The Ale Pond

Sith Bloodfyre

28-01-2005 20:48:40

I figured, even though we have new boards, we shouldn't leave the pond behind. As such, first round is on me! (I figured it was appropriate for me to buy. Heh.)

Aidan Kincaid

28-01-2005 21:01:49

* Shadow urinates in the pond.


28-01-2005 21:29:32

*smacks Shadow for peeing in the pond*

Sith Bloodfyre

28-01-2005 21:44:05

I vote Shadow drinks this Ale Pond, and then rebuilds us another one. And I vote that Oberst wears him as a puppet until he does so. :P


28-01-2005 22:00:21

I second that!


28-01-2005 22:18:13

*Kir stops drinking from the pond

...wait, Shadow pee'd in this? Damnit!

Sith Bloodfyre

29-01-2005 00:58:31

Kir, Shadow pees in everything. Since when has that ever stopped you from dipping into the punch at social events? Oh, if you don't want anymore of his bodily fluids, stop drinking the 'coffee' he brings you every morning. :P

Tarax Kor

29-01-2005 01:28:13

* Shadow urinates in the pond.

Hehehe... the "pale" pond. xD


29-01-2005 12:33:15

*Orders the sentrys to shoot Shadow on sight.
*Orders the bots to begin cleaning the pond

*Opens his private cabinet and starts handing out bottled beverages

Dark Sabre

29-01-2005 18:10:25

*pushes Spears in and dunks the Headmaster's head in the pond*

Surprise, surprise!

*runs away*

Aidan Kincaid

29-01-2005 18:24:41

*Bryars the sentry's with one shot each
*shakes not once, not twice but thrice!
*wanders off to annoy the masses


29-01-2005 22:04:08



Now where was I? Oh yeah...

*takes a bottle and starts drinking again*

Sith Bloodfyre

30-01-2005 03:00:20

*hires a couple of hookers to divert Shadow's attention, after which they tie him up, and drag his happy @$$ back, and deliver him to Oberst's room*

In honor of Shadow becoming a hand puppet, I'm going to charge a round of drinks to his tab. :P So order whatever you like.

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 05:18:30

* Shadow and Oberst go put on a great puppet sex show and make billions


30-01-2005 17:04:05

You sure make a good puppet Shadow. I just hope Oberst washes his fist after that.

*orders some rum*

Tarax Kor

30-01-2005 17:25:04

ew... :sick:

oh, and I'll have a screwdriver.

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 18:33:45

I thought this was a pond of ale?

Therefore why would you have a bar right next to it?


30-01-2005 21:50:47

Not everyone wants to drink ale. Besides, Shadow peed in the pond so it has to be cleaned now.

*settles beside Sith and share a big bottle of rum with him* :)


31-01-2005 02:19:50


Can we make it into a Guinness pond, now? :huh:


31-01-2005 03:41:05

Now I'd go for that any day!


31-01-2005 11:02:33

You mean my daily coffee has a...umm...secret ingrediant? But, its...uh....oh well :P


31-01-2005 12:55:11

I think we need some bouncers in this place!


31-01-2005 13:49:03

Well I have two bouncers right here *points to her chest*

Ohhh! You mean actual bouncers. Hmmm, well we can always have Oberst do it. As an added bonus he will be allowed to do whatever he wishes with those he throws out.

Aidan Kincaid

31-01-2005 20:09:56

those arent bouncers those are floatation devices. Depending on the size they can support 1-4 people.


31-01-2005 21:53:18

No I'm pretty sure they bounce. I wouldn't use them for flotation devices unless it's to save myself and my husband. He'd kick everyone else to their deaths before he'd let them touch anyway. :P


01-02-2005 09:47:23

If they bounce it means that are pretty big. The question is:How big are they, enough to step on them when you walk without a bra or Pamela like? :)


01-02-2005 17:49:42

Wait...we're talking about Shadow's breasts...right?


01-02-2005 18:55:35

...Shadow has mantits? :blink:

...ewwwww :ermm:


01-02-2005 18:59:28

THen why do you have a picture of his mantits above your bed?


01-02-2005 19:25:02

The only picture I have above my bed is one of these...

mmmm...Jaguar... :w00t:


01-02-2005 21:19:37

OOO nice car...



02-02-2005 06:21:49

Is that an E type?


02-02-2005 10:01:20

XKSS. Only 17 were made before the factory burned down.


02-02-2005 11:40:16

They had only one factory?


02-02-2005 15:41:17

Kinda sucks they didn't just rebuild and continue making those cars.


02-02-2005 17:18:22

Well...according to Jaguar, the plans for the engine were kept in that factory. Even if they rebuilt the factory, the most crucial piece of information was gone.

Tarax Kor

02-02-2005 18:32:13

Well...according to Jaguar, the plans for the engine were kept in that factory.

Which is why the concept of "backups" was introduced. :P


03-02-2005 01:09:47

Backups are generally not done for cars that are to see limited production, anyway. Jaguar took, I believe, 50 orders. This is to ensure that the cars are wholly unique and almost mythic.

Saying they should have done backups is like saying Carrol Shelby should just have relegated the AC Cobra to assemblyline, rather than do it by hand.


03-02-2005 06:54:40

That's why Jaguar is an exotic car. Well most of them cars.


03-02-2005 19:22:26

And why I'll never own one so long as I live. They are way too expensive!


03-02-2005 19:49:35

I would love to own one...probably won't get one until I'm an old fart, though.

Why do the old guys get to drive the hot cars? They're...old.


04-02-2005 07:01:24

Well to be young an ahnd to have a lot of money is an exceptional thing. Look at Robie Wiliams, he has a Jaguar... I think I'm going to start a boy band!


04-02-2005 15:01:13

I always knew you were a...homosexual! :D


04-02-2005 22:37:02

Bah I think it's better if the older guys own the hot cars. They won't go around racing them and possibly banging them all up. That'd be something to just cry over.


06-02-2005 08:22:51

Not really they have money to restore them! :)


06-02-2005 15:06:45

Heh, not if the kid wraps one around a tree.

*orders the next round for everyone*


06-02-2005 18:01:40

well looks like i came here just in time, free drinks!!!! Wahoo!


07-02-2005 07:58:47

NO drinks for me! I'm going to have some Yridia coke.


07-02-2005 09:21:11

pfft dont worry, Telona and Oberst arent here to operate and experiment on us. The only things here are those two strange bushes that keep following us....

*hands Frosty a beer*


09-02-2005 06:54:53

Is this light?
*drinks the beer*

Those bushes are iritating me, how about we light them up?


09-02-2005 07:08:03

hmm good idea.You got a match?


09-02-2005 18:15:29

Don't burn the bushes! They are alive!

*sips her drink*


09-02-2005 21:18:09

*points flame thrower at Welshman and Frosty* If those bushes burn, so do you. I spent a lot of time breeding those plants.


10-02-2005 07:04:50

*drops the match into his drink*


10-02-2005 12:19:37

I can't burn...I'm FROSTY!


10-02-2005 14:15:09

Wow, Frosty said "can't" and "burn" in the same sentence, it might just be me but that sounds like a challenge.

The person that burns Frosty the best wins >:)


10-02-2005 18:12:33

*throws his glass of flaming ale towards Frosty only for Frosty to dodge and cause the flaming liquid to go all over Welsh's stylish cape*


12-02-2005 14:26:20

Haha loser :P


12-02-2005 18:08:45

i know!

*cries over his spoilt cape*


12-02-2005 19:32:56

Just buy a new one. You make enough money.


13-02-2005 09:29:00

How much money does a Dark Jedi make?


13-02-2005 16:29:24

not enough. That is why I had to slice into the Proconsul's private clan banking funds. Erm i didnt just admit to that did i.....


13-02-2005 22:33:00

Hehehe, I'm going to enjoy getting my money back by slicing into you. >:)


14-02-2005 06:32:53


*runs away*


14-02-2005 07:03:07

RUN FOREST! RUN!...err, Welshman!


14-02-2005 07:09:31

you should as well, i used your account as a store for them so they are all hidden there!


14-02-2005 17:55:49

I was nice and bought everyone a drink and this is how you repay me?? I'll be sure the next round has something funny in it. <_<


14-02-2005 18:03:18

seeing as Frosty has got a surplus of Credits from somewhere he's buying! :P


15-02-2005 07:50:42

No these are my money! If I look like a pimp it's just because that's what I am. :P


15-02-2005 16:19:30

hmm so thats where all those female Twi'Leks are coming from....


16-02-2005 08:04:35

Yep, Grand Pimp of The Dark Side: Frosty.


16-02-2005 17:04:56

hmm nice. Is that on official title as well?


16-02-2005 18:48:26

*me kills the Twi'Leks*

Ok now back to just the drunken Dark Jedi in this place.



17-02-2005 07:09:19

Where my bitches?!


17-02-2005 08:38:50

*points to the droids hauling off the dead Twi'Leks

Now back to drinking before I have to pimp slap you


17-02-2005 16:15:48

A round on me!

Not only did I nail a perfect on my Biochem exam, I found two errors that my Professor made.


17-02-2005 16:43:06

yay drink!

Congrats Oberst


17-02-2005 16:58:28

Woot! Another reason to drink more!


17-02-2005 18:29:03

hehe, hmm I'm starting to worry now. If Oberst and Telona get drunk the rates of vivisections and experiments conducted on both me and Frosty are likely to go up.

*is afraid*


18-02-2005 03:36:54

Just stay away from my behind. :)


18-02-2005 09:40:26

I belive the rates go up 34% and 41% respectivly


18-02-2005 21:06:03

Add Spears in there and you've got a good chance of being experimented on. :P


19-02-2005 15:07:33

ack, those rates are not very favourable.... I should leve while i still can.... but the prospect of free drinks.... I dont know, what should i do?


22-02-2005 19:36:06

Submit to the drinking >:)


23-02-2005 08:15:00

Well you really have two choices, you can stay here get some drinks and probably get experimented on. Or you can try to leave at which point I will kill you.

Personally I would go for the booze.


23-02-2005 17:31:42

yeah, and who knows. I might drink so much i wouldn't recall the event....


24-02-2005 09:04:33

Well my dear Welshy that is why we record the experiments. >:)


24-02-2005 09:12:05

*buys around for evryone*
It's good to be back!


24-02-2005 10:16:36

*slumps onto the table*

Welcome back!

*drags himself to the bar*


24-02-2005 12:47:11

Here, have another Drink.

This is my 4th and I can't feel a thing...

*falls from the chair*


24-02-2005 20:47:33

Wow only four? How weak.


24-02-2005 22:41:32

He needs to get back into drinking shape.


25-02-2005 04:48:55

yeah, but you can experiment on him now!!!


25-02-2005 07:14:35

Hey, I SAID I don't fell a thing!
*tries to get up, but falls down again*


25-02-2005 23:08:22

Welshman you really seem to want me to experiment on Frosty. Is that just you saying you want the experimentation?

*hands Frosty some water*


26-02-2005 04:10:44

**Bursts through the doors**

Holly hell, I thought next door was The Ale Pond. Remind me never, ever to go into a gay strip club again!!

**Orders a very large drink**


26-02-2005 18:20:20

nope i dont want to be experimented on whatsoever. I just like to see poeple suffer :P


26-02-2005 18:52:33

**Sits with everyone**

I dont mind being a ginue pig


27-02-2005 16:22:48

you might want to edit that last post....


27-02-2005 22:41:28

Dont mind painful experiment either.


28-02-2005 10:49:57

Enough with the experiments...we've already been experimented on!

Where's you liver Welsh? Do you know?


28-02-2005 11:11:41

There is no such thing as enough experiments.

The placement of his liver varies depending on the mood of the person running the experiment. I remember this one time I replaced his Liver with an old onion I found on the floor. Good times where had by all.


28-02-2005 11:17:42

Now back to the True reason we have this sanctuary of suds.

Raises his Glass
To Trev and his getting an ED we of Tarentum salute you.


01-03-2005 01:39:31

And to Anshar

**Passes out**


01-03-2005 09:02:35

To all those who deserve it.

*raises a glass*


01-03-2005 11:33:09




02-03-2005 00:18:21

Raises his Glass

For Welshy getting QUA and for Anshar being one hell of a QUA

We salute you.


02-03-2005 00:26:34

Here Here


02-03-2005 04:50:11

To Anshar


02-03-2005 07:20:03

To both of you!


03-03-2005 12:13:53

*starts keeping some goldfish in the pond*


03-03-2005 12:20:05

I would recommend keeping Goldfish in this pond. Chances are pretty good someone will drink them.

Or worse....


04-03-2005 07:31:15

I'll have one of those fishy drinks and put it on my tab Spears.

Sephiroth Kali

04-03-2005 09:43:06

How about i spear one of the fish?


06-03-2005 08:46:19

you could do that Sephiroth, and Frosty have you seen the size of your tab???? It's longer then Spears's own personal Super Star Destroyer.....


07-03-2005 09:52:48

Hey where's my drink?


07-03-2005 10:06:00

*Hands Telona a drink from the private stock


07-03-2005 16:26:10

welcome back, Frosty missed your experimentation


08-03-2005 13:53:15

My experimentations are done for the moment so you are all safe.

Thanks for the drink Spears.



08-03-2005 14:33:49


I always keep some of the good stuff around for the Tarentae minus Welshy of course :-P


08-03-2005 15:42:46

*denounces the name and goes for a peasent drink*



10-03-2005 14:57:30

Here's one from me Telona, wb!


11-03-2005 21:46:31

:x Thanks hun!


13-03-2005 11:08:43

Your welcome.

I'm trying to give up smoking...What to do in my free time? :ermm:


13-03-2005 13:56:20

Chew gum, read, play games, write stuff, exercise, melt your brain watching TV, cook, clean, build stuff, visit all the old people who have health problems due to smoking all their lives, hang out with friends who don't smoke, take classes, cruise the town after dark, make and keep up a garden, all kinds of stuff to do.


14-03-2005 06:39:33

chewing gum is off...Next!


14-03-2005 17:30:08

pasties are good


14-03-2005 21:01:32

The biggest problem with quitting the smoking habit is eating to fill in the gap. That's why I didn't list eating as something to do cause we don't want a fat Frosty :)


15-03-2005 08:21:50

I gained a few kilos actually. 1.83 m and 75 kilo>Frosty .


15-03-2005 19:58:16

Damn metric system. I use enough of that at work! Heh, hey Frosty I can lift almost all of your weight. Pretty good for a girl I think.


16-03-2005 06:14:27

You must be quite a strong girl! i would ask about your weight but it's not proper for a man to ask that :) .


17-03-2005 14:10:54

Heh it's been so long since I've weighed myself I wouldn't know where I was at now.


21-03-2005 08:45:45

I would like to be like The Rock!!!! I'm not too far though :P


21-03-2005 17:13:55

as long as you dont appear in crappy spin off films you should do fine


22-03-2005 05:59:17

Nah, I'll try my luck on a Drama! :))


23-03-2005 14:54:50

Drama? Perhaps you should drink more.

*Gives Frosty another glass*


23-03-2005 17:05:14

Frosty, beware the PCON baring drinks, remeber the experiments!


24-03-2005 09:39:00

Time for another Round ladies and gents. This time we celebrate P:KHP and the heir to the KHP throne Lady Telona.

*Raises his Glass


24-03-2005 16:45:04



24-03-2005 16:47:06

indeed, congrats Telona

*gets in a round*

hmm thats a rare occurence.. anyway to the P:KHP!!!

p.s nice Avatar Spears you should add an extra line to your sig, master of funky avatars or something :P


26-03-2005 08:03:52

I would raise my glass too if it wasn't empty.



27-03-2005 02:26:45

*fills the glass full*

There ya go :)


27-03-2005 07:00:06

p.s nice Avatar Spears you should add an extra line to your sig, master of funky avatars or something :P

I just want to point out that I used that exact same avatar on the SV boards about 3 years ago... (assuming its the Dragon eating a wizard, and Spears hasn't changed it)

I should be master of funky avatars if indeed it is unchanged!


27-03-2005 14:15:59

if that is indeed the case, arise Sir Master Funky Avatars


27-03-2005 20:34:50

Well I do find some pretty great ones


28-03-2005 14:17:03

indeed you do, perhaps you could be the prince of funky avatars or something


28-03-2005 14:47:53

I think I have enough odd titles already, if I keep adding to it sooner or later my title line will be like Trev's and thats just a scary thought.


29-03-2005 10:31:01

If I actually used these forums regularly, I would find a suitable avatar...

But I never post. Well, rarely post.

SO not much point is there?


31-03-2005 08:22:03, you can find some good avatars there.


31-03-2005 14:07:03

I perfer finding them randomly :-)

Takes out his keys to the special supply to welcome back Bastion Creed/ Kodiak


31-03-2005 17:09:32

Yay more drinking!


02-04-2005 06:12:19

Drinks are on me!


06-04-2005 09:53:11

Drinks are on you? Well ok seeing as I was almost done with this anyway, but still it seems like a waste.

*Pours whats left of his drink on Frosty.


06-04-2005 12:12:30

I meant to say that I was paying for the booze, but since I already smell like my favourite drink, it's ok!

*Gives Spears a big hug* :P


09-04-2005 00:16:48

*takes pictures for blackmail*


09-04-2005 06:08:22

*takes picture of Oberst taking picture*


10-04-2005 18:05:09

*figures its time to come back for a drink*

*figures everyone else figures he should'nt come back here!*

Round on me!


11-04-2005 07:22:25



What's wrong with Welshman...paying for the drinks?!


13-04-2005 16:01:15

i have no idea, i think i might be coming down with something. Quick to the doctors with me!


13-04-2005 22:07:37

Which one you want? Oberst or Trev?


14-04-2005 17:27:10

erm ectually i think i'll just by the drinks. Memories of Frosty's mutilation are still vivid in my memory


16-04-2005 03:15:45

Come on it's not that bad. Who needs a liver any way?


16-04-2005 10:16:12

Looks like i have found the right room. Hey all im new here in the Brotherhood im APP Reaper2004 (Sith)/Tridens of Tarentum. while in here im Darth Reaper. I joined the forum b4 i signed up in the Brotherhood.


16-04-2005 13:16:35

*buys the new guy a round*

...excellent, more test subjects. >:)


16-04-2005 16:26:29

Reaper, run away whilst you can >:) HEre is like a black hole, if you get too close there is no escaping teh Oberst!


18-04-2005 14:44:42

Reaper, run away whilst you can >:) HEre is like a black hole, if you get too close there is no escaping teh Oberst!

ur kidding right?? :ermm: :ermm:


18-04-2005 17:45:52

yep :)


22-04-2005 19:27:49

Riiiight. And you arent supposed to call yourself Darth, by the way... not that it really matters in the forum names here.

So, this forum is kind of dead, kind of like all the DB boards.


28-04-2005 10:04:18

hmmm everyone must have gone teetotal in here.


28-04-2005 16:27:18

I'll drink for that!

And I managed to successfully pass my lithuanian and english speaking kinda exams. Great! :) Another drink for that....

and another one....

and another one...


29-04-2005 04:59:40

Yay Shimas!!!


Hmm why isnt my post count increasing, ah well!

Drinks on Shimas!


02-05-2005 13:38:45

hmmm everyone must have gone teetotal in here.

What>? Got a problem with teetotalers in general, or just the ones that dont post :P

The DB has gone dry :D


02-05-2005 16:51:24

yeah, it gone dry because we drank everything. Oh well, life is tough.

Hmm.... doesn't worthless messages like that constitue spamming?


03-05-2005 01:29:37

yeah, it gone dry because we drank everything. Oh well, life is tough.

Hmm.... doesn't worthless messages like that constitue spamming?

Its not spamming if I only post once in a blue moon. That is to say, I rarely post. I try to avoid spamming as much as possible, but sometimes what is spam and what is not spam is open to very different interpretations.

I do not consider this post to be spam, though some might, though I think that they should not. THis post was meant to answer a comment made by you.


03-05-2005 07:40:45

Hmm.... so spam, reacting to a spam, is no longer a spam? Cool! Then this post is not spam too!

Anyway, back to beer.


03-05-2005 08:42:12

This topic is for random posting on or about odd things, so really there is no spam here.

*Sits down and pours himself a rather large stiff drink


05-05-2005 06:48:45

randomness is good :D


05-05-2005 08:36:35

especially when it includes having a drink


08-05-2005 03:23:31

weee, got my Internet connection back!

*buys a round to everyone*


08-05-2005 16:32:54

cant argue a free drink.

Make that a few barrles of Ale please Frosty ;)

Sephiroth Kali

10-05-2005 11:44:34

Free round for everyone! Second DC!


15-05-2005 01:12:48

Wohoo for Anshar getting DA.
Raises his Glass.

Now everyone buy him a drink.

*When he isn't looking feel free to put the drink on Anshar's tab*


16-05-2005 04:57:54

Told you he'd get it first Spears :P


16-05-2005 06:24:05

*buys a drink for Anshar*

Well deserved

Sato Khan

16-05-2005 12:40:10

Congrats Anshar well done!


24-05-2005 06:25:12

congrats to Anshar belatedly and seeing this place has gone quiet, free drinks for all!!! Spears offered to pay the tab so I guess we should take him up on the offer ;)


24-05-2005 08:36:25

Damn right, I mean I figured I have access to Welshman's accounts I may as well spoil the Clan and clean out his account at the same time.



24-05-2005 09:29:02

Damn, outwitted.

/me retreats to lick his financial wounds and rethink another ploy of getting at the Headmaster's finances.


24-05-2005 16:08:16

Poor should just stick to scamming easier Rekio. :D


24-05-2005 16:24:16

Hehe, I'll bear that in mind ;)


26-05-2005 05:50:29

So, any updates on the ship names?

Just wondering.

And also wondering if anything else of interest is occuring... Ive been writing a paper for the last 12 hours, Im about 6 and a half pages done. I have at least another .5 to 3.5 to go. 7-10 pages is the goal, Im on the fourth crusade, and I DONT want to write about the pissant crusades that happened after that.

I wish I could have been there at the sack of Constantinople, it would give me something interesting to do.


26-05-2005 20:12:53

Ship names? Huh? :P

I just e-mailed the small group of us, meaning the Tarentae, who started this whole thing. We've narrowed the list down to 15 names, but before they get posted to be voted on, we needed to figure out exactly how we want to do it.

The Tarentae took some suggestions from the lists, plus added some new ones. There's really two primary ways we can do the voting:

We can post the whole list and then you guys pick your top 3 name choices. Then, the top 3 names will get assigned to a ship.


We can post certain names for specific ships (which, nicely enough, would be 5 per vessel) and have you choose 1 from each.

Keeping in mind we could just decide on our own for the clan, we all thought it was better to ask you guys.


27-05-2005 03:51:40

I would reccomend narrowing it down to 10, as its an easier number to work with, then we vot on each ship individually (of all 10) but just 2 rounds of voting (unless there is a clear winner for each in one round), sort of like this 40 round DB flagship thing.


30-05-2005 10:24:44

Ship names are out- I recommend being sober when voting, so you don't accidentally misread something, think it is dirty, and then vote on it for fun :P


31-05-2005 02:05:01

Big congrats to Sato on his promo

*Buys everyone a round*


06-06-2005 06:17:20

godamn I'm so drunk I can't even splel my name.


06-06-2005 10:15:12

*hands Frosty a card with "FROSTY" written on it so the Jedi Hunter won't forget.


07-06-2005 13:32:51

lol, I was in fact school. It happens to all of us, no?


12-06-2005 11:23:49

oberst i sent you my sample and the books i like, u havent emailed me.
by the way, does anyone in here do the ACC. i need some tips
....butt gets kicked...... dalthid wooped me
someone promote me, im bored need new admin. options.

"a round for everyone"
NOV Tyrus
dossier 5575


13-06-2005 16:14:31

I pooped and it smelled


14-06-2005 06:46:46

*smaks Cannabisia and orders Canna to clean it up, with his toothbrush.

Tyrus: If u really want some tips I can help u out. Mail me:


21-06-2005 05:04:11

Congrats the Drinks are on Rekio, YAY a RS!!!!!

Now Junior give me that LSS......hehehe


Kohn Fang

21-06-2005 23:08:31

Drinks around repeatadly...sounds fun


22-06-2005 18:01:41

runs up to smoke and steals lightsaber, "wonder what this does" out of pure drunkidness. Cuts it on , throws it up, and away goes left arm. But tyrus is so drunk he feels no pain.

smoke takes back saber and laughs.

Malus Maximus

26-06-2005 09:04:28

Hello people. Me=new here. Shouldn't pond be clean by now?

*checks pond*
*comes back frightened and bewildered*

The pond is half empty. Some kids were selling something called "Old Uncle Sadow's Homemade Gin"... they were making good profits.

Oh well. Champagne for everyone on me.


02-07-2005 15:36:34

YAY! Free drinks again?! I can't remember when was the last time I got wasted in here.


04-07-2005 17:12:14

wasnt it yesterday? :P


04-07-2005 23:10:33

im pretty sure hes right, anyway me=not new,
me=sorta new

drinks for everyone, (on jac's personal tab) :P


05-07-2005 10:23:38

does this ale pond serve food as well, im feeling a little peckish and all this free tab wrangling has gotten my stomach ready for action


05-07-2005 10:45:35

Yes, we do, Welshy. Mutton, rack of lamb, lamb shank...The servants keep finding all these unconscious sheep all over and decided to put them to good use.


05-07-2005 12:45:29

i believe that is welshman's doings.......

horus garm matt

07-07-2005 11:37:41

chicken curry? or a nice chilli?
oh & a pint of beer please



07-07-2005 13:40:43 fiend.....give me the sheep


14-07-2005 02:13:06

What are sheep turning into these days? The sheep belong to Welsh!


15-07-2005 02:53:01

Smoke taketh the sheep, and blow them to pieces with thermal explosive device.....and then shouts....."Drink are on me!!!" but the sheep meat is cooked and ready....*rings dinner bell*

Beer and lamb chops...Yummy.


16-07-2005 18:35:04

hmm lamb.....

would me tucking into a succelent piece of lamb be considered cannabalism?


18-07-2005 06:53:20

nope as long as you drink enough of this beer.....hands welsh a beer!


18-07-2005 06:56:57


/me considers leaving Gladius and going back to his old house of Tridens.

Such a nice QUA giving me free beer...

Ylith Pandemonium

18-07-2005 13:37:46

hey ehh, guys?

the beer in the puddle has gone dead...

whose gonna fill it again? or does it do it by itself?

anyways...welsh you have to know I sold your sheep to that butcher yesterday
he said he had a nice little garden for them. I didn't understand why he was grinning though...

anyways, give me a beer and put it on welsh's tab, he made a fortune sellin those sheep!

Sheep beer for everyone! yay!

Dark Killer

19-07-2005 05:19:42

Also here, there's a full-beer topic ?!? :D

No alcohol for me, thanks ;)


19-07-2005 06:00:42

Totally [Expletive Deleted].

Why? Don't you like booze?

Ohhh....booze.... <3


19-07-2005 09:59:32

booze makes it harder to catch sheep


19-07-2005 13:40:43

i dont think i can post in the pheonix crest, my character wasnt included so far and i dont want to ruin it...

*walks to the pond*

give me a the hardest shot ya got


19-07-2005 13:48:10

*pours Tyrus a shot of Scotch.*

Yes your character was included.....remeber that massive meeting, well if you are tarentum, then you were at the meeting....

Shakes his head and walks away....... :lol:


19-07-2005 16:18:27

Run on is clan participation goodness :)

Whoever participates gets a free drink of Welshy!!!! (water of course)


20-07-2005 02:29:01

And medals ;)

So, go for it !


20-07-2005 15:31:19

i did it!!! i posted!!! woohoo!!!



20-07-2005 16:03:49

How could you? :P


20-07-2005 17:43:05

what do you mean :(

i could i? it was easy :)


21-07-2005 10:19:03

water for all!!!!!!!!!!!


21-07-2005 14:23:24

Kill the sheep !!! :lightsaber:


22-07-2005 18:27:24



22-07-2005 21:13:07


leave them alone...the poor defensless ack!! aaaaaaahhhh!!!

*the sheep start tackling and eventually eating tyrus*


23-07-2005 13:46:44

Good sheep....

Eat all who stand before you and soon this clan will be on its knees and ripe for take over!!!


23-07-2005 14:15:17

We got to do something with this sheep.....


23-07-2005 18:41:30

*tyrus pulls out a pair of sheers(or however you spell it)*

*evil laugh and music initiated*


Ylith Pandemonium

25-07-2005 17:00:26

hey guys,

why not have more party's like this one?
Come to cafe gladius opened in 2 forum pages for spreaded fun!
At the Gladius Clan board or Tarentum Clanboard!

Everyone is welcome and more fun is a must!

hope you'll check it all out! :D B) ;)


27-07-2005 10:05:21

I alredy did...but is kinda empty so people please come in :)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 10:53:09

listen to the big cheese, come in and have fun!;)


27-07-2005 10:57:46

Listen to me: I'm already there :P


27-07-2005 23:20:12

were the only ones postin now, so its not gonna bring more ppl... :P

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2005 07:02:27

must try though ;)


30-07-2005 01:43:52

Forgot about me ?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-07-2005 02:09:22

no.....who are you? :P


30-07-2005 14:41:00


Ylith Pandemonium

30-07-2005 16:29:22



01-08-2005 12:25:36

Did anyone sayd that you guys are spaming?

" :blink: ", this is a post?

Ylith Pandemonium

01-08-2005 15:53:06

I'm sorry, but what do we have to talk about...

we need a subject, I suggest someone comes up with one...

why won't I? ehh...dont know, dont want to be selfish I guess :P


02-08-2005 12:42:53

Just say that you want to have more and more posts, just like Tyrus.

Ylith Pandemonium

02-08-2005 15:42:40

that isn't true, I just want to interact more with the that such a crime?

*starts cleaning up the ale pond to get new and more visitors*


03-08-2005 05:22:27

So be it....I'll have to kill you now :lightsaber:


03-08-2005 08:04:32

*Frys Dox with a healthy dose of Force Lighting

No get to work little man :-P


03-08-2005 10:22:52

I've already done my work big man, and for that you could kill Ylith >:)


03-08-2005 15:54:40

*tyrus walks in and sees this lot and walks straight back out without a word*


Ylith Pandemonium

04-08-2005 14:29:04

sorry for cleaning up the mess YOU *points at dox* made! :P


05-08-2005 04:26:48

Hahaha, I now have a glowing stick :P guess thats a round on me then?

*Buys everyone a Mandalorian Ale*


05-08-2005 06:06:32

*Buys drinks too*

Let's split the tab. ;)


05-08-2005 06:07:46

Nah charge it to welsh's account


05-08-2005 06:12:20

i thought you only kept me around for one reason... :P


05-08-2005 14:42:35

What's that? Drinking water? :P


05-08-2005 14:51:50

*tyrus wants a glowing combat stick*


Ylith Pandemonium

05-08-2005 16:20:27

iew.... X-)


05-08-2005 18:04:17

:huh: whats that mean?

Ylith Pandemonium

07-08-2005 12:23:28

like: juck


08-08-2005 18:17:27

*dirty mind*


Ylith Pandemonium

09-08-2005 06:44:41

depends what you mean with a "glowing stick" :P


09-08-2005 17:49:10

im not telling you :P

Ylith Pandemonium

10-08-2005 08:05:50

I appreciate that :P


11-08-2005 05:50:21

good, because i frankly dont know what i meant by that

Ylith Pandemonium

11-08-2005 06:23:15

so...whats new?


12-08-2005 00:44:48

Ummm... probubly a couple of babies born recently :P

Ylith Pandemonium

12-08-2005 05:45:38

yay congradz :P *gets a few beers from the pond and gives a few beers to windos* for your baby's and ranking up to DJK ;)


14-08-2005 18:25:36

*tyrus stares at the baby as it throws up*

not cleaning it up

and congrats!!

Ylith Pandemonium

15-08-2005 05:50:16

afraid of baby's tyrus? :P


15-08-2005 18:34:48

no, afraid of throwup of the baby

Ylith Pandemonium

15-08-2005 19:50:35

whats so bad about it...*smells* ahh.....get the point......


21-08-2005 18:29:18

i just...*aaarrgh* cant take it!!

Ylith Pandemonium

22-08-2005 00:08:39

*starts selling gass masks*

50$ only!


23-08-2005 17:16:34

ONLY 50 dollars

Ylith Pandemonium

24-08-2005 10:37:25

wanna die in baby puke? :P


24-08-2005 17:25:32

if i said yes, would you hold it against me?

Ylith Pandemonium

24-08-2005 18:02:52

maybe....could bribe you sometime though..:P


26-08-2005 23:34:01

ok, that might do

Ylith Pandemonium

27-08-2005 05:57:02

soo...what do you have to offer....muahahahaaaaaaa


27-08-2005 09:25:42

im not telling you :P

Ylith Pandemonium

27-08-2005 10:38:33

you will...muhahahaha


27-08-2005 11:58:00

nuh uh

Ylith Pandemonium

27-08-2005 14:31:54

<_< uhhuh...


27-08-2005 22:01:50

:huh: what are u guys talking about? :huh:

Ylith Pandemonium

28-08-2005 05:11:58

hush you!

you will be bribed Tyrus!


28-08-2005 06:36:15

Rage helps Ylith

Ylith Pandemonium

28-08-2005 07:13:41

....people like me


28-08-2005 21:01:21

Rage swims in pond :P


29-08-2005 10:19:17

*Archean slips tyrus and Ylith $100 each*

you guys didnt see nothin

*Archean takes 2 twi'lek dancers intoa private room*

Ylith Pandemonium

29-08-2005 10:52:35

kinda cheap aint it Tyr..?


29-08-2005 11:11:29

ok fine, you two drive a hard bargain

*archean slips tyrus and ylith $500 each*

NOW you didnt see anything

*Archean takes 2 more twi'leks into his room*

Ylith Pandemonium

29-08-2005 12:59:38

Tyrus: did you order another 2?

Ylith: no....but didnt Oberst order some twi'lek for himself...

Tyrus: you mean the dra...?


Tyrus: didnt saw anything
Ylith: nope what were you saying again?


29-08-2005 19:06:22

Telona stops in for a quick drink from the bar and just as quickly leaves :)

Ylith Pandemonium

29-08-2005 20:39:27

hmm...would have bought her a drink....ahh well...

*takes a sip from the beer and enjoy's the sound of pain and agony in the background*


30-08-2005 06:26:49

Rage comes in bar and orders some corellian whiskey
takes a sip
hears AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH in the background
and asks WTF is that

Ylith Pandemonium

30-08-2005 06:44:32

what's what? didnt hear anythin....?


30-08-2005 06:47:37

Oh? are u sure whatever its not like i care
Rage looks at the bartender get me another round of whisky

Ylith Pandemonium

31-08-2005 10:47:05

your pay have a check here regarding drinks from the whole clan...

We expect payment of 100.000.000,00 credits by tomorrow er else...

Anyone wants a drink? :P


31-08-2005 12:24:07

We need that money soon Rage, or else you'll be trying on some new "shoes"


*looks evily at rage*


31-08-2005 16:44:40

OH? really if you didnt know i dont have a tab here

Ylith Pandemonium

31-08-2005 17:31:04

*shows a copy of the tab to rage*

Pay up :P


31-08-2005 18:50:11

/me takes it and rips it in to 430 uneqaul peicies


31-08-2005 18:58:32

/me waltz back into the bar after a long absence

Woo chaos and caranage. gotta love this place :)

I'm sure Tridens would cover your tab, even if you have to cutinto Arche's funds ;)


01-09-2005 01:10:22


no one cuts into my funds except me!

Rage has a debt that needs to be payed....and we dont take life debts as payment either! :P


01-09-2005 05:34:41

F***K that im underage so its invalid hahaha :P

Ylith Pandemonium

01-09-2005 10:48:49

Tell that to the big boss....

And another thing, that thing you ripped appart, that was a copy...

now you owe me another 100 credits on cleaning


01-09-2005 11:25:07

*looks up from his booth to see what all the noise is about


01-09-2005 13:27:18

*Archean orders Rage to clean up his mess*

dooooooo it!

*shakes fist forcefully*

Ylith Pandemonium

01-09-2005 14:54:31

*walks to spears*

Sir he is refusing to pay the bill...


04-09-2005 02:05:01

He is disrespecting us, we demand respect dammit! :P

Ylith Pandemonium

04-09-2005 05:55:03

*nods in approvement*


07-09-2005 01:50:02

*also nods in approvement*

Ylith Pandemonium

07-09-2005 07:43:13

I suggest emmm...we tie him up let him get killed by Jawa :P


07-09-2005 07:44:02

yeah well i know where you sleep a Bed
dum dum dum

Ylith Pandemonium

07-09-2005 07:45:04 everyone knows where arch sleeps...


07-09-2005 07:47:26

Like your MOM? :P who know im playin with ya Ylith


07-09-2005 08:46:34

hey hey hey! lets get one thing cleared up, i dont just sleep with ANYONE'S mum, they have to meet stringent Archean requirements, and none of you guys come up with any smartass comments on i'll get that shotgun out....

and now, no more mum jokes :P



07-09-2005 14:59:07

Please Arche, a forum is not the place to start talking about your "shotgun" :P

Anyway, drinks on me w00t!

Ylith Pandemonium

07-09-2005 16:29:58

deinks on the Qua! hurai!


08-09-2005 00:47:48

And not on me YAY get me some corellian whiskey thanks


08-09-2005 01:43:38

I can talk about my "shotgun" if i like thank you Welshy :P

and yes, a scotch for me please barkeep! :D


08-09-2005 04:31:00

yeah and put the tab on Ma'ar


08-09-2005 09:03:35

i'll put the tab on you again if you aint careful :P

Ylith Pandemonium

08-09-2005 17:10:54

I'll report to Ma'ar that your violating the FEAR THE MA'AR code...


08-09-2005 19:19:08

shh!!! please dont

*gets on ground and starts mumbling staring into space*
fear the ma'ar...


08-09-2005 20:00:15

*Archean writes down the new rule*

Everyone.....must......Fear....The.....Ma'ar.....At All Times.

*Archean puts the rules on the fridge*

There we go :D

Ylith Pandemonium

09-09-2005 12:18:30

guess we'll give Rage a fine for violating's in the red bigtime :P


09-09-2005 13:41:18

*has the fine taken out of Ylith's accounts instead

Ylith Pandemonium

09-09-2005 13:44:23

hey! .....that aint funny i was saving money to buy that Occasion Star Destroyer.....


09-09-2005 22:54:24

*sends a letter to rage for violating the fear the ma'ar rule.*


Ylith Pandemonium

10-09-2005 06:30:19

*steals the money back from Spears and put on a note: "Rage did it"*


10-09-2005 13:21:08

Nice try Ylith try it again and you will be back to INI faster then you can blink :-P


10-09-2005 14:24:53

haha, please dont demote me :(

Ylith Pandemonium

10-09-2005 16:30:02

ahh man, damnit!

I really wanted that Star Destroyer...
When I am a higher rank then you are Spears I'll...I'll....take away your force lightning!


11-09-2005 03:33:13

*Archean watches Spears force lightning Ylith to a crisp*

did someone order barbequed Ylith? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

11-09-2005 04:35:33



12-09-2005 08:15:28


Ylith Pandemonium

12-09-2005 13:59:22

*smacks Archean down with a gold plated cow *

damn you


13-09-2005 12:56:59


take this!

*Archean thwacks Ylith with a gold plated Sheep, then see's Welshman steal it*

damn you, give it back!


Ylith Pandemonium

13-09-2005 16:13:37

* lies silently on the ground*


14-09-2005 08:55:09

*Runs after Welshman!*

Come back here you!

Ylith Pandemonium

14-09-2005 14:44:13

*wakes up*

Where am I...? :huh:


14-09-2005 17:23:02

No more Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea->Ylith->Archea

The pond is for fun but try not to drag it down into the ruin of being a Spam Thread.


15-09-2005 11:55:17

Otherwise Spears would have to have his dragon in his avatar do to you what it does to the wizard emoticon :P

Ylith Pandemonium

15-09-2005 12:02:52

hehe sorry about that,

just wanted to keep the Ale Pond almost died out


15-09-2005 12:42:42

Yes, sorry bout that.


15-09-2005 18:52:13

happy bday to Ylith and Zilltopia!!!!! :D

Enjoy your day guys and have a drink on me :D

Ylith Pandemonium

16-09-2005 00:37:01

yaaay thanks! *grabs a a beer*


17-09-2005 01:45:19

*Buys an ale for Ylith*
Drink up mate =D

Ylith Pandemonium

17-09-2005 04:40:54

*drinks up*

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *hic*


18-09-2005 07:15:56

*Archean buys a drink for Ylith*

Cheers for your 18th bro!

*Archean drinks*


21-09-2005 16:38:26

Give me a drink too :(


23-09-2005 15:28:56

*buys a Rage a drink*

Nut much until my birthday either. :)

Ylith Pandemonium

24-09-2005 05:14:06

*calls for some strippers and beer *

Frosty is gonna have a nice birthday :P


27-09-2005 06:13:10

Damn i should come here more often


17-10-2005 10:19:51

*Buys drinks for his birthday, for the consul and again for the consul* :)

Ylith Pandemonium

18-10-2005 11:51:31

*gets new brewed european beer (the real deal :P) and poars it into a new pond*

I call this, the Rekio Ale Pond!

Woohoo! ;):D


18-10-2005 12:56:57

Not a chance little man.

The Ale Pond is mine.

Ylith Pandemonium

18-10-2005 15:21:12

*points to the old dirty brown puddle of what once was the ale pond*

No Spears...THAT is your pond...

*points at the glorius golden foaming richness of pondness*

Thats the Rekio pond....

so there :P


18-10-2005 18:27:36

Sorry Spears i drank all of it


24-10-2005 23:50:25

*randomly flashes whoever happens to be around in a 'loveably vicious' (TM Bloodfyre) kind of way* >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2005 00:40:44

*offers Zil a beer*

there ya go :D


25-10-2005 07:56:59

mmmmm ... Beer :)

*takes off her robes and throws them on some random person walking by*

I hope you like pink cammo! >:P

Sith Bloodfyre

25-10-2005 09:06:14

*glances, blinks, grabs Zil and lifts her up over his shoulder, then walks off*

We'll be back later. :P


25-10-2005 09:13:39

Just be careful folks if she is like this sober, just wait til she starts drinking :-P

And who doesn't like pink cammo?


25-10-2005 09:14:18

The real question is how much later???? :P

Sith Bloodfyre

25-10-2005 09:16:25

...couple hours? :P


25-10-2005 09:17:33

*coughs* So, do I get a medal for this? O-)

Sith Bloodfyre

25-10-2005 09:19:40

No, but you can run around singing "We are the Champions," if you want. In a couple hours. :P *pulls Zil back off somewhere private*


25-10-2005 09:24:05

The things that I do around here for morale! :lightsaber:


25-10-2005 09:28:07

go get a room you two....

Sith Bloodfyre

25-10-2005 09:40:39

What for? :P


25-10-2005 09:42:03

Aaawww, poor Smokey Smoke, he's jealous, somebody else picked up the pink cammo :wub:

Sith Bloodfyre

25-10-2005 09:44:39

If all he wants is the pink cammo, you can take those off and toss them his way. We don't need those. :P


25-10-2005 09:47:57

LOL! My robes were pink cammo as well silly! I'm not ditching my pink cammo undies to go on the DebayB, are you insane?! :jac:


25-10-2005 10:31:37

Its like I have been saying all along Ale Pond is place to be.


25-10-2005 10:58:15

Or the place to be whisked away from :o


25-10-2005 11:21:37

Yes but you will simply be whisked back later. All in all its just a vicious cirlce of wicked whisking.

But I am sure you already knew that, I mean after all it is in the manual.


Sith Bloodfyre

25-10-2005 11:46:16

I never got my copy of the manual! :P


25-10-2005 12:03:20

Sure you did. You thought it was coaster and you have been putting your drinks on it for the better part of a year.

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2005 12:20:58


*throws beer around and drink some himself*



25-10-2005 16:04:37

*Drinks all the free drinks*

Congratz all! And congratz to Fenn for reaching JH!

*Goes back to the drinking*


25-10-2005 19:15:56

I have the manual, I read the manual, I disregard the manual! :w00t: The manual reminds me of AOL CDs, good for nothing but make good coasters--so Bloodfyre did have the right idea! ;)

*drinks the free ale being passed around*

Congrats to Welshie, Frosty, & Archie--may you have all the sheep you desire, blue popsicles, and randy spankings! >:)

*looks down at herself* Am I still not dressed? Ok, who in Tarentum would take my pink cammo robes?? *ponders*


25-10-2005 20:19:09

My money is on Trev, while not in Tar he does stop in for a visit here and there


25-10-2005 20:22:19


Well, I don't want them back after he's had a run in them ... the cleaners will never be able to get that sticky mess™ off of those robes! At least I have more; however, I do not feel like going back to my quarters to get them.

*sits around in her pink cammo undies, pops a top, & guzzles*

Ylith Pandemonium

26-10-2005 07:10:47


anywho...*ahum* hooray for the sheepman, snowman and archman!

*drinks some more and tries not to pay attention to Zil*


26-10-2005 10:31:20

"Man this beers good!" grabs Helga the waitress by the *ahem* buttocks... :)

Macron Sadow

26-10-2005 10:33:39

Nice signature Frosty


26-10-2005 12:00:24

Thank you!

*Buys Ylith a beer for making a great sig*

Ylith Pandemonium

26-10-2005 12:23:41

lol, made that thing ages ago.

Remind me sometime to get you a new one ;)

*takes a sip of his beer*


26-10-2005 15:36:09

*goes over and sits on Ylith's lap*

And pray tell, why are you trying to ignore me?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 06:24:26

don't you want me to ignore you? or are you just trying to grap by attention?

either way, you came to me, not the other way around

*raises his beer in a toasting way*

now I prey to that :)

wanna have a drink? ;)


27-10-2005 18:15:30

As long as you are buying? ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 18:46:42

sure am ;)

*buys Zil a nice drink of her choice*


27-10-2005 19:00:18

*Zil gratefully takes the margarita, licks a little salt from the edge of the glass, takes out the little pink umbrella with the cherry and pineapple slice on it, chunks the pineapple at Bloodfyre, provocatively eats the cherry, slowly runs her tongue across her lips, puts the little pink umbrella behind her ear b/c it matches her pink cammo undies so perfectly and looks uber cute, and takes a sip of her drink*

So, what's up? ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 19:16:27

nuthing much, been bored really

how are you ;)


27-10-2005 20:37:23

Actually, I am wonderful, I think I have the best seat in the house ;) *Ziltopia whispers something in Ylith's ear, he can feel her breath against the side of his head, almost as if a warm breeze is blowing*

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 20:41:12

*his cheeks are turning up into a sithy red and the corners of his lips turn upwards as he can't stop grinning*

sure you're up for that? >:)


27-10-2005 20:44:49

As long as YOU are up for it!

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 20:48:04

I am ready for everything ;)

*grins evilly*


27-10-2005 20:53:41

*jumps off Ylith's lap, spins, & ignites her lightsabre* A piercing green glow reflects in the Ale Pond.

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 20:55:43

*grins* you know how to play an Obelisk don't ya....

*grabs his mandalorian war spear*

this should be fun >:)


27-10-2005 20:59:43

You know how to fight a Priestess do you?

*Ziltopia lunges at the Hunter*

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 21:03:18

*steps aside getting his sleeve ripped off revealing his metal arm*

I like Krath, always mysterious and cunning...I enjoy those features in a woman...

*whizzes his spear around his body*

show me what a Krath priestess can inflict an Obelisk....>=)


27-10-2005 21:11:41

*Ziltopia gets in a fighting posture*

"White always moves first in the game, not black," Ziltopia says while looking at each's robes--she has mysteriously & practically instaneously covered her pink cammo undies in the proper attire of a Krath Priestess.

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 21:16:58

*looks at his robe and smiles*

if this is your wish, it will be my command...

*whizzes the back and of his spear against the blade of the saber, causing it to be pushed to the side as the knife of the spear cuts trough the priestess robes, revealing slightly her pink cammo undies*

*grins* didnt expect that eh? :P


27-10-2005 21:28:17

*Ziltopia Force stitches her robes while lunging at Ylith, slicing his robes with the bright green blade of her lightsabre to reveal nice silky blue boxers*

You're reply seems rather appropos here! ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 21:33:01

*pushes a button on his metal arm and he has a new robe to wear*

one must always be prepared priestess ;)

now...I do not wish to harm a lady...such as you... -_-


27-10-2005 21:40:43

Does that mean you are resigning the fight? *Ziltopia cocks an eyebrow*

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 06:27:58

no, not really...I just aint gonna hurt you....

* grabs his Krath Blade and throws it pastZil's shoulder*

*Zil looks at him* "And that was...?"


*suddenly Zil's robe is falling appart and she has trouble holding it together*

told ya I wasent gonna hurt you ;)

*winks and turns around to the bar to buy her a margarita and himself a beer*


28-10-2005 07:32:43

*puts on her short, pink cammo robes that magically reappeared by random occurence, takes her margarita and sits on Ylith's lap*

"You are the best kind of evil ..." ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 07:35:54

I adapt to the person against me

*takes a sip of his beer*

now tell me, how are you today ;)


28-10-2005 07:39:10

I am excellent; how about yourself? ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 07:48:01

fine, just fine now

anything I cna do for you Mi'lady?


28-10-2005 18:21:50

*moves gently around in Ylith's lap and smirks*

I think you already are doing it whether you want to or not >:P!

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 18:35:08

naughty one you are

*raises his beerbottle*

to insanity ;)


28-10-2005 19:10:18

*raises her margarita*

To insanity :shiny: and other things :lightsaber:

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 19:53:20

best to leave those things out of the forums ;) >:)


28-10-2005 22:22:49

Leave all of what things??? :$ O-)

Ylith Pandemonium

29-10-2005 08:32:31

exactly ;)

*gets an ewok and a hot steel pick*

care to join me..? >:)


30-10-2005 12:25:28

There is kinky and then there is perverted :blink: and Ziltopia is the kind of girl who will play with feathers, but not whole chickens.

Ylith Pandemonium

31-10-2005 15:27:25

*drops the ewok and starts plucking a chicken*

*gives Zill the feathers*

there ya go :D


31-10-2005 23:14:55

:lol: So, what would you do if I said ... x^3 - 37=392? :w00t:

Ylith Pandemonium

01-11-2005 06:32:25

then I'd say...*plucks some more feathers*

here are your 392 feathers :D


01-11-2005 18:59:00

You wouldn't even solve for X? Boo! >:P

Ylith Pandemonium

01-11-2005 19:57:52

who wants X if you have 392 plucked feathers....hmm...still warm.... :)


02-11-2005 02:50:21

X would equal an irrational number between seven and eight! How is that not exciting?! Moreso than feathers, geeze ... give me X or let me die!


05-11-2005 01:59:42

/me sighs.

X would equal 6.4774185207143633970406877101153x10^-8

Nyah! Fenn can do the mathematic! :fear:


05-11-2005 04:38:18

Actually, considering that it is not a perfect cube, it would be an irrational number.


06-11-2005 04:00:52

Pffft, girl, you didn't even get the 10^-8 part in there. That was the skillzorz on my part. :P

/me runs away. :fear:

Ylith Pandemonium

06-11-2005 11:56:58

anyway...margarita Zil? :P


07-11-2005 01:49:15

Yes ... always! ;)


07-11-2005 01:56:28

/me chews on ice.

One of my pasttimes. Ice chewing is teh l33t, even if it does grind your teeth down.


07-11-2005 02:07:09

*takes a piece of Fenn's ice and drops it down the front of Ylith's pants*

Ylith Pandemonium

07-11-2005 12:01:03

warm that back up lil girly! :P >:)


07-11-2005 13:58:03

/me drops some snow down the back of Ylith's shirt.

Heh. :D


07-11-2005 18:09:45

Fenn, where did you find snow?

*looks around for Frosty*

Ylith, make me! >:)


07-11-2005 19:27:32

/me points to Alaska.

We recently had a few inches come down. So there. :P


07-11-2005 19:34:31

I'd prefer a few inches to come up! >:)


08-11-2005 00:36:22

I'd prefer a few inches to come up! >:)

Wow. Just, wow. :mellow:


08-11-2005 02:19:03


What?! :P


08-11-2005 06:42:08

Now WTF is going on here... I'm roling this [Expletive Deleted] out B)


08-11-2005 06:43:47

Now WTF is going on here... I'm roling this [Expletive Deleted] out  B)

Expletive Deleted....looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool



08-11-2005 08:34:41

Cannabis, you should join my BT, we could have so much fun AND get into so much trouble! >:)


08-11-2005 11:08:18

Don`t tempt a brother Daemon...
Cannab|s knows where his allegiences lie...


08-11-2005 11:12:13

Meh! >:P


08-11-2005 12:05:53

Like the new siggy, Zil. Windos is a graphic masta. Think I might give him a call.


08-11-2005 12:09:15

So, you want pink cammo too? >:) :P


08-11-2005 12:39:11

...Perhaps. :P

Isn't pink camoflage an oxymoron, though? I mean, c'mon, I can totally see you.


08-11-2005 12:45:48

Not in my dreamscape :P.

Doh! You lose! X-)


08-11-2005 13:02:22

/me notes that this isn't Zil's Lair. ;)

Oops, you lose! :lol:


08-11-2005 13:07:50

You didn't specify exactly where the pink cammo had to function, you still lose, I win, I am woman, here me roar!

RAWR! :w00t:


08-11-2005 13:10:49

Whatever, toots. I wasn't complaining about it, at any rate. Just noting how it's more likely to draw attention than avert it. But that was probably your plan all along.


08-11-2005 13:13:31

I will never divulge my secret plan *shakes her cleavage that snugly fits into the pink cammo bra* and not only that, you owe me some new undies! Ggggrrrrr!!


08-11-2005 13:17:24

/me slurps up a bit of his drool.

Well, erm, hey! I didn't take your undies! *points to Ylith and Tyr* They did, pounce on them!

Wait, er, no, on second thought, you can pounce on me, too. :D


08-11-2005 19:42:57

Too late! You said it! Sod off! :P

"Ziiiiiilly!!! I got something you wan`t!" *show the undies*

"I didnt wear them! Theyre not streached!"


09-11-2005 01:55:41

/me runs far, far away, gets out a sniper blaster, and vapes the underwear.

/me then runs back, and points a shaky finger at Tyren.

"He did it, it was him!!"


09-11-2005 02:59:04

Levathan walks into the area and looks around.

"hey guys, whats up?"

"btw, the pond isn't contaminated is it? like the last time someone too a piss into it."


09-11-2005 05:37:04

/me runles and leaves Fenn in Zils clutches



09-11-2005 08:48:55

*ignores the little boys playing their little games*

Levathan, no, the pond is not contaminated ;); however, the brains of most of the Clan--a whole 'nother story!


09-11-2005 20:11:23

*looks at Tyren* "so it appeirs"

"anyways time for a nice drink"

*gets a large tankard from the pond*

"so.. whats been hapaning?"


09-11-2005 23:19:37




10-11-2005 20:07:47


nothing much, just working on a few projects here and there. ;)


10-11-2005 20:28:23

SSDD=Same Sheisse Different Day

Ylith Pandemonium

11-11-2005 04:42:08

doing my assignment...going pretty well, It's gonna be Writers Corner Material :P


11-11-2005 04:57:39

Not again!!
Just don`t tell me it`s another 100 pages...


11-11-2005 08:08:10

actually i like em, there good stories!!

*Levathan goes to fetch another pint*

"anyone what some?"


11-11-2005 10:43:54

cain walk's in and looks at ale pond "isnt that like bad by now "


11-11-2005 12:39:15

Do you not realize that our Master Bloodfyre has the ale flowing through the pond, circulating, going through filters and coming back out--fresh stocks being supplied when things run low--after the last "pissing" incident, he decided that some "safeguards" needed to be in place. However, we are not sure if it were truly horse piss or just American beer that found its way into the supply; we still have investigators working on that. :P


11-11-2005 13:41:53

((lol)) eh i got me soco


11-11-2005 14:34:34

Soco? Wtf mate?

*is so confuzzled today*


12-11-2005 17:39:23

southren confort :P

Ylith Pandemonium

13-11-2005 13:40:38

beer for windos ;)


13-11-2005 21:29:07

*takes another swig*

"hmmm is it just me or is it going a lil mild?"


14-11-2005 00:06:08

"Just you!" :P

*toasts Windos with something especially stout*

"Cheers mate!"


17-11-2005 04:59:18



17-11-2005 08:59:50


Hey man, long time no speak, bro.

*Archean walks over and gets a glass of scotch and coke*

good to have you back

*Archean raises his glass to Levathan, he then takes a huge swig*


17-11-2005 12:40:41


"Brother???? How much HAVE you had to drink?"

*looks down at her 38C chest* :huh:


17-11-2005 16:54:51

*tyrus looks down at his 38c chest*


17-11-2005 17:47:23

Free drinks everyone! All you can drink, it's on me.


17-11-2005 18:07:45

give me a scotch...scotchey scotchey scotch...


17-11-2005 22:13:42

Welcome back Tyrus Ol' Chum!

Yes, i'll have what Tyrus is having, but make it a double ;)


18-11-2005 07:54:12

You'll get what your given.

*hands Tyrus a massive scotch.*
*hands Archean a glass of water*

Enjoy gents :D


18-11-2005 11:42:46

What about what I want Welshie? ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

18-11-2005 17:21:38

*gets Zil a talking Palpy Vibrator*

Its with karate chop buzzing action ;)


18-11-2005 17:45:33

Umm well thats a tricky one Zily, I mean I have to stay impartial and all that, yet you hold the keys to one of my many off planet barnyards. So it's all yours!

*hands keys to alcohold pump over and walks off to appear at a completely random time in the future*


19-11-2005 12:49:11

Ylith, you scare me, you really, really scare me; is this the same model you gave Oberst?

*takes a long drink*

Welshie is great, isn't he? >:)


19-11-2005 14:54:38

sheep...well, since welsh has an army of sheep making me say "yes" all i have to say is this: yes

*looks back at the sheep "did i do well?"*


20-11-2005 19:59:00

go here and enjoy!


23-11-2005 19:57:12

Yay I'm back for a few drinks!

*orders a drink*


23-11-2005 20:25:41

cool, welcome back Master
*Levathan hands her a a botltle of Vodka*

"CHEERS!! and thanks for the free drinks frosty, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! >:) "


01-12-2005 07:54:28

It's the least I can do... :D


02-12-2005 16:32:26

we dont need money, we're dark jedi :P


06-12-2005 22:09:44

oh yes we do, if we killed the supplyer, where would we get the high quality stuff from? *Levathan toasts to Frosty*


07-12-2005 03:12:31

Just get Jaba de Hutt to give us some of the stuff he likes to smoke...he seems to enjoy it B)

Ylith Pandemonium

10-12-2005 19:30:38

may I remind you of one nifty lil fact....

Jabba the Hutt is dead!

so...ehh....guess we'll need to order other stuff :P


11-12-2005 06:36:59

OMG your banner sucks! :P


11-12-2005 07:09:28

:ermm: sorry bout the jabba da hutt thing...but he must still have a hidden stash somehwere???
well then lets all just party and not drink...although it is probably a little boring


14-12-2005 03:24:27

no way!!!! we drink NOW!!

*Levathan cracks open a barrel of whisky* >:)


16-12-2005 06:47:02

I'll just drink the beer in the it a mixture of beers or is it one specofoc kind?????

said /me as he dove into the pond


16-12-2005 10:02:22

Beer..... ummm.... its more like the stuff that comes out of people after they drink beer. But sure, feel free to jump in if thats your thing :P


18-12-2005 09:16:29

OOPS!!!!!!!!!! oh well then...tastes like beer.

Sephiroth Kali

21-01-2006 16:27:02

Time for everyone to celebrate my promotion!


22-01-2006 02:27:47

Congratz SS, let's drink to that!


22-01-2006 21:17:58

ok, CONGRATS MAN!!! now jump into the pond for more ale!!! :P

Sephiroth Kali

22-01-2006 21:51:15

No ale, I'll take stait 130 proof alcohool


23-01-2006 01:42:21

Pour me a glass too, and congrats...cant wait till im promoted

Ceric Crimson

11-02-2006 14:43:10

Hay Storm, care to share some of the wealth?

Sephiroth Kali

13-02-2006 19:22:45

*passes some out to everyone...then passes out*

Ceric Crimson

15-02-2006 17:57:47

*pistol whips storm on the back of the head just to make sure*

Thanks for the drink!!


26-02-2006 13:55:26

*comes in and sits down for a drink*

Guess who's back?

Adien Falaut

27-02-2006 14:17:09

Hello all


28-02-2006 00:35:14

*comes in and sits down for a drink*

Guess who's back?

Oh dear, the Clan's sexiness level just went from hawtness to hawtness x1.5


28-02-2006 04:02:01

Oh dear, the Clan's sexiness level just went from hawtness to hawtness x1.5

It would be hawtness x2 if Rekio wasn't here. As it stands, his disturbing form decreases all other attributes.

<3 the Reekee000... well, maybe not <3, but certainly not :@


01-03-2006 16:51:57

What are you talking about Merlance? We all know having you around decreases these attributes not Rekio. If anything Rekio makes up for it with his boyish looks. Us women just make things that much more pleasing to the eye.

*gulps down her drink and orders another*


12-03-2006 13:26:11

It's on me Telona, Welcome Back!

Where is Spears anyway? I need to buy him a drink too.


13-03-2006 13:37:27

Huzzah! Spears back!
Huzzah! Telona back!

Adien Falaut

21-03-2006 13:02:35

LOL I'd buy a round also


21-03-2006 16:18:26

Sweet I'm getting drunk ever so slowly.

Sephiroth Kali

25-03-2006 19:50:22

really, well in that case...

*orders a beer for Telona*


06-04-2006 13:26:27

Took me awhile to get my Forum legs back in working order. Now to reopen my secret stash.

Asani Vosa

09-04-2006 09:49:01

Is it safe in here...?

can I come in? :ermm:


10-04-2006 07:57:24

Safe as it can be....just ignore the drunked fellas.

Have a drink, I'm buying.

Asani Vosa

10-04-2006 11:41:54

In that case I'll have a Somerian Sunset, please.


11-04-2006 09:59:51

*Watches the bartender serving Komari the drink*

It's nice to see new faces in here.

Asani Vosa

11-04-2006 11:39:24

Well, the drink's a bit stiff.
but I'm warming up to the aroma... ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

14-04-2006 09:14:39

how about old faces brother?

*buys frosty a drink*

so how is everything?


18-05-2006 06:45:41

Everything is dandy!

I'll drink for the 2nd place in teh Feud and for your old mug! :P


Adien Falaut

18-05-2006 08:41:32

i'll drink to that :D


21-05-2006 04:48:01

Round on me for new military promotions.

Sith Bloodfyre

21-05-2006 12:35:58

Congrats to Donitz on his fourth star! Congrats to Frosty on his... second I think (someone can verify)! Congrats to Captain Melkor! Congrats to Commodore Welshman! I say we charge a round to Spears, since he can't object.


21-05-2006 12:57:18

Drinkage! Yay!
Having a position with the same name as an old games console! Yay!

But seriously everyone, great work in the feud you deserve everything you get. Again, congrats and well done on a Feud we did great in.

P.S Billing Spears sounds good. What he don't know can't hurt him...


21-05-2006 15:07:40

Let's get DRUNK!!!

Adien Falaut

22-05-2006 00:46:19

yup that sounds good get plastered and do sme target practice LOL


06-08-2006 17:53:12

Next ten rounds of drinks are on BF and Welshy!

*Has Bloodfyre and Welshman's accounts billed.


10-08-2006 04:42:46

/Me orders a box of Bollinger!


10-08-2006 14:11:33

*Brings in the cider*


28-08-2006 11:01:24

*bounces in* Spears, I think you owe me a drink.. :P

and whatever rumours are abound.. some are true, some most likely aren't. but I should be in Tar fully in .. 12 hours. :P


30-08-2006 02:42:49

Welcome, Korras :D

Adien Falaut

30-08-2006 11:56:41

Hey there everyone!


07-09-2006 06:13:59

Hey everybody, tabs on Welshman right? Get me some wild turkey on the rocks!

Adien Falaut

07-09-2006 12:56:55

WOW, Turkey heh I'd buy ya a drink just for drinking what I do, :D


07-09-2006 20:47:10

dont get too fresh mister... ^.~

Adien Falaut

08-09-2006 12:48:21

LOL, alrighty


08-09-2006 15:13:04

So are the new leaders buyin already?!

Adien Falaut

08-09-2006 16:09:55

Nice sig frosty!

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

08-09-2006 21:58:31


*Flops down in chair*

RL is hell. Give me the strongest stuff you've got. in a pint glass!


09-09-2006 13:33:07

Hey guys, I in my infinite wisdom forgot my cash so urm... the tabs on my apprentice Melkor!!! He rocks!!! :D

Seriously tho, thanks for everything over the months. You've been great :)


10-09-2006 03:26:34

Yay for not being a new leader! I don't have to buy anyone any drink!

*orders one for herself*


10-09-2006 04:54:10

I don't care how good you were Welsh, you still ain't bringing the sheep! :P

Adien Falaut

10-09-2006 15:17:27

LOL okay master I'll be glad to take the tab


13-09-2006 13:55:17

So drinks on you since it's your birthday, right? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

13-09-2006 17:31:55

Drinks on Melkor it is!

Adien Falaut

14-09-2006 15:40:03

LOL ya


30-09-2006 00:05:54

Well if thats the case... buy a round and I'll bring the chips!

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

01-10-2006 12:36:07

Eh...Todays my b-day, so the first round is on me! But, the rest are on yourselves....I'm not rich...


Adien Falaut

01-10-2006 14:48:18



15-10-2006 18:31:06

Well, happy birthday Droveth...

* orders a trash can and slams it *

X-) that smarts...

Adien Falaut

16-10-2006 13:37:21

:blink: OH MY...


16-10-2006 13:49:59

Happy Birthday!

*hands you a Zwhelersian Bliss*

I know it looks rather small, but please be careful, we do not want to have to send another one of you blokes to med for detox.





16-10-2006 14:32:43

[Expletive Deleted F-word] i'm sore... and it's not oberst's fault this time.


16-10-2006 15:33:39

Did Welsh mistake you for one of his flock? >:) :P :w00t:

Adien Falaut

16-10-2006 16:20:17



18-10-2006 00:44:00


Tell welsh t be careful next time, youre not as durable as his sheep!

*orders a car bomb*

Sephiroth Kali

30-12-2006 09:36:21


Droveth Kathera Vectivi

30-12-2006 14:32:36

Sorry Seph, you seemed to miss the whole conversation

Sephiroth Kali

01-01-2007 21:43:12



01-01-2007 22:49:12

Wow, Zil is still using my sig >.< haha

Drink on me, for no apparent reason! =P


03-01-2007 18:25:07

Windos, you make a nice table.

*puts a drink on Windos*

Adien Falaut

03-01-2007 18:48:03

Windos, you make a nice table.

*puts a drink on Windos*

Next round is on me master ;)

Sephiroth Kali

04-01-2007 10:29:03

*puts a round on Melkor*

Adien Falaut

04-01-2007 14:54:53

LOL, OK lets get wasted


04-02-2007 13:11:17

Hi all, I'm back :)

Who do I have to kick to get ale and some gossip?

Sephiroth Kali

04-02-2007 14:52:43


Adien Falaut

05-02-2007 13:50:18


Sephiroth Kali

07-02-2007 17:38:56

give the man some beer!

*throws a bottle at melkor*


Adien Falaut

07-02-2007 17:44:46

LOL, here slides a fresh bottle down the bar. :P

Sephiroth Kali

07-02-2007 22:45:03

*drinks it down*

"Thanks! Cheers!"


12-02-2007 18:41:56

Yay for Shimas being back!

*plops a shot of Fire Whiskey in front of him*


12-02-2007 22:30:49

*brings in twenty crates of mixed beverages and plops them in front of her*

I'm new to the Clan, but not the DB. Not to bribe you all, but I brought drinks from Plagueis' private stores to ease my transition here. There's at least a bottle of every known beverage this side of the Outer Rim.

Enjoy! And here's to a new life in Tarentum!!

KP Cipher K'oranian Isradia
House Galdius of Tarentum
First Daughter of Isradia
Zolarch of Tol Rothan
PIN #3558

Sephiroth Kali

12-02-2007 23:50:25


*remembers to make sure that Cipher is promoted soon*


Sith Bloodfyre

20-02-2007 10:49:22

Hey, Cipher wanted a party, so we need to party. :P Better late than never, right?

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

20-02-2007 17:59:47

Cheers, Sith. :)

*Grabs a couple bottles and downs them*

*Groans* :sick:

Correlian, Rodian, and Fire...all in one..

*Runs to the bathroom* :S

Adien Falaut

21-02-2007 14:00:03

LOL orders Droveth another drink >:D

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

21-02-2007 17:00:19

*walks back in*

All better! :D
*Gulps down the drink*


25-02-2007 13:19:11

Let my presence be known!

Sephiroth Kali

25-02-2007 14:58:31

Welcome Exarch!

Have a cold one!

*slides one down*


25-02-2007 15:40:30

Welcome aboard.

Sephiroth Kali

25-02-2007 21:57:24

arnt we supposed to say that to you?


25-02-2007 22:22:40

Sure, but I'm welcoming him to the pond. :P


26-02-2007 12:07:46

so.. what does one have to do to get a decent glass of vodka here lately?


26-02-2007 13:20:03

*saunters over to Korras with a two glasses of vodka, passes one to him, then sits on his lap with the other.*

Not too much. Cheers!

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

26-02-2007 19:56:48

Yo! Cipher! I wanna glass of vodka...

Adien Falaut

27-02-2007 20:38:31

Prefers wild turkey 101... LOL

Sephiroth Kali

28-02-2007 23:26:22

so.. what does one have to do to get a decent glass of vodka here lately?

You don't wana know...

Adien Falaut

08-03-2007 18:18:10

:blink: LOL


15-03-2007 03:27:22

*saunters in to the bar and looks around.*

Heh, It's been a while, How goes it?

*Goes up to the bar-keep*

I'll Have a Flaming Orgasm to get fired up....

*Smiles seductively.*

Then a White Russian to cool down....

*The Keep slides her The Flaming Orgasm, and she downs it in one gulp. Then he passes her the White Russian with extra Cream*

Good you remembered... Us kittens like extra cream.... *Sips on the drink.*

Sephiroth Kali

18-03-2007 02:10:56

Cream eh....

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

18-03-2007 20:04:26

I think Seph just made cream too.... :D

Sephiroth Kali

18-03-2007 20:32:59



23-03-2007 18:11:14

lol how is everyone i'm the new guys so I might as well bar tend

Sephiroth Kali

23-03-2007 22:03:35

good. good to see you, now, Drink the Tap.


25-03-2007 16:18:55

Pfft, new guys buy the drinks not dish them out.

*orders a fire whiskey*


25-03-2007 20:55:14

-gives Telona her fire wisky for free-

Sephiroth Kali

25-03-2007 22:30:01

*slides his stool up next to Telona*

Adien Falaut

27-03-2007 13:44:59

Waves at Telona and continues to sit in the corner drinking his bottle of Wild Turkey. B)

Sephiroth Kali

27-03-2007 18:58:40

*chews Melkor out for disappearing* :P

Adien Falaut

28-03-2007 14:27:40

Yikes!!! I'm here :P

Sephiroth Kali

28-03-2007 22:56:07

Now get to gaming!

Adien Falaut

29-03-2007 12:21:03

LOL does the ACC count? >:P

Sephiroth Kali

03-04-2007 16:33:56

No! :P


03-04-2007 23:59:06


give me a milk...!!! :@

:$ uhm...

In a dirty glass...!!! ;)


04-04-2007 01:12:40

-gives him his milk in a dirty glass-

Don't ask where its been

Adien Falaut

04-04-2007 12:36:35

rolls on the floor laughing as he drinks his milk down.

Sephiroth Kali

04-04-2007 13:13:08

*wrings out yoda's old robes into a milk glass*

Adien Falaut

04-04-2007 13:15:44

LOL I was trying to think of something to add in but I drew a blank laughing so hard :P


05-04-2007 02:53:21

damn, not that dirty...

It reeks of jedi and something that's been in a swamp too long. :S

Sephiroth Kali

05-04-2007 12:54:57


*points to GMoS in Sig*

Adien Falaut

05-04-2007 13:57:05

LOL that's why I couldn't think of anything to add in :P

Sephiroth Kali

05-04-2007 16:17:08


Adien Falaut

05-04-2007 16:20:53


Sephiroth Kali

06-04-2007 11:56:03

*fills kegs in preperation for the birthday parties*

*drags the birthday boys and girls to the Bar*

Adien Falaut

17-04-2007 13:00:25

Happy Birthday to all that are celerbrating!!!


20-04-2007 07:27:28

Aww, I missed this place. Any Ale left? :D


21-04-2007 13:43:23

yeah -gives odin a few gallons od ale-

Adien Falaut

24-04-2007 18:44:51

Now I don't feel as bad now for hording the whiskey :P


24-04-2007 22:36:05

when you boys felt that tingling sensation on your fingers... start looking for a saber-fight partner (take your mind off the gutter).

Adien Falaut

25-04-2007 14:04:20

But having ones mind in the gutter is almost as fun as a saber dual LOL :P


26-04-2007 14:15:38

A dirty mind is a joy forever. :$

Adien Falaut

27-04-2007 14:51:13



27-04-2007 15:23:41

I drink to that.
Where's my ale?


29-04-2007 03:51:58

here you go mate.

have one on me

*gives Fehrytales an ale*


Sephiroth Kali

29-04-2007 23:01:20

*gives lok a gun*


30-04-2007 02:03:29

Don't make me stop drinking to break you guys up. :P

*orders another whiskey*


30-04-2007 04:10:03

Now that I've tasted the ale, I only need to do one more thing with my fingers. (Clicking Playgirl - The Daily Fix)


30-04-2007 16:33:43

Telona, I think I'll join you with that whiskey

Barkeep, double Glenn Morangie. No ice...!

Sephiroth Kali

30-04-2007 18:41:55

Now that I've tasted the ale, I only need to do one more thing with my fingers.

Stop talking about Telona like that! :o


01-05-2007 03:28:41

I'm not taling about anyone...
I'm talking about my keyboard... :)

Hmm.. I see your mind is burried too deep in the gutter!!

Get him more ale, please...


01-05-2007 16:51:18

Their minds are always in the gutter. What we need is a good bar song or a round of Irish car bombs. Maybe both. :x


01-05-2007 23:06:04

Barkeep, do you have any Romulan Ale? >:)

Adien Falaut

02-05-2007 15:42:24

Their minds are always in the gutter.  What we need is a good bar song or a round of Irish car bombs.  Maybe both.  :x

LOL actually both sound good >:)


02-05-2007 17:19:02

Ah well Melkor, there's a nice little competition idea for ya ;)

A round of Irish car bombs for everyone in Tarentum!

*takes a little sip of her whiskey and watches the fun*


03-05-2007 00:57:05

I'll go for the song; :D

*starts singing 7 drunken nights*

when I came home, on a monday night, as drunk as drunk could be.
I saw a horse outside the door, where my owel horse should be.
So I called me wife, the curse of me life, would ya kindly tell to me
who owns that horse outside the door, where my owel horse should be.

She said; your drunk, your drunk you silly old fool and still you cannot see
that's a lovely sell that me mother sent to me.
Well, it's many days I've travelled
bout a hundred miles or more
but a sadle on a sell, sure
I've never seen before...!!!

------------------------------------ B) --------------------------------------

Sephiroth Kali

15-05-2007 18:33:49

*Drags the newest Tarentae into the Bar*

Hey barkeep! Insure this man is thouroghly drunk by the time he leaves...!

Oh, and... put it on Welsh's Tab ;)


24-05-2007 06:26:11

1 pint of Guinness Extra Cold and a packet of Pork Scratchings, please. :D

Sephiroth Kali

30-05-2007 20:37:00

*slides it down*

are ya go!


31-05-2007 02:22:28

*slides it down*

are ya go!

Cheers Seph old boy!

Ash gulps some of it down

Lovely bloody stuff this be, gaffer.

Daryus ZalynCYa

02-06-2007 03:18:10

Hey can somebody pour me a drink? I can;t seem to be able to feel my hands....

Adien Falaut

02-06-2007 14:09:48

Here ya go enjoy :D


02-06-2007 16:28:06

Uh...I'm not sure I want to know why you can't feel your hands there Daryus.

*sips her drink*

Daryus ZalynCYa

02-06-2007 18:08:31

Uh...they are sore...from too that's it.

Sephiroth Kali

02-06-2007 22:34:40

AH! i thought it was the other one for a minute there!


03-06-2007 07:38:25

Where are my Pork Scratchings? <_<


03-06-2007 15:34:10

Pork Scratchings? The ale pond just has drinks. I think we could find some peanuts though.

*orders another drink*

Oh and Daryus, I don't buy your excuse but I'll buy you a drink.


04-06-2007 06:27:19

Pork Scratchings?  The ale pond just has drinks.  I think we could find some peanuts though.

*orders another drink*

Oh and Daryus, I don't buy your excuse but I'll buy you a drink.

Can they be roasted peanuts, please. I dont like the salted one. :D

Daryus ZalynCYa

04-06-2007 22:23:42

Why Telona, what ever do you mean??


05-06-2007 17:14:22

Roasted peanuts are yummy so yes we can have those instead of the salted ones. The third option for peanuts is boiled but I'm not sure how those taste. If Dranik were to step in he could tell us.

*passes Daryus a drink before taking a gulp of her own*

Daryus, I do lifting for a living. Now so much now but I use to lift several tons a day. I never had problems with my arms, wrists, or hands. :P


06-06-2007 04:51:39

Go Telona! You one buff lass! :D

Online Dictionary
10. Slang. physically attractive; muscular.

Adien Falaut

06-06-2007 15:02:55

:blink: Oh My


15-06-2007 17:10:02

I don care what it's made of, As long as it's good! :P


18-06-2007 06:35:52

Alright, drinks and snacks all around! Why? Just cause I feel like it. :)

We seriously need to get a party started in here!


20-06-2007 21:08:20

:Hangs up his Disco ball:

Adien Falaut

22-06-2007 14:08:56



22-06-2007 17:56:21

Well that's a start! Just don't expect me to do any disco dancing :P


23-06-2007 13:50:29

:Stops playing Staying alive:

:Puts in Snoop Krathy Krath:

Adien Falaut

24-06-2007 16:24:23

LOL, Now that was a good one :P

Adien Falaut

27-06-2007 16:16:39

I need a drink! My nerves are shot less than two months till school starts and it's getting to the point of spazing out wanting time to go faster LOL


28-06-2007 19:30:31

I need a drink! My nerves are shot less than two months till school starts and it's getting to the point of spazing out wanting time to go faster LOL

I always wanted it to take longer you must be doing something wrong!

Adien Falaut

28-06-2007 20:46:17

Actually I like school I just screwed up a few years back and their just now letting me back into college. I'm just nervous with it being so long since I've been in class.


28-06-2007 23:00:17

-buys drinks for everyone- yeah I'm back

Adien Falaut

30-06-2007 13:46:59

Thanks :D And welcome back!


01-07-2007 09:16:47

I think I need some vinegar before fighting against these exams.. :S

Adien Falaut

03-07-2007 13:43:53

ewwwwwwwww why vinegar?


04-07-2007 10:04:38

sourpuss :D

Sephiroth Kali

04-07-2007 11:45:13

*walk in and hooks himself up to the machine that replaces your blood with alcohol*


04-07-2007 17:34:54

We have one of those? Why am I sitting here doing this the hard way? Oh wait...I like the taste and burn of alcohol...

*Orders another drink*

Adien Falaut

05-07-2007 12:56:50

:blink: now that's more like it LOL

Asani Vosa

05-07-2007 18:06:10

oew, I like to feel that burning liquor down my throat too :)


05-07-2007 18:55:37

*smirks* me too *orders a double white russian*

Adien Falaut

05-07-2007 19:12:40

Orders Komari a double Glenn Morangie, on the rocks!

See I remember :P

Asani Vosa

06-07-2007 06:49:10

WoW, I'm impressed :)


Adien Falaut

06-07-2007 13:18:28

;) B)


08-07-2007 00:14:53

Oh I know! Buttery Nipples for all!

*starts mixing Butterscotch schnapps and Bailey's Irish Cream*

Asani Vosa

08-07-2007 07:58:14

Mmmm, that sounds like an *rg*sm in a glass !!!

Sephiroth Kali

08-07-2007 17:55:35

Buttery Nipples?! nice...

Asani Vosa

09-07-2007 01:35:27

Yeah, I like it !

Sephiroth Kali

09-07-2007 09:45:57

You've been in the DB a while haven't you Komari?


09-07-2007 17:20:43

Buttery Nipples?! Try a Kamikaze much better for you.


09-07-2007 20:28:44

I could mix up some Irish Car Bombs too if the buttery nipples aren't to your liking. Or we can have a contest to see who can down a bottle of 100 proof cinnamon schnapps. 99 Bananas if you don't like cinnamon. Now that stuffs got a good burn to it.

For those of you who were hoping for real nipples buttered up, keep hoping. :P

Asani Vosa

10-07-2007 03:30:55

Yes Seph, I've been here for a while ;)

I don't know about schnaps, but Irish Pochean has quite a kick to it :D


10-07-2007 05:55:57

honestly alcohol is alcohol no real preferences here. though i don't get fancy with it i just do straight shots of whiskey.

Adien Falaut

10-07-2007 13:32:50

sounds like you know quite a bit about bartending Telona :P


10-07-2007 17:35:42

Probably like me and just spent tons of time in one. :P

Adien Falaut

10-07-2007 18:24:50

That's how I got into bartending in the begining myself LOL I still need the bible for the big drinks I can never remember all the ingredients most of the time


10-07-2007 19:06:10

Plus it's fun to make the drinks, that helps alot as well.

Adien Falaut

10-07-2007 19:14:28

yeah :P


11-07-2007 16:22:27

Naa I actually hardly drink. I just know a few that I really like. I'd have to disagree that alcohol is alcohol. Everything has a different taste, texture, and effect. Saying alcohol is alcohol is like saying American pee-water beer is the same as a good brew from Germany or Ireland.

Adien Falaut

11-07-2007 18:16:43

That is true T :P

I just picked it up from some of my friends and then not long ago realized that it might end up helping me pay for my education as well as being fun hobbie


11-07-2007 18:19:24

that is true of course if you're just looking to get drunk it really doesn't matter. :P i don't drink much at all anymore mainly for good tasting stuff unlike when i was younger and partied all the time. then it was all the same.

Adien Falaut

11-07-2007 18:28:00

As much as I party I hope I don't get that way!

I admit I have walked into a liquor store and just picking out what I know would get me wasted myself :P


14-07-2007 17:10:05

:Passes out a round to everyone to get their jucies flowing for the GJW:

Sephiroth Kali

15-07-2007 05:50:46

Juices flowing? well, Telona is here, so that's a bygone conclusion...

Adien Falaut

15-07-2007 16:03:49

Thanks Korvyn, Time to get writing :P


15-07-2007 16:53:38

Yeah i made the mistake of browsing the GJW site before i started the Embrace of pain and got beat out by Arcona by 3 mins. but we got second on it so thats good.

Adien Falaut

15-08-2007 14:03:53

*walks in*

Anyone here?


18-08-2007 15:36:47

Naa I actually hardly drink.  I just know a few that I really like.  I'd have to disagree that alcohol is alcohol.  Everything has a different taste, texture, and effect.  Saying alcohol is alcohol is like saying American pee-water beer is the same as a good brew from Germany or Ireland.

::Mixes Telona up some Bloody Mary's and Fuzzy navels:: ;P


21-08-2007 17:04:50

I'll take the fuzzy navels but you can keep the bloody mary's. Those things are just too salty for me. :)


22-08-2007 16:30:30

LOL I remember. You know what i've been craving? Those damn buffalo wings you fed me and Kodiak. I've been thinking about those a lot recently. Might have to make a trip to get some.. oh, and maybe say hi to you too :P


24-08-2007 15:36:09

Best wings I've ever had. Not too hot but just the right amount of heat and flavor. You get into those hotter sauces and the flavor just falls apart.

*sips the fuzzy navel*

There is also a local micro brew that's served in October called Apple Buzz. If you come over here then you might be one of the lucky few who get a glass of that. Yummy.

Sephiroth Kali

24-08-2007 16:25:34

What about a date with the Tel?


25-08-2007 20:02:04

No date, just a friendly get together. Anyone who visits Indianapolis and wishes to meet with me will find me to be a gracious host. I might even pay for dinner ;)

Anyways, we need some seasonal drinks in here besides pond water. Any ideas?


26-08-2007 06:09:28

Body shots! I volunteer you first. >:)


26-08-2007 14:24:57

Uh, no. At least, not until my surgical wounds have healed. Anyways, that's not a seasonal drink :P

Next idea!

Sephiroth Kali

26-08-2007 14:41:17

Drinks in honor of the participants of GJW 7!


26-08-2007 14:44:17

What do you mean it's not a seasonal drink?? Hot women are ALWAYS in season! Right guys??

You screwed, time to take a shot.. well once your healed up anyways. Then your mine! >:P

Adien Falaut

26-08-2007 23:04:03

I haven't been up to Indy in years, but yeah last time I was up there I loved it... A fun city!

Adien Falaut

30-08-2007 12:56:28

I just got internet hooked up in my new apartment and I'm back good to go for gaming! Im glad to get rid of the slow campus net that hindered it even though it allowed me to be back on IRC, but anyway I'M BACK!!!

Sephiroth Kali

31-08-2007 01:36:16


Adien Falaut

05-09-2007 09:46:27

Now it's just a matter of gaming speeding up :P


27-09-2007 05:29:20

Where is everyone?

Adien Falaut

27-09-2007 06:21:02

I'm always around :P


27-09-2007 06:23:17

I'm at my computer Duh? :P


28-09-2007 19:19:33


Buy me a drink now, that was painful.

Adien Falaut

30-09-2007 15:44:43

okay! :P

Sephiroth Kali

01-10-2007 17:47:23

No! All mine!


04-10-2007 04:06:12

"Shamshan Kali"?
I hate you, Seph. :P

Adien Falaut

23-07-2008 10:38:09

:( been aweful quiet!


03-08-2008 01:46:39

wow, havent been here in ages. Sup everyone? :P


03-08-2008 07:16:47

dix zzy


05-05-2009 22:40:07

Resurect damn you!

Adien Falaut

03-06-2009 12:32:44

:P I agree


08-12-2011 19:11:30

*Shakes the dust off his computer.*

It's good to get back into the forums.

*Grabs a drink.*


19-12-2011 17:22:24

Mixes up a very sithy cocktail and eyes the room... taking a sip then a gulp, then downing the glass he slams it on the counter... " I needed that ".. eyes the room would anyone like a sithmas cock tail I make them strong and red like a light saber

Don’t be frightened by the inclusion of beets. They’re a great dye and impart only a very mild sweet and earthy taste to the drink.
Sith Cristmas Ritual
1 1/2 to 2 oz. Balmorian gin
1/2 oz. Correlian orange brandy
1 1/2 oz. blueberry-Brekka beets syrup (recipe below)
10-15 blueberries
3/4 oz. lemon juice
Muddle blueberries and syrup together, then pour mixture and all other ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into martini glass. For garnish, use a lemon slice colored with beets.
For syrup: Boil equal parts water and sugar along with several slices of raw beet and small handful of blueberries. Strain out solids and let liquid cool before use.


20-12-2011 19:12:55

:shock: Didn't think I'd see a recipe for a drink lol.


25-12-2011 20:23:03

Sure is quiet in here, but we still have a week until New Years. We'll have to see what craziness you guys bring upon yourself.


07-02-2012 16:32:24

so are there 2 spots for this posting i was reading one then i come here and read another..


10-03-2012 14:10:07

As a new person, do I buy the ale or does the ale get bought for me?

You know what, ale for everyone! That's the best solution.


10-03-2012 14:12:13

i'll buy your first round WELCOME TO TARENTUM!


14-04-2012 18:50:46

locking and removing from sticky as its the old pond. The new one is now sticky'd.