Poll for Military Run On


09-11-2011 17:55:14

I know I have no room to speak, but I think our GJW Run-On was a joke. I only was able to post once so I can't say anything. But I think you all would agree that it was not our best work. Not even close. Soo, I have an idea. I'd like to see a run-on set just for the military. This has not been done for a long time if at all and I think it would a good change of pace. The run-on would only focus on the military aspect of the House. Now I know that excludes some people but I think it would be fun for those involved. Not to mention it would give everyone a chance to see the military arms in action. So many times the capabilities of the Army and Navy have been a sideshow compared to the Force aspect of our stories, what we do with a lightsaber or however you want to put it. Now let's see the military be put in the frontline of this run on.

Anyone here have any thoughts on the matter? Speak up!


09-11-2011 23:58:30

Wouldn't a better use for a run-on be House wide, rather than restricted to one aspect?

Tarentum has written some amazing run-ons. Each of the great ones were open to everyone in the House, and occasionally we've allowed guest posts by non-Tarentae. So, restricting the run-on to one facet of the House that may, or may not, have the drive to sustain it seems a bit weak.


10-11-2011 00:07:23

Oberst is right. Tarentum is facing closure right now. We can't limit activities for people when we are being graded on how many people are participating. This absolutely can't fly right now. That's not to say this is a bad idea, I certainly would love to do much Tarentum Military operations; we just can't do this right now is all.

Thanks for the idea though apollo.


10-11-2011 01:44:08

I'd also be against a military only runon at this point. Oberst and Raiju are both right that we can't afford to exclude anyone. That being said, I'd love a military focused runon that still left room enough for everybody to get involved.

I thought our GJW runon had potential if we had had more time. We just got started late and didn't have a very wide breadth of participation to draw from. Starting a new one with a more relaxed time limit could be a lot of fun and draw some attention, especially if there were crescents involved. Maybe it could wrap into History Month. Maybe we could wrangle some guest posts from outside, too. The plot wouldn't have to be extravagant, just enough to get us rolling.


10-11-2011 09:53:18

Okay, I would be willing to have a military focused run on if that suits everyone better. Tarentum used to be the end all, be all of run-on writers. That was a great time and I think we've lost a lot of that. I just think we need to get a run-on going and I picked the military aspect because we always focus on the Force side of things and I wanted a change of pace. I mean if every run-on we did always boiled down to us just using our dark jedi rolls and using lightsabers on the ground killing x or y and any one who wants to just stay on the bridge of their ship, stay with their squadron, or stay in command of their Army division (or whatever) simply gets excluded from the main part of the storyline. It always happens. I would like to see some good large scale ship versus ship combat and maybe a large fixed piece ground battle as well. Something that would put the military in the spotlight for once. There is always room for the force focused people to board and enemy ship in a raid or something that daring.



10-11-2011 12:21:05

I'd certainly be up for that Apollo. Today when I'm emailing BF about the tarentum history month Ill see what he thinks about using that. If we don't, would you be up for running it seperately after?


10-11-2011 17:08:13

It'd be awesome to incorporate it into History Month, but I'd certainly be willing to help out with it afterward too if that's better.


10-11-2011 21:21:54

I'll be up for it. But If I may, can you let us know what kind events, if even more than one ( I really haven't heard anything about it) there will be? If it isn't much, I think we should run this run-on alongside the event(s). It wouldn't be that much of a distraction if any at all.

Scion, if you want to in the future we could have a Navy run on to get people interested. We could just start out with you and I and go from there. Hell we can do just a run-on between the two of us, but I think it would be more fun with others participating.