The Hunter Returns


04-04-2006 13:18:09

Yes, it is true, Tarentum...I, Jason Hunter, have returned to the hallowed halls of Castle Tarentum! ph34r i7...

And, as part of my return, here is my challenge to you: if you think you have the guts, meet me on one of the ACC's battle fields. There, we shall do combat, and see just who is the strongest....

...and, besides..what better way to welcome me back than to beat the crap out of me? I can think of a few people right now who'd just LOVE to it....*cough*spearstelonasithie!*cough*

Anyways, this is an open invite for ANYONE who wants to, to challenge me in the ACC. So, bring it on, Tarentum! BUA-HAhahahahAHAHAHAAHAHahhahaHAahHAHAAzzzzzzzzHAHAHA!


06-04-2006 06:36:58

Bring it on!


06-04-2006 12:08:41


And, I just realized...for some wierd reason, there's two of these topics.....odd....

[EDIT] Topics Merged, duplicate posts deleted.


06-04-2006 13:25:31

Oh No its the Hunter :-P

Anyone that kicks his ass has a good chance at getting a prize from me.


06-04-2006 23:32:40

*attacks Jason from behind with a folding chair*


07-04-2006 20:05:34

Oh if I wasn't so busy being an Operator I might challenge you Jason.


08-04-2006 16:28:57

Welcome back :)

Sith Bloodfyre

09-04-2006 02:22:56

Welcome back. It seems Oberst is in the mood for a hardcore match. Can I bring the tables?


10-04-2006 13:17:09

*picks himself off the ground and wipes the blood away from his brow*

I'm not sure, but my concusion says, "bring it on!!!"


11-04-2006 16:53:50

Ooooo! Can I sell tickets and videotape it for future DVD sales? Who's gonna be the special guest ref?