-2012 10:21:16

No no no, not what I meant, I meant figure out where the ale pond went...cause, you know, no one else has posted since I put it as a sticky :(


17-04-2012 11:29:32


....I guess everyone else is just a bunch of slackers! ;p


20-04-2012 01:46:16

Actually, I'm busy with RL.
Also, about the Rapture... Only God the Father knows when that'll be. Human calculations will always be wrong.


20-04-2012 11:32:16

not to open up a theological discussion on here, even though i do believe this thread is for talking about pretty much whatever...i do recall being told that the bible does say something along the lines of "man shall not know the date." or something to that effect. i don't personally believe, but i don't knock anyone that does. that's a totally personal choice, and one of the great things about this country: freedom of worship.


20-04-2012 22:00:19

Lol, I sometimes wonder just how far the founding fathers would have wanted the notion of freedom of worship to go. They built the Constitution to last and they were correct in that the world would change, but to the extent that one man in DC could have a real time chat with a man in China... I would love to see their faces, how they would process the information, if they could.

And dont diss the Mayans. Our calendar is 12 months, 365 days. Theirs is a couple thousand years. They never said that the world would end. Some jackass in modern times prolly figured that since the calendar ends or more correctly, resets in 2012, it must be the end of the world.

Here is a better question. Why are we all worried about this? Assuming Doomsday happens, as the lyrics of Anna Nalick's song goes:

'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe... just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

Might as well enjoy the ride.


22-04-2012 17:56:31

Well, it'll happen one day. Even scientists know that someday the world will end. I'm enjoying life as much as I can in college. :P


10-06-2012 14:17:49

Wow. It's been a couple of months, and I'm the last one that posted? Really? Alright then...

Whoever posts today gets three free drinks and one free drink for every day after today that they post. This offer ends at midnight, DJB time. ;)

(I will not be on the whole time, so after I leave, feel free to get the drinks yourself.)


12-06-2012 02:28:49

Well, looks like I'm the only one that checks the drinks for me! w00t!


12-06-2012 13:30:26

Nope. You didn't post that day. :P You do get free drinks for posting again though. ;)

*dresses in her maid outfit and serves Jason*


13-06-2012 10:04:25

Yes! Something free! *happily takes his drink and does a little dance, sauntering off towards the edge of the Pond*

...didn't this thing used to be bigger?


13-06-2012 10:11:15

Yes, but unfortunately, lack of people has dried the pond up a little. Hopefully more people will join us soon.


14-06-2012 00:14:43

They better. Maybe now that I'm AED, I can make it a mandate, or something. Executive order it, or some crap.

Speaking of people joining us, you've made a sudden return from the nether world of RL, Saronyx. Bit of a break from school or something?


14-06-2012 12:48:09

Summer break. I have a job though. But yes, I have a break from school. :)


15-06-2012 09:30:48

Sweet. Having a break from the education is always good...avoid the burn-out. And job is equally good, keeps the mind stimulated. And money coming in, which is most important of all ;p


15-06-2012 11:13:46

Well, money isn't everything. It pays bills, but that's about it.


19-06-2012 00:46:23

Agreed, but it certainly makes life much easier. I'm tired of struggling at a shit job, making a shit wage, that essentially only pay my insanely high truck payment and most of my gas. I can't even afford to live on my own, or pay my own insurance. Either things need to be cheaper, or I need to make more money. I wish things didn't have to be like that, but they are. The economy is f-ed, and I need to make all the money I can to just start getting somewhere in life again.


19-06-2012 01:39:41

My job is a minimum wage job, I'm not even going to try to live alone right now. I'm just happy to be working. :)


19-06-2012 02:55:42

Having a job is a good thing right now. Still almost 9% of the country doesn't have one, with millions just having given up looking.

My current job does pay much above Washington's minimum wage...I make 10/hr, and min. wage is, like, 9.60 or something like that. I've been making 10 for a little over 4 years, with no raises. My new job, that I start on next Monday, won't start out paying much better, but gets me back into the aerospace industry. It's my foot back in the door, and that's what I'm looking for.

I think Lamb of God's song "Bootscraper" accurately depicts how I feel about my current job...

Watch the broken common man
Drown his sorrows at unhappy hour.
Dirty and sweaty
With just enough to get by.
Calluses on his hands calluses on his soul
Hard-boiled son of a bitch
Scraping away on the down hill grind.
It's a means to an end, a mean end for most.
Death and domestication ends in shattered hopes
Can't see the hand at the other end of the leash.
Turn and bite.
Turn and bite the hand that bleeds you dry.
Throw yourself a bone, no one else will.
Compromise leads to self-loathing
Money the excrement of labor.
And you don't get to keep shit
Except politics and power trips and a bad breath down your neck.
I know
For I have toiled in the halls of the mighty
And not received a teardrop in a bucket.
Motherfuck it.
The world doesn't owe me a thing
But you do (Motherfucker).
So crooked when you die they're gonna have to screw your ass into the ground.
As life slowly unravels
With nothing to show but wasted time and dust
A thousand points of lies falling on the deafened funeral eardrums of the blind masses.
Rise above, extract your life.
Will you look within
Then turn around and bite?
Day by day the mask suffocates your life
Is this any way to live?
No fucking way.


19-06-2012 03:10:34

I'm glad that you're getting a better job. :)

Also, I like your signature.


19-06-2012 03:42:43

Thanks, on both. Photoshop tutorial websites come in handy ;)


19-06-2012 12:51:20

One day, I'm going to get an awesome signature like that. One day...


21-06-2012 02:02:45

Well, send me an idea of what you want, and maybe a picture or two you'd want, and I'll see what I can slap together for you.


21-06-2012 02:06:24

I want a pic of my character first and foremost. :P I'm not good at art, and I don't have much money. So, as soon as I get a pic, I'll let you know what to do with it. :)


22-06-2012 09:40:36

Who said anything about money? If you think I'd do it only as a commission, you're horribly mistaken. I'm nowhere near good enough with Photoshop to warrant that kind of expectation.

And as for a character you really think I draw mine? Seems like you're unfamiliar with Dragonball Z. I just use (and have always used) the image of Trunks, and edited it in some way. I'm trying to work on my drawing skills, but as with anything, that's a slow process.

I say, if you want a cool sig, search the internet for a picture you like. Send it to me, either the link or the file, with your idea, and I'll see what I can do for ya. ;)


22-06-2012 13:19:42

I actually am familiar with DBZ. I noticed your pic is Trunks with purple hair. :P Alright, I'll see what I can do.


24-06-2012 01:28:12

Well, Trunks with DARKER purple hair. More a royal purple, versus lavender. Or Krath purple, as I like to call it.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Just shoot me an e-mail when you're ready!


24-06-2012 09:05:58

I thought I was the only one that called that color Krath purple...

Will do!


24-06-2012 13:04:31

Hmm...and I thought I came up with calling it that. Looks like we were both wrong! :)


25-06-2012 13:10:39

Or are we both right? Great minds do think alike, right? ;)


25-06-2012 14:32:36

Yes, that is indeed true. And it's only fitting that we're both Krath. ;)


26-06-2012 01:23:55

hehe, indeed.

So, are you ready for another drink?


26-06-2012 22:05:10

*looks down into his mug, which is empty and has the dried remains of a long forgotten ale in the bottom*

I would most certainly say so. Fill 'er up!


26-06-2012 22:18:17

Yes sir, Mr. Aedile, sir. *fills the empty mug with ale*

Is there anything else I can do for you?


14-07-2012 01:35:25

*begins cleaning up, listening to the crickets chirp*


27-05-2013 21:55:27

So... The Ale Pond will be here for whenever Phase 1 of the Crusade is over...


01-06-2013 09:31:31

*walks out of the surrounding forest with theme music... sounds alot like Hammer Time.*

"Cant touch this!"


01-06-2013 09:37:01

Haha, most epic. Welcome to the Tarentum Ale Pond, where drinks are usually paid for! Today, we are celebrating the end of phase 1 of the Crusade, as well as activity returning to the Pond! Or puddle, at the moment.

So today, drinks are on me!

*serves Lev*


01-06-2013 09:45:17

Thank ye kindly.

*takes a swig.

so how are things, oh baroness?


01-06-2013 09:51:13

Things are okay. I'm happy to be active in the DB. I hope I can keep my activity.

How about you, oh Battle Team Leader of the Jen Kaari?


01-06-2013 09:59:07

pretty good here too, tbh i was hoping for 2 maybe 3 more members, but the turnout for the ad i emailed out has been fantastic!

course, it can always be better ;), that is to say: gotta recruit em all! Tarentum! (think pokemon intro music theme, youtube if you don't know)

*takes another swig.


01-06-2013 10:07:45

Oh, I agree. The more, the merrier!

(I am familiar with Pokemon.)

Now, if only everyone else would show up here. Especially Jason. I'd like to serve my Master again. ;)


02-06-2013 05:57:46

meh, whatevs! i'll drink for everyone!

*orders 7 extra drinks*

errm, give me some variation with those? :p


02-06-2013 08:35:32

Okay, all but one drink the same? :P

I'll prepare seven different drinks for you as you need them. :)



02-06-2013 09:49:31

This makes me an alcoholic doesn't it?

or do you use, synth-ale? *eyes narrowed suspiciously*


02-06-2013 14:11:31

I usually use alcohol, though I can use synth-ale. That's your choice. ^^

So, what would you like next?


02-06-2013 15:38:58

i wonder what Dark Side Force cooking would be like?


02-06-2013 16:48:28

This is a bar, not a restaurant. :P

*serves another round*


04-06-2013 00:05:48

*picks up mug of foaming rich brown ale*

looks like fine dining to me!

*takes a hearty swig*


04-06-2013 10:20:49

Haha this isn't fine dining. Maybe fine drinking, but not fine dining. :P


04-06-2013 17:44:11

Woo, promotion! Drinks are on me!

*runs around like a little girl until someone joins*


05-06-2013 03:02:08

whooo! promotion for Nyx!

*joins Saronyx running around like a little girl*


05-06-2013 07:07:44

*runs to get a drink for her BTL and sets it on a table before continuing the run-around* Wooooooooo!


06-06-2013 17:36:00

What drinks are being served? I like drinks!


06-06-2013 17:57:37

What drinks do you like? I believe we have something to suit your taste.


06-06-2013 18:16:06

Soda of all varities, water, juice, beer, wine coolers,schnapps, buttershots, etc. Maybe a Tarentum logo umbrella in it?


06-06-2013 18:36:01

I've never had a buttershot...

*hands one to Ernordeth*

EDIT: IRC is failing, so I'm sorry if I can't get back on.


06-06-2013 18:44:51

It's just butterscotch schnapps...really easy to just drink the whole bottle at once


06-06-2013 19:01:16

It sounds good. But, unfortunately, the Baroness can't drink, lest people want to serve themselves.


06-06-2013 19:23:22

How can you be in the Ale Pond and not drink?


06-06-2013 19:44:37

I'm the one that takes care of the Ale Pond. I can't drink and take care of something at the same time. :P


06-06-2013 20:22:36

I believe this is up for debate. Lev, what say thee?


07-06-2013 06:48:21

*stops running around in a circle like a girl, straightens up and gets all serious, dark vibe included and stares at Saronyx"

you haven't been drinking?


i want to see a drunk Saronyx! Change approved!


07-06-2013 10:04:25

Haha, nah. I don't feel like getting drunk today. :P


07-06-2013 11:36:19

as you wish, but we're saying you CAN


07-06-2013 13:10:47

Just cause I can doesn't mean I necessarily should. :P

Maybe one day.


07-06-2013 14:54:20

"Can," "should, " all in the future! live in the NOW... maaan (stoner voice)


07-06-2013 15:27:38

In a galaxy far, far away from us in the future I hear there's an America with these United States and some of there presidents have even been alcoholics in our future, but their past. Crazy isn't it? Pathetic life forms only use a small part of their brain. Their "lightsaber" is made of plastic.


07-06-2013 18:38:21

Haha, stupid people.



07-06-2013 18:48:45

"It's a party in the USA!" in my best Miley voice

Seren Dipity

07-06-2013 21:17:47

youre silly


07-06-2013 21:27:32

I agree with Sayrah.

Also, Hi Sayrah. Welcome to the Tarentum Ale Pond. What would you like to drink?


08-06-2013 00:00:35

Next round is on me!


08-06-2013 08:02:42

in that case... Romulan Ale? you know the blue stuff? (or green sometimes)

also welcome Sayrah!


08-06-2013 15:02:42

I'll take a shot glass and a bottle of Henri IV Cognac Grande Champagne.


08-06-2013 17:00:36

*fills the orders and delivers them to their orderers* Anything else for you guys?


08-06-2013 18:33:51

A few more bottles of that. It's only worth $2,000,000 USD


08-06-2013 22:06:44

But we don't use USD. ;)


09-06-2013 01:12:58

What is the current value of Galactic Credits to USD?


09-06-2013 04:04:42

Um... I'm not sure...


09-06-2013 04:28:14

roughly 3,180,000 Galactic Credits per bottle. According to this link lol
Check the Value of a Credit section


09-06-2013 05:31:29

*narrows eyes suspiciously*

how did you guys know what USD is?


09-06-2013 14:18:27

The Force is a powerful ally.


10-06-2013 14:55:31

yea, should have seen that one coming.

*downs the rest of the ale with a grimace

*horsley, "nother one please!"


10-06-2013 18:32:26

Coming right up!

*serves to Levathan, skating instead of walking*

Anything else?


10-06-2013 19:39:44

Some tater tots and nachos to share...please use the nacho cheese made from blue milk


10-06-2013 20:08:43

This isn't a restaurant lol
I guess it's time we turn this into a restaurant/cantina?


10-06-2013 21:55:39

Bar food!


10-06-2013 23:07:56

Hm... Do I have permission from the House summit to start serving food here? I don't want to do anything without their permission...


11-06-2013 00:03:40

"It's not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it was easy."

The Tarentum Ale Pond motto!


11-06-2013 00:07:50

How else are we to combat drunkeness


11-06-2013 02:03:38

With food! Scion apparently doesn't object, or he would have said something.

So, who wanted nachos?


11-06-2013 02:30:49

All 23 pages of us!


11-06-2013 08:15:14

mmmmmmm nachos.

actually i could also do with some nuts, i love nuts!


11-06-2013 10:43:04

HAHAHA what kind of nuts?


11-06-2013 11:33:45

Cashew, pistachio, steamed, any kind! i'm just REALLY craving nuts... damn romulan ale...

but yea, if we're going to get food, won't we need a cook?


11-06-2013 12:03:40

You're right... Who will be our cook? And don't look at me; I dress in maid outfits and serve people. :P


11-06-2013 12:24:50

i'd just have too much fun tasting the food, most of it won't come out the kitchen :p

nomination for Anshar?


11-06-2013 13:52:38

Hm... Anshar would make a good cook...

I second the nomination!


11-06-2013 15:04:36

We will now accept votes


12-06-2013 01:32:41

Cashew, pistachio, steamed, any kind! i'm just REALLY craving nuts... damn romulan ale...

Romulan? Dude, this isn't Star Trek.

*pops the top of a Corellian Ale and takes a long swig from the bottle, casting a disdainful look upon Levathan*


12-06-2013 09:54:04

pifft! i wanted blue stuff!

care to suggest something?


12-06-2013 15:39:15

Blue Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough whipped vodka?


12-06-2013 16:43:39

That sounds good...


12-06-2013 17:39:14

My wife likes making frozen chocolate milk with it lol


13-06-2013 01:56:49

omg that sounds epic!

i demand this on the new menu!!


13-06-2013 02:19:07

*serves said drink to Levathan*

I'm way ahead of you. ;)


13-06-2013 02:37:34

+1 for Ernordeth


13-06-2013 10:19:40

*mixes one for Ernordeth and serves it to him*

Anything else?


13-06-2013 13:46:34

What are the numbers for the Yridian Lottery?


13-06-2013 15:16:33

For last night? They are:
07 22 38 56 69 and the bonus ball is14!
Did you win? :D


13-06-2013 15:25:17

I had the first set but not the I won something!


13-06-2013 15:30:35

Most excellent! Would you like me to cash in the ticket for you?


13-06-2013 15:40:16

Yes, please! And the next round is on me!


13-06-2013 16:06:21

*scans the lottery ticket. The number "500" pops up*

You won 500 credits!

*cashes said ticket and hands Ernordeth 500 credits*


13-06-2013 16:07:47



14-06-2013 16:43:57

*leviathan looks in puzzled*

what just happend? lol


14-06-2013 17:21:27

I won 500 credits and bought you a drink to shut you up


15-06-2013 01:12:35

You can't win if you don't play! It's the Yridian Lottery!



15-06-2013 01:29:39

Lev did you enter Shirley Jackson's lottery?


15-06-2013 02:19:45

Ahh! now THAT i did! i hear first prize is her wardrobe though..... not sure if i want to win at this point.


15-06-2013 03:28:20

Lol are you familiar with her short story?


15-06-2013 13:36:44

know about it.. roughly, never actually read it though. after being forced to (over)analyze all sorts of literature in english classes, i tend to stay away from anything claiming to BE litriture.


15-06-2013 14:45:12

It's quite a good short story. But basically it's population control and the hunger games utilized this story for inspiration. The winner of the lottery is sacrificed by being stoned to do


15-06-2013 15:30:09

now when you say "stoned" :P

*points to the five leafed plants growing by the bar*


15-06-2013 15:54:17

Yes, it's a lovely ivy, isn't it? I'm about to put some rods in the soil so that the vines can climb up. :D


15-06-2013 16:03:01

/me starts a fire


15-06-2013 17:28:06

*glares at Ernordeth* Wood fire or grease fire?


15-06-2013 18:22:12

Dragon fire!


15-06-2013 23:14:46


If you want to take over the Ale Pond, good luck to you. That makes you responsible for damages and financial losses due to your dragon. Which means your lottery winnings will not cover all of it. Plus, you'll have to do all of the tedious physical labor of not only cleaning the Ale Pond, but also keeping it clean, serving the customers, and looking attractive. *erotically poses for all of the men in here, still wearing a maid outfit* You think you can handle all of that? ;)


16-06-2013 00:07:05

/me waves his hand

All problems are solved.


16-06-2013 01:43:09

You're just a Protector. How can you solve everything with a wave of your hand? :P


16-06-2013 02:13:27

Past experience


16-06-2013 04:10:03

If you say so. *resumes her duties as the baroness*


16-06-2013 12:32:47

hey now! past experience doesn't count, that was your past life!

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to eat that dragon *drool*


16-06-2013 14:09:21

You can use our grill to cook it, if you'd like.

*picks up the ashes from burnt wood and such, places them in the now plantless plant pot, and tosses it all outside*


16-06-2013 15:45:07

also! i shall partake in a Levacake for a scrumptious dessert! :)


16-06-2013 17:07:12

Okay, we have Levacake on our menu now.
What was it we named after Ernordeth?


16-06-2013 20:45:22



16-06-2013 22:11:29

*writes it down*
So, ErnoMaid is some type of drink, and LevaCake is a dessert.
ErnoMaid: one part Corellian rum, two parts coffee?
LevaCake: chocolate cone-shaped cake, filled with molted chocolate lava and covered in even more chocolatey lava? Or served with ice cream?



16-06-2013 22:16:11

And a some cookie dough


16-06-2013 22:45:29

To your drink or Lev's dessert?

Also, new item: The Firebird. Scotch with a bit of cinnamon and a touch of honey.


16-06-2013 23:48:22

My drink of course


17-06-2013 10:53:46

Okay. The ErnoMaid: One part Corellian Rum, two parts coffee. Served with cookie dough in a bowl. Sound good? :D


17-06-2013 14:40:42

Sounds great


17-06-2013 16:08:12

*writes it down* I'll have someone make menus sometime soon. :D


17-06-2013 16:17:36

I'll take 2 orders of ErnoMaid


17-06-2013 17:25:43

*still in a maid outfit and roller blades, Onyx expertly serves two ErnoMaids to Ernordeth*


17-06-2013 18:58:46

/me finishes both of them


17-06-2013 23:42:25

A fast drinker, I see?


18-06-2013 00:18:55



18-06-2013 00:41:01

Congratulations to Ernordeth, our newest Aedile! Next five rounds are on me!

*serves everyone*


18-06-2013 06:47:14

I'm buying any food anyone wants too!


18-06-2013 12:53:35

i want kryat dragon steaks skewered a Dathomeri Night siser's spear, roasted over a Kessel Spice fire with a side order of steamed veggies :D

another Levacake for dessert

and 3 Ernomaid! cuz 1 just ain't enough.


18-06-2013 14:03:31

Alright. *serves the first ErnoMaid, then gets out a notepad to write down the order* How do you want your steak cooked?


18-06-2013 20:06:29

I'll have what he's having!


18-06-2013 20:44:53

How would you like your steak?


18-06-2013 22:06:35

Medium Well


18-06-2013 22:52:43

Okay. Since Lev isn't replying, I'll go ahead and put your order in as well as go get your drink.

*skates to the kitchen, returning a few minutes later with an ErnoMaid. She hands the drink to the Aedile*


19-06-2013 00:23:17

Yay! The next round is on me again, because Miami won!


19-06-2013 03:12:00

err, you DO realise you can refuse outrageous orders right? :P

also i'll go with medium rare :D


19-06-2013 07:15:11

*skates into the kitchen* The other steak is medium rare.

*guests hear food being put on the grill. Saronyx emerges with two more ErnoMaids, one for Lev and one for Ernordeth. She gives each man his drink*


19-06-2013 07:23:50

*grins and whispers to Erno,* you think we should make her wear those weird pins and put on a creepily overly cheerful attitude on?


19-06-2013 13:30:51

Indeed I do!


19-06-2013 14:42:11

*looks at Lev, then at Ernordeth*

What are you two whispering about?


19-06-2013 16:14:11

How awesome the game was last night!


19-06-2013 16:55:46

Aventine wanders in, takes a seat at the bar, and smiles at the purple Twi'lek on the other side of the bar.

Could I get a burger and a pint of ale?"


19-06-2013 17:09:19

Saronyx, I'm buying. Make it 2 pints.


19-06-2013 17:12:24

Aventine glances towards the speaker, recognizing him as the Aedile.

Thank you, kind Sir. How goes the House?


19-06-2013 17:13:03

You got it!

*turns to the little window and tells the cook to make a burger before pouring two pints of ale*

I haven't seen you around here before. You new? *hands her the pint*


19-06-2013 18:05:33

Aventine sips the ale. It tastes different, stronger, but still really good.

Amused, Aventine looks at the Twi'lek and responds teasingly.

New today, long lost friends tomorrow. I'm Aventine. What's your name?


19-06-2013 19:10:46

I'm Saronyx, Jedi Hunter and caretaker of the Ale Pond. But you knew that already.

*Saronyx smiles at the fellow Krath*


19-06-2013 19:32:09

Aventine smiles and with a twinkle, gazes into Saronyx's eyes.

Was it that obvious? You most certainly do look like a Saronyx.


19-06-2013 20:48:26

Thank you.

*The burger has finished cooking. Saronyx serves the burger to Aventine*


19-06-2013 22:00:58

The House is well. that a reference to Rome?


20-06-2013 01:42:06

Aventine thanks Saronyx and takes a bite of the burger.

Mmm, this is quite good!

Aventine was the southernmost of the hills that Rome was built on top of. But it's such a beautiful word in its own right. How about Ernordeth?


20-06-2013 02:31:55

*Lev grins*

Hello Aventine! it is indeed a beautiful name, welcome to the house :)

*collapses and an pale energy is visibly seen leaving his body*

soooo, huuuungry.


20-06-2013 03:21:22

It is a great name. Ernordeth has no real meaning, just a blending of Earn your death. The last name Puer-Irae is Latin for Child of the Wrath.


20-06-2013 06:06:18

*collects two steaks from the kitchen, then skates over to Lev and Ernordeth to serve them*

Can I get you guys anything else? :D


20-06-2013 06:18:56

No thanks


20-06-2013 14:21:11

*gives a thumbs up while wolfing down the steak, then takes a pause*

you've been running around for awhile now, take a break?


20-06-2013 15:34:20

Pour yourself a drink, Saronyx!


20-06-2013 15:55:53

Aventine, burger in tow, moves to Ernordeth's table and grabs two chairs, one for Saronyx.

Those steaks look good. How were your days?


20-06-2013 16:04:44

The steaks are delicious. My day is going great, how has your day gone? Enjoying the Brotherhood?


20-06-2013 16:13:56

Indeed. I'm coming up with a backstory.


20-06-2013 16:17:21

That's good. We use our own Wikipedia for character histories, if you wanna check any out or work on it here's a link to the main page:

You can look someone specific up by name if you'd like or just browse.


20-06-2013 18:30:41

*pours a cup of coffee and sits next to Aventine *

In real life my day has been busy and boring.


20-06-2013 18:34:10

Aventine looks towards Saronyx with interest.

What did you do?


20-06-2013 18:37:21

I'm training to work in a prison. :D


20-06-2013 18:44:02

But now you can have fun and play?


21-06-2013 02:32:30

Congratulations are in order! Aventine has been promoted to Novice and is near Acolyte already!


21-06-2013 02:57:38

Whoo! congrats Aventine!

you want the customary ale on the head now or a double after Acolyte?



21-06-2013 07:16:53

Congratulations Aventine!


21-06-2013 11:10:17

Aventine grins and looks at the three.

Thanks. Levathan, I think I'll take the double after Acolyte.


21-06-2013 22:27:48

Maybe you should try out IRC so you can get that double?


21-06-2013 23:29:03

*nods in agreement*

IRC is a great way to chat with people. Except UnderNet is epically failing for some of us... But it's great!


22-06-2013 03:10:02

Yep and there's some trivia at 8:30pm EST on IRC in #tarentum winner will get a Legion of the Scholar


22-06-2013 03:35:24

yessss join usssss

(promise not to be as creepy on IRC)


22-06-2013 13:08:34

I was on earlier, then kicked off, and I haven't had any success connecting since.


22-06-2013 13:40:47

Did you try downloading from the link I posted?


22-06-2013 15:32:31

It's great to hear you were on. From what I can see it might connect better with a different client. I hope you enjoyed it and hope you're able to return tonight for trivia!


22-06-2013 17:26:26

Saronyx, it wouldn't work anyway. mIRC is for PCs only.


22-06-2013 17:39:53

Oh, I'm sorry, Aventine. I wish I could help you more.


22-06-2013 18:48:46

Prepare the drinks, milady


22-06-2013 19:22:46

Yes, sir!

*goes behind the bar to prepare ErnoMaids for everyone*


22-06-2013 20:05:24

*goes up to nyx behind the bar and hold out a bear pin with "have a guuuuureat day!" on it


you want to smack me yet? :P


22-06-2013 21:40:39

lol nah. I need to set a good example for the BT. :D

*accepts the bear pin with a giggle* It's shiny...


23-06-2013 01:16:04

We have a new Acolyte!


23-06-2013 12:37:14

Whoooo! grats Aventine!

*orders 2 ales for everyone*

time for some fuuuun :D


23-06-2013 12:42:32

*dumps two ales on Aventine's head as she skates by, then serves two ales to everyone* Congrats, my friend.


23-06-2013 17:54:22

Aventive shivers as the cool ale flows downward with a tingle running up through the spine. A bit excited, Aventine reacts, leaping up, hugging Saronyx, and pressing the ale-soaked clothes against Saronyx's robes. Thats what friends do.

Aventine then bows towards the other two, now hooting and laughing, at the table.

Thank you, my friends.


23-06-2013 18:16:28

/me pulls Saronyx to the side and whispers

Go prepare another round of drinks


23-06-2013 19:19:11

*skates to the bar and prepares another round for everyone. Saronyx serves them all*


24-06-2013 19:23:42

So are you a Sonic a bartender?


24-06-2013 20:12:17

LOL I'm not. I just enjoy serving Tarentum. :)


24-06-2013 22:00:26

Tarentum Momentum!


25-06-2013 13:49:54

*breaks out into a dance*

Yea! do the Tarentum Momentum!

(look up Kylie minogue locomotion ;)


25-06-2013 14:24:13

Do the Tarentum Shake!


25-06-2013 19:57:41

*dances* I'm sexy, and I know it! :D


26-06-2013 00:18:45

*me claps hands, suddenly spinning club lights,laser show effects and a low mist begins to form*

Hehehehe, knew this would come in handy, when i had it installed :p


26-06-2013 03:12:30

So you think you can dance?


26-06-2013 07:57:29

Hehe, I know I can dance.

Now, can I dance well? That's the real question.


26-06-2013 14:13:57

*watches sexy dance and joins in*

i'd say so!

join us Erno! and you too Aventine!


26-06-2013 17:17:30


Tarentum has itself a new Protector!

Congratulations, Aventine!

Get some drinks for us, Saronyx.


26-06-2013 17:24:06

Aventine grumbles. The show was quite entertaining before Ernordeth brought it to a sudden halt with a loud "Silence." Ahh, the downsides of promotions. If Saronyx poured ale over Aventine's head again, there would be war. Albeit, in the backroom, with the wine and cooks and whatever, but it would be in private. Whatever the outcome, Aventine would not lose.

Aventine smiled.



26-06-2013 20:13:14

Alright, in honor of our newest PRT, I'd like to make a new drink - the Aventini! So, Aventine, how should the drink be made?


26-06-2013 20:26:50

Aventine smiles at Saronyx and grins with something twisted deep within the soul.

Saronyx, I would like the drink to be shaken, not stirred, with a hint of strong liquor, and a generous amount of aphrodisiacs. I want something that'll get you tipsy and insanely horny.


26-06-2013 20:37:50

You got it!

*begins mixing a vodka with a bit of grenadine. She shakes it up, then adds dark chocolate shavings to the rim, a few shavings fall in the glass. She garnishes with a strawberry then serves it to Aventine*

How's that?


26-06-2013 21:03:32

Aventine drinks it. It tastes good! It tastes better then good. Aventine is seeing stars. The adrenaline rush kicks in. At the same time, a raw hunger for skin, lust develops in Aventine's belly. Gazing into Saronyx's smiling, beautiful face, the insatiable urge overcomes Aventine.

Mmm, it needs a little tweaking...

Aventine looks at the other two at the table.

If you don't mind, my work is cut out for me.

Aventine looks back at Saronyx, who is a bit confused by it. Without a hestitation, Aventine takes Saronyx's hand.

"We'll need to look for the perfect liquor for this. To the cellar, we go!"

Unsuspectingly, or perhaps half suspecting, Saronyx's nods and shows the way.

Twenty minutes passes. Aventine walks through the door, cheeks rosy red, clothes a little rumpled, with a bottle of cheap, poor quality liquor. It hadn't occurred to get something more expensive, something to keep up the charade. Saronyx's followed a second later, looking composed as if nothing had happened.

I think this is the perfect liquor for my drink...

Not very enthusiastic about the liquor, Aventine pays more attention towards Saronyx, who momentarily giggles before responding that it is a cheap liquor and would find a more fitting home in a junker. Aventine sighs and tosses the liquors towards the waste extraction, while a last second dive by Ernordeth saves it from an uncertain fate.


28-06-2013 17:56:06

/me acts as if nothing happened

Saronyx could you get a meal and some drinks started. The whole House is going to have a feast in honor of the Crusade and the Special Forces team is soon to be announced


28-06-2013 20:22:49

You got it!

*gets her skates on and begins taking orders, soon delivering drinks then food to everyone*


28-06-2013 22:51:46

But first, a birthday shot for Seren!


28-06-2013 23:14:12

Aventine smiles.

For Seren! Did she enjoy her birthday?


28-06-2013 23:35:15

Happy birthday, Seren! *passes out birthday shots to everyone, as well as a cake to Seren*


29-06-2013 04:36:11

She did!


30-06-2013 11:47:05

/me, slaps himself and uses temporal rift under the ale pond to go back 24 hours

Happy Birthday Seren!

/me comes back, and slaps himself for being late.


30-06-2013 15:14:52

haha you feel better, Lev?


30-06-2013 16:36:58

MUCH better, thank you!

manners after all people! manners!


01-07-2013 02:09:53

Let's get some decorations up. Soon our the planet we're heading to for the Dark Crusade will be announced and our 8 Special Forces members!


01-07-2013 07:27:24

*gives decorations to everyone, then goes to prepare for the Crusade*


01-07-2013 08:14:21

*sighs, and looks around*

feels like it's been more than a month, in a good way. :)


02-07-2013 11:35:24

Time feels as if it's been slow, yet fast all at the same time.


02-07-2013 13:22:35

I agree with Ernordeth.


02-07-2013 14:09:12

Aventine reels back in the seat and looks at the three compatriots.

Perhaps more was shared and experienced in the short amount of time then in the months prior.


02-07-2013 19:49:03

Time is of the essence

Seren Dipity

18-07-2013 03:42:57

thx guys :D :D


20-07-2013 13:22:36

Drinks all around! The Crusade is over until next time!


20-07-2013 13:34:07

*puts her skates and maid outfit on to serve drinks to the Tarenti*
What's everyone having?


20-07-2013 14:22:55

Aventine turned to look at Saronyx.

Ale! The first round is on me. And... nice skates.


20-07-2013 14:29:11

Thank you. *smiles as she serves everyone.*


20-07-2013 16:13:33

*Levathan comes walks through the entrance, blood stained, singed and still smoking. sit at a booth and lets his head fall to the table with a thump.*

Ahh the wood is nice and cool.

can i get something cold please?


20-07-2013 17:18:14

*splashes a bucket of ice cold water all over Levathan*



20-07-2013 18:45:28

Aventine cracks up at the now very wet and still very ugly Levathan.

Not quite yet, Saronyx. He still looks like a battle casualty!


21-07-2013 04:20:19

ErnoMaid for me! I think Seren would like a Dragonbreath


21-07-2013 07:45:56

You got it! *mixes one ErnoMaid and one Dragonbreath and serves them both*


21-07-2013 08:53:09

much better!

now i'll take a dragonbreath.

*looks at himself in a well decorated hand mirror, seeing the messy hair.*

... better make that three :D


21-07-2013 18:43:11

Okay! *mixes three Dragonbreaths and serves them to Lev*


22-07-2013 22:40:21

Thanks, Nyxie Stix. When is Phoenyx gonna show up?


28-07-2013 09:42:39

Arch throws his coat over a hanger and sits down at levs booth.

I'll take a whiskey, in a glass and not on me like Lev please :P


28-07-2013 09:46:07

Ernordeth, I don't know yet.

*pours whiskey in a glass and serves the glass to Archean* It's nice to see you here, dear friend.


28-07-2013 19:02:03

End of the Crusade? When you earn DJK? When Detox by Dr. Dre is released?

So many questions!

I'd like an ErnoMaid and a round of drinks for everyone for my promotion


28-07-2013 21:30:11

I'm just hanging for the results to come out, might as well drink til they do. :P

another whiskey please!


28-07-2013 23:14:32

Let's make the rest of the night on me. Two promotions today...I'm finally a Knight.

Let's get these frakking results in already!


30-07-2013 01:49:53

TWO promos? Pfft...over achiever.


03-08-2013 12:15:49

Sith spit! Erno are you dead?

i thought they only ever promoted 2 ranks if you buy the moisture farm!

also great to see you here Arch, Jason :) Leva Cakes for both!


05-08-2013 12:53:28

Now let's see if I can the next before winter ;)


01-10-2013 00:34:59

Well, an email would have been nice, stating that people replied on here...
Anyway, it's my turn to buy drinks. Because I can. :D



31-10-2013 22:00:57

love drinks but im banned lol


01-11-2013 01:20:48

Egregious! I've missed you! Why are you banned?


12-12-2013 01:04:22

*It was a long trip back to the Castle, followed by a long walk to Saronyx's place of solace. A place where people could lose themselves. A place where people can be happy - if only for a few moments. As she opened the doors to the Tarentum Ale Pond, she heard the whole cantina cheer and applaud the newest Dark Jedi Knight. Everyone congratulated the young Twi'lek as she made her way to the bar. Her duties need not be unattended any longer.
"Thank you all. This round is on me, for everyone's hard work throughout the Crusade!"
The patrons erupted in more cheering as the Baroness started pouring and mixing drinks and baking some cakes.*

There, I started a fiction storyline. :D


20-12-2013 13:38:56

Congrats Saronyx! :mrgreen:


21-12-2013 12:47:32

Thank you, Raiju!
Now, how about a drink?


14-01-2014 15:05:58

Congrats, Nyxie Stix!


17-01-2014 03:55:28

Thank you, Ernordeth. :D