December Trivia


11-12-2008 20:20:10

Monthly clan trivia, for December. Mail your answers to me, and make sure to include your pin. If you don't have your pin, you FAIL!!!! Well, not really, but I dont like looking them up.

1) When were the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic officially reunited?

2) In what year did the first Knights Templar swear their oath and who offered them lodging in the Holy Land?

3)How did the Capuchin friars come by their name?

4) What religious order did Ignatius Loyola form?

5)What position in government did James Michael Curley hold several times between 1915 and 1934?

6) What did Johnathan Swift suggest the Irish do with their babies?

7) What is the modern successor to the League of Nations?

8) Who controlled India during World War II and what was the government's name?

9) What countries dispute control over Kashmir?

10) How many seals does the scroll in the Revelation to John have?

11) What video game is based on the "Left Behind" book series?

12) Name three members of Der Blaue Reiter.

13) Who did Mary, Queen of Scots blame for her death?

14) How old was Alexander the Great when he died?

15) By what other name is the province of Ulster known?

16) On what continent(s) did the British never have colonies?