Master/Apprentice Guidelines


21-12-2005 14:54:43

Below will be the rules by which this program is ran. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

1. I shall be an active member of the Brotherhood as a whole and within Clan Tarentum.
2. I shall be a role model for my student and keep any disagreement private.
3. I shall be responsible for explaining/identifying the rules of behavior for the Brotherhood to my student.
4. I shall strive to keep my student active and involved in the Brotherhood, so long as it does not conflict with real life matters for either of us.
5. I shall be the one to initiate the trials process for my student after he or she has obtained the rank of Jedi Hunter. I understand that the Clan and House leaders may advise for or against the trials.
6. Upon entering the trials phase, I understand that I shall be the one to announce the trials to my student starting with a short fictional entry concerning the initiation of trials.
7. I understand that I may develop a special training program for my apprentice, including setting specific goals for advancement.
8. I understand that my apprentice can break the relationship if he/she feels that I am not performing my duties.

Sephiroth Kali

04-04-2006 14:03:57

Can you outline the guidelines for the student please?


07-04-2006 20:06:43

Work your butt off and do everything your master wants you to do.


08-04-2006 14:40:55

Pretty much Tel ;)

Basically all the Apprentices have to worry about is:

1) Regular communication with your Master
2) Fulfil any tasks your Master sets you within a predefined time limit.
3) Activity in your House and Clan as a whole is important to ensure regular progression through the ranks.
4) Murdering your Master when the time is right.


11-04-2006 10:04:18


Why don't you pin this?


11-04-2006 12:47:39

That is a damned fine idea Sir Frosty of the Romanae.


We must make point number 4 accessible to ALL the apprentices.


12-04-2006 06:44:20

Sweet...oh, dang I remembered I have 2 of my own. :(


07-09-2006 21:28:21

I promise to keep jason on his toes!


31-05-2007 09:30:02


I think I have already asked this question before, but how does one go about getting an Apprentice? :$

Adien Falaut

31-05-2007 14:54:18

get ahold of BF and go from there would probably get that cleared up quickly.

Sephiroth Kali

31-05-2007 21:27:06

Actualy, thats more of my job ;) If you're looking for an Apprentice, or a Master, email me and I will attempt to find one for you. Of course I would then inform BF of the the relationship.

Daryus ZalynCYa

02-06-2007 03:16:46

Greetings. SO how long do I have to be active for before I am allowed to take on an apprentice?

Sith Bloodfyre

04-06-2007 08:28:08

You can take on an Apprentice as soon as you have one you'd like to mentor, who would like to have the benefit of your teaching in return. So, right now if you like.

Daryus ZalynCYa

04-06-2007 22:26:05

Thanks Sithie. I will begin the process of identifying one whom is worthy to continue the line and walk the path to ultimate darkness

Sephiroth Kali

09-06-2007 16:19:21

let me know when you do please.

Seth En-Saeur

15-11-2007 17:36:45

How does one procure a master?

Sith Bloodfyre

15-11-2007 18:30:02

We can help you take care of that, Seth. Are you just looking to write to participate in stuff, or do you have any of the games we use, too? We can hook you up with a master to work with either for gaming, writing, or both. Let me know, and I'll work on getting it taken care of.

Seth En-Saeur

17-11-2007 20:32:02

I sent you a PM on that.


31-12-2011 22:28:35

so this post is very old are the rules the same


24-01-2012 02:21:31

I believe it is, at least I haven't heard of any changes to the dynamics of the Master/Student program.

I am also looking to gain an Apprentice, if there are any available and willing.


25-02-2012 02:34:50

Hello people,.

Sine we have alot of new blood in the house I think It would be cool if you guys started to seek out apprentice from the new people to get them involved with Tarentum.... Lets start actve posts to pair up the old with the new....