Marvel Vs. Tarentum!

Sith Bloodfyre

03-11-2007 16:37:45

In the spirit of 'non-Star Wars" topics for the month and such, Rekio has decided that we should have a Clan Run-on that involves the whole Clan taking on various personalities from the Marvel Universe. This includes, but is not limited to, such persons like Magneto, Professor X and the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Galactus, Blade, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, the Shi'ar, the Kree, the Skrulls, and much, much more.

Start thinking up who you'd like to bring in. I will be making an opening post sometime this afternoon. I'm still working out an idea. Once I make the opening post, feel free to join in. This run-on will likely go the entire month of November, but could go on possibly longer than that.

I want to make some suggestions. We have to learn from past mistakes, and we have to build on what we have done before. In light of that, here are some suggestions.

1) Start getting into teams now. What that means is, start getting together with a couple of people to help plan out parts of the action for what your character and theirs will be doing. As an example. Xayun, Oberst, Spears and Archean decide that they're going to form one team. They'll invite other people into their group later on, or bring in others who ask to join. They start keeping in touch on IRC about their run-on ideas, and hash out some things while they're all on IRC. Xayun decides Oberst had a pretty wicked idea to bring in the Hulk, and Xayun decides he's going to go post it. He's talked to Oberst, Spears and Archean about their characters, how they talk and everything, and he's decided he's going to introduce all of them into the run-on. As the story progresses, they all make posts, they continue figuring out ideas to continue their part of the story, and to get involved in the other facets of the story.

2) Don't hijack other peoples ideas. Using the above example, if Xayun, Oberst, Archean and Spears have figured out a way to bring in the Hulk, don't just have them "fight off the Hulk, the Hulk goes running off, and Bloodfyre and Armus run into the Hulk and beat him down!" That is hijacking an idea. If someone has brought in a character or story idea that you like, talk to them, ask to get involved with it, and discuss HOW you can get involved with it. This goes back to teamwork. Make sure that you're helping other people progress their ideas and their characters WHILE you're progressing your own.

3) Be realistic. Think about how fights will run their course. The Hulk is a strong mofo. If you get into a fight, I don't care that we're Dark Siders. We're crossing universes, and there's always issues when that happens. If you fight the Hulk, you cannot just use the Force to calm him down. First, we're Dark Siders; when do we ever calm people down, really? Second, the Hulk is likely unreachable through the mental powers of the Force; he's engulfed in rage and adrenaline, and other such things, and if he doesn't know you, he's not going to stop and listen to you tell him things are ok, and you just want to talk. Captain American is strong, and fast, and agile. His shield is supposed to be indestructible. You are not going to cut it in half with a lightsaber. Stuff like that. Just try and have fun, but remember that we do have to make it an interesting read, and something fun to be a part of. And realism is part of that.

4) Don't be afraid to ask for help. Seriously. If you can't think of something to post, or a way to get in, talk to people. Try to get in on a team. Ask one of your leaders for help. Make a new friend, and ask someone who has already posted for help and ideas. There's lots of ways to make an impact, and the first one is to show some initiative and make friends. The second one is to be an example, and to reach out when people need help. If you're more experienced, help someone out.

I'll work on getting this started ASAFP.

Sith Bloodfyre

03-11-2007 18:56:57

Something was different.

The room was darkened as usual. The bed was large, and comfortable as always. The silence was reassuring. And yet, something was different. Sith couldn’t quite single out what was out of place at the moment, but he knew that, given time, he would figure it out.

Bloodfyre’s day was busy. He had meetings to attend to, one very soon in fact. He got dressed quickly, putting on his usual attire, and his black robes over, pulling the hood low over his face. As he made his way towards the doors of his room, Sith had the feeling strike his mind sharply that, again, something was different. Pushing the thought to the back of his mind for the time being, Sith exited his room, and headed towards the grand hall. He had guests to attend to.

It took several minutes to close the distance between the Consul’s rooms and the grand hall, and by the time Sith had arrived, his guests were already within waiting his arrival. One of them, a gray-haired gentleman, stood speaking with his Clan’s Marshal, Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae. As Bloodfyre entered the hall, Oberst turned his attention away from his guest just slightly to announce the Consul’s entrance.

“Ah, and now,” Oberst began, “allow me to finally present the Consul of Tarentum and Master of the Sith Order, Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae, Prince of Yridia. Master Bloodfyre, please allow me the honor to introduce to you our distinguished visitor, his majesty Erik Magnus Lensherr, the King of Earth.”

The gray-haired man turned to greet the Consul, a soft, but dedicated look in his eyes and upon his face that suggested this would be an amicable meeting of monarchs, but that also suggested that this Erik Lensherr was not a man unaccustomed to having to prove his convictions and merit through battle.

“Ah yes, Master Bloodfyre,” Magnus extended a hand, which Sith quickly took in a firm handshake. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“And you, King Lensherr,” Sith returned. “The honor is mine, I assure you.”

“Please, call me Magnus,” the King of Earth said, a small smile forming on the corners of his lips. “I’m more than happy to do away with formalities. I believe this meeting would be better served if we start seeing each other as allies-to-be.”

“Quite right, majest—rather, Magnus,” Bloodfyre nodded slightly. “Please, call me Sith. I see you’ve met Oberst. He serves us as the Marshal of Tarentum’s military. He may have introduced you to Kessian Armus and Doni Tzu, the commanders of our Navy and Army, respectively.”

“Yes, I’ve been introduced,” Magnus nodded. “And please, allow me to introduce my friend and closest adviser, Charles Xavier. One of our most-respected doctors, Dr. Henry McCoy. And my children Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.”

“Only the five of you visiting us?” Bloodfyre was actually surprised that the King of Earth, said to be a less-developed, but still prosperous world, would not have brought other members of his cabinet and ruling families. Yridia had been advised of a possible trade agreement with Earth that would likely be quite lucrative.

“Oh, there are others here, as well,” Magnus waved a hand around, as if to gesture to other parts of the Castle. “They’ve already been invited to tour your magnificent Castle. Which, truth be told, I’d be very interested in seeing the rest of, myself.”

“Well then, I can certainly entertain your request,” Sith nodded respectfully to his guest. “Please, follow me. Perhaps we’ll go have a look at the atrium first. It’s just down this hall.”

Yes, something was definitely different.


05-11-2007 01:44:59

The star lines stretched and blurred as several shuttles carrying almost the whole of Gladius jumped into hyperspace. They were destined for Castle Tarentum and the celebration that was scheduled for the next day. Only one senior member of the House had elected to stay behind to keep watch over the asteroid base. The rest thought her decision was foolish for the feast and the celebration of the opening of Cestus was bound to be grand. Telona wasn’t one for parties though and someone had to man the vital stations just in case. She assured Kromtal and Frosty that everything would be fine and if anything happened she still had the Yridians at her disposal. She had given a smirk as she watched them all depart just to add to her confident boasts.

The Journeymen chattered amongst themselves as they pondered just what kind of entertainments they would be treated to. Nothing as important as this had happened in their time as Tarentum members, their excitement built with every heartbeat. It spread like a plague. Soon the Equites were contemplating and making bets on what foods would be served and if some pretty Twi’leks would be dancing to their delight. All the excitement made the couple hours pass by in the blink of an eye and before they all knew it the stars came back into focus.

The shuttles headed straight for the Aegis platform that hung over the ocean world known as Yridia II. Rekio lazily looked up from his paperwork as the announcement of House Gladius' arrival echoed over the speakers. He tapped a few buttons next to him, giving clearance for the House members to board the specially designed shuttles and alerting the Castle of the incoming visitors. It would take a while to get all those Dark Jedi down to the planet as the shuttles couldn't hold as many as normal but Rekio didn't much care. He went back to his mound of paperwork and let his staff sort out the rest.

Down below, Archean and Adien were busy trying to get all their people moved around so that they’d all be present for the festivities. Some were still out flying the patrols a few Gladius members had been pulled from much earlier in the day but most were inbound and would be in the Castle within the next three hours or so. With the exception of a few members, none knew about the special guests that had arrived earlier in the day. The special guests wouldn’t be going down to the Tridens barracks anyways. Perhaps a few would pass the strange guests but they would have other things on their minds, the same things the Gladius members had on their minds, food, booze, and pretty dancers.