The King And The Gods (discussion)


02-07-2010 21:08:04

Here in this thread, you will find a link to the Theocracy of the Unwilling chapters, as well as a summary of each chapter. This is the place to ask any and all questions and concerns you have pertaining to the storyline and the run-on.

Please keep in mind that PCON Ji K'awiil de Oultrevent will be directing run-on efforts, so if you wish to ask direct questions, you may contact him through e-mail or IRC. If he is not available, you may also contact me.

The house summits in this run-on are:


Quaestor: Scion Altera
Aedile: Tyyravvis Nami Dantes
Rollmaster: N/A


Quaestor: Dralin Fortea
Aedile: Jagen Phoenix
Rollmaster: Frosty Romanae Tarentae

Battle Teams

Reckoners BTL: Solus Gar
Spectre BTL: N/A; team governed by Kaerner house summit
Black Phoenix BTL: Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae
Zurhidon BTL: Altheseus Levathan

"Theocracy" URL

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1: The Reckoners capture an assassin who attempted to kill Governor Stanson Rend in Eden City. Ronovi receives a request from the governor of Yridia IV to speak with him regarding development projects on the planet. Lady Nilani realizes that deploying assassins and inside workers is not effective and decides she needs an "army."

Chapter 2: Ronovi arrives on Yridia IV to find it ravaged by riots and protests, with development going nowhere; she warns Governor Morrisey Kritt that if progress isn't made in a week, there will be Hell to pay. The Reckoners, upon interrogating the assassin from Chapter 1, discover he is working under Lady Nilani and knows of five other men who were sent to attack Yridia III. Lady Nilani arrives on Pergitor and introduces herself to the Church of Infinite Perception, which leads a theocracy on the planet.

Chapter 3: The five mercenaries on Yridia III are easily captured and killed by members of Reinthaler. On Yridia IV, Ronovi seeks advice from Marquis Anshar Tarentae, a former Consul of Tarentum, who reports that protests have reached his estate in Messina and that Ronovi must be vigilant. Ji, after appointing Dralin to Rollmaster, explains how Lady Nilani was an agent of the Keepers and attempted to wreak havoc in the Yridia system approximately one year earlier. Lady Nilani discovers that the Church has been planning a coup on the Yridia system, with the help of four surviving Yuuzhan Vong.

Chapter 4: As political dissent spreads from Yridia IV to Yridia IX, Governor Stanson Rend delivers a fervent speech to the people claiming that the time has come for a new order. The Yridian Surface Command, under the orders of Sato Tarentae, invades Yridia IV and overthrows the interim government; Morrisey Kritt is arrested for harboring sympathies toward the rioters and several Yridians are sent to labor camps. Ronovi declares the occupation a success, solidifying the concept of the Yridian Kratocracy, and assigns Ji and Admiral Bloodfyre a naval mission to the Gesaril system. Morrisey Kritt is shut in a box and launched into space to die but is intercepted by a Corvette.

Chapter 5: Stanson Rend is appointed Ethnarc of the new Yridian Kratocracy and is therefore Ronovi's political mouthpiece to the non-Force sensitives. Dralin, under his alias Kaiman Sal, lets some young Tarenti notice the banners strung up in Eden City with the Sith King's symbol and the new Yridian slogan. The navy, after finding nothing of value in the Gesaril system, splits up to navigate other systems in the Minos Cluster. Morrisey Kritt is released from the box and realizes he has been saved by Nilani, the Church, and the Vong, who fill him up with grandiose thoughts in order to use him to get into the Yridian system.

Chapter 6: The pieces of the Yridian Kratocracy all fall into place. Morrisey Kritt gives the Church the direct coordinates to a spot just above Yridia IV's atmosphere. The Church's fleets zip into hyperspace.

Chapter 7: During a meeting with officials of the Kratocracy, Ronovi learns that all of the Tarentum Navy but the Magnus Kaerner has been destroyed in an assault (see Muz's fiction) and that the Church's ships have dropped from hyperspace. The Church succeeds in driving out YSC forces from various camps, as Lady Nilani, the Preceptor, and two Vong leave Morrisey Kritt behind to go to the governmental building. Lieutenant Colonel Eriro Dusquen is killed while attempting to protect the governor's office. The Preceptor sends a message to Ronovi declaring that the coup has begun.


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Please pay close attention the summits in this run-on: I have just added the list to the first post of this thread.

Also: Those who are naval pilots, remember that you will be situated on the Magnus Kaerner at the beginning of this run-on. All other Tarentum ships (including squadrons) have been destroyed.


04-07-2010 04:53:45

Spectre would be governed by me directly in the absence of a BTL, and Nami in my absence. In this case I'm aboard the MK after losing the Corsair, so Nami is in charge. He'd probably be reviewing Jagen's recommendations and the team's readiness in order to file a report to expedite my decision upon my return (or to make the decision himself if necessary). Just wanted to point this detail out so nobody thinks it magically becomes a democracy or anything like that. ;)


04-07-2010 12:46:04

There's no democracy in baseball!

Good point, though. I'll be posting soon, establishing what on earth us Reinthalers are doing.


04-07-2010 12:58:08

Point taken, Scion. I've just edited the first post with that info.


15-07-2010 17:29:45

Ronovi, I have a ship (approved by the DC and GM Sarin) that counts as a personal craft I can offer to lend to help transport troops. It's a special type of Escort Shuttle. It can carry around a platoon of troops. Not to mention it has some special properties (again, all of it was approved) that would help out in this situation. Its yours if you need it. Just let my character know. :)


15-07-2010 17:43:30

As I already said to you on IRC, Apollo, as well as adding a few things:

1. If the clan summit had known about this shuttle, they would've taken it immediately from you and placed it in the clan fleets. No one individual should be holding a shuttle that size - otherwise, that would seem a little selfish. Plus, would you really have taken it with you in the move to Kaerner after Gladius was closed? That seems a little extreme.

2. Rules have changed since Sarin and the DC approved ships. All personal ships are considered questionable until the possessions system is completed. Until that time, your personal shuttle isn't sound fictionally.

3. I've already posted the plan we have. Next time, you'll have to let us know sooner.


15-07-2010 22:57:10

First, I posted this before talking to you on IRC.

Second, I wouldnt think you would just "take" my shuttle away from me and put it in the clan fleet, its not yours. If anything it would be in limbo until later.

And last, but not least, if that plan was made aware to the MK then I'd know about it (cause I'm on the bridge) and I could let you know about my shuttle. :) Easy!


15-07-2010 23:36:02

I know you posted it before going onto IRC. I'm just telling you exactly what I said to you on IRC as well.

I'm just saying, by the time Saitou's going on the yacht to Yridia IV, you would be letting me know about the shuttle. It's a bit late in the story to mention it now, unless it's used to deploy more soldiers.


16-07-2010 02:17:58

Considering when you join the DB the canon is that your character surrenders everything they own to the brotherhood, I don't think the clan seizing it is that far fetched :P


16-07-2010 21:55:38

Agreed, Windos. If it were a useful vehicle to the clan, we'd take it, just like Muz as Grand Master will take away advanced weapons and armor.

I don't think clan leaders would reply to "But it's not yours!" with "Oh. Oh, I guess we were wrong to take it, since it's not ours. Go ahead and keep it." No. Not likely.

Sith Bloodfyre

18-07-2010 20:27:41

Since when is it canon to surrender everything you own to the Brotherhood? Beyond that, if it WAS taken from members upon joining, it would be seized before they were ever assigned to a Clan, and it would be taken by the DC. I've never heard that before.


18-07-2010 22:47:19

I was told that usually when one enters the Brotherhood, he or she leaves belongings behind - namely, I saw it on a wiki page, when a person was questioning why someone would bring their super special awesome family heirloom sword with them. It may have been Muz, but it was a while ago.

That being said, it sounds like according to Apollo, he was allowed to take an escort shuttle once he left the Hammer and returned to the Brotherhood. It would make sense, then, if the clan demanded it for clan needs, rather than just have a guy keep a shuttle that can hold hundreds of passengers all to himself.


19-07-2010 05:26:31

Have a look at the FAQ for this wiki template;


But... I inherited it from my father!!
"Everything you own is confiscated upon joining the brotherhood. It is added to our coffers. Any special items *may* be returned when deemed appropriate."
Grand Master Muz Ashen

It's to stop APP Jimmy claiming his family owns companies x, y and z and that he has a personal wealth greater than three clans combined, ect, etc.

Sith Bloodfyre

19-07-2010 14:37:11

Here's the thing.

When I joined, yes, it was normal for people to have "left everything behind." Most of us did it naturally, but others were encouraged to do so. It made more sense fictionally. I don't argue with that. In fact, I believe in it, and encourage it whole-heartedly.

What I am questioning, however, is "the Clan would confiscate it from you." Again, if it was going to be confiscated, it would likely be, as exhibited by Windos, at the Council level. It would also be done for new members joining the Brotherhood.

Hades, however, is not a new member. He also is not claiming a vehicle that can "hold hundreds of passengers all to himself."

Crew, 6; Gunners, 2; Passengers, 10. Yeah, definitely on the same level as someone claiming to have an ancient Sith Sword of prophecy and doom that can kill you just because you looked at it, and you can't look at it, because your name is not Marshmallow Super Whisper Secret Skywalker, from the future, and the last of the living line of Skywalkers who really do bleed with the Dark Side, because their forebearer was Darth Vader himself!

As wank as it is to bring in "personal possessions" on a supernuts level, it's also incredibly wank to just say, "Well, we'd take them from you because you can't be cooler than the Clan." It's an escort shuttle. It's not a personal Super Star Destroyer. It's a vehicle barely better than a Yacht. And Hades is not APP Jimmy.


19-07-2010 15:05:15

You seem to be forgetting something, Bf: Apollo said it was a "special" kind of escort shuttle. I even quote from his first post starting this whole thing:

It's a special type of Escort Shuttle. It can carry around a platoon of troops. Not to mention it has some special properties (again, all of it was approved) that would help out in this situation.

That to me is kind of off. He was the one who told me on IRC that it could hold a lot of people, and that was when I went, "Okay, that's really weird for one person to have." Yes, I exaggerated the hundreds thing, mostly to make a point - but if you do the math, if a platoon is at least four squads, and a squad holds around ten to fifteen men - then we're dealing with forty to sixty soldiers on one shuttle.

Now, if it were a shuttle like you described, sure, he could have it, and most likely the clan wouldn't have a need for it. But Apollo said "special." That's what threw me for a loop. That's why this whole discussion has been brought up in the first place.

Sith Bloodfyre

19-07-2010 15:39:57

Then Hades is in the wrong on exactly what he believes he ought to have access to. Can his shuttle be considered "official"? As I understand it, no. Especially since, as noted, the Personal Possession system has not been introduced, and all stuff, again as noted, is considered "in question." I am not questioning the fact that giving ourselves bonuses like that is wrong, and to be discouraged.

What I am questioning, though, is the whole "the Clan would take it from you" aspect. The easiest way to prevent this? One of the rules in the run-on can be, "No personal possessions will be allowed, to maintain fairness." And, mentioning to Hades, "Allowing you to utilize whatever personal possessions you might or might not have would be unfair to other, newer members, who are certainly not allowed to have personal possessions. If you choose to mention your shuttle, it will only be allowed in passing. We would much prefer you to be on board a Clan ship, to avoid the whole situation."

I just think, as wank as it is to try and bring in personal possessions that unbalance the situation, it is also wank to say, to members who have served the Clan faithfully for any length of time, "we'd just take it from you." I don't like that. That's what I'm expressing. Perhaps not very well, but that's still what my issue is.


19-07-2010 17:13:06

I'll keep that in mind next RO, Bf. Thanks.


21-07-2010 03:30:14

On another note: Excellent post, Elric, and good to have you in Tarentum. Just remember, there are four Vong, not just two. I edited the number in your post; very minor edit, really, but yeah.

Hope you continue to post. Good to have some active people jumping in and taking risks.


24-07-2010 00:53:50

Couple of questions: does the Perceptor have a name? And what kind of abilities does this guy have?


24-07-2010 14:36:09

The Preceptor, as far as I'm concerned, is not called by any other name. The Preceptor I would consider a strategist, and he's probably damn good with a blaster or a knife. I figured he'd be one of those deceiving types, looking frail but actually a kick-ass fighter.


25-07-2010 13:22:17

Nevermind, Ronovi answered before I finished. :P


26-07-2010 22:06:25

Scion, I wanted to know what exactly you had in mind with this sub-plot. What's the purpose of the bug? Is it surveillance? If so, how are Nilani and the Preceptor getting the surveillance footage, and why would Zinn simply move back to the bowels of the ship with it? Is he going to try to communicate with them and point out the ship's weaknesses? And if it's not surveillance, what exactly is it?

Also, how long has Zinn been on crew on the Kaerner? If he's been crew for a while, then he would have to have been on the ship since the MK went on the mission in the Minos Cluster and survived the assault, meaning there's a bit of a plot hole we have to deal with if that's not what you intended. It's a bit risky to give Nilani too much credit, to think she'd know that the MK would be the only ship to survive.

In other news...why don't you write posts with your actual character? We could use some updates on where Kaerner's BTs are at. :P


27-07-2010 02:10:13

Scion, I wanted to know what exactly you had in mind with this sub-plot.

Well, I left a good number of details vague on purpose to leave some room for others to help fill him in. If there are folks who, like me, are having trouble figuring out what their characters are doing and want to avoid the typical "I wake up in my room and read my messages on my commlink" kind of post... this guy could be interesting to play with for awhile. However, I'll fill in a few points that I couldn't describe as well in the post itself.

First off, Zinn is one super nervous guy. I'm not 100% sure why he's so nervous (aside from the obvious - he's a spy aboard a ship full of Dark Jedi) but I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that he's stuck between us and Nilani. He screws up even a little, and he's going to get flayed alive by somebody for certain. In fact, he's going to get flayed alive regardless... more on that later. I left his origin open ended on purpose since we wouldn't know until we catch him and interrogate him, but there are a few options. He could be a regular crewman on the MK which would explain why he knows his way around the ship. Somewhere earlier in our travels he ran into Nilani or one of her agents and they bought him. Or, he could be a member of the Church who signed on as a crewman awhile back. Either of those backstories assumes he survived the huge battle that destroyed our fleet; I think it's a safe "coincidence" because the MK is the flagship. If you were planting bugs trying to obtain intelligence, you'd put the bugs where the top brass are too. He just got "lucky" and lived (for now). Alternatively, he could be new on board, perhaps having stolen the identity of a real technician at some point during or after the battle. People would be running around like crazy and one dingy, unassuming techie could get in and out of a lot of places without a lot of hassle if he played his cards right, talked fast and flashed a valid but stolen ID. This guy might be nervous about having to go into Beef's office under false pretenses, but he's not an idiot and he's probably not so nervous when he's in his own element down in the engine rooms.

So, that scar. He touches it habitually, kind of like when you get a cut in your mouth and you can't stop poking it with your tongue. It's pretty new, and whatever's in there dulls pain almost completely. It didn't come up in the post, but I'm thinking it probably masks his thoughts to some degree as well. Otherwise Beef and Ji would have sensed something amiss and stopped him in the act. I think it's some kind of implant.

The bug. It's a tiny mechanical contraption about the size of a fly with some tiny razor sharp appendages. At some earlier time he released it into Beef's office where it hid out in the wall recording everything that was said in there. It's audio only. Unfortunately a transmitter or a camera would have been too big and posed too much risk of detection by the MK's sensor techs, so he has to pick it up and take it somewhere off-board the MK to give to one of Nilani's agents. It's very likely that if he tries to leave the MK he will be scanned for unauthorized equipment, so he can't just carry it with him. Instead, it burrows deep into his muscle tissue where a casual scan isn't likely to pick it up. He put on gloves because he knew it would make him bleed... what he doesn't expect is how trashed his hand is going to be when he takes the gloves off. In fact it has burrowed its way up most of his arm by now, and he will find it mostly churned up into hamburger if he gets a chance to rest. The idea behind it is you make someone "disposable" pick it up for you, and by the time they get it back to you they're already too incapacitated to betray you. Also good for dropping into someone's bed. My guess is he plans to hijack an escape pod, or stow away on a shuttle. He may cause some kind of emergency as a distraction while he makes his getaway, and he probably needs to figure out a way to prevent whatever craft he's on from getting destroyed before it lands.

So, there's Zinn for you. He should be a fun minor character that's easy to write about if you're not sure what the bigger more complex workings of the story are. I'd appreciate if we didn't kill him off right away, but I certainly don't mind if he gets caught and interrogated rather than making it back to the Church... it's a pretty tricky escape he's got to make and the stakes are very high. If he does make it back Nilani will probably kill him, but he won't think of that on his own. The information he has gained could be invaluable to the Church in their battle against us.


27-07-2010 22:43:46

Okay. This is really my fault for not doing enough research; I did not know that the Magnus Kaerner had ten transports to spare. Granted, they're not huge transports, but they could've been useful. So I've decided to bite the bullet and sort of pull a contrived coincidence to make this all fall together. I've written in an earlier post that the ten transports were either destroyed or severely damaged attempting to return survivors of the naval assault to the MK, meaning they can't really be used. Obviously, we won't change anything on the MK because obviously we'd just be getting new transports after the storyline and they can keep the same names and commanders.

I apologize for that - that was a major slip-up on my part, and it won't happen again.


28-07-2010 20:23:07

Yay, another note. Guys, please keep in mind that at least a thousand Church disciples are on Yridia IV. Do not see them as push-overs, especially when a select number of the Church elders (including the Preceptor) are wearing Vonduun crab armor. Just keep that in mind. ;)


30-07-2010 14:25:08

Just for reference for our old and newer RO posters, keep this passage from the Castle Tarentum wiki in mind:

The only known means of entry is through hangar bays for specially converted ships that are required for the underwater voyage to the Castle.

Now, I'm pretty sure yachts (given the word itself) can be converted to suit underwater needs, but that also means that the Corvette cannot enter the castle, and it wouldn't, either - instead, it would be settled on a dock on one of Yridia II's islands, where a garrison of the Yridian Surface Command is. Ronovi would, however, still want all the Arconans to meet her at the castle, to give the briefing.

Hope that clarifies some stuff. I'll probably have a post up detailing Nilani's arrival on Taras later today.


31-07-2010 11:43:21

Hey all,

Unfortunately I won't be able to post in the RO for at least a week (I might be able to get a post in later this evening, but it's highly unlikely). I'm going out-of-state for a quasi-vacation and was hoping that I'd be able to post before I had to leave, but I ran out of time. If the RO is still going on in a weeks time, I'll be happy to post then.

But just so I'm not like "frozen" in time. The following Arconans and Tarenti can have full control of my character, Talos d'Tana (Dark Jedi Knight).

A quick brief on Talos: He has the appearance of a young, about 23 year old Human with sharp features and strawberry blonde hair. He stands at 5'11 and is a fledging military officer as well as a Dark Jedi Knight. As of being in the Arconan Embassy, Talos is wearing a black military uniform with a black cape (much like Ronovi's uniform only black) and has a WESTAR-35 blaster pistol and lightsaber in plain view. According to Sangunius' earlier post, he is somewhere in the embassy with Wuntila.

Ok, that does it. I apologize again for not being able to post for a while but I hope by "leasing" my character to the abovementioned, he can still get some action. I'll talk to you all next Saturday! :)


P.S. -- When I say full control, please do not have him die or lose/break a limb without my permission. I'll have my iPhone so I should be able to check my Gmail. Injuries such as blaster burns, sword cuts, scrapes, etc are fine.


31-07-2010 14:02:28

I'll take some responsibility for Talos, Zach. Especially considering we're both together in the Embassy, it would make sense. On that note, however, I would like to say that I will be posting tomorrow, I do apologise for the inability to do it today, but I have some prior arrangements. TY!


01-08-2010 22:45:34

Elric...none of the Vong are above Yridia IX. They did not board the Corvettes. All four are down on Yridia IV, two of them in the government office and two of them by the labor camps. Therefore, I have edited your post to maintain continuity.


01-08-2010 22:53:59

my mistake. thanks


04-08-2010 04:25:52

Are no other Arconans gonna post in this RO or am I it? :P

Lazy bastards, the whole lot of 'em. ;)

Severon V

04-08-2010 19:52:31

OK guys a couple of things about my last post.

The church members are NOT pushovers. They are much stronger than our regular non-Force using soldiers. Hence the reasoning behind me using the BT's first and the soldiers as support.

Also, the church has Vong, and the CHURCH elders wear vonduun crab armor, which, as any Vong person would know, is pretty dang strong. There should be a lot of casualties on both sides. Just bear that in mind.



04-08-2010 19:52:42

I know, Sang, right? I thought about ten Arconans volunteered. xD

Then again, the ACC stuff is sidetracking some members.


05-08-2010 00:27:27

In what might be my shortest RO post ever, I'm adding myself and Dranik (NPC) to the Yridia IV part of the story. I'll write something more appropriately long as I get more into the story. Enjoy the shortness while you can :P


05-08-2010 05:28:00

The ACC didn't stop me Ronovi, the only reason I'm out is because my partner messed up due to the work he's having to put into reorganising his House. But I have punished him...severely!!!


09-08-2010 23:54:03

Seriously, where mah Arconans at? :P


11-08-2010 07:56:08

Update on the Arconans, they're all at Dash's house. Some kind of orgy going on or something I believe.

Kinda upset I wasn't invited now. :(


11-08-2010 14:26:04

I've posted. I'm Arconan. I'm also round Dash's. Everyone else will begin posting shortly.


21-08-2010 00:49:34

I am not at Dash's (but I can host my own orgies, thank you very much. Not my fault that Wally and I seem to be the only American Arconans) but I will be posting tomorrow.

Ronovi, I know I said I'd do it today and I didn't, for that I beg your forgiveness. Some stuff blew up in my face. However, I talked with Dralin about some ideas and will be posting tomorrow! Promise.

Sorry again!


23-08-2010 02:02:46

Okay. We just suffered a major continuity problem. While Sato somehow got the Corvette to Yridia IV without explaining that the Corvette was actually on Yridia IV, Talos assumed that we were still on Yridia II. Therefore, Sato, I deleted your latest post for continuity issues (and logical issues - you can't just walk onto Yridia IV, man, it's a war zone), and I edited the last paragraph of your earlier post to show that the Corvette has not taken off from Yridia II:

"Once we're on Yridia IV, I will recover one of our pawns. If I don't return in forty eight hours, assume that I am KIA." With that the Dathomiri General pulled a civillian's cowl over his head and departed from the conference chamber, disappearing into the corridor of the Corvette.

Hopefully that edit's okay, Sato, and sorry, but continuity's important so we don't get confused. This is why clarifying location in posts is important, people. xD


23-08-2010 17:15:26

Sorry for any confusion I caused. I'll double check with the Ronovi and the poster before me for future posts and since I'm sticking with Dralin and INTEL for the remainder of the mission, he'll (hopefully) be able to keep me on track.

Sorry again!

Sato Khan

24-08-2010 17:07:55

Senior moment.

Severon V

26-08-2010 22:56:41

Hey Elric, Sato and Dralin,

I just read Elric's latest post and figured that this could lead to us combining the ground action (me and Lev) with Elric and you guys.

Since the teams are infiltrating the building that Elric is currently being held in, I figured we could mesh the two stories together by having Severon and Levathan meet up with Elric, and attack him before finally recognizing him with Sato's help.

Just a thought.



01-09-2010 13:57:38

Okay. So technically, the RO is meant to end tomorrow. However, I am willing to extend the deadline if people are actually willing to post. That being said, I edited my latest post so that the Arconans and YSC people are now on Yridia IV. Please, please, PLEASE try to give this story a good, strong climax and denouement. Tarentum is supposed to be the best at run-ons, especially if Arcona's supposed to be helping out, and every time I see Naga Sadow's fifteenth page of run-on versus our two pages, I feel a bit inferior. :P


01-09-2010 17:13:24

I could probably make another post, does anyone else want to throw in something?


01-09-2010 17:16:18

I'd say wait for others to post, Elric, since you posted fairly recently. Dralin said he was interested, and I'm waiting on others.


01-09-2010 19:19:06

I'm about to get on a post myself.


02-09-2010 08:08:58

I'll be popping in another post after Dralin. Hopefully have us at or near our destination. I've also been pestering my fellow clanmates to post too.


02-09-2010 12:07:05

As I edited in my post, you guys are about two kilometers away from the government building.


02-09-2010 18:24:07

I'm in after Sang and will be rolling with Dralin and INTEL in-character. *cracks knuckles*. Lets do it.


03-09-2010 18:15:55

Okay, so Dralin's dealing with a lot of stuff in real life right now, so Sang and Talos, go for it.


04-09-2010 05:17:59

I'm spending the weekend at my friend's house, so am unlikely to have time to post. Don't wait for me to post Talos.

Sa Ool

05-09-2010 17:18:27

I am wanting to kill off Balia Donos in this run-on. right now he is entering into the Naval Fight . I want to be the one to write the post that kills him off But I was woundering if there is anyone that can help brainstorm with me to make a great post for it.



06-09-2010 22:15:37

I just saw this post. Were you thinking perhaps he's taken down in a one-on-one fight with another Headhunter? Or were you thinking of taking on the Corvettes? We can then work from whatever you decide.

Sa Ool

07-09-2010 17:13:16

I was thinking more one on one with a headhunter. I figured it would be the best since im not sure what my TIE fighter can do to a corvette.


07-09-2010 21:49:50

I know I'm a not a Tarenti, but my 2 credits are that if you want Donos to go down in a blaze of glory, send him up against the Corvette. That'd be easier to work in "death-wise" because if you're just fighting a Churchmember in a dogfight, the fact that you're a Dark Jedi Knight would make it hard to kill you.

But a Corvette...a Corvette could take you down regardless of your rank and piloting ability. Plus you could pull an Episode VI where you fly into the bridge or something. Or maybe a kamikaze by swooping into the hangar bay of the ship and detonating your fighter.

Hope that helps.


Sa Ool

08-09-2010 17:03:40

Zod that is actually a good idea Thanks for you insight.


12-09-2010 04:34:52

Annnnnnd still no posts. C'mon, guys, let's actually finish this. :S


12-09-2010 13:16:58

I'm working on a post, and I hope it'll add to the pure chaos of TARCON's revenge against the Church. But I have a few questions, I was hoping you could answer them Ronovi.

1) What is YSC INTEL's actual mission? You wrote Dralin, his agents (or operatives), and me gathering around the back of the corvette. I would love to take it from there, but what should INTEL do, really? (Dralin, if you're around to read this... ;])

2) Can my post have the deaths of a few INTEL agents in it? Nothing would touch Dralin, but some of his unnamed subordinates...well I hope Tarentum has a military cemetery.

I hope you can answer these Ronovi! (and Dralin if you're around).

Thanks! :)


12-09-2010 14:28:43

Talos, to answer your questions:

1. Read Sato's post for all info on the INTEL's assignment. It's very detailed. If you still don't know, confer with Dralin.

2. That is absolutely fine. NPCs are NPCs. Just make their deaths awesome.


13-09-2010 22:32:01

Hey all,

I got my post all written on paper and I will type it up, look over it, and post it to the RO tomorrow afternoon. It's long, I warn you. But hopefully will re-start the awesomness of this RO and start it's climax and conclusion.



20-09-2010 07:55:40

Have I been in the RO anywhere? I'm sort of lazy right now and don't have a lot of time to read it all atm...


20-09-2010 13:36:17

No, you haven't been in the RO. Are you navy or army?

Sa Ool

20-09-2010 21:23:37

Hey I am sorry I haven't got my post up. I have been having troubles with the internet but now I have it fixed so I should have it up soon.


21-09-2010 07:05:15

I'm more a Navy guy tho I spent time as QUA of a traditionally Obbie house... Fighter jock is I ;)


21-09-2010 12:08:54

I'd see you out in space fighting the Corvettes and the Headhunters, then.


26-09-2010 14:39:04


Hey all,

First, I want to issue a sincere apology for not getting my post up sooner. Real Life blew up in my face, but I got it (mostly) under control.

So now, as promised, my post is up on the in-character message board. It's a long one, but as I said, I hope it can kickstart the epic climax of this awesome RunOn.

Again, I apologize (especially to you, Ronovi) for the delay between when I said that I was going to post and when I actually posted.



26-09-2010 14:49:12

Real life is your top priority, Talos, so no worries about it. Great post, and let's see everyone follow suit!


22-10-2010 12:04:24

I am hoping to help end the run-on and most definitely end my part in this story. Hoping to get it done sometime this weekend


22-10-2010 14:15:03

Sounds good, Elric.


31-10-2010 14:06:24

Hey all,

I'll be putting up my post in the near future (today or tomorrow). Just a bit of carnage and all that good stuff, I want to weave the Arconans back into it, with appearances and that sort of thing. (even though I'm the only Arconan writing)

Oh and by the way, Elric: Your post was great, I really enjoyed reading it. However, there was something I noticed that set off a "continuity error" alarm in my head. Concerning Dralin (and the rest of the INTEL survivors for that matter), we were close to the main fight but not part of it, we still have that primary mission to use the chaos of the battle as a smokescreen to gain access to the Government Admin building.

So the whole thing with Dralin suddenly appearing in the thick of the fight and grabbing onto that reek's horns threw me off and I just wanted to point it out (the reek idea was pure genius by the way). It's nothing major, and I can easily write around it but I just wanted to let you know where INTEL stood and that continuity was broken a bit.




31-10-2010 14:14:24

ill fix that up. thanks


02-11-2010 06:32:33

I suppose I'll come back into writing in the RO. Can't let Talos do all the work for us Arconans.


06-11-2010 19:31:43

Elric - I slightly modified your last post so instead of Sev fighting, it's all Levathan. This is because in Sev's post, Severon was written as wounded, so I changed your post slightly to maintain continuity. Please be sure to read everyone's posts carefully, so we don't have these kinds of mistakes.


20-11-2010 21:59:33

Good to have you back, Sang (and you too, Ceth). Great posts to both of you, I'm posting now; Talos will be sticking with INTEL and going after the Preceptor with Dralin and his men.