Phoenix Crest


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A stiff wind surged through shuttle bay, as the figure of a ship slowly began to reveal itself. The small squad of guards quickly ran to confront whatever was going to decend from the lowering ramp. As the squad raised there weapons a loud voice ordered them to lower their weapons. Quickly the weapons where lowered none of the men wanting to anger the Oberst, knowing the wrath that would follow if they did.

A figure of a well-dressed man walked down the ships ramp with a casual stroll. “Master” he offered to Oberst along with a slight nod of the head. “Apprentice must you use that cloaking device, you scared these men half to death.” Oberst said with a sly grin.

As the pair made their way toward the Consul’s chambers where the Clans leaders where already assembled, Spears took in all of the familiar sights and sounds. It had been far to long since he had set foot within the Castle that Tarentum calls home.

“Are you sure you wish this to begin?” The Master asked his Apprentice. “I am quite sure, I have been giving this some thought for some time now. Has everything been laid out as I requested?” The Headmaster inquired. Oberst simply nodded confirming that it had…

Just a few hours later the Clan was buzzing with the news that Spears had returned from Antei, and that Rekio had put out a call for all members to meet in the Great Hall.

As the Clan gathered in the Hall and everyone had taken their place. Spears made his way to the Podium.

“It has come to my attention, that the area known as the “The Phoenix Crest” has recently been the target of several successful attempts at sabotage. As you all know the Phoenix Crest has a great deal of rich mineral deposits, the wealth of which greatly add to the coffers of our Great Clan. It is the duty of those honored with the gift of a Land Grant to defend it no matter the cost for the good of the Clan. It appears as though Templar Dranik is no longer capable of keeping control of the Phoenix Crest; as such I formally declare my intention to take the Phoenix Crest from him and to bring the perpetrators of these wanton acts of destruction to the end that they deserve.” With that Spears got up and marched out of the Great Hall, leaving the Hall abuzz of conversations wondering what had just taken place.

I have returned to the Castle and declared my intentions to claim the area known as the Phoenix Crest. For those interested you have 2 days to discuss why I have done this and who is responsible for the attacks on the Crest. I am sure that Rekio and Anshar will considering participating in this runon as Clan Activity and those that are really active may even get a present from me. You have two days to make this a runon based on this information before I move the story along. Your activites will also be taken into account and be added to Chronicles of our Clan.


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[OOC: Side note: We will count this as activity. Any awards, though, will come from Spears. This will probably be my only post, but to help push things just a bit. Also, for those of you who don't know, Dranik was a member of the clan and is a good friend of mine in real life.]


Anshar had expected this day for some time. Spears had mentioned his intentions to Anshar previously, but he had been quiet on his particular desires for doing so.

Dranik had gone Rogue sometime ago for reasons beyond the knowledge of anyone. Even Anshar, Dranik's closest friend, knew very little of the particulars. Anshar had tracked Dranik down, but Dranik had not been ready to return to the clan at that moment. Whether or not he did in the future was still up in the air. The two still maintained limited contact.

Still, Spears' announcement of his intention was itself still a mystery. To most Brotherhood members, mere rumor had it that the Headmaster was building more than one personal estate and the mineral resources of the Phoenix Crest would be beneficial to such undertakings. Ownership of the area guaranteed a steady and virtually free flow of raw materials.

Those attacking the Crest were a different matter and there could be any number of suspects- pirates, Yridia natives seeking to drive Tarentum away, or even other clans seeking to disrupt Tarentum's economic activity. The attacks had only recently begun and an investigation was already under way by Tarentum's intelligence forces.


16-07-2005 19:19:33

The news about Spear’s intentions towards Phoenix Crest came as welcome news in one manner to Welshman. Based at the outside of Yridian Space on Sword’s Sheath Welshman had been having to dedicate a lot of Gladius’s resources in intercepting some of the pirate traffic that had been striking at the abandoned area, to not so great success as he was being constantly reminded in memos from High Command. Setting down the latest reminder to step up patrols he gazed at the profile of the area in question, rich in easily accessible minerals it would boost the already swelling coffers of the Headmaster as well as the coffers of Tarentum in the long run, thinking of the added benefits this could bring to Gladius he flicked his communicator on.

“Command, this is Welsh. How much fuel does the Death have for more patrols?”
“Two, three if you keep them close to home.”
“Keep half a squad here, inform the Death I’m coming aboard. I have to get to Yridia II for some discussions and I might as well take the Death for some refuelling”
“Yes sir.”

Within fifteen minutes he was staring at the azure globe of Yridia II and preparing to embark on a shuttle down to Castle Tarentum.

It was on the shuttle descent to the surface that a complete report on the pirating events reached him. They were costing Tarentum hundreds of thousands of credits in lost revenue and repair costs not to mention being unable to fulfil quotas for the Dark Hall sullying the name of the Clan. This was confounded by the possibilities that it could be acts of sabotage from other clans. If this was indeed the case then a strong hand needed to assume control of the area and beef up its defences, then perhaps some of the credits trickling back into Tarentum’s coffers could find their way up to Sword’s Sheath…

Ylith Pandemonium

16-07-2005 20:23:23

As Ylith had just watched Headmaster Spears giving his speech in the great hall, Ylith became curious of what he’d meant. As he had come to known Spears and Sir GenOberst Ylith decided to walk to him and ask Spears personally what was going on. On his way to them his way got blocked by the crowd and Ylith missed them. “Damn.” Ylith muttered standing in the middle of the abuzz members of the Clan. Ylith wanted to know more about this.

Ylith walked to his room. Ylith had a few friends within the clan but besides them he was very lonely. He never hung out with the other students and never really had the need to socialize. Suddenly he got a transmission from Welshman saying he’d be out helping the headmaster and not be able to contact Ylith for a while. Ylith didn’t really know what was going on but he’d figured by now it had to be a huge thing. Seeing that the transmission came from Sword’s sheath which was heading for Castle Tarentum. “So you are coming for a visit.” Ylith softly spoke to himself after turning of the screen. Ylith spend most of his time training and in the Shadow Academy, but as the Phoenix Crest got him curious. Ylith was always thankful when he got into the brotherhood, especially when he joined Clan Tarentum. “Maybe I can help the clan out.” He said to himself softly staring out the bedroom window. “but you’re only a Protector with no full training, you haven’t even got a master yet!” Came the reply of his thoughts. Ylith knew he was right about himself but still he wanted to make a difference and truly want to help his fellow clan members out. Welshman should be arriving soon, Ylith though. Ylith left his room and headed for the hangar bay. “I will try and get some answers from Welshman, and if I can help I will!”


18-07-2005 07:20:20

As soon as the meeting concluded, and Spears was well under way to some place within the Castle or possibly heading back to either the Phoenix’s Crest or Lyspair, Ma’ar threw his chair back and whipped around and walked away, headed back to his shuttle, Ma’ar was going back to the Doomsday, to prepare for the trip there as well.

Ma’ar figured if the Phoenix crest was under attack, they would certainly need all available ships to help out, as Ma’ar walked towards the Hangar, he was joined by his new apprentice Rayf.
Rayf seemed a bit concerned with Ma’ars actions and scurried to catch up; he walked carefully and began a conversation with his master.

“Ma’ar what is this all about?” Ma’ar said nothing. Rayf paused and asked again, this time Ma’ar replied, “Rayf, I really have no clue what Spears intentions truly are. But I will find out.”

As the silence befell the two, Rayf asked, “Is it ok if I go with you master?”
Ma’ar knowing his apprentice was always ready for anything, stopped and turned to him and said, “Rayf you have 5 minutes, go get your things and be at my shuttle promptly.”

Rayf turned and walked away, as he sprinted back to his quarters Ma’ar kept moving knowing he would need to prep his shuttle before flight back to the Doomsday.

As Ma’ar got closer to the Hangar he heard someone shout his name, he stopped and spun around to see Merlance headed his way, Ma’ar paused and waited knowing time was short. Merlance finally approached his friend and fellow House summit, Ma’ar seemed perplexed over this whole deal, and Merlance knew it.

Merlance spoke, “Ma’ar headed back to the Doomsday, I take it?”
Ma’ar nodded, and then said, “Merlance I wish for you to watch over the House affairs as I am going to the Phoenix Crest to assist with whatever Spears or the Tarentae need, if you need me by all means send word immediately.”

With that Ma’ar whipped around and strolled towards the Hangar bay, as the sight of the final doors came into view, Ma’ar sensed a presence fast approaching, he knew it was his apprentice and kept going towards the shuttle, as his apprentice finally caught up to Ma’ar he had just opened the doors to the Hangar, and both of them kept silent and proceeded towards the shuttle, the ground crew was working swiftly on several ships, and one person came up to both men, and bowed and looked at Ma’ar, he paused knowing the look upon Ma’ars face was grime and filled with lack of certainty. He gained enough guts to speak with Ma’ar as he spoke; Ma’ar waived a hand in front of him, and said, “I know.”

Ma’ar proceeded towards the shuttle and Rayf stood there, not knowing what that was all about, finally picked up his pace and walked with his master, as they approached the shuttle, Ma’ar stopped and looked at his apprentice and said, “You got your things I take it.”
Rayf seeing the look in Ma’ars eyes, replied, “Yes master I’m good to go.”
“Well then, lets proceed, you take the shuttle out of the bay and set the coordinates to the Doomsday, radio them and tell them there Captain is on his way and to prepare for immediate departure to the Phoenix Crest,” Ma’ar spoke.

Rayf nodded and then asked, “Master, what exactly is this Phoenix Crest?”
“Save that for when we get there, we are in need so we must hurry, I sense something is a miss, and not all is right, precede with care my apprentice we need to be cautious on this,” Ma’ar spoke in a solemn tone.

The two boarded the shuttle and minutes later it had taken off for the Doomsday.


18-07-2005 07:32:03

Frosty heard about the Head Master’s plans long before he announced them. As his guardsman his duty was to protect him from all dangers and to risk everything to do that including his own life.
Contacted by his Quaestor, Welshman, and asked to join him and others from house Gladius that were forming a party for Spear, Frosty did not hesitate one moment and accepted the invitation.

“Frosty you would have to get Ylith with you and travel together to Yridia II, the place where I am located.” Added Welshman to his invitation.

“Yes, sir! We will get this as soon as fast as we can.

And without wasting a second Frosty opened his comlink and addressed Ylith.

“Ylith, get ready, we are leaving.” Ordered the Aedile.

“Where to ?” asked the young Dark Jedi almost stunned.

“To group up and go help Spears. We will leave in 20 minutes, if you are not ready by then I will leave without you.” Replied Frosty and closed his comlink.

Ylith still surprised by his Aedile urge to depart immediately began preparing.

20 minutes later both were ready to depart.

Before leaving Frosty sent a message to Head Master Spears: “Gladius is backing you up all the way on this one…just wait for us to get there.”


18-07-2005 07:37:50

As the shuttle came down on to the docking bay Welshman swore violently as his shuttle was buffeted by another shuttle rocketing skyward from the hanger. Checking his sensor board he found out it’s IFF positioned it as one of the Doomsday’s shuttles, probably the Command staff ferrying up to protect the planet from orbit. Switching over to repulsors he folded up the wings of the lambda shuttle and brought it down in a graceful glide. Powering down his systems he popped the rear entrance exam and stalked down, savouring the brine and fuel smell on the air, it felt good to be back down on Castle Tarentum again.

“Welshman!” Came a shout from a corner of the Hanger bay. Turning his head Welshman saw it was Ylith, a new member to Gladius and Tarentum.
“Greetings Ylith, what can I do for you?” Said Welshman beginning to walk towards the Command Centre Ylith falling into step behind him.
“I’d just like to know what’s going on and try to help I guess Sir.”

Turning his head to face the young Protector Welshman’s optical goggles focused on Ylith and Welsh could see the determination on his face.

“Fine follow me. I’m off to find Rekio or Anshar, maybe they can enlighten this business for us.”

Heading towards the nearest turbolift Welsh palmed the button to take them up into the command centre only to be stopped by a pair of security guards at the top.

“We do not recognise your companion’s security clearance Quaestor” Stated the first guard in a steely voice.
“He is with me, that should be all the clearance you need.”
“Yes sir.” He muttered reluctantly and moved aside.

Stepping through the double doors the hive of activity that was the Tarentum control room threatened to overwhelm him…


19-07-2005 17:04:43

Spears looked down at the lateest troubling reports coming from the Phoneix Crest. The reports indicated that on two seperate occasions two small flights of unidentified craft had straffed the Crest's facilities. The damage had not been severe but it had caused a further drop in production and many of the workers where becoming skidish. There where whispers of shadows in the night air snatching workers from their posts and several of the latest patrols had gone missing.

Members of the Clan began to gather at the Castle as they made their own plans for investigating what was going on at the Phoenix Crest. No doubt that more would follow, the lure of fighting for the Clan coupled with personal glory was hard to ignore.

No one but his old Master had seen the Headmaster since he had left the Great Hall and Oberst had yet to speak about the current situation and many where to scared of the Warlord to ask.


19-07-2005 21:28:15

Standing at the back of the great hall, Archean watched as Spears was giving his speech. As it ended, Archean made his way to the front of the hall, passing all the people that were talking in their groups. Archean saw Windos sitting down in the lobby, he went up to him and asked him about the speech. “Hey Windos” said Archean “Hey Arch, what did you make of the speech?” asked Windos curiously “I don’t know, but it sounds like its something big” replied Archean. Before Archean could ask another question Windos got up, and quickly ran down the hall, he turned back to Archean “sorry but I have to go, we’ll meet at the hanger bay ok?” yelled Windos “sure!” yelled Archean.

Archean then headed to the hanger bay to meet with Windos. He walked through the big metal doors and saw Windos checking some flight data. “Hey” said Archean. “Oh hey” said Windos, glancing up from his datasheet. “So whats going on? Have people already left?” “Yeah they have, and we must leave also.” Explained Windos. “Ok, im ready” replied Archean. “Good, lets head out”. The two Dark Jedi boarded the ship, and headed out to the doomsday.


19-07-2005 22:01:29

Windos sat silently, listening to the lively conversations that buzzed around him, after a few minutes Windos stood and went to wait for his master in the lobby, just outside of the hall.

“Hey Windos” He heard, causing him to look up.

“Hey Arch, what did you make of the speech?” Windos asked the young Dark Jedi.

“I don’t know, but it sounds like its something big” Archean replied.

Windos caught a glimpse of his master out of the corner of his eye and sprinted after him.

“Sorry but I have to go, we’ll meet at the hanger bay ok?” Windos yelled back, leaving the room before he could hear any reply.

“Zekk, hey, It’s good to see Spears back in the Castle.” Windos remarked, a little more cheerful than he had been during resent times.

“Indeed it is.” Zekk commanded.

“What do you make of all this?”

“What I would say is a double edged sword, young apprentice, so I will keep my lips sealed.”

Windos walked beside his master. Trying to determine what the Prelate was thinking but only came up against a strong mental block.

“Fair enough.” Windos responded, starting to veer off a little to head off down another passageway.

“Where are you going Windos?” The Jedi Hunter’s master asked.

“Doomsday” He replied.

“Fair enough.” Zekk chuckled a little.

Windos stopped by his make shift office and sent off a message to the Keepers of the Night.

‘Gather together some equipment and meet me on the Doomsday, we will be assisting in anyway possible. Bring your new Battle suites; you never know when they may come in handy.’

Windos then headed out to the hanger bay he had left his ship and began prepping it and loading in the flight data so he could be lazy on the ride up to the doomsday. Walking into the entrance Windos saw Archean, they greeted each other and Windos hurried him onto the ship and the two departed.


19-07-2005 23:14:03

The smell of coffee hung thick in the room. Anyone approaching the War Room from any of the three entrances was greeted by the smell before the doors even opened. The Castle's servants were constantly bringing the hot liquid to the room. On the hour, every hour, a new carafe of the thick, dark, rich liquid made its way up from the Castle galleys to the War Room. The remnants of a large breakfast sat on a sideboard near the grand double doors that acted as the "main" entrance to the room. The left over eggs, bacon, sausages, breads, fish and pastries could have fed one of the outlying colonies that fished the waters of Yridia II, but more likely than not the food would be disposed of by droids, or if punishment was in order one of organic slaves that catered to the whims of the Castle's residents. The doors were expertly situated so that any who entered, unfamiliar with the layout of Castle Tarentum, were instantly struck by awe as they peered out into the oceans. During the night, exterior lights illuminated the ocean's depth, allowing visitors to gaze upon the myriad sea life. The gentle reflection of the light off the scales of the fishes appeared like moving stars against a night sky of dark, liquid blue. And daylight, as it did now, filtered gently through the water and through the bay windows, softly illuminating the entire room.

The three figures seated around the holographic display had been there since the previous evening when the Headmaster, Warlord Spears Tarentae had made public his intentions of taking the Phoenix Crest as his own property. The display showed the primary magma rift, the area where most of the deep Sea "mining" took place as well as the locations for the various refinement facilities, mining colonies and smaller "mines." The display also marked in red areas where attacks had occurred.

"Have any of our probes reported back?" the largest figure at the table asked. His head was bowed, reading over initial reports from the areas that were attacked. He never looked up as one of his officers answered him.

"No, sir," began another figure at the table, a Yvethan - rare in this part of the space. The Yvethan were horribly xenophobic creatures, viewing all others and inferior. This particular Yvethan seemed to have been able to at least swallow most of the vitriol he felt for these "inferior" races. More so to be taking orders from the large human that he now took orders from. "The probes have not detected any vessels within or near the Crest which aren't ours. I have sent a team of engineers to the most recent attack site, to collect data perhaps the attackers will left some clue as to who they are."

"I also have a team going over sensor logs," began the third figure. A fair skinned human of medium build, with blond hair. "It would be horribly improbable that an outside force slipped through our sensor net, but it wouldn't be impossible. The approach through the Itaana Belt could mask the approach of smaller vessels, but there is a clear stretch between the asteroid belt and Yridia II."

The large human, Tarentum's Field Marshal, looked up from his datapad and fixed an eye on the display, "General, I want you to deploy VIII Corps around the Crest. Concentrate most of your forces around the settlements and facilities that have not been struck. The settlements have not yet been destroyed, and no serious breaches have been conducted. I have a hunch that we're being robbed." Oberst paused, hand rubbing his chin in contemplation, "And send a SpecOps Company into the main mining facility."

The Yvethan stood and saluted, turning on his heel to carry out his orders.

Kessian Armus looked at his commanding officer curiously, "Do you really think ground troop deployment will help the situation?"

Oberst met Armus' gaze and replied, "No. But, I do know that moving troops into the area will keep people working. Recall the Anubis and order her to make around the clock fighter patrols in the waters above the Phoenix Crest. I also want more probots in the area. Something has to be flushed out with that."

Armus stood, "Yes, sir. Should I also coordinate with Donitz about those troop transfers?"

"Of course. I want that redeployment to happen as soon as possible. Any transports and shuttles that are needed to make it happen are to be reassigned immediately by my orders."

Armus saluted and also made his way from the War Room, leaving Oberst to gaze once more at the holodisplay. By the time he left to retire to his chambers, night had fallen once more, the breakfast lay on the sideboard still, stale and congealed.


20-07-2005 01:08:20

As the shuttle neared the outer atmosphere, Rayf radioed the Doomsday, Ma’ar hadn’t came to the cockpit, as he sat in the back meditating, trying to concentrate on what this sabotage was about, Reports had come in of a serious of small attacks, and nothing major had been damaged, and reports of workers being snatched, the questions were all around, but there was no reasoning for this, the only thing of “who” could be doing this is all that surrounded the whole issue.

Rayf shouted back to Ma’ar, “Ma’ar, the doomsday is asking for security clearance, what do I tell them?”

Ma’ar drew upward to his feet, and proceeded to the cockpit, and then replied, “Alpha, Tango, 32412, delta.” Rayf repeated the code into the com, and then the voice replied, “Welcome aboard Captain.”

Ma’ar sat down next to his apprentice and starred into the deep space surrounding the Doomsday, it had been several days since he had been aboard the craft, and was looking forward to a patrol around the Phoenix Crest. As the shuttle came closer, Rayf looked to his master and asked, “Is there anything special about landing this shuttle I need to know about?”

Ma’ar chuckled and grabbed the controls and pushed a series of buttons and the craft slowed to almost a halt, and then came within several meter’s of the Doomsday, the wings folded and the ship entered the landing bay of the Doomsday, as the craft slowed to a stop and rotated one hundred eighty degrees, it automatically lowered the landing gear, the craft sat down nice and still and then with a push of a button, the rear loading ramp lowered and Ma’ar stood up and said to Rayf, “Were here, lets go and see what we know from the castle, on Intel.”

With that Ma’ar and Rayf walked toward the rear of the craft, as they proceeded down the ramp, and armed escort came into sight, the guards looked at the dark cloak of the Captain, and said, “Welcome Captain Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae, its good to have you back aboard, and your wanted on the main flight deck, we have several new reports available for your viewing.”

Ma’ar stopped and nodded to the guard, and then spoke in a deep voice, “Please show my apprentice his quarters so he may drop his gear , and then bring him to the main flight deck.”

With that Ma’ar turned to his apprentice and said, “Rayf please go and get your things stowed, we will be here for awhile I suspect, when your ready come to the flight deck, and we go from there.”

Ma’ar turned around and swiftly made his way towards the lift, the two men stood there and looked at each other, the guard spoke to Rayf in a stern tone, “Follow me.” With that the two went a different direction and the hangar drew silent.

Ma’ar found the Lift and pressed a button, and the doors drew open, as he stepped inside, he felt an eerie presence, as this would be the last voyage for the Doomsday, the unsettling feeling overwhelmed the Krath Priest, but he drew into the force and reached down deep, and mustered his strength. The doors to the lift went closed and the lift was away to the flight deck, Ma’ar waited in peace. As the lift slowly came to a halt the doors drew open, and in front of Ma’ar was the main flight deck, out the main window was deep space. Ma’ar slowly made his way to the other end, and a officer pressed forward to meet Ma’ar halfway, as the two came together, the flight deck officer saluted the Captian.

Ma’ar nodded, and then asked, “So what do we know as of now? There should be a few reports I haven’t seen and I’m curious as to what General Maxamillian von Oberst has come up with, I wasn’t in a mood to deal with anymore meeting’s today, so what has been sent for us?”

The officer, slowly pointed towards the other side of the deck, and gestured for Ma’ar to follow.

Ylith Pandemonium

20-07-2005 13:31:28

[ I am writing the story with Welshman's last post as previous post, not frosty's]

Ylith looked into the control room and little bleeps and flashing lights confused him
but after looking more closely he knew this was not just routine, this was serious.

Ylith followed Welshman who walked straight to the, what Ylith though was, the brigde.
Higher officers ran around giving orders and dozens of communication lines were punched trough
the entire system. Welshman walked to one of the officers and startted to ask for
the Phoenix Crest. Ylith wanted to tag along but was stopped by two of the guards,
"no one may enter, this is enclosed to highly autorized personel only." The guard almost shouted into Ylith's

Ylith took his time to check the surroundings of this dark and busy room. The smell of cold coffee
was lingering with the stench of sweat caused by hard work. The sound of people constandly talking and giving
orders tied together made a curtain of sound. Ylith looked on the a screen and suddenly
recognized the ship. "Hey Welsh, isn't that the Doomsday?" Ylith asked suddenly ignoring all
forms of formality beeing friends with Welshman for a while.

Welshman came looking and looked at the screen Ylith stared at. "It sure is, it's a beauty isn't she?" Welshman
said while Ylith inspected the ship. Suddenly he saw multiple shuttles boarding and a communications officers speaking
the Doomsday going to the Phnoenix Crest to patrol the area. Ylith looked at Welshman and said. "Maybe we should do the same sir Welshman. We could take one of the remaining shuttles and hitch a ride to Phoenix, maybe we'll get some answers there."

Welshman stared at the screen and while he did Ylith waited silently, staring at the same screen showing the giant
spaceship, for Welshman to decide.


20-07-2005 13:39:26

Tyrus quickly put on his regular robes inside his room right after the speech. He had no idea what to do, but he knew where to find some orders. Tyrus sheathed his vibrosword and put his Hold-Out Blaster Pistol in its holster. He opened the door of his quarters and looked down the hall, not knowing if he had permission to be out right now but not caring.

Tyrus went out and walked at a fairly quick pace, his footsteps echoing through the corridors. He came upon the war room and stood there.

"My master wouldn't be angry if I came," he muttered to himself, "He technically hasn't given me any orders." And with that Tyrus opened the door to the war room. As he walked inside he saw General Oberst looking down at a piece of paper.

"Oh, good. More coffee." Oberst said absenmindedly without looking up.

"No, it's me master." Tyrus said doubtfully. "I'm here to ask a few questions. What did Spears mean by his speach? And also, what are my orders regarding the pheonix crest?"


20-07-2005 14:31:07

Minaith had been confused ever since the big meeting. This Phoenix Crest ordeal seemed to come out of nowhere. After the meeting had ended, Minaith went back to his quarters to meditate on the situation, and to plan his next course of action. He found himself divided on what he should do. One part of him whispered, “Just stay out of this. There will be other opportunities in the future to prove yourself when you are stronger.” The other part, however, urged him, “Think of what you may accomplish there. You have always wanted to do something important for Tarentum, and this is it!”

Other than the voices inside his head, he did not know of anyone he could go to for more information. He had no master, and he rarely communicated with anyone other than Malekith and Askimiss, who definitely would have no clue about anything. Another problem was that the high ranking Tarentum leaders were probably already on route to their destinations.

After an hour of pacing back and forth it hit him, Tyrus! Tyrus was Minaith’s battleteam leader, who he had much respect for. Surely he would know something, or if he didn’t he would find out soon enough. Minaith had made his decision, sort of. He still did not know if he would help the others or not, but maybe if he had some more info, he would finally be able to decide. He quickly put a vibroknuckler on his left hand, sheathed a punch dagger into his belt, and finally grabbed his own custom katana, the Dragon Fang. He then set out to find Tyrus, and some answers.


20-07-2005 18:05:11

Whilst staring at the technical readout beamed in real time from the Doomsday Welsh knew what he must do. Glancing up he saw the meeting between Oberst, Armus and a Yevethan had drawn to a close and each were starting to diffuse out into the hustle and bustle of the command centre to perform some meaningful work.
Striding up towards Oberst Welshman lowered his head in a respectful bow.

“Master, any orders that I and my associate here could help you with?”
“Welshman, hmm. We have a SpecOps Company deploying in the main mining facility. Go with them and provide whatever assistance you can. Now if you excuse me I’m a busy man.”
“Yes Master. Ylith, follow me. Were going to see some action.”
“Yes sir!” Came the enthusiastic voice of the relatively new Protector.

Turning on his heels Welshman led the way back to the turbolift and down into the main marshalling areas, there he found hundreds of troops milling onto transports ranging from clapped out LAATs to Sentinel Class landing ships. Trying to make sense out of this scene of organised chaos Welshman walked towards a soldier wearing a black mimetic suit.

“Which shuttle’s are assigned to the SpecOps branch?”

The soldier merely pointed to a section of hanger containing nondescript shuttles. Nodding his thanks Welshman walked towards it, Ylith following in his wake.

“Been in combat before Ylith?” Queried Welsh
“Not with a bunch of other Dark Jedi I haven’t.” He murmured.
“Good.” Said Welsh with a smile.

Half an hour later they were stowed in the hold of a freighter jam packed with armour wearing combat troops skimming scant meters over the turbulent sea.

“Hope you can swim Ylith cause thing’s will get messy if were intercepted…”

Ylith Pandemonium

20-07-2005 18:40:07

Ylith pulled a few times at the straps of his armour. "This is trooper hardware not Dark Jedi!" Ylith complained when the shutted shook his way to the surface. "Calm down Ylith, you're lucky to tag along. We're almost there, brace yourself."

Ylith looked out of his small window into the darkness, it was nighttime and the phoenix base would be dead ahead.
During the voyage to the planet he came to know many rumors about the Phoenix Crest. Ghosts coming out
of the shadows and strange creatures lurking over unsuspecting patrollers. Ylith looked at Welshman who held his hand against his lightsaber, with that sign Ylith immediatly went to full alert.

The ship suddenly hit something and the front window cracked and the pilots got spiked by pieces of thick glass.
Ylith looked outside and saw dark figures moving outside, and before he knew it Welshman pulled Ylith away from the window just before a piece of the right wing was torn off and crushed the side wall with his sharp edge.

Ylith looked up and Welshman looked serious and said: "no time for worries, we need to get out of here!"
Welshman pulled Ylith up and walked to the helm. The controls were all broken by the huge inpact by whatever they have hit and welsman barely got to the communications desk. Welshman quickly typed something and Ylith saw another piece of the window break towards Welshman. Ylith used his small but eager knowledge of the force and he tried to stop the pieces of glas. Even though he tried the pieces only slowed down and barely missed Welshman when he had send the SOS transmission.

Welshman shouted to Ylith to come and grabbed two parachutes, threw one to Ylith and jumped out of the shuttle.
Ylith followed and as they slowly descended in a very thick forest they both saw the shuttle with the trooped dissapear into the horizon.

Ylith landed near a large tree and Welshman got stuck in a tree but was easily freed by using his lightsaber.
Welshman landed near Ylith and used his compact map to locate where he was. "Where are we?" Asked Ylith when
looking around in the darkness. "We're on the other side of the Island, in the woodlands."


20-07-2005 19:16:46

After boarding the Doomsday and parting with Archean, Windos waited about in a small room he had found and waited for the members of the Keepers of the Night to meet up with his. In ten minutes time they had all filed in, and Windos began briefing them. The Tetrarch was interrupted by his datapad which was beeping profusely in his robes.

“Looks like we will be giving those new suits of ours some use.” He informed them when he had finished the message. “Welshman and Ylith where aboard a ship on its way to the main mining facility on the Phoenix Crest, that ship went down some where over the surface.”

Windos continued the short briefing and then ordered the men to get suited up. They met back in the docking bay, looking quite professional in their modified, black and purple, clone commando armour. Windos ran up the ramp of the nearest troop carrier and ‘requested’ that the pilot take them where Welshman’s SOS had been transmitted.

It took a couple of minute ‘persuasion’ but soon they where on route, prepping them selves to be dropped in, and double checking their weapons.
“Ok men, this is it, this is what we have been training for.” Windos said, pumping them up as he stood at the lowering ramp and the rear of the ship.

Windos jumped first, flying belly first towards the ground, 100 meters bellow. He stopped dead, just one meter over the ground as the zip line attached to his back and waist pulled tight. He detached himself and landed on both feet in a tinny clearing in some woodlands, joined soon by 9 others, all of whom held their blaster rifles at the ready, just in case they were engaged by wildlife or who ever had been attacking the facilities down here.


21-07-2005 07:51:09

“Well Ylith, you wanted some excitement you got it!” Welshman shouted as he ducked another barrage of laser fire. Crouching down Welshman ignited his sabre and rushed towards a fallen tree that elements of the SpecOps team were using for cover. Since being shot down by what he estimated to be a un-guided shoulder launched missile the SpecOps team had acted fluidly and without effort, dragging any surviving gear and men out of the mangled shuttle they instantly set up fortifications using the best equipment they had at hand, boulders, fallen trees even bodies and backpacks.

“Yes Quaestor!” Shouted Ylith back, barely containing the glee in his voice.

Smiling slightly Welshman thought how lucky they had been to have been shot down over one of the only landmasses within hundreds of square miles. They were about ten kilometres from the main processing plant, about half an hour’s run. This wouldn’t be too bad as long as the attackers could be killed off and as of yet they were proving extremely resilient. Switching his goggles to IR Welshman surveyed the area from behind the fallen log; over a dozen glowing bodies shimmered in the forest in front of him coupled with the constant backdrop of searingly bright blaster fire.

“Commander! Have your men spread grenades throughout that sector of forest!” Shouted Welshman to the troop commander who was hunkered next to him.
“Sir!” Making a series of extensive hand gestures the commander settled back as five concussion grenades went sailing into the forest. Three seconds later five basso bangs echoed throughout the forest and the blaster fire slackened a bit however it did not completely halt. It was then a sonic boom thundered across the area and a shuttle decelerated to hover above the battlefield. From this shuttle descended the self proclaimed Death Squad of House Gladius. Repeaters thundering away the ten descending shapes scythed away the leafs and trees hiding the enemy and soon enough they landed and surged into the forest in their dark, purple armour. Half a minute later a lone figured strolled out of the forest before decoupling his helmet, it was Windos.

“Hell Windos, where the Krath did you come from?”
“We were on the Doomsday and we got your signal. Figured you and Ylith here could use a hand.”
“Heh, thanks Windos. Looks like you deserve your title anyway, don’t think I’ve ever seen you being so… efficient before”
“It’s what you pay us for.”
“I pay you?” Said Welsh with false shock.

Windos’s laugh was the only reply.

“Ylith, Windos. You guys up for a quick run? We’ll scout out ahead of the SpecOps team. Bring KOTN with you if you’d like but I’d like it if you could at least leave one or two members with them. Should give us a bit of a clue through the Force as to their status.”
“Sure Welsh.”
“Good, let’s get going!!!”


21-07-2005 09:28:37

Archean said goodbye to Windos and headed for a desolate room, he unpacked his gear and lied down, thinking of the Pheonix Crest. Archean couldn’t sleep, so he got up, unsheathed his vibroblade and proceeded to do some forms. After a short while of training the lack of space in the room made Archean stop.

Archean decided to head to the bridge to see if any transmissions had come in, he was halted by two guards “only authorized personnel my enter!” the guard said in a stern voice. “Whoa…ok, sorry, keep ya' robe on” Archean mumbled to himself.. He headed back to his room when he entered the room he picked up his vibroblade and began to clean it. He got half way done when he got interrupted by a guard.

“Sir there is a call waiting for you in the communications room” explained the guard.
Archean didn’t say a word, he just followed the guard. He entered the room and took the call.

“Archean, its Windos, listen up, we need you down here as soon as possible, we’ve been taking heavy fire, only now we’ve been able to head to the mining facility”. Said Windos hastily
“Ok, is everyone alright”? Asked Archean
“Yes everyone is fine. This is what I want you to do. I want you to record this message, take it to the hanger, show the guards so that you can take a ship, muster up an investigation squad, and meet us at the mining facility.
“Ok I will, see you soon, may the force be with you”. Archean said as he ended the call and the recording of the message.

Archean rushed to his room, gathered his belongings and ran to the hanger, he showed the guard the message, Archean then called upon 5 clone troopers that were stationed on the ship. He recruited them for the investigation squad. After he gathered everyone, they hastily boarded the ship, and made their way to the beacon that Windos had turned on.

The ship landed, Archean and his crew exited the craft.
“Just sit tight for a little bit, ill return soon with orders” Archean said to one of t
“Yes sir” replied the trooper.

Archean walked up to a lone trooper

“Where are Commander Welshman and Tetrach Windos?” Asked Archean
“He's scouting ahead with 2 more Jedi and some troopers” Replied the trooper
“Thank you” Said Archean
“Must be Ylith and Windos who’s with Welshman” muttered Archean to himself.

Archean went back to his troops. “I shall return shortly men, if something occurs I want you to report to me as soon as possible” Said Archean. “Understood sir” Replied the trooper.

Archean ran off into the forest in search of Windos, Welshman and Ylith.

Ylith Pandemonium

21-07-2005 15:53:41

Ylith followed Welshman and Windos when the opening came. He and Welsh were stranded at the
crash site and eventually pinned down when the attackers showed.

Ylith grabbed his arm why was heavily wounded, blood poured out of it and he barely covered it with
his cloak. "I have to be strong, I can't back out on the others." Ylith told himself in his mind.
"Where are we going?" Ylith said while hiding a face of pain.
"To the closest mining facility." Windos said while ordering a few commando's to scout ahead.
Ylith looked thoughtfull and welshman noticed; "What's on your mind young one." he said while looking in front of him.
"I find this all so suspicious, somehow they knew we were coming and somehow they were instandly at the crash site,
It's too much co-incidence of you ask me. I mean, they attack the primairy base most of the time right? Which is on the other side of this island." Welshman stopped and so did Windos. "He does have a point there." Windos said thinking. "This is windos with Alpha one and Alpha two, do you copy?" he said to the communication device.
As no responce came from the two scouts Windos became nervous, and so did Welsh. Ylith startted to get dizzy and
almost fell down. "Are you ok Ylith?" Welshman said and when Ylith wanted to respond he saw a sniper aiming from close distance at Welsh. Ylith pushed Welshman aside and the shot came and Ylith was scratched by the highly concentrated
laserbeam at his side. "Ouch." Ylith said dryly when he noticed he was hit. Windos didn't wait a second and ducked behind the fallen tree and called for his troopers to come. Ylith's side was bleeding and he knew he was loosing blood fast. He tore off a strap of clothing from his cloak and wrapped it around his waist. "That should do it for now."

"What do we do now?" Welshman said to windos while using his saber to redirect the fired lasers.
"By my guess the mining facility here has been taken already, the one behind this must be a genious."
Windos nodded and said, "They did hid it very well, we had no intell of any anemy activity in this area."
Welshman still tried to hold them off and said, "We have to warn Spears, we may have spies!"


21-07-2005 18:14:05

As Ylith and Welshman were pinned down by blaster fire, some of their attackers had been formulating plans. Seeing that the Jedi was distracted with deflecting shots, they figured it was the perfect time to attempt to put a grenade smack dab in the middle of their cover.

A singular trooper came running out of the brush, his fellow troopers laying down as much cover fire as possible. Unclipping a concussion grenade from his belt, the trooper sprinted to get within throwing distance. Welshman, though distracted, spotted the danger and began barking orders. Suddenly, the trooper stopped dead in his tracks, teetered warily on his feet, then fell forward, an odd looking axe buried into the back of his head. From brush behind the fallen trooper, a large hooded figure came sprinting forward, reached down and yanked the axe from the corpse as he moved, continued forward and dove into the brush, followed by a more than a few blaster shots.

Ylith, having stood up and taken a look out to see if he could spot some enemy troops, turned to Welshman in confusion. “What the hell was that?”

“No idea! Looked like he was wearing robes though!” replied Welshman, hastily.

Archean stood there for a second, thinking. He had a vague sense of familarity when he saw the creature. As it clicked, he yelled over to Welshman, "I think he's one of ours! I've seen him around before!"

Ylith forced a laugh. "Who uses an axe anymore?"

“To the left!” yelled a nearby trooper, bringing around his blaster and pointing into the undergrowth. “Blaster fire!”

Archean shrugged and spun around, preparing for another onslaught of attacks.

At that second, a small group of like-armored soldiers came streaming out of the brush, firing off the random shot at hidden attackers. One, apparently the commander, came running up to Welshman and Ylith, who had both ducked behind their cover.

“Sir! My men and I were onboard a shuttle convoy headed to the factory.” The trooper swept his free hand into the air, making a few quick gestures directing his men to take up defensive positions. “We were gunned down on the way and had to make an emergency landing. We came as soon as we heard blaster fire.”

Welshman nodded, “Good to have you. We can use all the help we can get.” The trooper rushed off to join the firefight.

The Dashade, having been aboard the downed shuttle, broke from the group of soldiers and walked up to Welshman. He dipped into a low bow, “My name is Vharcil Jr’ent an Acolyte within the Brotherhood. I joined up with the convoy as they left, hoping to get to the action.”

Welshman studied the Dashade for a moment before speaking, “Welcome to the fight. See what you can do here and we’ll regroup once we’re done.” With that, Welshman stepped back into the fray, deflecting bolts back the way they came.


21-07-2005 18:41:31

Since the meeting of two separate parties in the forest clearing Welsh and his group had made significant progress towards the main depot. Vharacil, a lizard like Dashade had surged ahead to use his natural talents for running point.

After marching half way Welshman dropped down to talk with his reinforced troop company.

“How far Commander?”
“Ten more minute Sir, we should be entering their detection zone soon enough.”
“Why would a mineral depot need a sensor net?”
“To stop pirates Sir, why else?”

Why else indeed muttered Welshman unaccustomed to having his questions scorned at.

Moving swiftly to meet up with Vharacil he eventually caught up with the reptilian scout.

“See anything?”
“Not really. The trees are thinning out a bit we should be reaching a clear zone soon enough”

And sure as can be after a further five minutes they breached the forest and entered into twinkling starlight. Holding his position he waited for the others to join up.

“Windos, SpecOps Commander. You’re the ground experts, what do we do?”
“Well Sir. Assuming intel is correct and there isn’t a further pirate force in the area we can just walk in and assume positions.”
“That’s a lot of assuming. Windos, take a team and go scout out ahead.”
“Sure Welsh.”

Clipping back his helmet Windos summoned his desired members and jostled towards the depot…


21-07-2005 19:00:09

Windos spotted a familiar figure out the side of his visor, chasing after them “Archean, DOWN!” He yelled out, depressing the trigger of his DC-17m for a second, sending a volley of ion bolts where the Protector had been standing. A camouflaged figure slumped over behind Archean, who was standing up and sprinting for Windos and his squad.

“Good to have you with us.” Windos greeted Archean and handed giving the Protector his side arm. “Ill need that back.”

“Sure thing.” Archean laughed.

“No joke, those things are expensive.” Windos replied dryly.

Windos fired off shots at the attackers, a couple of the return shots being absorbed by his armour, but most just missing completely. The squad broke into a clearing, the facility dead ahead and a mass of laser bolts flying in their direction.

“Damn-it, the facility has been taken.” He cursed. “Sensor net breached, repeat, sensor net breached.” He yelled into his com-link.

The squad opened fire on the forced that had taken over the facility and was soon joined by the rest of their small army.

“What should we do?” Welshman asked as he came up besides Windos.

“Well, we need to re-claim it.” Windos replied, stating the obvious. “Commander, what do you suggest?”

“Your team is more heavily armoured, you can go in first and we can provide cover fire.” Said the Commander.

“Keepers, form up, we are going in, keep your eyes open and shot anything that moves.” The Tetrarch ordered.

“Everything Sir?” One of his men asked.

“Well obviously not the workers.” He laughted, lifting the mood a little.

Edit for Oberst: No more yellow


21-07-2005 19:38:59

Archean took the side arm from Windos, and holstered it. The keepers moved ahead, Windos turned back to Archean. “Well…aren’t you coming?” Asked Windos with a slight grin on his face. “Sure, if you want me to” Replied Archean. “Good, let’s move out!” Yelled Windos to all his men.

The group ran forward, hiding behind trees, Windos was giving various signals to his troops. They began to advance slowly while still providing fire. Welshman, Vharcil and Ylith were slowly advancing aswell, they picked off a couple of enemy troops each.

Archean ran to the commander of the SpecOps

“Sir I need a sniper rifle, we need to have a long range weapon here, there are too many soldiers who are advancing when we can take them out at long range”. Archean said.

The Commander handed Archean the rifle, and Archean ran back into battle. He perched himself up on a little Cliffside and slowly picked off soldiers. As Windos and his keepers were moving forward they quickly were attacked by laser fire, they went behind a huge boulder, while firing. As they did, two enemy soldiers with rockets were setting up a shot at the boulder where Windos and his men were covered.

“WINDOOOSSSS!!! GET OUT OF THERE!!” Yelled Archean, but Windos couldn’t hear him, so archean looked into the scope, the crosshairs lined up and shot one rocket soldier, the second saw the shot and proceeded to aim at Archean, he quickly shot the second soldier aswell. Up ahead seemed to be cleared, and so all the men went ahead, Archean got down from the Cliffside and caught up to the soldiers. Welshman, Ylith and Vharcil also caught up.

“Windos, would you like to scout ahead with your keepers”? Asked Welshman
“Sure, alright keepers lets scout ahead, Archean you tag along with me!” Yelled Windos

The Building was in sight now, not more than 500 Meters. The keepers cautiously moved up, Archean stayed behind while moving around with his sniper rifle.

As the keepers moved up, shooting everything they saw, they reached the building, Windos stayed behind them, but the keepers missed two soldiers that were lurking in the shadows right next to them. They both lunged out of the forest and charged at Windos. He tried to fire at them but his gun jammed, the two soldiers took out daggers and raised them as they ran down at Windos. Windos misjudged a backwards step and fell, before they could get to and harm Windos, Archean shot one in the right in the head, he fell right back, the other soldier saw this, but kept on charging, Archean used the force to aid his jump to Windos’ position, Archean unsheathed his vibroblade, kicked the dagger out of the soldiers hand, spun around and stabbed the soldier in the chest. Archean slowly took out his Vibroblade from the chest of soldier and helped up Windos.

“Whoa, thanks for that, I appreciate it” Windos said breathing a sigh of relief
”That’s quite alright my friend, Just watching your back” Archean replied
They both nodded and proceeded to the building where the Keepers were holding their position.


21-07-2005 21:42:26

OOC: Quick reminder for everyone...99% of Yridia II's surface is underwater. The Phoenix Crest, especially, is underwater.


"Hold your fire! Hold your fire!" The scream echoed through the facility. Battlemaster Welshman and the three Journeymen with him turned to find a SpecOps officer running towards them. Welshman was having problems remembering the man's name. It was Deepak Hazbro or Redak Ardo or something equally odd. All he could tell was that the man was a Major, from the rank insignia over his left breast. The Battlemaster never understood why rank insignia's went there. It was like putting a sign that said, "Snipers should aim here to kill me."

The major finally caught up to the four warriors of Tarentum and snapped a salute. Welshman returned the salute and asked, "Why are you telling us to hold our fire?"

"Sir, this facility isn't all that stable. It's designed as a holding area for ore mined outside to be brought to one of the other outlying processing centers. Stray shots could weaken the structure. If that happens, we'll have the entire weight of the ocean collapse in on us"

Welshman blinked and looked at the Journeymen, "If any of you fire another shot and we survive, I will let Oberst decide your punishment." The three Journeymen paled noticeably at the threat. Just then they heard a loud creaking.

The Major looked at the Dark Jedi and stated, "Sirs, perhaps we should withdraw to the launch?"

Welshman looked around and swallowed, "Good idea. Get back to the ship."

The five made their way back to the rest of the squad. As the squad fell into line Welshman finally noticed that the ground was soaked.


22-07-2005 08:49:15

Minaith was searching everywhere for Tyrus, but the castle was huge, he could be anywhere. While going through one of the eastern corridors, he overheard some soldiers talking. “What’s the latest report Sergeant?.” “Three of our shuttles have already gone down. We’re preparing to send in more troops as we speak.” After hearing this, Minaith decided that he would go help the assault forces. “Commander, is there any extra room on your next shuttle?” Minaith asked. “Just three seats, and we leave in ten minutes,” replied the soldier. “That will be all, I will be there shortly.”

Minaith immediately ran for his friends’ quarters in Gladius. He found them playing pazaak. This infuriated Minaith. “Grab your weapons, we’re leaving.” “You mean you’re actually going?” asked Malekith. “Yes, and the two of you are coming with me. We’re going to have some fun.”
Askimiss had already grabbed his Black Dragon, and was now reaching for a Zhaboka. Malekith sheathed a couple of darksticks into his belt, and sheathed his katana, the Draich. The three warriors then ran to the hangar.

Most of the clone troopers had already boarded the shuttle by the time they arrived, and Minaith and Askimiss wasted no time in taking their seats. Malekith, however, had stopped by the armory and grabbed a sniper rifle. He almost didn’t make it to the shuttle, as it had already powered up its systems when he got there. Within seconds, the shuttle was on route to the Crest. Everything was silent. “Pilot, where will we be landing,” asked Minaith. “Docking Bay thrity-seven,” he replied, “Intel says that enemy troops are hiding just beyond there.” Askimiss grinned, “Cowards, I will show them how a true warrior fights ” The shuttle reduced its speed as it came to the drop zone. The clone troopers checked their gear one last time, as did the three dark jedi. I won’t be able to stay for long, so you and your men will need to exit quickly.” “Understood.” The shuttle then began a quick descent to the surface. Minaith turned to his companions, smiled, and said, “I told you this would be fun ”

Ylith Pandemonium

22-07-2005 14:06:55

"Are we sinking?!" Ylith's reply came. Welshman looked around and saw the water rising. "I think so." Welshman answered dryly. Ylith suddenly groaned of pain when the temperary bandage around his waist came lose. "Are you ok? Windos asked Ylith. Ylith nodded and retied his bandage, "I'll be fine, just get us off this sinking piece of rock."

Windos tried using his com device, "Doomsday this is Windos come in....Doomsday do you copy?!" While Windos tried the only reply that came was static. "Well there goes out commlink." Archean said dryly. Welshman looked around and saw no sign of attacks or attackers. Welshman suddenly spoke, "maybe the comm of the shuttle stills works." "I doubt it." came windos's reply. "I know it's a long shot, but its the best we have, we have two shuttles who crashed, so we have a 50% chance or none." Welshman said. Windos nodded, "Archean, you come with me.Welshman, take Ylith and go to your shuttle, we will meet again here in half an hour. Lets get to it!"

Welshman lead the way and Ylith followed. Fatigue and pain slowly took away his strength and however he was strong enough to endure the pain for a long time, but the loss of blood and the pain slowly took him. Welshman kept going through the woods and when they finally appeared to the crash site the water had risen another 10 centimeters. "We have to
get to that comm fast, before the electricity hits the water and we're both fried." Welshman said and Ylith nodded. Although different from rank Ylith saw Welshman as a friend now, one which he could rely on. Ylith didn't had any friends since a long time. Ylith startted to make way int the ship while welshman tried to get the power to the commlink. Ylith took place behind the console and startted pushing buttons. Suddenly something rammed the shuttle and welsh and Ylith both looked at each other. "Wasn't me." Ylith said while looking outside. When Ylith saw a com device lying on the shuttle nose he tried reaching for it, but just before he could the comm device was snatched from it by a small low water shark. "Damn!" Ylith cursed and Welsh looked into the cockpit. "Whatsup?" Welshman asked while covered in wire's of all colours. "Low water sharks, we need to get out fast! And besides, I hate sharks."

A slight grin was to be seen on Welsh's face and suddenly the communications bleeped on. Ylith waited no longer and began transmitting, "This is Protector Ylith Pandemonium calling Doomsday, The island is sinking, please send a shuttle and get us out of here! There are 2 Dark Jedi at each shuttle crashsite, please bring a pick up! FAST!"


22-07-2005 17:27:56

The sonic booms of the rescue shuttles threatened to burst Welsh’s ear drums but he stood fast and hurtled towards the descending life boat.

“Ylith, get on and buckle up, its going to get rough!!!”

Ylith merely nodded and sat down in one of the acceleration couches, wincing slightly. Walking to the front of the ship Welsh conversed with the pilot and within moments they were ascending through the cold deep oceans of Yridia II heading for Castle Tarentum. Taking a deep breath Welsh sat down next to Ylith and exhaled a large sigh.
"You ok there Ylith, you look hurt?"
"It's nothing Welsh, nothing I can't handle anyway."

Unconvinced by the Protector's macho stand Welshman probed with some of his Force awareness and sensed the turmoil occuring in Ylith's abdomen. Blood vessels had been ruptured and he was slowly bleeding to death.

“Well that was a disaster, seems we cost the clan more then the pirates ever did. Two, maybe three shuttles. God knows how many soldiers and now a whole depot. Rekio is not going to be happy. And on top of that, we better get you to a medical bay sharpish. Cant have you dying on us just as you were showing some promise.”
“Well, it wasn’t entirely our fault Welsh, I mean there were pirates down there. And honestly, I'm fine.”
“They don't hand out ranks like party favours here you know Ylith, I showed some Force awareness to get were i am so I know your hurting. Now let me try something, I'm going to pop you in a healing trance it might work a little.”

A few seconds later Ylith was deep in a sub sleep trance healing his body with the Force, it wasnt much and he'd need a full medical suite to heal himself up properly but it was better then nothing. Welsh felt that they were in enough trouble already wothout adding a dead Clan member to the mix....


23-07-2005 00:13:51

Windos gave his orders to Ylith and Welshman, they quickly headed for their crash site that they are investigating. Windos and Archean headed off for theirs. They were walking at a quick pace, they could hear the squelch of the soaked path they were walking on.

“This isn’t good Windos, it looks to me that the water is rising at a rapid rate” said a distressed Archean
“I see…hmm”. Windos pondered while walking. “We should just keep on going, we are nearing the crash site now”

The two dark Jedi rounded a path and came across the stagnant debris, parts were all over the place.

“Looks like some curious creatures have been here” Archean said as he was pointing to the scratch marks on the hull
Windos turned around and crouched down, he set up his SOS beacon and switched it on.
“Ok the beacon is working, they can track the signal to here and send a proper investigation squad to check out this mess” Windos said.

They both circled the craft, Windos gave the signal to head back to the landing site.

As they reached the site Archean ran back to his troops.
“Any word on any further developments” Asked Archean
“Nothing yet sir” Replied the Trooper
“Ok, get your men ready, we are going to head to the mining facility, Commander Welshman and Protector Ylith are already on their way, if anything was like the slaughter before, they will need our help. Archean said
“Understood sir” Replied the trooper

The troopers gathered their things, and assembled into formation

Archean ran back to Windos, who was also gathering his keepers

“Alright men, we are heading to the mining facility, we have to keep our wits about us, understood?” Said Windos
“YES SIR!” the keepers yelled simultaneously

Windos ran to a SpecOps Commander, he wanted to see where he could find a dock with multiple submersibles.

“Sir, Are there any nearby docks around here that house many submersibles? Asked Windos
“Yes there are sir, if you head east along that path over there, you will come across a river, the dock is right there, take those submersibles, there should be more than enough subs to carry all your men” Explained the SpecOps Commander.
“Thank you” Windos said

Windos ran back to Archean, his troops and the keepers.
“Ok men, let’s head out!” Yelled Windos

They all headed east, a short walk later they reached the dock, there were 5 submersibles, Windos’ team took 3 subs, while Archean’s team took the last 2. They all entered the subs and took off for the Mining Facility.

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 08:31:57

Ylith looked out the window, the big blue ocean of water just had no end to it.
"As soon as we land you get to the medical bay, the troopers will bring you there, I will take
care of Rekio and the others." Welshman said sighing. "Sorry I let you down Welsh."
Ylith said still staring out the window. "You did the best you could, You're just new here, don't
expect to throw a lightsaber into someone's face the first day you get to hold one. It
takes time, and as far I could see you did a good job already. If it wasn't for you we wouldn't
have made it off that sinking island." Welshman said. The Shuttle suddenly slowed down and the
underwater Tarentum base could be seen. "thanks Welshman, I appreciate it." Welshman nodded in reply
and looked out the window aswel. "So this is the phoenix crest, I thought it was a landbases station."
"Me too."

The Protector was the first to walk out of the shuttle and waited a while to soo Rekio and Headmaster Spears
walking up to Welshman. "Mind telling me what happened to the facility Welshman?" Spears said with a tone
of anger. Rekio had a sharp look on his face, not normal nor angry. "Well sir, we got attacked by Pirates and
they shot us down sir. We crashed and were pinned down a few minutes later." "Where are Windos and Archaen, and
not to forget the new one, Vharcil." Welshman looked at the ground admiting failure. "We lost track of them when the water rose sir." "Something which you managed to do." Spears said accusing. "No he didn't." Ylith said walking up to Spears,
Rekio and Welshman. "He didn't do anything sir." Ylith said when kneeling down before the Headmaster. While
kneeling the wound in his side bursted open and the pain almost knocked Ylith out cold but he managed to stay focussed.
"Welshman saw the Tarentum guard and knew he was friendly, but it was dark and I coulnd't see him well and thought
he was a pirate, I am wounded too, and didn't focus enough when I fired, I blasted to one of the structures to keep the island from fropping into the sea. So it was all my fault." Welshman knew it wasn;t true but before he could claim it a lie the
Headmaster spoke. "Those new ones are nothing but trouble! Get him to a medical bay and send him to the brick when he's healed. He needs to be punished for his deeds." Rekio nodded and led Ylith away leaving a cunfused Welshman when Spears left too. "Why did you do that Ylith?" Welshman asked silently when left alone in the giant base.


23-07-2005 15:13:27

The Dashade shrugged, and truly had no clue as to where they were.

"Very well. Men, fall in! We're moving out!" The Commander barked orders, and fired off a series of rapid hand gestures. "Move with us, we'll find this place yet."

Within 30 seconds, the troop of the downed shuttle convoy had moved out, headed in the relative direction of a supposed group of docked submarines. After a few miles, they came into a clearing, which was rapidly flooding, more so than the area they had come from. One trooper spotted the docked subs, but there seemed to be a problem: some of them were on fire, seeming to have blown up, and another group of unidentified troopers had taken up position around the rest.

Only a few seconds passed before the troop was spotted by the enemy, and another firefight ensued. Amid the blur of red and blue streaks, more than a few troopers fell. Vharcil stalked quietly off into the forest with a few soldiers, in an attempt to flank the enemy.

"Blow the rest of the subs, and let's get out of here!" yelled a scared pirate. A slightly larger man, apparently the leader, nodded in agreement. "Blow the-" Unable to finish his sentence do to the axe buried in his sternum, the pirate leader stared in confusion at the weapon stuck in him. Slowly, he lifted his head and saw a peculiar creature. He let out a low gurgle, then slumped to the ground. The pirates' flank erupted into chaos, pirates screamed and died left and right. With relative ease, the subs were saved.

After a brief casualty check, the submarines were loaded with troopers and headed towards Castle Tarentum.

After arrival, the tired troopers filed out of the few submarines and headed into the facility for further orders. Vharcil had took a nasty blaster shot to his left arm, and clutched the hastily bandaged wound as he walked idly towards the Medical Bay.

"A few kills and a few scars. Not such a bad day." Vharcil still bled from his wound, but the grin on his face showed he cared little for the pain.


23-07-2005 18:17:07

Windos sat in the lead sub, looking out in the murky dark waters outside his window. He stood and quickly checked his armour, then walked around his men, checking for any major injuries, of which there were none.

“How are you guys doing back there?” Windos enquired through his COM link.

“We’re holding tight Windos.” Came Archean’s reply.

After a half an hour trip the convoy of subs backed into the energy barrier that keeps water out and air in, allowing the occupants to make a dry jump into the Phoenix Crest. The group of Keepers and SpecOps regrouped in the relatively large docking bay. The tension in the room thick.

“Stay back here, I’m going to try the door.” Windos commanded.

“Why do we have to stay back?” Archean asked.

“If this place has been taken, I’m not going to be responsible for more casualties than needs be.”

Windos approached the door, expecting it to explode and take his arm as soon as he touched it. But it didn’t, in fact the only thing about it was that it has seized shut, or had been locked from the inside. The Tetrarch plastered the door with some explosives he had tucked away for when he was bored.

Windos detonated the door in a blaze of blinding white light. “Door breached. Take. Take. Take.” He yelled into his COM Link. The Keeper’s and Archean, who at some point had gotten a hold of some SpecOp armour, stormed through the door, weapons ready and helmed spot lamps flooding the corridor with light.


25-07-2005 17:41:00

Bewildered at the fact that Ylith had lied to cover him up Welshman walked in a daze in the direction the Consul had taken, hoping to catch up with him before he reached the turbolift. As luck would have it the Consul was there, standing with two armoured guards waiting for the lift to descend.

“Master, a word if I may!!” Welsh shouted down the corridor.
“You can have a lot of words Welsh and none of the good. You’ve tired my patience for today.”
“With all do respect Rekio, you know damn well that he lied back there and he did nothing wrong.”
“It’s good to know you can inspire such feelings amongst your subordinates. Now if your finished ranting in the hall ways I have a meeting with his Master to attend to.”

Striding into the know docked lift platform he disappeared into the heights of Castle Tarentum. Waiting a few heartbeats Welsh summoned another cab and climbed after his Master.

After waiting outside Rekio’s office for the last ten minutes Welsh had to admit he was on edge. He tried to focus his senses into the room to determine if the debate was heated or more cool however it proved a futile exercise, one could not eavesdrop on a Overlord and a Pontifex should they not wish it to be so.

Eventually the door opened and out strode the two figures.

“You could have at least damped down your presence if you were insisting on trying to spy on us Welshman”
“Spying is perhaps too strong a word Masters. I am merely curious as to the punishment you are about to eke out on my House member.”
“It is none of your concern what I do to a member of my Clan.”
“Or my apprentice” Stated Ciara
“Don’t be too harsh on him. You know he lied and if anyone’s got to take the fall he was under my orders and supervision.”
“We are aware of his senses of loyalty. It must be reinforced in him that overall his loyalty is to the clan. After he has healed we will talk to him, perhaps even put him in front of a board of inquisitioners”
“Bit heavy handed isn’t it?”
“When we want your opinion we’ll ask for it. Now step aside, we’re going to go see him.”

Ylith Pandemonium

25-07-2005 17:55:49

Ylith was lying in his bed within the pale room of the medical bay. It was way too quiet for Ylith too relax. The young Protector was in a lot of pain and couldn’t rest. “I wonder what their, going to do to me.” Ylith asked himself when closing his eyes. Suddenly he felt multiple strong entities moving towards him. “Me and my big mouth.” Ylith said muttering. Overlord Rekio and Ylith’s Master Ciara walked into the medical bay and walked towards Ylith. The young protector tried to sit straight but could do it fully because of the pain. “Lord Rekio….Master…” Ylith greeted them. “Cut it Ylith.” Ciara said angry. “You had no permission to go here! And you almost got yourself killed because of that! But the worst part is you lied against your superiors!” Ciara almost shouted into the Protector’s face. “I don’t know what to do with you!” Ciara shouted when turning herself away from Ylith. Ylith looked down to the floor and closed his eyes. “I have nothing to say Master, only that I’ll take full responsibility of what happened on the mining platform.” Rekio kept staring at Ylith as if probing his mind, Ylith didn’t care much if he actually did. He took a vow when joining the Brotherhood, to be there for your comrades and support them when needed.

”Rekio, what are we going to do with him?” Ciara asked in a dissapointed and tyred tone. Rekio walked upto Ylith and said. “Ylith Pandemonium, I accuse you for going on a forbidden mission, not informing your Master, destroying the mining facility and, worst of all, lying to your superiors!”

”And I’ll take this!” Ciara said when walking to him. She kneeled at his robe and tore the ranking stripes from his cloak. Making him less than a Apprentice again. “You better do something amazing when you want these back Ylith!”

”Trial begins tormorrow Ylith, I suggest you be there, or suffer the consequences!” Rekio said on a harsh tone.

The two great leaders of the brotherhood walked away and Ylith was to be left alone again in the dark. And all he could say was, “At least I tried..”


26-07-2005 02:27:42

As the squad collectively entered the dark hallway after breaching the door, they slowly and cautiously walked forward, turning around every now and then, watching their backs, keeping a close eye on everything with their lamps on their helmets. Archean put away his vibroblade and took out the sidearm that Windos gave him back at the landing pad. He stayed close to Windos because he did not have a helmet with the light.

They walked a couple of meters forward when I trooper uncovered a corpse on the floor.

“Tetrarch” said the trooper “Ive found something” he said as he pointed to the bloodied and battered corpse on the floor.

Windos told his other squad to hold their position, as did Archean, and they both went to inspect the corpse.

“Hmm…there doesn’t seem to be any bullet holes, just a lot of cuts”. Said Windos kneeling while checking the corpse’s chest area.
“Well the pirates must have used swords, or anything they could find to bash anyone that they didn’t want to get in here. Said Archean

Windos got up from his kneeling position, as he did he heard footsteps.

‘Shh….” Whispered Windos pointing to the direction of the sound. A clicking sound then occurred.
“Hmm that sounded like….” Archean said, they turned to each other “grenade” they both said with horror on their face.

“Men fall back, fall back”! Yelled Windos. They all started to run back, the grenade hit the floor, bouncing a couple of times, moments later the explosion pierced through the hallway, cracking walls, shattering windows.

As they got behind another wall, the keepers threw a grenade of their own into the darkness, it exploded, and a scream was heard.

“That got him”. Said Archean
“Proceed with caution men”. Windos said to everyone

They walked up very slowly, the light on Windos’ helmet light shined onto a figure on the floor, it was the attacker. “Look, night vision goggles” Archean said “That’s how he knew where we were”.
“I see, lets keep moving men” ordered Windos

As they moved ahead they found the power generator room. Levethan, one of the keepers logged into the computer, bypassed the systems codes to the power switch.

“And……let there be light” Levethan said with a grin on his face. Nothing happened, A few seconds later still nothing. A couple of moments later the lights came on, the room started to rumble with movement of the generators.

Archean was standing near the power switch
“You had to switch this on aswell Mr. Hacker”. Archean said with a smile on his face. Levethan glared back at Archean.

The squad broke off into two groups, in squad Alpha, Archean took his 5 clone troopers, and Squad Beta, Windos took 5 of his keepers, He kept the last three in the power generator room. “If anyone comes in and it isn’t us, shoot to kill, one more thing, when you find the specs of this facility, upload them to my HUD and also to Archean’s troops’ HUD’s, ASAP.”” Windos ordered. “Yes sir, replied the three troops.

Half an hour later both groups had been in more combat, there were pirates everywhere, swarms of them, coming from all over the facility, the groups disposed of them quickly and easily.

Windos got an incoming call on his commlink.
“This is Tetrarch Windos”. Windos said into his comm.
“We found the facility’s specifications sir, uploading now sir” Replied Sato
“Ok I’ve received them, excellent work, Windos Out”. Winds said into the comm.

Windos got another comm. Call, it was from Archean
“How you going on your side Windos”? Asked Archean into his commlink
“Not too badly, is there any end to all these pirates, I feel there are infinite amounts of them”. Said Windos
“I know eh, well I’m pretty sure that we have covered the whole building now Windos, We freed the miners that were being held captive. We are going to head to the Communications Room, with the miners as well, that’s room B4, do you see it”? Asked Archean
“I do, we are heading there now, see you soon, Windos Out”.

Both groups soon met at the Communications Room and started getting everything that was disabled, back online.

“Ok Levethan, get the defenses back online, we need this up as soon as possible”. Barked Windos
“Yes sir”. Replied Levethan
“Now we wait till everything is operational again, when it is, we will send a transmission to Castle Tarentum and tell them the news.


26-07-2005 06:46:29

Orbiting around Yridia II, Ma’ar was on the main flight desk, he could here the screams and the death, the mining facility was a mess, ships were destroyed, Knowing what he must do, He turned and rushed towards the main door, only to have it open, and his apprentice was standing there, As Ma’ar walked by him, he followed.

Ma’ar not saying a word, has a harsh effect on his apprentice, Rayf finally broke the ice and said, “Master, is there any thing I can do? I know there are severe casualties, but we must find a way to help.”

Ma’ar scoffed, knowing his apprentice was correct, but what could he do, take another transport down there only to anger the clan summit, and possibly face the wrath of the mighty Oberst.

Ma’ar stopped dead in his tracks and turned, “Rayf I want you to go back to the flight deck, and get a radio, tell the guards you are under orders to contact Windos, and Welshman. I will contact the clan summit, and Spears…this ends now.”

With that the two parted ways, and Ma’ar went to his quarters, and Rayf to the flight deck.
Ma’ar took a lift down to his private quarters in the belly of the doomsday. As he approached the quarters a agonizing pain overtook him, he stumbled and fell down to his knee’s. The soldiers were affecting the captain.

Ma’ar got up to his feet and entered his quarters, the room smelled of staleness, on the other side there was a holo pad, Ma’ar entered a series of numbers and a blue glow erupted, Ma’ar stepped on the pad, and a screen dropped downward, there was nothing but static.

Finally there was a small image that appeared, it was Feild Marshal Oberst, Ma’ar spoke, “Marshal, what are my orders, I feel all this pain, and knowing of the reports, what will you have me do I just can’t sit here and do nothing.”

Oberst finally spoke, “Ma’ar I want you to stay aboard the Doomsday, you wanted to be captain, and you have it, the spoils of war are not easy to undertake and keep scanning the area, there is massive pirates in the mining facility, Windos and Archean have that covered, we have another problem, before you left there was talk about a spy, be wary Krath Priest, He may be aboard your ship, We haven’t found the answers yet, on whom it may be, but if there is a spy, he or she will be destroyed. I want you to keep what men you took with you, on board and do not allow any more people on the surface or near the facility is that understood?”

Ma’ar replied, “Yes marshal understood, I have scanned around several of the outlining planets and I found a signal that is coming from Yridia IV, it seems to be beaming signals down to the surface, but I know its encoded, I will have a few crew members work on deciphering the code, But I need to know, what is the Headmaster really up to, if the Phoenix Crest is mainly water and not a lot of anything what is the plan, I just feel that there isn’t enough there to even worry about, and even if Windos and Archean take the facility they don’t have the resources to keep the facility, I would like some reinforcements on the double here, a squadron of Ties and a few other ships in the system would give me some comfort. But I will stay onboard, as much as I would love to be down there, but I sense an alternative plot here and it centers on Rekio and Spears.”

Oberst killed the link, and the screen went dark, Ma’ar stepped backwards, and then sat down in his chair, he radioed to the flight deck, and requested his apprentice come to his quarters, the voice commanded he would be underway.

Ma’ar thoguth to himself that he might have struck and painful nerve with Oberst, something he yet had not done, nor would even planned it, But something was a miss.

Ma’ar grabbed the com, and set the channel to boom a message to the whole ship, as Ma’ar took a deep breath he said, “Crew of the Doomsday, I will not allow any more shuttles off this ship, without my direct consent, and that’s an order. Ma’ar out.”

With the com in his hand Ma’ar radioed the flight deck, a voice on the com, and said, “Yes captain, what is the order.”

Ma’ar told the crew member to get his best hands, on cracking that signal from the ship or ships transmitting a coded signal to the planets surface, and he wanted answers and wanted them fast.
With that Ma’ar dropped the com unit on the desk and turned and looked out the window, the deep space seemed so cold to the Captain, something he wasn’t use to, he wanted excitement, but knew his orders, Just then a knock at the door was heard, Ma’ar spoke, “Come in, Rayf” knowing it was his apprentice the door swung open, and in walked the younger member, “Master, what will you have me do?” spoke Rayf Bynne.

Ma’ar starred deeply at his apprentice, and said, “Rayf there is something going on here and I want to know what it is, take my shuttle and go down to the castle and get me some inside Intel, Tell Oberst I sent you there to help him with whatever he or the clan may need, and then keep me informed of what they are doing. I want reports ever twenty minutes.”

With that Rayf walked out of the quarters and proceeded to the hangar, and then back to the castle, before he made it to far, Ma’ar got up and followed him back to the lift, stopping Rayf, he said, “If things get to heated come back here immediately. I don’t want you in any harm, or near Oberst when is having a moment. If things seem different or there is something that I need to know, get back here on the double.”

With that Rayf bowed and took the lift to hangar and without any trouble boarded the craft and headed back down to the castle.


28-07-2005 02:23:05

“How the hell did they get in here?” Windos asked the assorted personal around him.

“Unknown Sir, there seems to be no record of a hostile invasion.” Levathan replied, looking up from the console he was tapping away at.

“Inside job…” Windos said to himself, not really caring if anyone else heard him.

The Tetrarch consulted his personal datapad and looked up, “I will head back to Castle Tarentum; Levathan, you will take command of the Keepers, Archean, you will continue to lead your troopers.”

“Sir.” Both Dark Jedi said in confirmation.

“Levathan, I suggest sweeping the facility once more, Archean, set up extra manned defences, there should be reinforcements here momentarily, but as we don’t know how the hostiles got in here, you’ll need their help.”

Windos gave his troopers a final nod and boarded one of the submersibles, commanding the pilot to head for the castle. The Jedi Hunter settled into a seat at the rear of the vessel, attempting to collect his thoughts on the matters at hand, after e few minutes he feel into a trance like stat and before he new it he was being shaken awake at the entrance to the docking bay of the massive underwater castle.

The fully armoured figure stood and exited the craft, his boots making a quiet thud on the steel floor. He made his way to his master’s quarters, where he kept his belongings when he stayed at the castle. He carefully stored his armour and threw on his robes before heading out to find Welshman.

“How is he doing?” Windos asked as he approached Welshman, who stood outside the door to where Ylith rested.”

“He will be fine, he is going up on trial, and if I were you, I’d steer clear of Rekio for a few days.”

Windos only nodded and the two stood in silence in the darkened hallway.

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2005 06:18:53

Two guards walked into the medical bay. Ylith already had his robe on and sat on the bed.
"It is time Initiate." "I am aware of that" the reply came emotionless. Ylith rose from his seat.
His wounds were healed enough to stand trial and while the higher staff had more things to attend to
they siggested that the trial would be held in the easliest of the younglings healing.

Ylith observed silently from under his hood, noticing some of the clan members looking at
him in a faul tone. As if he was something they hated the most. The Guards pushed two large doors
open and Ylith found himself in a huge hall. Candlelight giving warmth to the whole and the grey rocky
walls cooling it down. Ylith neither felt comfortable nor afraid in this room. Ylith was escorted by four
guards to a table at the end of a black carpet with sign's of the Brotherhood and Tarentum painted
on it. The guards pulled the chair backward and Ylith sat down and pulled off the hood of his cloak.

When he looked he saw a tall bench in front of him. In the middle sat Headmaster Spears, on the right
sat Rekio, looking not very pleased and at the left of the headmaster sat his Master, Ciara. His master
sat very quiet, her looks did not show any emotion. Ylith could see that she was wise in her feelings and
was not going to give her apprentice any sign of hope. The Initiate knew how she was, always a mystery.
The one time she could tell the most beautiful story's and the other time she was as serious as ever.
Ylith didn't mind listening to her story's, they gave him something to think about and probably he
would have to think about a lot today.

Ylith then looked at Spears, the great Headmaster who was running the missions to the Phoenix
Crest. The youngling looked at him, but he avoided Ylith's gaze, probably to disgusted by the
dishonor Ylith has pulled upon the higher ranks and even the Headmaster himself. The Initiate
could only see anger in his emotions.

Then Ylith looked at Rekio, who sat on the right of the Headmaster. Rekio was pissed, and that
was to be said lightly seeing the anger just dripping off of him as if he just got out of the water.
Ylith knew it was Rekio who was the most dangerous in his view, and to be cleared from this mess
without giving Welshman the blaim for destroying most of the mining facility on the surface.

The Initiate on trial closed his eyes and then looked sideways, and from the side of the large hall
he saw Welshman and Windos watching from the distance. They were watched closely by the guards
to ensure that they wont do anything foolish to make things worse. Ylith had a grin on his face and
thought to himself: "At least not all of my friends have turned against me."

With that Ylith looked at the Headmaster who spoke: "Ylith Pandemonium, You are accused
for going unauthorized to Phoenix Crest, Embarking on a lifethreatening mission without
requesting it to me nor your Master and worst of all, destroying half of the landbased mining
Operations! May you be found guilty on those charges, you shall be banned by the Brotherhood
and be an enemy to Tarentum."

"I understand." Ylith's reply came, not shwoing any emotion. The tension was getting tighter for
Ylith and he glanced one more time to Welshman and Windos. "Sorry I've let you down guys." He said
silently with a smile on his face. He turned his gaze to the three superiors again. And while he could
emagine how this could end he didn't know how to get himself out of this. He sat silently, waiting and
wondering on what will happen next.


29-07-2005 20:37:33

Minaith was searching everywhere for Tyrus, but the castle was huge, he could be anywhere. While going through one of the eastern corridors, he overheard some soldiers talking. “What’s the latest report Sergeant?.” “Three of our shuttles have already gone down. We’re preparing to send in more troops as we speak.” After hearing this, Minaith decided that he would go help the assault forces. “Commander, is there any extra room on your next shuttle?” Minaith asked. “Just three seats, and we leave in ten minutes,” replied the soldier.  “That will be all, I will be there shortly.”

Minaith immediately ran for his friends’ quarters in Gladius. He found them playing pazaak. This infuriated Minaith. “Grab your weapons, we’re leaving.” “You mean you’re actually going?” asked Malekith. “Yes, and the two of you are coming with me. We’re going to have some fun.”
Askimiss had already grabbed his Black Dragon, and was now reaching for a Zhaboka. Malekith sheathed a couple of darksticks into his belt, and sheathed his katana, the Draich. The three warriors then ran to the hangar.

Most of the clone troopers had already boarded the shuttle by the time they arrived, and Minaith and Askimiss wasted no time in taking their seats. Malekith, however, had stopped by the armory and grabbed a sniper rifle. He almost didn’t make it to the shuttle, as it had already powered up its systems when he got there. Within seconds, the shuttle was on route to the Crest. Everything was silent. “Pilot, where will we be landing,” asked Minaith. “Docking Bay thrity-seven,” he replied, “Intel says that enemy troops are hiding just beyond there.” Askimiss grinned, “Cowards, I will show them how a true warrior fights ” The shuttle reduced its speed as it came to the drop zone. The clone troopers checked their gear one last time, as did the three dark jedi. I won’t be able to stay for long, so you and your men will need to exit quickly.” “Understood.” The shuttle then began a quick descent to the surface. Minaith turned to his companions, smiled, and said, “I told you this would be fun ”


29-07-2005 20:44:28

The craft finally started to slow down, from the descent of the atmosphere. The next thing the anxious troopers and three worriers heard were blaster fire and explosions all around. The drop ship stopped moving, the red light suddenly turned green, as the ramp began to open. A blaster bolt came whizzing in as it hit the trooper next to Minaith. The troopers began to return fire at the unknown foe.

“Commander, do you have a flash grenade with you?” asked Askimiss.

“Right here, why?” replied the Commander as Askimiss took the grenade from his hand.

He tossed the grenade as he yelled, “Get down.” The grenade exploded with a bright, white light. Askimiss and Minaith charged their blinded foes as the troopers began to fire again to provide cover. They quickly disposed of their blinded foes.

“Is everyone all right,” cried Minaith to the troopers.

“We have one down,” replied a trooper.

The commander turned to the three warriors and said, “We’ll stay here and secure the area. Your job is to distract the enemy as much as you can. Here take these with you they may come in handy,” as he passed Minaith and Askimiss blaster pistols.

Malakith readied his sniper rifle and said, “Well if we are to distract the enemy we should head towards the command center.”

“Are you out of your mind? The three of us can’t take the entire command center by are selves,” said Askimiss.

“He said head towards the command center not take the command center,” said Minaith to try and calm his friend.

“Well either way as long as there is a challenge here I’m in,” said Askimiss.

"We have better hurry,” interrupted Malakith.
The three agreed and started towards the command center of the facility.


29-07-2005 22:57:58

The three seemed to exchange thoughts as they felt something eerie behind them. Askimiss counted softly to his friends "1...2...3" and they turned around weapons raised. Tyrus stood there with his blaster rifle shouldered. "Now that's no way to treat a fellow clan member is it? By the way, we should go now to the command center." Minaith tried to ask "How'd you...?" "Not now" Tyrus had said stubbornly. They all started towards the command center, Tyrus with his blaster rifle, Malakith his sniper rifle, and Minaith and Askimiss thier blaster pistols.


30-07-2005 02:51:18

Archean was running around furiously, making sure everything was in order. He went over to Levethan who was still trying to get the defenses online. A sound was heard, and suddenly all turrets, shields became operational

“Defenses are up”. Said Levethan
“Excellent work”. Said Archean.

Just as Archean said that, a few bodies were appearing on their monitors, they were running quite fast, right for the entrance.

“PIRATES”! Yelled Archean “Everyone, grab your weapons, be on your guard, we are going to have company very shortly.

The troops grabbed all their weapons, and headed for the hallway, they hid behind some wooden boxes, and waited for the Pirates to enter. The Pirates ran in and began firing, the keepers returned fire. One of the pirates threw a grenade in the keepers direction, Archean saw this and hurried over, and kicked the grenade back at the pirates, it got back to them and blew up two of their men.

“I’m going to head back to the Com Room, ill send a SOS to the reinforcements coming, maybe that’ll hurry them up”. Archean told Levethan. He ran off into the room, as he was about to input the message he saw the reinforcements running in the monitor

“They’re here”. Archean said with a smile. He ran back to battle and saw the new troops blow right through the Pirates. Archean told everyone to cease fire. Everyone stopped firing and Archean ran over to the squad leader.

“You couldn’t have come at a better time, we needed all the help we could get”. Archean said
“Happy to help” Said the Commander
“Well all the defenses are online, and everything is operational”. Just need to wait for further orders from Castle Tarentum”. Said Archean

All the troops went back to the Com Room. The Commander issued orders to his men to patrol the facility, so did Archean with his troops. The squad leaders waited in the Com Room hoping to hear from Castle Tarentum.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-08-2005 07:18:36

"So tell us here today Ylith, Why have you destroyed the mining operations?!" Spears almost shouted in Ylith's face.
Spears was furious, not to mention Rekio who broke every pencil he got his hands on. Ciara however stayed observant
and remained silent during trial, silently inspecting Ylith's motives. "I heard Pirates talking about getting back to base,
when we followed we got to the mining facility, I assumed they have taken it and thought it would be best to
destroy it better then leave it into enemy's hands."

"Lies!" Rekio blurted out right after Ylith's story. "All Lies! there weren't any pirates in the area. We have sweeped the
whole area clean before you got there and crashed the damn shuttle!" Spears looked to Rekio, "Calm down, there
is no need for this, you will have time to deal with him soon enough."

Ylith closed his eyes. The trial now has lasted more then twenty hours. Fatigue had come up to Ylith and the pain of his barely healed side and arm weren't helping either. "Why are you covering up Ylith?" Ciara suddenly said with a deep voice
as mysterious as herself. The youngling looked up to his master and noticed she had been examening him and
looking into his mind, searching for answers. "I am not covering up Master." Ylith spoke softly. "I won't be angry
Ylith, all I want to hear is the truth." Ciara almost whispered. The voice of Ciara echoed trough his mind and had
a somewhat hypnotic twist.

Ylith shook his head and closed his eyes but the voice still spoke to him in his mind. "I...I didn't want to let
Welshman take the blaim, I got to know him very well and he is startting to be like a brother to me. I didn't
want him to suffer for my failure's." Ylith said as if under Ciara's spell, but suddenly he added something,
"I want to make those pirate's suffer for what they have put me and my brothers trough. I want to see them
bleed!" the youngling said with much hatred deep within his voice. Ciara only smiled when Ylith's hatred took
his role.

Spears looked to Rekio which nodded and the headmaster spoke, "This trial will continue tomorrow at two pm sharp!"
The wooden hammed slammed into the table and guards escorted Ylith back to the medical bay. The youngling
glanced a look to Welshman and Windos and said silently, " 'Till tomorrow guys."


01-08-2005 12:56:05

He was angry there was doubting that. Standing outside the medical ward with one of his BT leaders by his side Welshman’s anger simmered bellow his barely contained façade. Someone was taking the rap for him, someone who had only been following orders, his orders to be precise and this only served to heighten his anger; were his orders so inept they had resulted in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of credits worth of equipment?

“Welsh, calm down. Walking into there with your sabre at hand and trying to Force Choke everyone in there will only get you killed. You know they wont go down to hard on him and they sure as hell know he’s lying to protect you. Face the facts let this thing run its course and soon enough he’ll be back on Sword’s Sheath with no stain on his character. I hasten to add it wont hurt to put the fear of the Summits into him, for one thing it’ll serve as a reminder to the rest of the Clan who’s the boss.”
“I know that Windos, still I cant sit idly here waiting to see the conclusion of this kangaroo court.”
“Hardly a kangaroo court Welsh and you know it. Let them have a few more hours of play acting with him he’ll be fine. As a matter of fact I think we’d be doing better if we went back upstairs to the command centre and get us some real work to do. Face it Ylith is under the best care possible here and us two standing around like statues isn’t going to help matters much.”
“I guess your right. Still feels bad to be leaving a team mate behind.”
“Lighten up Welsh, he’s in the medical wing of Castle Tarentum. Hardly behind enemy lines is it?”

Looking at the faces of the three senior members of Tarentum Welsh wasn’t so sure about that last statement.

“You got a comm handy on you Windos?”
“Sure, why?”
“Need to give the Death a call. See how her restocking is coming under way.”

Windos reached into the utility belt of his armour and brought out a military grade encrypted commlink. Casually tossing it into the air and using the Force to start it twisting randomly Windos was slightly surprised to see Welsh dart out his hand and catch it without using a Force grab.

“Thanks, you should see me playing grav-cricket”
Flicking the comm on and selecting the proper comm frequency he held the device up to his lips.
“Welshman to Creeping Death, come in.”
“This is Death to Welshman. New orders?”
“Negative. SitRep?”
“Were fully fuelled and loaded Sir. Fighters are restocked and we got some extra supplies to fuel the ships we left at Sword’s Sheath.”
“What’s the situation at Sword’s Sheath?”
“All is clear Sir, they are reporting some extra movement out of Eden Starport though all heading out system. And the strange thing is they seemed to have pinged a few objects moving through the asteroid field in-system, so far they’ve sent a fighter patrol to investigate them but by the time they enter the search area they can find no sign of the phantom signals. They’re getting a bit twitchy out there Sir.”
“Fine, I might make my way up to you and leave for the outer system. I’ll need to confer though, stand by.”

Flicking the comm off he turned to Windos.

“Well, what do you think I should do?”


02-08-2005 03:57:47

“I think we should both leave for home.” Windos replied, “I need to draft some orders for the Keepers and Archean, and sound like you may have some work out there.”

“No, I was going anyway, I meant with Rekio.”

“Let us depart immediately, if he needs either of us he will find out eventually.”

“Very well Windos, grab your stuff from your master’s quarters and meet me at my shuttle, we leave in twenty minutes.”

Windos made an about turn and headed down the dimmed corridors of the massive castle. Eventually the Hunter entered his master’s room and switched of the lights which came on automatically. The young Zabrak shut his eyelids and moved his goggles up to just behind his first row of horns. A soft orange glow emitted from the mechanically augmented eyes, which allowed the Hunter to see in the dark, with the only draw back being sensitivity to bright light.

Windos spent five minutes compacting his belonging back into its case and left a not to his master informing him of his departure. After pushing the activation button for the small repulsor lift on his case, Windos pushed his belongings, with the force, along the cold corridors of castle Tarentum and arrived at the loading ramp of Welshman’s craft with plenty of time to spare.

After a relatively short trip the duo docked at the elusive Sword’s Sheath, the asteroid base to Gladius. Windos and Welshman parted ways, preparing to take care of their separate business. Windos passed down the numerous hallways of the ancient building, making what seemed like seemingly random turns until he stopped dead, turned right and traced a pattern on one of the segments of wall.

The massive segment of wall moved back slightly then dropped faced, Windos stepped into the little room that was made accessible and waited for the wall to climb back up into position. Once the room was shrouded in darkness and the second level of access lit up, a palm scanner. The Hunter stepped up to it, placing his cool hand on the even colder pad.

Yet another segment of wall slid away and revealed a spiral stair case, which Windos quickly ascended, arriving at the finally security measure, a member from the rank and file assigned to guard the giant library Windos had just stepped into. The guard waved Windos through and he moved directly to his office, nestling into his chair and picking up his datapad. He began writing:

Keeper’s, you are to remain under the command Levathan, you will continue guarding the Phoenix Crest unless circumstances deem it necessary to abandon your post, or you receive new orders from my self or Welshman. Archean, you will drop command of your troopers and return to Castle Tarentum, consult the leaders of Tridens and if they have no objections join me at the Sword’s Sheath, I could possibly use your assistance in a short while.

Windos read over the message once and then beamed it to comms, from there going to the Doomsday and then directly to the Phoenix Crest, completely bypassing the castle. The young Zabrak leant back in his chair slipping into something resembling a force trance, trying to search his mind for who could have leaked information to the pirates.


02-08-2005 10:22:15

Levathan was in the com room, talking to Archean, “so, what do you think this is all about?” removing his helmet

“Well, like Windos said, it’s clearly an inside job due to the lack of records of an invasion”

“Yes but those defenses could not have been shut down very easily, also it’s kind of hard to believe that one of our own would betray us, even though it did cause a bit fun for us”

Archean looked a little amused at this “you might be a little too trusting about some people, considering the miners”

“It not THAT kind of trust, more like one of, if they ever get caught they’ll be tortured for information, then when we’re done with then, they’ll be eliminated in a very painful way. That quite an incentive wouldn’t you say?” Levathan said dryly.

Archean chuckled “ I suppose it is at tha-.”

Just then Levathan he received the communication from Windos saying that the Keepers were under his command and that they are to guard Phoenix Crest until further orders.

Keeper’s, you are to remain under the command Levathan, you will continue guarding the Phoenix Crest unless circumstances deem it necessary to abandon your post, or you receive new orders from my self or Welshman. Archean, you will drop command of your troopers and return to Castle Tarentum, consult the leaders of Tridens and if they have no objections join me at the Sword’s Sheath, I could possibly use your assistance in a short while.

Levathan turned to Archean “well my friend, it seems that you are to head back to castle Tridens then to Sword Sheath.”

“It appears so”

“oh well” Levathan said slightly amused “I’ll hold down the fort, nothing to worry about” giving him a thumbs up.

Archean grinned and started giving command of the troopers back to their commander and begain to make his way to the sub bay.

Ylith Pandemonium

02-08-2005 16:22:16

Ylith sat again in his chair before the leaders of Tarentum and his Master, Ciara.
He was nervous, sweaty and uncomfortable. Sleep didn't get him and
the thought of beeing banished from the one thing he came attached to in the
darkness made him feel worse. The youngling looked around and saw that Rekio
had a smile on his face and Spears looked determined to him. Everything was silent
until Spears's hammer struck down on the wooden board in front of him as thunder
on a silent night.

"Youngling, you may rise." Spears said and Ylith did as was asked from him.
Everything went into slow motion. He suddenly saw how he sat in the shuttle with welshman
without a thought on his mind when suddenly the shuttle was hit by a shadow grenade.
Especially made with a black flame at the end and a black hull specially crafted for stealth during
the night. He remembered when the wing was torn of the side of the shuttle and slammed trough
the hull of the vessle, Welshman pulled him back but the wing carved his way trough Ylith's flesh as
his arm was still where he was standing a second before.

Ylith turned pale in the trial room and when spears began talking the words coming from him
passed him by at a slow motion. The youngling saw how troopers were shot down right in front of him
and how laser fire passed his head and body at just a hairs length away. Grenade's exploding every-
where and the screaming and crying of people dying or about to die.

"Ylith Pandemonium." Spears said and by the call of his name Ylith's concentration returned and
was now fully aware of what happened around him. Spears continued, "I sentence you ti aditional
and special training provided by you Master, Ciara, and will help Welshman and Windos clear out
Phoenix Crest."

Ylith stood awed and didn't know if it was just his imagination playing again or it was somekind of
dirty joke. "Headmaster, may I ask you why.." "Why you weren't sentenced to death? Death doesn't
do anyone good right now boy, and besides, I like the way you stood up for youself. However, the special
training won't be a party break and be assured your Master have some punishment ready for you, prepare
to come back as a true Dark Jedi Protector."

The higher members left and Ciara walked to Ylith. "Come my apprentice, we have much to do and little time."
Ylith simply replied, "Yes my Master." and followed Ciara, not knowing what will happen.


04-08-2005 03:33:45

Archean picked up his equipment, looked at Levathan, waved goodbye and headed for the sub bay.

Archean walked through the big metal doors into the sub bay, he walked over to the sub bay coordinator. “I must leave for Castle Tarentum, Tetrarch Windos has called for me, ready my sub”. Ordered Archean. “Yes sir”. Said the coordinator as he hurried to one of the unused subs, he checked it thoroughly, making sure it was in tip top condition. He then went over to a pilot and assigned him to take Archean to Castle Tarentum. The coordinator hurried back to where Archean was standing. Archean, who does not like to wait for very long spoke to the coordinator. “Well are we ready to go”? Archean said in an impatient tone. “Yes sir, head over to sub two, a pilot will be waiting inside to take you to your destination”. “Thank you” Replied Archean

A short time later the sub reached the docking bay of Castle Tarentum. It docked and Archean opened the hatch, and exited the sub. He exited the sub bay and walked up a flight of steps, to the first floor common room. He approached a Dark Jedi.

“Where am I able to find Maxamillian von Oberst Tarentae”? Asked the young Sith
“No one can access his tower without being invited, however, head to the great hall, turn right, one of his offices is there”.
Archean followed the Jedi’s directions and ended up at his master’s door. He knocked tree times on the door. A feint voice came from the room. Archean was invited in
“Who is bothering me this time” Replied the voice to the door knocking. The voice sounded fed up and tired.
“It is Archean, Master”.
“Archean”. The voice said in a surprised tone. “Please, come in”.

Archean opened the door, he walked into the room and saw his Master at his desk, with a bunch of paperwork, the papers were spilled about along the table, overlapping each other in some places.
Archean bowed.
“I’m Surprised you’re here Apprentice, last I heard you were at The Pheonix Crest”. Explained Oberst
”Yes I was Master, until Windos called for me, he wants me to go to the Swords Sheath and meet with him and Welshman”.
Oberst put down his pen and sat back in his chair, closed his eyes. Archean could feel a presence inside his head, it was Oberst searching Archean’s mind. After a few moments Oberst came out of his trance.

“I sense that you want to go into battle again, you tasted battle and you want more, you long for it. Yes as I’ve heard Windos and Welshman are at The Swords Sheath, I sense that they are trying to find out more about these pirate attacks and also planning an attack of their own. I have no objections to you going, another mind would be quite valuable in a situation like this”. Oberst picked up his pen and wrote a note and handed it to Archean.
“Take this note to the shuttle bay, show it, then you’ll be on your way. I will talk with Rekio and Ma’ar and tell them of you going to The Swords Sheath, and that I have given it the all clear. Remember Apprentice, search your feelings, it could unlock new clues that may help you in your time of need”. Oberst said as he stood up.
“I will Master, thank you for your guidance”. Replied Archean
“May the force be with you.” Said Oberst
”May the force be with you.” Said Archean
They both bowed to each other, and Archean left the room

Archean quickly headed for the shuttle hanger, he went up to the Shuttle hanger Coordinator and showed him the note. Archean got shown which hanger his shuttle is in. Archean boarded the vessel and took off for The Swords Sheath.

A Short time later, the shuttle entered the Docking bay of The Swords Sheath, Archean emerged from the vessel.
“Hmm….no welcome wagon”. Archean said to himself, in a joking tone

As Windos was in his force trance , his mind quickly shifted, he quickly got out of it.
“Archean’s here”. Windos said softly, he got up out of his chair, and headed to the sub bay to greet Archean. As Archean stood around, he saw Windos come through the big metal doors.

“Greetings Windos”. Archean said with a smile on his face
“I sensed you coming”. Windos said with a smirk on his face
“I should’ve known”. Archean said with a slight chuckle
“Well, we should get down to business, come with me, ill show you your quarters. Then we will start until Welshman arrives.
Archean nodded, Archean was shown his quarters, he dropped his pack and weapons, exited the room where Windos was waiting for him in the hallway, they both headed to the Comm room. They entered the room, sat down and proceeded to brief each other on their current situations.


05-08-2005 05:53:02

After his shuttle had docked Welshman had made for the command deck, bypassing the command centre he had instead entered his personal chambers. Striding over to his desk he used the Force to move out his chair and gently eased himself into it sighing with frustration at the dozens of datacards labelled “Quaestor’s Eyes Only”.

“Don’t these desk jockeys know I haven’t got any eyes?” Muttered Welsh to himself.

Picking a datacard detailing the latest sensor logs of the Yridia IX sector he noticed with interest at the increased traffic exciting the system and heading Coreward into hyperspace. Increasing the time lapse on the datapad he noticed that in the past few days that the Phoenix Crest scenario had been played out over thirty freighters had left the planet on similar vectors. Thinking of asking the sensor officer to plot the courses to see if they could perhaps see a common convergence point where the pirates could possibly be using as a rendezvous point, he discarded the idea they were all heading in disparaging tangents with the only common point being the Yridia System.

Removing that card he placed another card title “Itaana Belt scans Sector 180-197”. These sectors of the belt neighboured both the Sword’s Sheath and currently the planet Yridia IX. Initially all he could see were the blue dots of the TIE patrols he had sent out but every now and then he spotted a fleeting yellow contact, an unknown. The contact had disappeared by the time a TIE patrol could be diverted but could be spotted every now and again travelling between asteroids. The pilot must be using the asteroids to protect themselves from the TIE’s sensors and Sword’s Sheath regular sensor pings.

Having a sudden idea Welshman flicked on another data screen and inserted the first card he had used. Taking a ballpark figure for a freighter’s engines thrust he estimated the time it would have taken for the freighter to reach that particular section of the asteroid field. Coming up with a figure Welshman fast-forwarded the second screen to the point he had deduced. Nothing. Smiling Welshman entered a string of commands that would cause the data card to scan for any ships detected a few hours either way of his figure. A sudden ping from the console chimed across the room and Welshman had his answer, a Corellian Action IV freighter had left the planet and executed a high speed burn towards the belt, within seconds of plotting the course however the freighter had dropped out of the sensor screens, they must have powered down their systems relying on their momentum to get them to the belt and activated some kind of countermeasures.

“Sensor operator, I’m sending you a file. Has this freighter been seen in Clan Tarentum space before?” He said after activating a comm unit.
“Neg that Sir. We had a Action IV in system last week but the names were different.”
“Names don’t interest me, there are other ways of identifying ships. I suggest you run a few tests and come back to me with a decent answer, even if the result is the same.”
“Yes sir, it’ll be ten minutes!”
“You have five. Welshman out.”

Sitting back in his chair Welshman raised another datacard and fitted it into his datapad. Reading its contents he smiled and placed it down. His comm unit buzzed.

“Sir, we matched engine emissions. It’s the same ship.”
“Good work. Is she in-system now?”
“We had a Corellian IV arrive yesterday. Engine profile is different but within tolerable limits. She might have had an upgrade.”
“That’ll do me. Welshman out.”

Rising from his chair Welshman walked towards the safe he had had fitted in a wall. Keying in his password Welshman waited the few seconds it took the machine to accept his numbers and also to scan his DNA from his fingertips. Bleeping softly the door swung open and revelled a black velvety looking bag. Removing the bag he pulled the drawstrings apart and lifted out the black cylinder. Pointing it away from his body his finger automatically found the raised button. Pressing ever so slightly on the button a scarlet beam shot out from the hilt. Smiling as memories of constructing his first lightsaber came deluging over him he switched it off and placed it back in the bag. It might not have been built by its soon to be new user but he could use it for the duration of this mission.

“Windos, meet me in the main hanger in fifteen minutes. Were going for a little day trip.”
“Cool Welsh.” Came Windos’s voice brimming with enthusiasm over the comm.

Picking up the antique DL-44 he kept in his office Welsh placed it in his holster on the opposite side to his sabre and pulled his hood over his head. It would do well to reinforce some fear into the command crew lest their dependence on knowing ships by their names spread to other facets of their work. Many of them had served the Empire and the legacy of Darth Vader still clung to them. Walking out of his chambers he moved down the short corridor and into the command ring.

“Sir, we have th…” Started a young rating.
“Quiet. Tell the Death to be ready to move within twenty minutes. And send a comm to Castle Tarentum. Tell them were on to something.”
“Yes sir. Her...” He continued
“Look if I wanted to know I’d ask. One more thing get rid of those kriffing disclaimers on top of the official docs. “Top secret” I can handle but the for my eyes only bit is starting to wear thin. I’ll be on the Death if you need me.”

With that he strode into the turbolift and dropped the two floors to the main hanger.

Waiting at the bottom of the lift were two figures, one wearing imposing purple tinted armour then other wearing the traditional robes of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. One carried slung in his arms a repeating blaster and the other fingered the scabbard of a vibroblade nervously.

“Archean welcome to our humble domain.” He said to the robed figure.
“Thank you Sir.” He said with a bow.
“It’s Welsh and no bowing, last thing you do to a Sith is expose your head to him on a plate.”

The young Protector snapped up a confused and slightly scared look on his face.

“Ignore Welsh Arche, most people do.” Laughed Windos. Looking between the two smiling figures Archean bit down on his anger and nodded slightly.
“True.” Mused Welshman.
“So Welsh, why the heck you interrupt my nice Twi’Leki shoulder rub?”
“Ahh you only think those are Twi’Leks. Ever wondered what happened to those pair of Gammoreans we had patrolling the engine room? Its amazing how convincing one can look when one is put on a crash diet and covered snout to toe in durasteel paint. Anyway, I have a little trip planned. I think I may have found one of the ships that is ferrying the pirates to Yridia II. She just so happens to be docked on Yridia IX as we speak.”
“Cool, what exactly are we waiting for then?”
“Absolutely nothing. After you Archean.” Said Welsh waving his hand towards the awaiting shuttle.
“After you Sir, after all never expose your back to a Sith.”
Welshman’s roar of laughter echoed down the hanger and he turned to the Protector.
“There’s hope for you yet! But seriously, I need a few words with Windos. We’ll be along shortly.”
“Yes Si.. erm Welsh.” He finished.

Watching the Protector head towards the shuttle Welshman turned back to face Windos.

“What’s this about Welsh?” Queried Windos.
“It’s about time I gave you something. You’ve been long deserving of this and its about time you got it.” Handing over the velvet bag to Windos Welsh watched as he opened the bag and extracted the sabre.
“Is this a…” Asked the stunned Hunter.
“Yep, my old one. It’ll do you until you build your own. Congratulations my friend. Now, what do you say for a chance to use it?”
“Sure” He answered
“That’s what I thought. Lets go pay our pirate friends a visit.”

Within half an hour the Creeping Death was locked in a geo-synchronous orbit with Eden starport. Within a further ten minutes a shuttle containing the three Jedi was burning into the atmosphere under an escort of two T/Ds.

Descending down the ramp of the shuttle Welshman shook his head in disgust; this place seemed to get worse with each visit. Windos’s eyes scanned the milling crowd looking for trouble while Archean seemed to hate the place more then he did.

“This sure aint paradise” Said Archean causing Welsh and Windos to both turn their heads and stare at the Protector.
“What?” Asked Arche defensively.
“Never mind. I think we should try that cantina over there.” Said Welshman pointing.
“Why’s that?” Asked Archean.
“Because the second we came out of our shuttle two spotters ran in looking awfully panicky.” Stated Windos.
“Well Archean, after you.” Said Welshman.
“Sure Welsh” Placing his hand more firmly on the hilt of his vibroblade Archean strode towards the door only stopping when he noticed Welsh and Windos weren’t following him.
“You two coming?” He queried
“Yes, we were hoping to spring a trap by sending you in first. Seeing you’re not a smoking corpse we think its safe.”

The three figures walked into the cantina. The second they entered the door they were assaulted by a smoky atmosphere and a cacophony of sound. No one so much as turned their heads towards the new comers that in itself was unusual in these kinds of establishments. It could only mean trouble. Sending a gentle command through the Force to his two compatriots all three drew their weapons at the same time, Welshman igniting his violet blade whilst Windos’s blood-red blade sprung to life in his hands whilst Archean’s vibroblade mewled to life between the two sabres. An intimidating sight if ever they saw one. The threat was lost on some however who opened fire immediately upon hearing the snap hiss of an activating sabres…


07-08-2005 06:04:31

Windos moved with a combination of instinct and remembrance of his many hours training with his master. The weird gyroscopic forces around and through the blade took a little getting used to, but soon the new Dark Jedi Knight was deflecting blaster bolts with something resembling grace.

Windos jumped into the air, gliding towards one of the attackers, twisting as he landed and sliced the assailant in half. He shoved the saber backward, just to the right of his hip, piecing the abdomen of a random patron who was unlucky enough to be there.

Windos felt the Force tugging at him, and he darted towards Archean without question, arriving just in time to stop a blaster bolt which would have chewed through his vibroblade. Windos looked over at Welshman, who’d incapacitated 3 times as many attackers as the other two combined and all of a sudden the bar was deafly silent.

At a corner booth sat a group of patrons looking extremely nervous, twitching more than anyone else in the cantina. The Dark Jedi approached the group, Archean with his vibroblade still in hand and the other two held their deactivated sabers ready for use again if need be.


08-08-2005 02:06:06

Archean, Welshman and Windos slowly walked up to the group of patrons in a stalking manner, their eyes locked on to them, like wild beasts hunting their prey. Archean sheathed his vibroblade, Windos and Welshman attached their respective lightsabers to their belts and put their arms by their sides. The three Dark Jedi looked at each other and nodded.

Welshman approached the patrons.
“You’re all coming with us”. Welshman said calmly as he waved his hand in front of himself.
“We are all coming with you”. One patron said.

They got up from their seats and followed the Dark Jedi’s to their Ship.

They all entered the shuttle and were taken to different parts inside the shuttle. They were all bound by a force field on their wrists and ankles so they could not escape.

“Hehe, now comes the fun part”. Archean said with a huge smile on his face.
”Let’s see what information we can extract from this scum’. Windos said
“Use any means necessary”. Said Welshman. They all nodded and headed off to their hostages.

Archean walked into his room, where the patron was squirming and yelling in his native tongue.

“Well that’s not going to get you anywhere now is it”. Archean said with a look of confusing on his face.
Archean moved up to the hostage and began asking questions.
“So…Do you happen to know anything about any attacks on Yridia II”? Archean said with a smug look on his face
“No…never even heard of the planet”. The hostage said calmly.

Archean used the force to search his feelings, he could see that the hostage was lying.

“Hmm…Something’s telling me you’re lying, and I don’t like to be lied too”. Replied Archean, growing slightly angrier with each passing second.
“I’m not lying…I’ve nev…..”. The hostage’s talking stopped and a slight cracking sound could be heard. Archean had used the force to choke the hostage. Archean had his hand in front of himself and was slowly making a clenched fist. The hostage was trying to talk to Archean, begging for mercy.

“Ple….plea….i….beg you….ill…..tell”. Said the hostage with shortened of breath and pain upon his face. Archean let go of his grip. The hostage’s head slumped down and he was gasping for air, taking in huge breaths. Archean was pacing around the room

“Now will you tell me”? Asked Archean
“Yes”. Replied the hostage, still taking in huge breaths of air.
“Good. Well, I’m listening”. Archean said

The hostage explained to Archean that he was not involved with the attacks, but he did know who financed them. The man who Windos was interrogating financed the attacks, and knows who the ring leader is.

“Now, what you’ve told me is true?” Asked Archean.
“Yes it is, I swear on my life”. Replied the Hostage.
“Good, because if it is more lies you are telling me, I will choke you again, and i won't let go.” Archean said in a harsh tone. Archean walked out of the room and went to find Windos and Welshman. He could hear the screams and yells coming from Welsh and Windos’ room.

“Haha, they are like children playing with toys”. Said Archean to himself.

He entered Windos’ room
“I have news Windos, meet me outside”. Said Archean
“Good, ill be there soon”. Replied Windos, as he was slowly slicing the stomach of his hostage with his lightsaber.

Archean went into Welshman’s room

“Welshman I have some news you might want to hear, meet me outside”. Archean said
“Ahh, excellent, ill be there”. Replied Welshman, while using the force to choke his hostage.

Archean walked outside the room and sat down, waiting for Welshman and Windos to arrive.

Ylith Pandemonium

08-08-2005 14:08:10

Ylith walked out of his shuttle and looked around. "Yridia IX huh? Charming." he said with a
very sarcastic undertone. After a week of 'exclusive' training Ylith had risen to the rank of
Guardian. He walked to the local bar where he saw a man crawling his way outside.
As the Guardian knelt down next to him the man begged, "Please kind sir, help me!.
You...You're a Jedi right?" At the sound of that tremendous insult Ylith snapped and
suddenly a more hostile side of him which was consealed earlier suddenly rose to the
surface. "You have signed your may scream now..." The Guardian said
with a deep voice which scared the man so much he wet himself.

Ylith made a grip of his hand but instead of choking him at neck height he aimed at the heart,
slowly stopping it from pumping his blood to his muscles. He tightened his grip and the heart stopped
and was crushed within the man who looked at the Guardian with tears in his eyes. "You have two minutes
to live old man....spend them well." He rose and walked into the bar.

"Nice..." Ylith said when the ravage of the battle was to be seen. He grabbed his datapad and looked
at the dot bleeping indicating their ship was in front of the bar. "I wonder if they know I have arrived."
he said silently to himself and walked trough the front door of the local bar. Suddenly he heard something
in the corner. A secreted area apparently for those who wanted some more privacy than most people.
The guardian grabbed his Silver staff and walked to the curtain. as he stood at the side of it he used his
staff to open the curtain. When he did blaster fire blasted trough the curtain at a high rate Ylith was glad he
used his staff first. Even Welshman would have trouble deflecting that kind of fire. The guardian narrowed
his eyes and looked studying the burn images on the wall. He used his sleight ability of Force Awareness
to look behind the curtain, only one man so it looks like a corellian type weapon, Ylith thought.

Welshman, Windos and Archean came running inside and at the sigh of Ylith they wanted to ask directly how
he'd got where they were and what happened. But before they could say a word Ylith pushed his finger at his lips
indicating they should all be quiet. Ylith pointed to the wall and they all looked and nodded. Windos and Welshman both ignited their sabers and Archean grabbed his vibroblade. Ylith held his staff in line with his back, with his wrist
twisted a bit to attack from that position with a devastating attack from below. Ylith looked to Windos who held
his saber with pride, Ylith could only smile and nodded. Ylith made sign's with his hands that he would clear the curtain, while
Windos and Welsh reflected the enemy's fire to the ceiling. When they did so Archean would come in and slice his gun
so he could be questioned. Ylith counted from 3 back to one, rolled over the floor and with an acrobatic spinning move pulling the curtain from the ceiling with his silver staff. When he did Welshman and Windos stepped in front
of him and reflected the now spitting enemy fire to the ceiling. Archean acted quick and threw his vibroblade
through the repeater and disabling it with ease. Now four Dark Jedi were standing in front of the man dressed
in an correllian uniform. Welshman looked at Archean, "Take him to the ship with the other's We'll question him later."

A few minutes later the man was in the brick with the other ones that were captured when the three Dark Jedi's
first raided the bar. "The man is drunk, he probably was asleep the whole time when we were cutting up his
little friends." Archean said with a grin which showed he was genuine amused by the thought. Ylith sat at the map
table with Welshman and Windos and Archean joined them. "So tell us Ylith, what happened?" Welshman said
while taking a sip of the hot coffee. "It's a long story, to make it short, I was sentenced to an 'exclusive'
training routine with my Master, Ciara, who did her job well." Ylith forced a smile but there was no joy behind it.
"What did she do?" Archean asked curiously. Welshman and Windos both looked at Archean. "It's alright, he has
the right to ask, and so have you. I Know you want to know as much as he does." Welshman grinned and Windos
nodded. "You know me too well Ylith." Welshman said. "So what happened?" Windos Asked.

"Well, after the trial was over Ciara took me to the castle basements. which weren't used in what, ten years?
anyhow, she took me to a room deep within the dungeans, where the air was moisted and thick. The air
hasn't moved since the last time someone had been there, so it was hard to breath. There she submitted me
into training of the mind. She fed me with imaged of my worst nightmares and deepest of emotions, truly
turning me into the Darkside."

"Nice..." Archean said with a sarcastic undertone.

"Not really." Ylith replied dryly. "I passed out for a week, totally living inside my head turning to my deepest
emotions to see my weaknesses and strength's. That's where I got the scarred 'X' above my heart. Because
I failed her first test and showed weakness."

"I thought mind training was forbidden years ago, because it was too dangerous." Windos said to Welshman
hoping for an answer.

"True, but they can be allowed by higher ranks when it seems to be needed, and apparently it was needed."
Welshman said explaining it to windos. "What's amazing however is that you have survived a week of mind
training in one shot."

"Not all in one shot. She woke me up to nurish me before sending me back. And teached trough mind training
how to use a staff and how to use my force powers a little better. It's amazing what Mind training can do while
the body does absolutely nothing. Ylith said. "When I got back I got my rank back and even got promoted for
the improvement I've made during the mind training. When I heard you guys left without me, I took the first shuttle and followed you guys."

"Glad to have you back Ylith." Welshman said with a smile. "Now lets interrogate that prisoner you found Ylith
and when we're done, we're going to get those damn pirates!"


11-08-2005 16:16:18

Malekith focused all his senses on the surrounding area, searching for threats. The four Dark Jedi moved quickly and quietly through the underwater tunnels, trying to avoid any unnecessary engagements on their way to the command center. Minaith and Tyrus led the way and Askimiss brought up the rear. “Do you think the High Command has figured out who’s behind the attacks?” asked Askimiss. “Maybe,” replied Tyrus, “but right now we should focus on distracting the enemy forces down here.” “And so we shall,” added Minaith with a smirk.

As they were walking along the four warriors suddenly sensed several presences just ahead. “Pirates?” asked Malekith. “Maybe,” replied Tyrus. “Let’s find out,” answered Minaith. They soon came to a small chamber that appeared to be used as a relaxation center. When they looked inside, the journeymen saw a group of pirates standing in different positions around the chamber. “Sentries,” whispered Askimiss. “We’ll need to get past them in order to keep heading towards the command center.” “There doesn’t seem to be any way of sneaking past them,” observed Minaith, “so I guess we’ll just have to kill them.” The other three smiled.“Fine by me,” replied Malekith, who had already begun unsheathing his katana.

The four Dark Jedi ran into the room and attacked. Blaster fire filled the room, as did the bodies of the fallen pirates. Minaith moved to the right side of the room. As he prepared to take another shot at one of the weaklings, his pistol was sliced in half by a scimitar wielding pirate, who’s life was shortly ended thereafter by a quick slice of Minaith’s Dragon Fang, severing his head. Askimiss continued to hold his position behind the fountain in the center of the chamber, until he saw another group of pirates charge in from another room with swords drawn. “Idiots,” scorned Askimiss as he pulled out his Black Dragon and charged them. Tyrus kneeled down into a corner and began picking off any fool who came within sight with his blaster rifle, and Malekith was closeby to keep him covered.


13-08-2005 22:33:37

The smell from the Smoke of fine cigars lay thick within the War Room dinner complete. The Marshal having just laid out another of his Master pieces of Strategy glanced around the room. Much like an Artist Oberst was a Master of Grand Strategy, his battle plans where every bit as much a Master Piece as where pieces of art that lined his living quarters. As the Warlords eyes glanced about the room they eventual landed on his former Apprentice, the Warlord notice that Spears mind was elsewhere. As his glance shifted to the others present it became clear that he was not the only one who had noticed.

Whatever it was it would have to wait, Welshman had with albeit unconventional means uncovered the location of the Pirates stronghold. Located in the barren northern hemisphere of Yridia IX, several groups of pirates, roughens, and slavers had decided to take control of Yridia II from the locals and that odd cult that had moved in a few years ago. Unbeknownst to them those cultists happened to the Dark Jedi of Tarentum. Welshman had been prudent in his clean up ensuring that nothing remained of the cantina but a smoldering hole in the ground with a few well-placed thermal detonators. One of Tarentum’s most important secrets was that they where in fact members of the Brotherhood, the fewer that new of them as Dark Jedi the better.

In the time that had past since Welshman had reported on the Pirates, the Clan had been gathering data on this group. They had apparently recently constructed a medium sized base, in a crater. They had a localized shield generator capable of holding off any attackers for a short period of time. They also had a small army of approximately 250 or more of the foulest, ruthless, and well-trained mercs this side of Mid Rim. Battle group Mako was going to make the assault on the base, while the remainder of the Clan made sure that the rest of the system was blinded. It was crucial that there was no proof that Tarentum had carried out this assault. It was determined that this assault would begin in less then 72 hours. In the meantime Battle group Mako would finish their preparations above Yridia II while the others would begin the process of jamming all signals going into and out of the system, while blinding any sensors that may be watching.

Just as Oberst was opening the floor for questions and comments, he felt an odd pulse in the Force and just as abruptly Spears stood up and stormed out of the War room. Just as Spears was heading towards the shuttle bay, Anshar who had previously been called to the Communication Center walked into the room. As Master Zero was heading to cut of Spears, Anshar had with a situation report. An instant later as the Warlord let loose a string of expletives as he saw the potential for his plan suddenly being flushed down the toilet. Just as Rekio was about to ask what the hell was going on Oberst handed him the datapad.

Apparently the Pirates had other plans, they had begun stopping all incoming freighter traffic, and recently had fired on an inbound shuttle that had refused to stop for their inspection. The ship listed as the Vicious Dawn was now heading to Yridia IV at full speed but had been badly battered in the firefight and had several of the pirate’s fighters on its tail. Everyone in the War room now understood the Headmasters reaction; the Vicious Dawn was his wife’s shuttle, while there was little doubt that the woman would survive, the pirates had awoken a rage that not even Master Zero was going to attempt to calm Spears as he went to seek revenge.

As Spears was storming to the Hangar, his Apprentice freshly from workshop with his recently constructed lightsaber ran as fast as he could to keep up with his Master. Dox had coming to the War room to report on the construction of his lightsaber as the final act of his Trial for Knighthood. Where ever his Master was heading Dox was going to follow, he knew would be able to put his new lightsaber to the test, and this was not an opportunity he wanted to miss.

Minutes after the Dunatis had taken off it had disappeared from the Clans scanners, Spears evidently had equipped all of the ships stealth equipment.

As the Clan’s leaders sat in the War room, Oberst was determined to see his plan carried out, even if it had to be put in place ahead of schedule. A call was made to the Clan that, they now had less the 12 hours to make Mako ready for action, before the Assault on the Pirates would commence.

Until my next post nobody is to attack the pirates anywhere but Yridia II. You should clean up the remaining forces at the Phoenix Crest, and prepare for the assault on the Pirates.


15-08-2005 16:47:54

The Creeping Death had been holding steady in a geosync orbit around the submerged Phoenix Crest. Since the battle at the cantina Welshman had been itching for more action against the pirates. After having updated High Command on the action that had occurred in Eden Starport Welshman had been ordered to withdraw his ship from the outer system and join up with the rest of battle fleet Mako over Yridia II. Deciding to stop over on Sword’s Sheath for a few hours of restocking Welshman had finally hypered in to Yridia II over a dozen hours after the order came through. And every hour since that had been tedious procedure.

“What’s up Welshman?” Asked Windos from behind Welsh’s captains chair.
“Were ordered to hold position here for the order to strike against their base. Ordered to stay here for the rest of the task force to supply and get ready to move.”
“What can we do?”
“Me? Nothing much I’m needed here. You on the other hand can go down to the surface with Ylith and Archean and help clean up the pirates still left on Phoenix Crest. You can take one of the shuttles.”
“Sure, if were not needed up here we might as well go where we’re needed. Give us a call when things start moving though.”
“Will do, May the Force be with you Windos.”

Turning around Windos strode off the bridge and a few dozen minutes later a scarred Lambda shuttle jetted down towards the planetary “surface”.

“Sir, we have incoming from the planetary surface.” Carried the voice of a sensor officer over the bridge.
“IFF Transponder?”
“Negative Sir, erm we’ve just lost her.”
“Ignore her, if she’s sensor stealthed it must be a Commander. Anything else?”
“No Sir. Actually a broadcast is coming up on the fleet channel. An order to not pursue the craft, it’s the headmaster.”
“Fine. In that case, stand down from general quarters and get a crew over all this ship’s systems. I want us tip top for the assault in 12 standard hours”
“Aye Sir.”

Ylith Pandemonium

15-08-2005 17:41:24

"Well that is weird." Archean said when walking into an empty Phoenix crest.
"Does seem a bit empty" Ylith said with his staff ready for anything. Windos
gazed around and looked at the walls and floor.
"Be on the lookout for traps though!"

Archean and Ylith nodded and both had their weapons tight.
"Let me go first." Ylith said tapping his staff on the floor.
Windos nodded and Archean raised an eyebrow.
"Why should you go first Ylith? I mean, it's not like we will have much difficulties!"

Ylith was already ahead and pointed his staff in front of him, using it as a blind man's walking
stick. Suddenly the staff tapped something and a thermal detonater fell from the ceiling onto
the staff exploding at the very touch of it. The smoke dissapeared and
the staff was blackened by the explosion.

" your point. But one question...What is keeping the place from leaking and collapsing?"
Ylith's eyes suddenly opened wide and his mouth fell open
"Thats it!" The Guradian said amazed.

"What do you mean?" Windos asked.

"Thats the reason it's so empty, they're going to sink the place when Tarentum wants to invade the
place again!"

"Is that even possible?" Archean asked curious.

"It is with the right explosives on the right places, we need to contact the fleet!" Windos said.

"We're too deep under water for communications to go trough, asides the distress beacon.
which isn't much help." Ylith said

"Maybe if we find a way to the communication bay, there we can broadcast a comlink strong enough
to reach the fleet!" Windos applied.

"One little detail, how do we get there?" Archean wondered.

"Follow me." The Guardian said and he walked ahead.
"We need to contact them in at least 10 hours, after that the place will come down upon us and it will
not be pretty." Ylith said while walking fast trough the hallways.

"How do you know your way around this place Ylith?" Archean asked amazed when following Ylith.

"If you want to know, I studied the floor plans when on Swords Sheath. I figured it would come
in handy soon enough."

"You seem to have changed a lot since the last time." Windos said while inspecting every corner

"You can say that." The Guardian replied dryly

Suddenly a Pirate came running down their way and before Windos had unsheathed his saber
Ylith already knocked him out with a slam aimed at the back of the man's head.

"Ouch" came Archean's dry reply.

"They will notice us soon, we'll have to hurry!" Ylith pointed out
The three Dark jedi walked through the hallwasy in search of the communications bay. They still had 6 hours l
eft before the fleet would engage the Phoenix, and there was no time to dismantle all the bombs in time.
Using both Windos's and Ylith'suse of Force Awareness they avoided most of the traps and some of them
they couldn't avoid were easily destroyed.

"We have to hurry, we can't let those traps slow us down! if the bulk of the Tarentum force's die here there
will be a veryhard time coming for Tarentum." Windos pointed out as the three Dark Jedi walked through the
trap filled corridors, fighting against time.


16-08-2005 09:30:28

The three Dark Jedi picked up their pace as time was passing by. Pirate after pirate the three took them out with the greatest of ease. As they rounded a corner, a squad of pirates were there to greet them. The pirates quickly pulled out their blasters and swords. The three Jedi were outmatched and they unwillingly surrendered. Their weapons now in the hands of the enemy. The pirates went up to them and started giving some cheek to Archean and Ylith, Windos went into a state of meditation.

“Well, if it isn’t the Jedi, you don’t look so tough me”. Chortled one pirate
“We are in a bit of a hurry, if you would let us go, it would be much appreciated”. Archean said calmly. The gang of pirates broke into laughter.
“Well that showed them didn’t it Arch”. Ylith said with a smile on his face.
Windos came out of his meditation
“We all know what to do now”. He said to them both. They all nodded. In a flash they all reached out and used the force to bring their weapons back to them. Archean’s vibroblade unsheathing so quickly the pirate didn’t even see Archean unsheathe it and soon after Archean took off his head. Ylith held his staff tightly, dodged one attack and sliced both arms of a pirate in one fluent motion, he then spun around and also took the head off the pirate. Windos’ saber igniting with a loud hiss, quickly he disarmed 2 pirates who were unlucky enough to be standing in his way. A few moments later there were no pirates left. They quickly ran down the hall.

They rounded another corner, They all stopped.
“This is it”. Said Ylith.
“Well lets waste no time, we have to get that transmission through”. Said Windos
They all entered through the door, Windos went to the control panel and starting inputting numbers. Ylith was standing next to Windos and Archean was standing near the door, ready just incase pirates decided to enter the room.

“We still have 5 and a half hours. This should give them plenty of notice”. Windos said

Windos sent the transmission. The three Jedi then sat down, anxiously waiting for a reply from the fleet.

Ylith Pandemonium

16-08-2005 11:32:35

Ylith rose from his seat.
"Where are you going?" Acrhean asked
Ylith said nothing and moved to the door and listened trough it.
Suddenly Ylith backened up and drew his staff, just when it happened the door was breatched
by Pirates.
One of the Pirates ran trough the smoke and placed a knife at Ylith's throat. Windos grabbed his
saber and Archean his vibroblade and held off the other pirates.

"Say goodbye Jedi!" The Pirate said smiling evilly.
Ylith's eyes widened and something within him snapped. His staff cut trough the air with a whistle
and bending trough the air. Before the pirate could move the staff slammed into the man's chest.
The enormous power behind the hit was clearly seen then some of the ribbs of the man stuck out
of his back.

"I am a DARK Jedi...!" said Ylith with a cracked voice

As more pirates came in Ylith drew is War Blade and threw it into a man, using his staf
slamming the thin blade trough the man into another. The staff rotated and slammed into one's head
dislocating his jaw. Screams of pain filled the room when Archean and Windos joined Ylith's killing frenzy.

"Appearantly they wanted to fight most of the army!" Windos shouted to get his voice over the screams
of agony.

"You'd think?" Archean replied dryly

"One problem, We still need to get out of here before the whole building collapses." Ylith said.

Windos nodded and was beginning to cut an opening trough the floor, which would lead to a corridor near the shuttle.
Ylith's staff zoomed in the air and kepts the Pirates at bay.

"Archean! Try to find a way to block this room!"

Archean nodded and startted searching for anything that could barricade the opening.
Ylith's robes were covered in blood and he seemed to enjoy it.
His Mind Training with Ciara finally paid off and now he was enjoying the screams of pain and agony.

"P-Please, spare me! I will join you!" One of the Pirate's said begging for his life while puking
blood all over the place.
Ylith looked at him with delight and said with a smile,
"Oh I will spare you alright..." As the words flew out of his mind Ylith pushed the end of his staff at the man's
throat, slowly choking him to death.
His lips curled and his eyes widened with pleasure as the man died udner his staff and his legs began

"Ylith! No time for games man!" Archean said while pushing the cabinets and chairs toward the dooropening.

"Almost done!" Windos said while carving the hole.

"Alright, lets get out of this dump!" Ylith said while swinging his staff into another Pirates head.


16-08-2005 20:09:23

As Maikeru runs trough the great halls to the ship, he gets another message that he must hurry up. Whispering in hisself he runs harder. When he get's to the hangar he looks fast and see's a ship that is waiting for him. He walks to it, then knocks on the window and looks inside. He can se the pilot is saying something and points to the back. Maikeru walks to the back and see's a opening. He walks in and sit down. Thinking about the message from Spears.

"you as my new apprentice. I need you on Creeping Death. Make it fast.."

With nothing more then these words, Maikeru left to the Creeping Death.
The only worlds that runs trough his mind is: "why me?" Maikeru knows that there is something going on with some crest. Nothing more he knows.
Then he asked the pilot: "How long for are there..?"
The pilot simple said: "I think in about a few hours we are there."
With his mind by the crest he looks trough the window and was thinking about how it was there. Why he was needed. And so hours where going fast. While Maikeru still thinking about the crest.
Suddenly Maikeru see's an astroid base. The Creeping Death he thought. While the pilot was manouvering to land, Maikeru looks once more to the base. So.. What is here he thought?

When the pilot landed on the base, Maikeru walks up to the opening and waited till it opened. Then It slowly opened and Maikeru walks outside. He smelled the air that was pretty like the one on the planet. He looks up to 2 soldiers walking to him.
"your ID please?" One asked Maikeru.
"I'm Protector Maikeru. Apprentice of Spears." He replyed.
The other soldier smiled. "If it was that simple we where not needed, won't you think?" He then said. "Wait.. I..I.. Have it here.." Maikeru said with a dumb look on his face.
Maikeru get's an little datapad out off his pocket and showed it to the soldier. The soldier then looked to the other soldier and showed it to him. "Right.. follow me." He said when he gaved the datapad back. Maikeru looked at him and then started to follow him. The soldier walked to a strange room and pressed a code in. Then there was a big door opening. As Maikeru watched inside, he saw many weapons. Then he let his eye fall on a sword. So beautifull.
The soldier then said: "ok pick a weapon. But only on the left." Maikeru looked to the sword and walked inside. Then he looked to the left. He walked to a little closed and opened it. There was a sword in it. He picked up the sword looked at it , and put it back. "We haven't got whole day.." He heard the soldier saying. Then he picks up the sword wich he let his eye felt on and walked back. "Ready.." Maikeru sayed. Then the soldier walked to another room and while they were walking Maikeru looked to the weapon room while the door closed itself. Maikeru not knowing about what is happening next, looks to the room where he was heading to.

The soldier then stopped for a door and pressed a code in again. The door opened and Maikeru see's a big communication room. He walked slowly in and looked to the people wich where working there. Then the soldier walked away, leavind Maikeru in the room. Then there camed an worker asked Maikeru if he was the apprentice of Spears. "Yes" Maikeru only replyed. Then the worker walked to a screen. Maikeru following the worker, looked to the screen. The worker pressed something in , and there was an voice message.

"Maikeru.. You not knowing why I send you here. Must be pretty curious why you are here. Haha.. While.. Ok.. You must go the planet Yiridia II when I send you another message. From there you should team up with the rest who is remaining. When you are there. I will tell you more about the mission. Good luck. Greets Spears." Maikeru still not knowing much was happy hearing what he just heard.
"So.. Where is the Pod?" Maikeru asked only could ask. The worker looked at Maikeru and replyed: "While.. I don't know. My mission was to let you hear that and let you go again.."
Maikeru looked at the worker, he looked like an proffesor in an old movie, with an glasses. Then Maikeru started to laugh soft. The worker pointed to the door that they came from. "Over there and all the way outside.." He said then. Maikeru leaved the room and walked outside. The soldier who hold him before he entered walked to him.
" You must go with the Pod right?" He said
" Well.. Actually.. Yes but i don't know how the work with it.." Maikeru said back.
" Don't worry, everything is automatic" the soldier said.
Maikeru nodded. The soldier walked up to a Pod and opened it for Maikeru. Maikeru walked to the Pod and, sit in it. The soldier closed the door and walked away. Maikeru picks up the sword and looked at it. Wow.. My first mission.. He Thought.


17-08-2005 13:44:09

“Hmm how original, they plan to blow up the facilities to stop us getting them back.” Muttered Welshman as the comm packet from the surface crawled through his datapad.
“Forward this to the flagship and Castle Tarentum, I’m sure everyone will be pleased to know that more then one operation is due for fruition in the next few hours.”
“Yes Captain, forwarding now.”
“Excellent. Any more luck tracking the Headmaster’s shuttle?”
“No Sir, although he could be moving towards a shuttle we just picked up a distress call for. The shuttle’s passenger has erm connections to the Headmaster.”
“How long till we get the order to move out?”
“Four hours now.”
“Ship status?”
“Optimal, all fighters are fuelled and ready. Missile magazines are stocked and turbolasers are fully supplied with coolant. She’s as ready as she’ll ever be to kick ass sir.”
“Good. It’s just a matter of waiting now. Something I hate doing…” Finished Welshman under his breath.
“Sir, we have another shuttle coming up from the surface. It’s the shuttle that Windos and his crew took down earlier. They’re asking for permission to board.”
“Grant it. Tell them I’ll be waiting for them in the hanger bay.”
“Message sent, ETA 10 minutes.”

Nodding in approval Welshman turned and left the bridge.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-08-2005 17:49:05

"What about the bombs? If the crests sinks we're all going to be in trouble!" Archean said to
Windos in a scared way.

"They were digitally enhanced and linked so maybe I can work someway out on the ship." Windos
said to Archean trying to calm down after the fight.

Ylith sat covered in blood, both his own and those of men who tried to attack him properly.
His eyes were locked on a drop of blood which ran over his staff down to the floor. While
fighting for his life something snapped in him what Ciara inserted in him, a seed of the
dark side, you could see it that way Ylith thought. Now he was about to enter the
Creeping Death.

The Shuttle slowly flew into the hangar bay and slowly landed on a platform.
Ylith rose from his seat and followed Archean and Windos out of the shuttle and
into the hangar bay.

Welshman walked to them and looked at them.
"Took you long enough..." Welshman said smiling
"Got some trouble with the Pirates sir." Windos replied.

"Got me some trouble with the higher command...Windos, Archean, you two come with me and state a
detailed report and what we can do about it, Ylith, the new apprentice of Spears is coming to Creeping
Death to help out. Although I don't like the idea, I put you in charge of him so he wont get himself
killed or gets in the way."

"Yes sir." Ylith said with the cracked voice he had since he got back from mind training.

Welshman walked away with Archean and Windos while a tarenum worker came walking to Ylith.
"Sir, if you require some freshing up, there is a room ready for you untill Protector Maikeru arrives."

"Show me the way..." came the dark reply and the worker led him to a room.

A few hours later Ylith walked into the hanger bay again as Maikeru's shuttle came aboard. A young man
walked out of the shuttle looking confused.

"Great.." Ylith muttered and he walked up to Maikeru covered within his robe.

"Greetings," Said Maikeru "I am Maikeru App.."
Ylith intterupted him and said,

"I am Ylith, your guide here, follow me." Ylith lead the way and walked to the command deck where Welshman,
Windos and Archean stood waiting.

"Here is the Apprentice of Spears Sir." Ylith said to Welshman.

Welshman nodded and walked to Maikeru.
"I am Sith Battlemaster Welshman, I will be your direct superior upon this ship. So when Spears isn't here you
answer to me understand?"

Maikeru swallowed and nodded while the three companions had a smirk on their face.

"Good, well we need to do something about those damn bombs, any suggestions?"

Windos stepped forward. "Sir I could try and hack my way into the bombs, but it could take a lot of time.
I need to acces the neural interface of the main computer, when I do that I can shut them down in one click."

"Sounds like a plan, but the Pirate's can still manually do it, they have nothing to lose and we do, other
suggestions?" Welsh said a bit stressed about the fact that Phoenix Crest might end up as fishfood.

Ylith stepped forward. "While Windos shuts down the bombs me and Archean take a shuttle back done, a
stealth shuttle, and fully disarm the bombs there. When the Pirates are busy getting it online again."

"That sounds a bit better, what about Maikeru? What is your expertice?" Welshman looked over his shoulder to
Maikeru who still stood where he was a few minutes ago nervous as hell. He walked to Welshman and said,

"Well sir, I can help Windos with hacking the neural link and maybe even bring the Phoenix inner
defence system online." Maikeru said

The three Dark Jedi looked at Maikeru and Welshman, who nodded.

"Ok, so, Windos and Maikeru are going to work on the inner Crest systems hacking. Archean and Ylith, you two
go to the surface and get rid of those damn bombs. I have permitted you to use a stealth based shuttle and an
enforced communicator. When the bombs are down I want to know it ASAP."

Welshman slammed his hand on the table. "Get working on it, it was supposed to be done yesterday!"

Windos led Maikeru to the main computer bay while Ylith and Archean walked to the hangar bay again.

"This is going to be tense." Archean said nervous.

"Let's just hope the bombs are down when we get there" Ylith replied darkened.

The two Dark Jedi took the nearest Stealth shuttle and went down to the surface, docking onto the Phoenix crest
with a silencer, so they would not be heard.

"Ready?" Ylith asked

"As I'll ever be." Archean replied and they both walked out of the shuttle into the Phoenix crest, hoping that
the bombs would be offline when they would be able to fix them. Their first objective would be to find a
map with the locations of the bomb. Ylith led Archean to the main navigation room, with maps of the compound
and building itself. probably the Pirates would have marked the places.

Windos and Maikeru were sweating in the hot room of the computer bay, they were coding and hacking for
2 hours straight and they weren't about to quit.

"Damn! A Correllian encryption mainframe!" Windos muttered when he slammed the keyboard.

Welshman sat in his control room overlooking the fleet that lay in orbit of the planet, Silently wishing it would all
be easier, like in the dogfights near the Death Star years ago. Welshman hoped his plan would succeed, if not,
he would have a lot of explaining to do.


19-08-2005 12:46:34

Archean and Ylith both hastily walked around the suspiciously quiet Pheonix Crest, both of them making sure to be cautious and to let nothing get by them. As they walked down a corridor they quickly stopped and looked at each other

“Pirates”. They both said simultaneously to one and another.
“Over there has to be the Navigation room, This is our time to shine my friend”. Said Archean to Ylith, who had a huge smile on his face in anticipation for the fight that will ensue. Ylith nodded, Ylith got his staff out, Archean unsheathed his vibroblade, they both ran from behind a wall of the corridor straight to the pirates.

”What the?!” A pirate said. “Get them!” He yelled. All the available pirates then rushed at Archean and Ylith, who were ready for them. A pirate ran over to Archean and sliced downwards, Archean swiftly dodged the attack, spun around and stabbed the Pirate right in the stomach, he then pulled out the vibroblade which made a hiss sound. Ylith had two pirates on him, slicing every which way, trying to get the Guardian, all the combat training Ylith had with Archean made the battle with the pirates seem like play time at the padawan recreation bay. Ylith blocked an upward slice from one of the pirates, he then twirled his above his head, and took off one pirates head, Ylith then crouched, and twirled the staff right into the legs of the pirate, which made the pirate lose balance, Ylith got up, and then stabbed the pirate who was on the floor with such force that it went right through the pirate and made a clinking sound on the floor. Archean then ran up to three pirates, he forward stabbed one, he then spun around, blocked one other pirates attack, and stabbed the third pirate right in the chest, Archean, without even looking flipped his vibroblade around so it was petruding from behind him, and it stabbed the last pirate right in the guts, Archean’s face had a big smile, as did Ylith’s. Both Jedi covered in blood ran into the Navigation room. Ylith searched for the map with the bomb locations.

Ylith found one. “Damnit! This isn’t the right one”. He said
“Over here Ylith!” Archean yelled. Archean had found a map, with 4 locations circled on it.
“You think that’s it”. Archean said looking at Ylith, who was reading the map
“Yep it is, lets move, we don’t have much time”. Ylith said hastily

The Jedi ran out of the room and made their way to the first bomb site.

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2005 13:11:18

Ylith led Archean to the first bomb site.
"This is it, the shield bay, without the shields water pressure will work his was on Phoenix." Ylith said
to Archean, who nodded.

"Contact Windos and ask if he's done hacking the bombs!" Ylith said to Archean who got the enforced
communicator out.

Ylith stood just outside the door looking for Pirates. Suddenly a wave of them arrives on both sides of
the corridor, blasters spitting out lasers. Ylith swung his staff around and caught most of the blster fire but got his at his side and shoulder.
The Guardian groaned in pain and made his slight retreat.
"I hope you're working fast Archean!" Ylith shouted a but stressed, trying to keep the Pirates at bay.

"Too much interferance, we're too deep!" Archean yelled desperatly.
Archean pulled out his vibroblade and ran to help Ylith who pushed him back.
"Disarm the bomb!" Ylith said to Archean
"But what if it's still operational?"
"We'll find out soon enough!" Ylith replied when slamming his staff trough a man's mouth breaking his skull
from the inside with the back of his staff. He placed the staff on his knee and slammed at the top of the Staff,
firing the top piece of the head to a group of Pirates.

Archean startted his way on the bombs and used special goggles to see which wire was to be done first.

"Dont want to put you under pressure archean but...ARGH!" Ylith groaned as another lased had hit him on the back
of his other shoulder.
"But hurry!" he shouted when slamming his staff trough two people at once.

Archean startted to work on the bomb switching wires and using encryption codes all provided by the special hacking
goggles Windos had designed, officially made for his Clone Troopers they were now available for special missions.

"Windos Sir, I found a way to put the defence system online!" Maikeru said after 4 hours behind a computer.
"Good, I'm almost doing desmantling the bombs, get the defences online!"

Maikeru did what he was told and suddenly an alarming bleeping sounds came from his computer.
"What does it say?" Windos asked
"Defence online...intruders found, firing at will....Shoot every living organism......thats now what i had in mind."
"Neither did I, can you reverse it?" Windos asked looking over his shoulder.

"Trying..." maikeru said typing like hell again.

Archean was entering codes while Ylith fought the pirates off of him, although heavily wounded he used his
force powers to ignore the pain.
Blasters suddenly fires and while Ylith slammed his staff into a guy's face he heard screams coming from
pirates in the corridors.

"Did you do that?" Archean asked looking over his shoulder.
"I didnt, did you?" Ylith said walking into the corridor holding his now bleeding and throbbing side.
Suddenly two turrets aimed at Ylith charging up.
"ahh crap!" Ylith cursed as he jumped inside the shield room barely avoiding incoming laser fire.
Archean got up and closed the door as fast as he could locking it as fast as he could.

"Seems to me it just got harder, are you ok?" Archean said while helping Ylith up
"I will be when were done with those damn bombs and get out of here." Ylith replied dryly.

Archean crouched near the bomb and entered the fast code.
The top the the bomb began to rise, turn and descent again. Archean and Ylith both hoped it
was a sign it was desarmed.
Suddenly the bomb went offline just as the handle lowered. A bleep came and a sound of power
shutting down gave Archean and Ylith acknowledgement that the bomb was disabled.

"Ok now get the vital parts from the bomb and take it with us." Ylith said to Archean while using a bacta
container to heal his side for a bit.
Archean pulled out a few wires and got them inside a bag.

"Next..." Archean said dryly...
"Don't forget....we're not welcome..." Ylith replied nodding at the door meaning the heated turrets outside.


19-08-2005 19:07:33

“Welsh the order just came through. The fleet is moving out.”
“Show me all trajectories and our assigned course.”
“Yes Sir. Plotting it on the nav screen.”

Getting up from the captain’s seat Welshman walked behind the navigator and peered down at the screen before him his optical visor, taking note of the courses plotted out on a map of the system. The ships were to break orbit around Yridia II and make for a point outside the gravitational influence of the planet and leap to hyperspace at carefully plotted intervals to ensure the fleet dropped out of hyperspace at the same moment. Welsh noticed that the Creeping Death was one of the last ships to jump out.

“Have we received any communiqués from the planet about the status of the defusing run?”
“Negative Sir. Were reaching our time to break orbit. Shall we comply?”
“Of course, set engines for full power. Are there any ships not detailed to the task force that could pick them up?”
“The Havoc is in polar orbit. We could ask Zill nicely.”
“Sure, send him a comms. And tell them down there as well the change in plan. I’d hate Ylith to think we’ve left him to rot. Oh and ask Zill if he has a few troopers he could send down the well to help.”
“Message sent.”
“Great, how long till our hyperspace jump slot?”
“Ten minutes.”
“Any word on Spears? The comm lines have been all but quiet from High Command since he left.”

Watching the bridge viewport Welsh saw the lumbering Doomsday leap into hyperspace.

“No Sir the damaged freighter is still en route into the system.”
“I hate to do this but dispatch a wing pair of Tie Defenders to the freighter’s position. Tell them to be discrete and avoid from engaging unless they have to, to safeguard the Headmaster’s survival.”

Two fighter’s roared out of the hanger bay and streaked past the bridge wiggling their wings in the traditional sign of respect as they passed the bridge viewport.

“Approaching jump co-ordinates. Time, two minutes to jump.”
“Engage engines at will.”

Welshman was staring out at the screen as the stars flickered and elongated before after a few seconds snapping back to their natural shape all be it in different positions. In front of them was the dark orb of Yridia IX.

“Fresh orders coming through Welsh.”
“What are they?”
“They’ve given us an area to cordon.”
“Well what are we waiting for? A written invitation from the pirate bastards? Full power to the engines and dispatch fighters to clear the way. We may be in for a tough time….”

Ylith Pandemonium

20-08-2005 08:56:07

Ylith and Archean walked trough the corridors totally silenced by the
Stealth belts Welshman had equipped for them. Sounds could have an effect
on the inner defence of the phoenix crest, so they used sing bases language to

Ylith pointed and marked the defence control room, now packed with Pirates who survived
trying desperatly to turn off the defences. Suddenly the communicator bleeped and Ylith and
Archean both cursed the enforced communicator.
The Turrets began moving, Ylith and Archean both drew their weapons and slammed down the door
barely missing incoming laserfire.

Pirates lifted from their seats and were with at least twenty of their members. Ylith swung his staf around
slamming two people into their faces at the same time on each side of the staff.
Archean was cutting his way trough the endless stream of pirates coming toward him. He cut off arms
and legs with such ease it was like a knife trough butter. Suddenly a lightsaber cut trough Ylith's staff
and Ylith backened off and saw a nervous pirate with a ligthsaber.

"How?" Archean began to ask
"He must have found a spare one in one of the quarters. Looks old to me." Ylith said.

Ylith threw the two pieces of staff trough two pirates who wanted to attack Ylith. The Guardian grabbed his
war blade pushing it trough a neck. Ylith got kicked and fell down. Archean saw it happen and tried to reach
him but was hold up by Pirates wanting to get the Protector.
Ylith moved away and the lightsaber missed him just by an inch. The guardian ran to the wall and grabbed a drainpipe
and janked it off the wall. Ylith now equipped with a ned staff knocked the lightsaber into the air which shut down.
The Pirate looked suprised and the staff had him him in the abdomen, making him go off his knees.
Ylith grabbed the saber hilt ignited the saber and cut the man's head off.

"You arent supposed to use it Ylith." Archean said while cutting trough the last remnants of the Pirate opposition.
"I know...sure is a buetiful thing though." Ylith said and he layed the saber down on the desk, leaving the
most magnificent weapon there is waiting for his true master.

Archean grabbed a seat and startted programming. "Ok this will take a minute.....there!"
Suddenly the turret power went down and the defences were offline.
"That sure was fast." Ylith said suprised by Archean's speed
"Pirates did most of it before we barged in, the stupid bastards forgot the control input." the Protector said smiling
"Well lets get going we need to dissarm a few bombs before we go."
Archean nodded and followed Ylith again.

"The next one is in the main hall." Archean said to Ylith
"We're almost there." He replied and turned around the corner looking into a huge hall with orcean view.
"Sure is nice" The protector said and the whistle he made after enforced his comment.

Ylith pointed and Archean ran to the bomb in the middle of the rampaged hall where tables and chairs
were spread everywhere. The room was dark and lit only by the deep blue shine of the ocean. Ylith took a
few seconds to look outside. He saw huge fish and small ones in huge groups swimming past the window.

"Ok I'm almost done Ylith." The protector said while pleeping a few numbers into the display.
Ylith suddenly noticed something on the glass and went to investigate and when he figured out what it was and
why the red light was pleeping he ran to Archean.
"done?" Ylith asked nervous
Archean pulled the strings from the bomb and nodded and Ylith pulled Archean with him to the door which they came, seeing that the other door was closed. Suddenly the glass broke and water ran into the room filling it in little then a few seconds. the door closed and Ylith and Archean both jumped trough it to make it out in time.

"How did you know?" Archean said to Ylith catching his breath
"A warning was up that the shield were down and there was a huge crack in the window, it was thin so it wasent
easily seen." The Guardian said standing up again.

"Two more to go..." he said


20-08-2005 09:22:45

The Jedi escaped the room and headed to the main control room where the third bomb was situated. As they made their way down the hall they were stopped by more pirates.

“Jeez, how many of them are there”. Archean said in a distressed tone.
“I don’t know, let’s just make quick work of them”. Ylith said

The pirates charged at the Jedi. Archean and Ylith were both hastily slicing their way through the pirates, trying to hurry and get to that bomb. Archean dodged attacks by two pirates, he then ran up the wall, back flipped off it and cut one pirates head off, he then stopped the second pirates attack and stabbed him. Ylith was taking on two pirate’s aswell. Ylith was blocking every attempted attack, he then used jumped at the wall sideways and sliced sideways, he cut one of the pirates head off also. The second pirate didn’t last long either, being cut down by Ylith. As they slowly progressed more pirates started coming. Flanking the Jedi and surrounding them. To combat them Ylith and Archean went back to back, and started attacking, limbs were flying off everywhere, in Archean’s haste he didn’t see one pirates swift attack and was sliced across the stomach

“ARGH!!”. Archean yelled, writhing in pain. He didn’t stop, he kept on attacking. Ylith was spinning and attacking pirates, with such class and perfection, like watching a ballet, these two Jedi know how to fight. As the last pirate went down, Archean fell to the floor.

“ARCHEAN!”. Ylith yelled. “You alright”. He asked, helping Archean up
“I’ll be fine, just gimmie a bacta tank when we are out of harms way”. Archean said, slowly getting up.

Ylith helped pick Archean up, and soon they were running down the hall again. They turned down another corridor and came across the main control room. Archean quickly sat down in the room, Ylith handed him a bacta tank. Archean then used it, he got up and tried to disarm the bomb. The pain in his mid section was distracting him.

“I can’t do it Ylith, the pain is too much”. Archean said
“Try not to centre on your pain Archean, keep your concentration on disarming the bomb”. Ylith said
Archean nodded, the sweat dripping off his forehead. He snipped a wire, and that was the end of that bomb.

“Phew”. Archean said breathing a sigh of relief
“See, you did good, now lets get to the last one, I hope we aren’t too late”. Ylith said as they both exited the room.

Both Dark Jedi were running against time to get to the last bomb.


20-08-2005 10:20:15

"Ok Online for now.." Maikeru said while looking at the screen. After hours of trying to keep the Defence system staying online. Maikeru looked at Windos and said: "Don't want to be rude.. But what must i make off it?"
Windos looked at Maikeru and said:"What you mean..?"
Maikeru then looked at the computer screen and sayed: "Well.. you said me to change the Defence system.. But to what..?"
Windos looked back at the computer screen and then sayed: Make something off it.. just don't let the others get killed.. Now back working, we have a lot to do."

Maikeru starting to typ, while sweat starting to build on his forehead. Windos looked at the screen and looked at Maikeru for a second. Then he typed on. "How come you know that much about computers.?"He asked Maikeru well going on.
"Well.. at home.. i studied Computer genie.." Maikeru said back. Windos nodded. Then suddenly Maikeru's computer alarmed again. Maikeru looked, nodded and typed on. Windos looked at the screen and could read that there was some kind of error. Then he looked back at his own computer and typed on.

Maikeru typed on. Suddenly he saw a map coming up the screen. "The last bomb.." He said. Then the young one picked up his datapad. "Eh.. Windos.. A little problem here.. Do you know how to contact the two jedi's..? Eh.. I mean Ylith and Archean.." Windos looked at Maikeru, and without knowing what he meant he typed it on the Datapad that was communicating to Ylith. "Ylith.. It is Maikeru here.. We have a little problem.." He said. "What you mean?" Maikeru heard trough the Datapad. "The last bomb.. It isn't on his place. It is in the Armory." Maikeru sayed while looking at the map. "So.. What's the problem?" He heard Ylith sayed. "While.. The armory's door is well defended. And closed for now.. But I can open it. But.." Maikeru swallowed. "It only can open for a few minutes. Sorry there's nothing i can do more.." He continued. He heard Ylith making a laughing sound. "More the enough for us.." He heard him then sayed.
Maikeru continued on the computer and waited for a word of Ylith and Archean.

Suddenly the Datapad peeped and Maikeru looked at the Datapad. He pressed a button and there was a message. "We are in position." Maikeru then pressed a little code and he saw the Armory door opened. He typed back: Ok you guys.. only 9 more minutes remaining. Maikeru swallowed again and looked at Windos, who now was getting information.

Ylith Pandemonium

20-08-2005 20:40:00

Archean held his arm along his abdomen and leaned against the wall.
"Damn bacta containers, there never is enough when you need it." he muttered.
Ylith Pushed the two doors open, his wounds were opened again due to
Pirate attacks all the way up. Ylith and Archean were both fatigued and were
happy they were at the last one so they could bring in the task forces to sweep
the Crest and Ylith and Archean could get back to the fleet.

"Ok, you sure the codes were correct?" Ylith said reviewing the paper Archean gave him
containing the shut down codes.
"Those are it, please make it fast two minutes are past so we only have six left."
Archean said nervous.
Ylith walked into the armory where the bomb was between pieces of explosives from
the armory itself. If the bomb would explode the damage would be too high to explain.

Ylith inserted the codes and the handle bagan to rise and turn.
"looking good." Ylith said hopefully, but suddenly, when the handle tried to lower down
de-activating the bomb, it stuck.
"Damn!" Ylith cursed and he looked at the timer, marking 2 minutes left.
"Now what?" asked Ylith nervously to Archean.
Archean tried to speak but the pain overwhelmed him too much and he tried not to pass out.

Ylith sighed and knew Archean was unable to lend assistance. He had only one chance to disarm
the bomb, just slam the damn handle down. Ylith took his chances, he had one minute left so he
lifted his war blade and slammed on the handle with the end of his hilt. The handle slammed down
and the bomb was bleeping for a few seconds and then it had shut down.
Ylith sighed in relief and grabbed the power cables fully disarming the bomb. The door began to close.
Ylith used all his force powers to jump trough the chamber and trough the door closing in less
then 1 second behind him.

Ylith grabbed the communicator and read Welsh's message that a ship was waiting to fetch them to Yridia IX.
"Ylith to Havoc over."
"Havoc reading, what can I do for you sir?"
"Get the men out here to sweep Phoenix, the bombs are down."
"affirmative, pickup on their way, ETA 5 minutes." the communications officer said.
"Thanks, Ylith out."

Ylith grabbed Archean and carried him trough the halls of Phoenix. After a while he reached the
docking bay where Pirates were waiting to evacuate.
Ylith cursed them to hell and back again and just as he wanted to put Archean down blasters were
fired on the Pirates. Ylith looked around the corner and saw Tarentum troops making their way into Phoenix.
Ylith walked to them and was greated warmly and got the first shuttle back to the ship.

After arriving a few officers came walking to the shuttle to Ylith while a few troopers took Archean to the
medical bay.
"Orders sir?" one asked.
"Where is he fleet?" Ylith asked
"Down at Yridia IX, preparing the final strike."
"Where is the Creeping Death?" Ylith asked thinking suddenly of Welshman
"Down at Yridia IX making a frontal assault as we speak."
"When the troops are back go there ASAP." Ylith said and he walked with a trooped showing him the way
to his quarters.
"When this is over I'll buy every one I know a"


20-08-2005 21:07:55

Maikeru picked up his datapad again and typed a message to Ylith: "Great work on that last bomb! Are you guys alright..? Well.. I will be waiting for what's coming. Anyway.. My credit goes for you 2! In darkness Maikeru." Maikeru looked at Windos and smiled. "They done it" He sayed. Windos nodded. Anyway.. Listen I'm off.. Going for Sir Welshman. Windos looked at Maikeru and grinned and nodded when he heard Sir Welshman. Maikeru then ran off.

Maikeru walked to the big halls of the Creeping Death. Looking for Welshman. Then he saw some kind off big door at the end off the halls. He walked to the door and could see a nice mark on the door. Then he slowly walked inside. Just when he entered the door, his datapad peeped. Maikeru picked up his datapad and looked at the message off Ylith:" Thank you for your credit, but it was who said where the last bomb was. Anyway were both alright. In Darkness Ylith."

Maikeru looked at the great windows and slowly walked towards them." Eh.. Master Welshman.. You here?" Maikeru said a little scary. "Yes.. Over here..." He heard coming from a big chair. Maikeru slowly walked towards it and swallowed. He waited at the back off the chair and saw the chair turning with Welshman on it. Welsman had a look on his face no one can subscribe. Maikeru looked at him as if he saw a ghost." So.. Eh.. Sir.. Master.. What's our next.. our.." He could bring out. Maikeru swallowed, closed his eyes and fastly sayed: What's our next mission. Our next goal?" Maikeru swallowed again and opened his eyes.

Welshman slowly maked a laugh on his face. "No need to be afraid of me." He then sayed. Maikeru nodded. "Our next goal lies on Yridia IX." Welshman sayed. Maikeru nodded again and turned his eyes to the ground. "If i may ask.. Sir.. What's there..?" Maikeru sayed with a bit fear in his voice. " There is the Pirates base.. But.. We first need permission from Spears. Cause we need some reinforcements." Welsman continued. Maikeru looked at Welsman and then sayed:" What about Ylith and Archean?" Welsman grinned. "I think they are on the way well we speak." Maikeru nodded, walked to the windows and looked outside. To a big green planet.

Ylith Pandemonium

21-08-2005 17:10:52

Ylith walked to the medical bay, the ship was in hyoerspace now and should arrive near
Yridia IX in a minute. The Guardian walked trough the door and saw Archean sitting on
the medical bed cleaning his bandage.

"How's the wound?" Ylith asked looking at Archean.
"It'll be fine, just a few days and the bacta will do his work, how do we do?"
"Phoenix is secuted and Pirates are killed or captured for interrogation." Ylith replied.

Archean rose from his bed and walked to the table where his gear was and he equipped
himself ready for combat. After the had everything with him he walked to Ylith who was
already standing at the door waiting for Archean. Archean reached him and they both
began walking to the command deck.

"So we go to Yridia IX huh? What a nice place to go." Archean said grinning.
"Yeah well, thats not the only concern we have. The Headmaster hasn't checked in yet,
and if he is lost...all chaos will break loose." Ylith said with his gaze into the hallway.
"Our main concern however is that we get to the fleet and contact Welshman." The
Guardian said while quickening his pace.

Archean walked with him and they finally reached the command deck full with officers
doing everything in their assignmentlist. Ylith walked to the captain and Archean followed.

"When will we arrive captain?" Archean asked when Ylith stepped forward, standing just
before the glass waiting the stars slid by.
"We can arrive in any second." the Captain responded and when he barely said it the ship
broke out of hyperspace, overlooking an enormous flees that belonged to Tarentum.

Ylith had his gaze fixed on the planet and the ships hanging above it like eagles stalking
their prey.

"Any sign of engagement?" Ylith asked to the officer closest to him. The man looked on his
screen and back to Ylith.
"No sir, not yet, they seem to be waiting in orbit." the officer said.
"They can't attack without the Havoc!" the Captain said laughing hard.
Archean had a grin on his face marking anger but no amusement seemed in it. The Protector
took his place next to Ylith and said,
"Take us to the Creeping Death, we have to report to Commander Welshman."
"Yes sir." an officer said and the Captain nodded in agreement.

Ylith looked to Archean.
"Ever seen anything like it?" Archean said amazed by the fleet.


21-08-2005 18:14:15

Spears didn’t need to look at the controls to know that the attack force was only a few minutes away, nor did he need them to know the pirates where preparing their fighters to repel the attack. They may not have known what was approaching but the Pirates had picked up something approaching.

The Headmaster sat meditating in his private chamber aboard the Dunatis as his Apprentice Dox readied his gear for the battle. As Dox approached the ships cargo hold and opened the door, he was taken back by what he saw. Standing before the Knight where 24 Overseers and 4 Euthanatos servants, where made no notice of the Knight as they only cared for their Masters orders. The undead servants of the Headmaster where fully armed and ready for battle, the Overseers in armor and equipped with a variety of blasters, the Euthanatos where covered with Robes and each held a lightsaber. Smile crept across young Knights face, realizing that his Master had brought an army of his own.

Aboard the Doomsday Battlegroup Mako was preparing their Assault, while several of Tarentum’s Leaders stood on the bridge overseeing the operation. Rekio glanced to the read out they had on the Pirate base once again, “How the hell does he plan on taking out this entire base with only his Apprentice by his side.” The Consul asked to nobody in particular. Without so much as looking up Master Zero answered, “He isn’t alone, shortly after his arrival he made a request to visit me in my Tower, his servants will aide him in his mission.” Rekio’s mind filled with images of the Draugrs, until he looked over at Oberst and noticed the Marshal shaking his head “Master Zero has instructed my Apprentice in the rite known as Awaken the Fallen.” With a subtle nod Rekio returned his attention to the Bridge.

Using the launching fighters to slip into the Pirates Hangar unnoticed and unhindered by the protective shields, the Dunatis sat cloaked just inside the hangar. A small hatch opened and two Overseers slipped out of the Dunatis unnoticed each carrying a large satchel, which they placed at either side of the Hangars still open doors. The main landing hatch began to descend as the Dunantis’s quadlaser turret began to fire within the Hangar taking out the defensive turrets the Pirates had in place. Like a bat out hell the Headmaster stormed down the ramp his lightsabers humming as they sliced thru the air. Trying to keep up with their Master the Euthanatos flanking him on either side as Dox and the Overseers took up the rear. As the group cleared the hangar a loud explosion ripped thru the hangar ensuring the troops would have no trouble landing.

Pirates began pouring out of the corridors to meet the intruders. The first group was quickly tossed aside [TE], their bodies where broken as the walls absorbed the momentum of their short flight. Spears was strengthening with every step he took [FOD] a few of his servants broke off and made their way down each passing corridor. Blaster bolts racking their bodies, these undead servants kept pressing forward their only goal being that of fulfilling there Masters will. The Adept could feel the first of Tarentum’s troops landing as he continued towards the Pirate leaders chambers. The warriors of Tarentum still had much cleanup work to do if they where to rid the base of these vile pirates, but the end result was never in question. Standing at the entrance to the Leaders chambers, there where 4 pirates, along with several droids standing as the Pirates last line of defense. The smell of ozone still permeated the air as the Headmaster burst into the main chamber to deal those whom had the audacity to fire upon his wife’s craft.


22-08-2005 01:16:36

Windos suited up in his quarters aboard the Creeping Death. His matte purple and black armour mysteriously glistening in the dim light. He strode confidently into one of the hanger bays of the large ship, his blaster rifle and pistol clipped to his right leg and his on-loan sabre from Welshman on his hip.

He approached the Keepers of the Night, who had safely made it back to the ship, the group slapping their feet together and saluting their Tetrarch.

‘No need for that.” Windos laughed.

He commanded the troops into the small troop carrier they had used to get to the ship and made the request for an escort of two Tie Defenders, which was accepted within a minute or two.

The three craft rocketed out of the Creeping Death, heading for the Pirate’s complex. The Tie defenders taking out a couple ground based defences as they neared the facility. The Keepers made a zip line drop down to the opposite side of the complex than Spears and his servants had entered, watching the three craft shoot back up to where they had come from.

Levathan approached the entrance and slapped some malleable explosive to it, stepped back and handed Windos the detonator. The Knight squeezed the button and smiled with delight as the large metal door flew inwards, crushing a few pirates standing in its way. Windos stepped up to the door and looked down.

‘Huh, it was unlocked.” He chuckled.

The Keepers entered the facility and opened fire on the pirates who had started to swarm the exposed corridor, while Windos leaped forward, crimson sabre ignited and decapitating its victims.

Ylith Pandemonium

22-08-2005 07:49:15

"Havoc is in position sir." an officer said to the Captain.
"Enemy contact?" The Captain replied.
"The front of the fleet is engaging the Pirate ships captain, the Creeping death is near them."
"Sounds like a rough ride, are you up for it?" Said the captain looking at Ylith and Archean.
"We have no choice captain we have to report it to Commander Welshman personaly." Archean said.
The Captain nodded and led them to their stealth shuttle they used to infiltrate Phoenic Crest.

Archean walked on board and Ylith turned to the Captain.
"Thanks for the support." he said and he walked onto the ramp into the shuttle.
"Our duty." The Captain answered and he waved to the control room that the shuttle was ready for take off.

The Shuttle flew away from the Havoc and flew trough the immense fleet. The front was in attack formation
while the back of Mako's fleet waited to intercept any escaping enemy ships.
The shuttle flew pass the back of the fleet trough an opening and suddenly Archean noticed a few Tie
Defenders flying on each side.

"The Captain said you could use some escorts?" The Pilot said trough the commlink. Archean Answered
"Yes, thank you, We'll be heading to the Creeping Death."
"Affirmative, plotting course."

"That was nice of him." Ylith said grinning
"What's so funny about it?" Archean said wondering.
"The fun thing is no one can notice us since were in a stealth shuttle, so why the escort?" Ylith said with a smile

Archean laughed and flew the shuttle to the Creeping Death. Laser fire whizzed pass the shuttle and the Tie Defenders
went to engage enemy ships trying to breach the defensive line. Archean landed the shuttle with a soft thud and
the ramp opened. Ylith and Archean both walked out of the shuttle and an officer was waiting.

"Sir Welshman was expecting you, follow me please." the officer said and walked away
Archean look at Ylith who raised his shoulders and the two dark jedi followed the officer.

Ylith and Archean followed the officer to the main command deck, where Welshman
stood in front of the window with his arms crossed overlooking the defensive line he had
created. Ylith and Archean walked to him and he turned around when they arrived.

"Glad you two have made it, did anything happen there?" Welshman asked.

"Well, the kantina is flooded but the door meganism was working so there is no
further damage." Ylith Reported.

"After the troopers came into action the Phoenix was easily sweeped, the activation of
the inner defences also made them fire on boobytraps, so it was all cleared when the
troopers took over." Archean continued.

"Good to hear, it's good to have you two back. Well, for now enjoy the fireworks, the
main treath is finally taken care of." Welshman said with a grin rising on his face.

Ylith and Archean both stood in front of the Window next to Welshman overseeing the
fighting of fighters and the bigger ships beeing crippled and falling appart.

Ylith glanced at Welshman and saw that he really was enjoying the view. Ylith had learned
much of his voyage's to Yridia 2 and when he was on trial. The Special mind training Ciara
had put him trough improved him in many ways of the Dark Side. Now Ylith finally felt he
was part of Tarentum."


22-08-2005 12:06:45

Archean looked back at what happened. He remembers where he awoke after passing out in the medical bay, the droid was over him, making sure his was alright, treating his wound, he was still groggy, but his wounds were getting better.

Archean looked outside the glass, watching the firefight that was happening just in front of him, he felt a sense of loss in a way, he wanted to be apart of this fight, but his wound was still giving him grief. Archean remembered all through the Pheonix Crest mission, Archean felt like he was apart of the team, doing something worthwhile to help out. As Ylith felt, Archean also felt more apart of Tarentum then he ever has. All through the journey Archean had been in contact with Ylith. He always trusted Ylith but not to the extent he does now. He truly knows what the term brotherhood means, Ylith is a true friend to Archean, helping him out when we was wounded, carrying him out to the shuttle, always by his side, fighting together, Archean and Ylith are brothers, to the end.

As Archean looked through the window his eyes were going all over the place, watching the battle at hand. Laser fire everywhere, ships falling apart from the damage being taken. Archean then gazed into space, remembering what happened...

The Protector opened his eyes and looked at a bright light in front of him, he suddenly he noticed that he was lying on a bed looking at the ceiling, He was in the medical bay. He was disorientated and confused. Archean looked down at his wound, which was being bandaged by a droid. The droid noticed movement and looked at Archean

”You will be ok, the wound almost healed, time of total recovery in about 4 days, must take slow.” The droid said in a crackly computer voice.

Archean nodded and sat up straight very quickly which hurt so much he laid back down again. Lying in his bed he looked at the ceiling thinking about what happened. He saw Ylith inside the armory cursing because of the bomb’s malfunction and then he could only remember vaguely what happened. Archean remembered being carried by Ylith and he saw Pirates battling him, He looked as Ylith got hit a few times by laser fire until suddenly troopers came from all directions shooting at the pirates.

Archean closed his eyes and sighed and felt the tight bandage. He was surprised what Ylith had done for him and suddenly he knew what the Brotherhood actually stands for. United as brothers as sisters within the Dark Side. Ylith had shown him that, and he knew Ylith felt the same way, although his mind training didn’t let him show it. Archean closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Archean blinked a few times and his gaze returned to the battlefield. He never knew he would made it this far, and he owed it all to his fellow Brothers and Sisters. Archean had a grin on his face and his eyes locked on the battle once more. Ylith patted Archean on the shoulder and as Archean looked and saw a faint smile coming from him he knew what he meant. They finally completed that what started weeks ago. And a sigh of relief was the only answer it could get.


23-08-2005 12:29:07

“Red Three to Ten. You got a pair on your tail!”
“Acknowledge, break port.”

Enthroned upon the command chair Welshman allowed the battle chatter that permeated the communications net to wash over him. Fighter pilots twisted, evaded, fired and died in the cold, airless void around Yridia IX. A blossom of fire in the bridge viewport snapped Welshman out of his contemplation session.

“Shall we go down to help Welsh?” Asked Ylith from behind his chair.
“No, you can do no more good down there. Not only have they raised their shield up I don’t have the resources at my command to escort you safely down to the surface.”
“As you wish.” Ylith replied with a slight sigh.
“My friend, not every day is as active as the ones we have had recently. You must learn to take the quiet with the loud. How is Archean?”
“He’ll recover.”
“Good. Smoke would kill me if one of his Battle Team leaders died on a ship I’m captaining.”
“Sir, the two TIE Defenders we dispatched to escort Spears have just hypered in. They are hailing us.” Voiced a bridge officer.
“Bizarre, open a channel. “
“You have a line with them.”
“Report Pilots.”
“When we got there the only ships within a light minute were a couple of pirate freighters. The Headmaster and the Allied shuttle were no longer there. WE disengaged from the area and came here as quick as we could.”
“Fine, if you have enough fuel we could use you in sector Banta-Wampa-niner. The Cerberus is taking a bit of a pounding of those fighters.”
“Acknowledged. En route.”

Curving away from their current trajectory the wing pair aimed for the besieged Corvette.

“Comms. Hail the Doomsday for me. Ask for an update.”
“Yes Sir.”
“We’re a bit busy here Apprentice what is it that you want?” Crackled Consul Rekio’s voice over the comm.
“Just curious, what are we going to do about that base?”
“Spears is taking care of it as well as one of your circles I believe.”
“So eleven of them against a whole pirate base?”
“Not quite, he had some servants with him.”
“I see.” Replied Welshman after a slight pause.
“Don’t worry you wont be fighting Draugr anytime soon.”
“Still, I think a quarantine would be prudent just in case.”
“You have no faith. Move your ship to a lower orbit and blockade Eden starport, were picking up some increased traffic, looks like a few ships getting ready to move out.”
“Aye Sir.”
“Rekio out.”

The comm died and Welshman looked at the holomap of local space. Tracing a finger from their current position Welshman analysed the quickest route, a route that took the ship through a heavy section of fighting.

“Plot this course and get to it. We might have to discourage some pursuit.”
“Acknowledged, moving out.”

Feeling the slight vibrations in the deck plating increase Welshman knew they were under motion.

“Five minutes to position.”
“Fine. Ask Red group to provide us with some assistance.”

Three TIE Defenders from the Death’s squadron streaked past from behind the Marauder Corvette and proceeded to demolish the squadron of Z-95s and R-41s that stood before them.
“We are approaching the co-ordinates, four freighters are coming up the well on repulsors and two more seem to be coming up.”
“How the hell are they still in that city.” Mused Welshman to himself.
“Look at it this way Welshman. More fun for us.” Said a beaming Ylith.
“I bet.” Muttered Welshman.
“The freighter’s are still coming up Welshman. They’ll be in weapons range in twenty seconds.”
“Lock on weapons and fire at will.”
“Shouldn’t we ask them to surrender?”
“They know who we are. If you can do so without causing too much damage take out the ones on the surface as well.”

Eight lances of viridian energy streaked out of the corvette and impacted against a rising freighter. Some of the blasts splashed into nothingness against the shields but a few found their way through and splintered engine housings and life support units. Trailing smoke the disabled freighter tumbled over and began the long descent to Yridia IX’s surface. None of the other freighters deviated.

“Destroy the lot of them.”

A few minutes later Yridia IX had a few more extra craters.

“Job’s a good one.” Mused Welshman before a blinding flash emanated from the locale of the pirate base.

“Their shields are out Sir.” Reported the scanner officer.
“And now the real fun begins…” Said Welshman.
“And were stuck up here in orbit.” Bit Ylith.
“The good with the bad Guardian, the good and the bad. Take everything that comes your way and do not deviate from a course that benefits Tarentum. Sending you down in a shuttle could prove costly, even at this late stage in battle. Now I suggest we hold tight and see what happens.”