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06-07-2013 11:27:29

Run-on Competition: The Chain of Duty

This will be a unscripted runon event. Each unit will have two teams: the special forces runon, where only members of the special forces may post, and the regular runon, where all members (even those in the special forces) may post. The Special Forces runons will be the official submission for qualitative judging.

Regular rules:

1. 250 word minimum per post.
2. 1000 word maximum per post.
3. Players must post a minimum of 2 times.
4. Players may post as many times as they desire.
5. Edits may occur on a post until a follow on post has been made (follow on posts include "reserving" a space). Only the author may edit their post on the forums. Admin use on the forums during the run on is expressly prohibited for participants. (Email Sarin and myself for anything)
6. Members may reserve post, but no posts can occur until after the reserved post is written.
7. The event will be graded by Raken, Sarin, and Muz using a rubric that focuses on creativity, plot development, realism, and grammar.
8. (Special Forces) Only two members of the Special Forces will be permitted to sit this event out.
9. Members failing to post 2 x times per phase will be disqualified and will not be given credit for participating in the event.


07-07-2013 17:06:29

On Board Damask
Fury Class

The lights dimming out of the proto call droid as it shut down. A fresh clean cut through its torso, the illuminating Silver-Blue blade of the Exarches light saber humming over the ships alarm system. I WILL KILL YOU HEGO the Obelisk shouted out loud as he went into a fit of laughter. The Dark Lord Plagueis himself haunting not only his dreams but in his waking hours, finally losing all sense of direction in anger Silent began to attack at the ghost of his patron house. Droids, panels and even a stuff wampa were destroyed this time around.

Too weak, I should have picked another host, and to kill me you would have to end your life, but you want power more than death.

Before Silent could retort he was brought back to reality by an incoming message.

So much damage, are we chasing ghost again Exarch?

Shut your WHOR…..

The Obelisk turned to the Holo, before him his Quaestor Ronovi Tavisaen

Forgive me, what do I owe this call from you my Lady?

If the Quaestor was at all upset the appearance of her anger was that as the ghost of Plagueis, only its owners knew. The holo changed to show a planet then a dig site. This is Planet Athiss, our next target. I will be sending more info on the tombs and troops deployed there by the One Sith, first I want you to know that you will be taking charge of both Battle Teams on Athiss. I will be leading a Special Forces group on another mission, taking Kuro from your team. As well with Cev and Art. The Exarch kept his new found neutral face, not wanting to put his foot any deeper down his throat. For this mission you will have both Battle Teams ships, equipment, and soliders at your command. Be as it may you will take the mass of the house under your command, make a plan and make it work, we want what’s in that tomb. Good Luck Exarch if you mess this up you will see why I keep my hand on the bottle.

Two days later
BAC Terminus

The Hanger deck filled to the capacity, Dark Jedi, soldiers and droids standing at attention awaiting orders. Plagueis hovering over the Exarch as he stood in front of them all. Make them fear you, make them want to follow you, show them the power you crave. Silent reached out grabbing a Dark Jedi through the force and then snapping his neck with a flick of his wrist. The non-force users twitched with fear as the rest of the Dark Jedi and droids didn’t budge.

This will be the first and only warning, those who disobey me, are disobeying the orders of the House Summit and will be consider an act of Treason, punishable by death. The one who the droids are dragging away now was one such who did not listen.

I Dark Lord Silent, Krath Tetrarch of Spirits of the Night Phyle, Krath Tetrarch of Angels of Death Phyle, Krath Tetrarch of Slaves of Darkness Phyle, Aedile of House Kirleta, Sith Commander of Satal Keto Phyle, Quaestor and Aedile of House Satal Keto, and fourth Order of Keto am hereby your commanding officer on Planet Athiss. By now you all received your data packets on Athiss and know we are seeking the secrets of the Tomb and any treasure there.

The rest of the House Summit and a select few you do not see here today is a part of a Special Forces unit and their mission and none of your Kriffing business. We will be splitting into 3 groups. A Group is our Ground forces, which will be led by me. B group is my sneaky team, Battle Team KM will be running into the Tomb with a small shock troop group led by Dark Jedi Zuser. Zuser job is to make sure if sithspawn hits the fan that you can make it out with the goods. C group will be my aerial support, a few of you have expressed wanting to get some flight time see Officer Rollo for a ship.

I will be coordinating A and C group, B group pick your best leader and have he or she check in every 4 hours on re-up If you are not heard from up to 1 hour after your next comm session we will know you are dead and blow the det’s you will be placing at 500 feet of tomb you cross. If we cannot take treasures for ourselves no one will. The Terminus will be in orbit within the hour those going to C group will be shuttled over to BAC Harrower. Move out!

The Hanger emptied within minutes as the Exarch headed to the Command deck. Maybe I was wrong Exarch, maybe you can find what we are looking for, the jewel we need could very well be in that tomb. Then what will you do? Strike your Quaestor or Aedile down? A smirk crossed the Shi’idos face as he continued to look out at the stars.


08-07-2013 08:24:43

After the meeting aboard the Fury with the XO Silent was done and everyone departed, the Exarch decided to make personal rounds to the members of the battle teams.

One of the doors he came across was the Chiss of Plagueis. He worked with him on Khar Delba during their assault against Naga Sadow. The Dark Jedi Knight had proven his worth and in his book, despite the Chiss' arrogance and bravado, was a well discipline military mind. With a swipe of his hand and the Force, Brimstone's room door opened. When Silent peered inside, the Chiss wasn't seen, but his presence was close by, probably in the refresher.

"Ahem! " stated the Exarch.

Brimstone bolted out in a towel and lightsaber ignited, ready to fight, but once he saw who it was, he deactivated the weapon.

"Do you bathe with that thing too? " said Silent amusingly. "Or were you doing some manscaping? " A laughter rolled out of his throat as he could swear the all blue figure before him was possibly blushing.

"Umm, yes on your first question and NO on your second " retorted the Knight. "With the recent actions and the possible infiltration in our midst, I prefer to be safe."

"Understandable. Well I stopped by cause I have some good news and bad news for you. "

"Well what's the good news? " asked the Knight.

"Your promotion came through" Silent exclaimed.

As Brimstone started to smile, he said "So I am now equite, about t..." but he was cut off by the exarch.

"No, not that type of promotion. I wanted you to lead the fighting in our aerial assault. With your experience with the CEDF, I feel you and our fighters can kick some bantha fodder out there. "

"So what's the bad news, if not being promoted isn't bad enough. "

"Not only are you facing One Sith, but Naga Sadow forces. We're all trying for the same prize. We've done good on the ground against them, but their aerial is superior to ours. Are you up for the challenge? "

Brimstone continued to dry his head, pondering his assignment. "Well, I won't lie to you. It has been a few years since Tarentum that I last flew in combat, but if that's where I am needed, I'm your Sith for the job."

Silent raised his hand and slapped the Knight on the shoulder. "I knew I could count on you. And as for the promotion you desire, I feel you will get it in the right time and place. With war upon us, you know as well about military protocol. "

Brimstone gave a salute that was returned likewise. "Oh sir, who else will be accompanying me? "

"I am sure the Force will guide others to join you " replied the Exarch, as he left the Chiss' chambers.


13-07-2013 20:39:07

BAC Terminus
Command Deck

The Shi’ido stood at a modified parade rest, peering out into the sea of stars as Planet Athiss grew closer by the minute. The Harrower in tow and all space worthy ships in attack formation, green lights across the board as the Dark Lord’s ground forces checked in for final count. Thousands of slaves turned warriors, a handful of Dark Jedi at their command. The Special Forces team communications had went silent one day prior, the Exarch was the current leader of House Plagueis and he would bask in a glorious victory that he would bring.

“My Lord, we are ready for launch. Your Orders sir?”

“Open all comm channels across fleet, secure the link, I don’t need others listening in.”

“Yes my Lord.”

“This is your Dark Lord Silent. Two squads of fighters on drop ships, Squad Spear and Pike. Group A will hit LZ Alpha and trek on foot to the tomb. I want Group B on LZ Bravo, Intel has shown an old dig site that leads into the back door. Group C will be hitting up aerial support over LZ Alpha. We want Dark Jedi, our Warrior Slaves, and Droids to press down hard on Naga. A select squad from Group A will be my paint crew, they will need to get behind enemy lines so get me a target lock on their Comm relays, backup generators, or anything that might slow them down.”

The Exarch closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. As always the ghost of Plagueis stood by whispering sweet nothings into his ears. You should be down in the tombs that Jewel could be there. We could become more than any Dark Lord could ever imagine. Silent reopened his eyes and turned to the commanding officer on deck.

“Planet Athiss is a go.”

The mini Plagueis fleet broke formation, the fighter squanders could be seen entering the atmosphere as tiny red dots. Communications went crazy as every ship started to check in after their entry.

“Spear squad a go, LZ Alpha load dropped, lost one, rejoining assault formation.”

“Pike squad a go, LZ Bravo dropped, none lost, rejoining assault formation”

“Negative Pike, provide escort for the rest of the drop ships to LZ Alpha then R.A.F” Silent ordered

“Affirmative My Lord”

One Hour Later
BAC Terminus
Command Deck

“Ghost Leader this Slave one, on ground F.O.B. is set proceeding with phase two.”

The Exarch allowed the call sign Ghost Leader, he knew even he couldn’t control the outburst he had with Plagueis. Even if he was the only one who could see him, no one dared challenged his claim.

“You took long enough Slave one, other groups are ahead of you, pick it up and proceed. I want my targets, BAC Terminus and Harrower are green.”

Silent had been reading the incoming reports, not as many dead as he thought. Still it was a three pong war going and he wasn’t on the ground, this was going to have to be one of those times he couldn’t taste the blood of his enemies.


13-07-2013 21:13:54

Over LZ Alpha

Spear Squadron was active. Eleven T.I.E. Interceptors and Nsiss Clawcraft were escorting the shuttles to their landing zones. The first wave of shuttles all landed safely except one, which was a reasonable loss. As the ships juked and jived through the hornet's nest of Naga Sadowans that were trying to lay claims of the planets surface, Brimstone kept his focus on the task at hand.
It was his job to spearhead the defense detail, hence why his squadron was call sign Spear. Radio communications.was erratic. He knew there was easily a hundred ships in the atmosphere.

"Spear Leader, this is Pike leader. We're on your six and coming in hot."

"Roger that, we're taking flak from those turrets surrounding the communication relay. Hit them hard and fast. Let One Sith fear Plagueis. We have the Sadowans in a dogfight of their lives."

"Turrets .. Roger... Out. "

As Brimstone monitored the skies, he overheard a radio communication from the CNS.

Target the clawcraft. That has to be their leader.

Blasts erupted near his ship. They were now targeting him. The Knight pushed down on the controls and headed towards the surface. Three x-wings of Naga Sadow were in hot pursuit. The rust in his actions only provide proof he needed more flight time. The clawcraft screamed as he headed for a mountain region. Brimstone had to time it precisely.

As impact warnings alerted the chiss, he banked sharply upwards, just in time as blasts hit the mountain side. The dust and debris clouded the vision of one of his pursuers as they slammed into it. The other two banked away in time.

More shots rang out at him, two hitting him, but his shields held up. They were down to thirty percent. Brimstone knew they had their lasers at max firepower and that he couldn't take many more hits.

That's when he did either the smartest move or most idiotic move on a star ship. He turned off the engines. The sudden deceleration caught his foes offguard as they flew past the dropping ship. Brimstone re-ignited the engines and chased after them, opening himself to the Force as he squeezed the trigger. The first x-wing peeled off, but second wasn't as luckily as it exploded.

"Why can't you die like the rest of your sorry Plagueis? " yelled the other pilot over the speaker. "You're as pathetic as you fallen idol."

Brimstone barked back. "Land your ship and say it to my face, banthahole! "

"Fine. I rather see you die by my lightsaber and watch you take your last bteath."

Brimstone watched as the x-wing make its decent to the planet surface. He then made his decent too. Once the other ship landed, the chiss opened fire on the unsuspecting Sadowan, destroying the ship and killing its occupant.

"Stupid idiot, never trust a Sith of Plagueis " laughed the dark Knight as he peeled off to head back to his squadron.

Gon Doru

18-07-2013 13:29:12

LZ Alpha

The lead dropship touched down first and began spewing forth soldiers of Plagueis like a kryat dragon vomiting Jawa guts. The air quickly turned scented with ozone as blaster bolts flashed in both directions. Beams splashed against soldiers and the hull of the shuttles. Besides the carbon and the dead bodies that build up steam, and as the smoke began to rise Dark Jedi stepped from their respective shuttles and started their fight towards the One Sith emplacements.

Out from the last shuttle came the robed and armored figure of the Weapon of Plagueis, Telum vas Umbra scanned the area ahead of him taking into account everything as it unfolded before him. The former Tusken Raider remembered well the training he once received on Tatooine from some One Sith fallen master. The anger at the betrayal of this man welled up inside. The heat of desire and vengeance boiled deep within the sparked soul of the Dark Knight. He moved towards the front line that had begun to set up a defensible position. Stepping over unknown slaves and soldiers Umbra kept his senses searching, and feeling for any possible attack directed at him.

“Hand of Vorrac,” the field Commander greeting the dark Knight at his approach “to what do we owe this honor?”

“What do you mean soldier?”

“Most of the Dark Jedi are already making their ways to the prize and yet here you are.”

“Ah, you have been around the Sith too long haven’t you. Yes I have an alternative mission, and it is the successful routing of Clan Naga Sadow from this planet, as well as the One Sith.”

The commander offered his nods. “What do you suggest?”

“This is a typical invasion style tactics, and everyone of our opponents would know that. See that out cropping over there, just beyond the left flank of One Sith shooting at our positions. I want you to make a squad move over there. Give the illusion that there is something there. That will draw out the Sadowans.”

“Aye sir.”

Selika Roh

19-07-2013 15:54:08

ACC Ravager
Loro Babis system
Athiss planetary orbit

Solus stood back and gave an appraising gaze to the drop pod that would be landing the troops under Arden and his command on Athiss. It looked like it had collided with several ships and landspeeders, and the mechanics hadn't been able to sort out all the pieces. The interior didn't look much better, the lower part was still configured to hold vehicles, but the upper half had been retrofitted to carry several squads of soldiers.

"It's a thing of beauty, isn't it?" Arden asked from behind him.

"Oh yes, I'm sure a Verpine or some other race with a non-standard sense of aesthetics would find the lines quite impressive," Solus responded. "But I'm not a Verpine."

"You sure?" Arden asked mockingly.

"Last time I checked," Solus said.

Both men shook their heads at the craft that the plan to assault the Tomb of Vodal Kressh depended on. Most of the Plagueian armed forces were making a frontal assault on the entrenched One Sith positions that surrounded the tomb. It had been suggested that a stealthy move from the rear or flank once the enemy had committed their forces would be the best course of action to ensure that the tomb was seized. Solus had made a different suggestion, or at least one in keeping with his concept of "stealth" as taught by the Mandalorians and Sith.

"So, you're still married to this whole insane notion? Dropping out of the sky like a ton of bricks is your idea of stealthy?" Arden asked.

"Well, the plan depends on them not seeing us coming until the very last second," Solus explained. "That seems stealthy enough to me."

Gon Doru

19-07-2013 16:18:07

Ground Zero
A minute later

The ground forces began an assault moving towards the exposed flank, and sure enough someone from CNS noticed the movement. The instant turn of focus was predictable. “Must be Korras directing them. Any chance the master at arms has at displacing Plagueis he would chomp at the bantha bit.” Telum mumbled aloud.
“Yes sir but how a dark council member could be so blind to our faint.” The commander spoke back.
“He is not look over there.” The Former Tusken Raider pointed with his twisted and marred right arm at a set of soldiers coming up from behind their forward position. “He wanted us to think that he fell for it.”
“Aft! Aft! Guard our rear!”
The Dark Jedi moved off towards the hulking figure of another Plagueian. “It is nice to see you planet side Shadowkind.”
The Zabrak towered over the older Sith by more than a foot. He had shaved his head which revealed the magnificent Skull tattoo across his face. “I have come to kill some of those Sithspawned One Sith”
“Sithspawned One Sith?” the Weapon asked. “they are One Sith and we are Two Sith.”
“Oh shut up,” the two Sith grinned at each other. “Where can I go?”
“Take a squad and go do some damage to our aft position help fix the weakness we over saw there.”
The tall Zabrak turned and ran to take his place. Telum turned back to the commander. “Put me together some elites, and have them meet me over by my shuttle. I have another mission to do while you guys blast at the front of this temple area.”
The skin of the Sith had a fine layer of sweat forming on it. The commander took note of this, the body of the once apprentice of Kal Vorrac had been tattooed blood red on every square inch of the Sith now left the appearance that he was covered in fresh blood. A slight shiver ran down the Quarren commander’s spine.


19-07-2013 16:32:37

One Click South of the Tomb

The hissing sound of a lightsaber slashing through melting One Sith armor signaled the end of a skirmish. Furios Morega and his squad of deadly Wraiths were just finishing off an enemy patrol that had been unlucky enough to stumble on the Plagueian troops. A quick glance revealed no casualties on his end. That was good. To lose even one soldier before arriving at the actual battle would be a pathetic sign of weakness. The Obelisk casually kicked a corpse in the head and continued his march to the Tomb of Vodal Kressh. A gesture to his squad underlord commanded the soldiers to follow. The murderous group silently hiked through the underbrush.

Tomb of Vodal Kressh

Hundreds of soldiers, created purely for battle, followed their Force-sensitive overlords against the One Sith army entrenched outside the tomb. Platoons of Ravagers and squads of Wraiths poured from the deciduous forests south of the tomb. From the northwest came the troops of Clan Naga Sadow, racing to slaughter their way to the treasures hidden within the tomb first. The Ascendant forces didn’t skip a beat before firing on the clan’s soldiers as well as their original quarry. Of course the Sadowan army shot back. They were not willing to accept another Plagueian victory. Squadrons of bombers screamed over the battlefield, strategically dropping their payloads, while ground based machines of war fired burning shells at infantry. Part of the A group, Furios directed his squad to the front entrance of the tomb. Ten blaster rifles and a blue lightsaber slowly ate their way through the One Sith defenses. Other Plagueian squads led by other Group A Dark Jedi followed the Epicanthix, widening the gap in the enemy army.

The wedge of Plagueian forces did not meet real opposition until a pair of One Sith Dark Jedi confronted them. Morega gestured for his Wraiths to keep firing at the enemy infantry and charged into the two Sith. Based on his senses and the first several strikes and parries, the Templar measured the pair to be no stronger than Jedi Hunters at best. Pressing hard with his assault, Furios was surprised to find the older of his two opponents beginning to attack and block with rapidly increasing skill and finesse. He must have been holding back, he thought to himself as he immediately switched to a defensive stance. The more powerful Sith unleashed a single bolt of electricity at the Plagueian who blocked it with his cerulean blade. The weaker Sith tried to take the opportunity to attack but was blocked easily, the momentum turning him to face away from the Templar, opening him wide for a counter. Before the Obelisk could kill the young One Sith, his master lunged in to stop him. Furios blocked the interfering blade with one hand, using his other to draw an Echani dagger and thrust it into the base of the nearby skull. The apprentice collapsed onto the battlefield, the dagger still protruding from his neck. His master became enraged and attacked the killer with a series of blows. Each one was blocked with the ease that adherents of Soresu have. With only one opponent, it wasn’t difficult for Furios to overpower and subsequently kill the One Sith. The Plagueian war machine moved on.


19-07-2013 19:28:40

LZ Bravo


Zuser sighed inside his Mandalorian helmet as he walked off the landing ramp of the transport. His orders came in just as they touched down and he filled in the rest of his shock troops after confirming that Karness Murr got the same intel. He made sure his lightsaber and Mandalorian blaster were attached to his belt before he went to get ready to move out to the dig site. The young Knight only hoped the digging was already done.

Zuser turned towards his shock troops and Karness Murr, the team that he and his shock troops were assigned to protect while they did their own assignment.

“Alright, my squad get to the speeders and prepare to move out.”

He watched as the Ravagers did as he told them before he sighed again and put his right hand on the back of his helmet as if he was trying to scratch the back of his head. “How did I get to be leading this team again?”

He walked over to the lead speeder of his Ravagers and sat behind the driver, as he had been given strict orders to not drive any land based craft.

“Group B, move out!”


Abandoned Dig Site


Zuser hopped off the back of the speeder and gave the signal for the Ravagers to move in first and secure the site. The Knight looked back at Karness Murr’s squad leader. “Keep close to us, and do what you have to do.”

“Sir, the passage is open.” a Ravager came across the comm in Zuser’s helmet.

“Alright ladies, gents and otherbeings, the passage is clear. Let’s move out.”


Inside the Tomb


Zuser’s nose twitched as the musty and slightly decaying scent breached the Mandalorian helmet, forcing him to smell it. “It smells like butts, and dead people.”

Selika Roh

19-07-2013 19:52:33

Skull One - TIE Inteceptor
Approaching engagement zone

Trasic Blevin had taken command of Skull squadron just a week before the attack had started, and so he had been forced to make the best of what he had. The fighters they were equipped with were hardly top of the line any longer, relics of the Imperial age, but they were still deadly combat craft. His pilots were a collection of washed up former pilots and green rookies alike, themselves little better than the outdated fighters.

"Skull Leader to squadron," he called over the squadron comm frequency. "Our ground pounders are getting beat up pretty badly by the Plagueians. They've called us in for air support."

"Leader, Six. Wouldn't it make more sense to bring in the bombers?" the newly assigned pilot's voice crackled over the comm.

Trasic smiled mirthlessly behind his helmet. "Would if we could, Six, but all available bomber squadrons are currently engaged."

There was a chorus of groans on the comm, his pilots obviously far more interested in the prestige that came with air to air combat, and the kills that went with it, than they were in strafing ground targets. Trasic knew that at the end of the day, however, their efforts at repelling the ground invasion might be far more important than the glory of a few more kill silhouettes on their hulls.

Or even the first ones, he mused, remembering that far too many of his pilots had not seen combat before.

"Once we reach our target, break by pairs and engage anything that shoots back," Trasic instructed. "Hopefully by the time we're done, they won't need to send in any bombers."


19-07-2013 21:05:04

Tomb of Vodal Kressh

Group A made it through the wall of One Sith troops, to the entrance of the tomb and took cover behind the rubble near the doorway. With a sizeable force firing from within the One Sith army and the majority of the Ascendant Legion firing from the outside, the enemy was being torn apart. Sadowans also attempted to make a push to the entrance but the Plagueians held them off. As long as both enemy factions failed to muster a large enough, single-minded group, the Plagueians would have no trouble defending their position. Occasionally, a brave Sadowan or One Sith would make a break for the safety of the tomb interior but was stopped by several Plagueian Knights and Equites. Between slaughters, Furios was lifting more debris to bolster the diminishing cover for the Wraiths holding the tomb entrance, all the while waiting for the signal from Silent over his communication link. He was waiting for the infiltrating Group B to finish stealing the artifacts and placing the explosive charges.

Suddenly, another wave of Sadowan troops broke through the forest line disturbingly close to the majority of Plagueian army. With the addition of another flank, the Ascendant Legion was forced to halt its advance on the Tomb of Vodal Kressh. Furios swore under his breath as the other Plagueian forces were slowly being pushed away from the tomb. The gap he and the rest of A Group had formed was already filled with enemy troops. It was only a matter of time before a sufficient force pushed him and his comrades into the tomb. “God damn it!” the Epicanthix yelled. “What the hell is taking so long?”

Suddenly, a flash of robes heralded the arrival of another Dark Jedi. The attire of this newcomer showed him to be an Exarch from Clan Naga Sadow. Not a moment later, another Sadowan Obelisk vaulted over the wreckage that was being used to keep them out, this one a Templar like Morega. The Plagueians heart was beating fast. Taking on a lower level Equite and a Jedi Hunter was one thing but a third and first level Equite was entirely different. Even with the others behind him a victory would be pure luck. He was about to order an early retreat when one of his comrades charged at their enemies. It was Caesar. “Frak,” Furios cursed as he and the other Plagueians followed the Prelate. They were going to have to give it a shot.

Voden Erinos

19-07-2013 21:54:36

Time became an intangible concept in the dank cell Voden had been placed in upon his arrival to Kapsina. The days were all the same, except that as each one passed, he felt dirtier and more disgusting than the one before. Every morning the light in the cell flickered from a wavering orange of the lamp in the sconce to the slightly dim but even glow of the sun falling into the prison's central courtyard. As the sunlight faded in the evening, he reassured himself that he was another day closer to getting out.

The mentral stress for such a flitting individual was unfathomable. To pass time, he concentrated on pleasant memories, laying each one out in chronological order and meticulously recalling every detail. In addition to this, he reviewed his plans over and over that had seemed so straightforward before arriving. However, he had a duty to Plagueis he had sworn to himself and instead resigned himself to his dismal fate.

I swear to myself and every God of every religion that if and when I get out, I will never, never ever take such an abysmally foolish risk again. Voden reassured himself of this frequently, recalling how he so callously waltzed right into the Anchorage, the House headquarters and was immediately identified and arrested.

He was definitely thinner than when he had first arrived before, the already thin man almost appeared emaciated from his lack of food. The large iron ring that had been placed around his waist had grown loose and now slouched around him but unfortunately would not fit over his protruding hip bones.

He also had somehow managed to earn chains upon his ankles as well as the iron belt and then a set of chains locked around his wrist that served to be entirely useless. At first he would pull the manacles off his wrists, but at times when he had to force them on quickly, his skin began rub raw. It got to a point where it was less painful to just deal with them on. However, the young Mandalorian did find a way to amuse himself with the methodical, medieval bindings. To take his mind off his endless daydreams, he began to practice moving around the cell without clanking.

He had enough chain to allow him to pace in an arc from a front corner of the cell, out to the center of the room and back to the rear corner. His bed was there at the back, if you could call it that, as it was a rudimentary machination that was actually a bench made of stone with a thin bag of sawdust on top. Beside it was a chamber pot. The rest of the cell was furnished in, well... nothing. However, twice a day there would be food in the cell with him. It served to be short company. One day though, he was moved to a nicer cell. His wrists were cleaned and wrapped with gauze. This cell only had wrist manacles, unfortunately these ones were extremely tight.

Then out of nowhere the brig door clicked open. A voice from the other side announced, "The Dread Lord approaches!"

Voden smirked at the bravado and called back, "Did she bring booze?"

Ronovi walked in staring at him with disapproval written all over his face, still in a facetious mood, he blurted,"What?! Don't give me that look. I swear to drunk, occifer, I ain't God, I'm just thirsty!"

"Voden Erinos. Enjoying your four star stay?" Ok, she meant business. Voden loved these kind of people, they were great fun to mock.

"Oh, the waitress, about time you got here. Yeah, I'll have some Reserve, sour please!"

The pain registered immediately and if he hadn't of seen her arm returning back to her side, he would have sworn the ceiling had just collapsed on his head. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't expel you out of an air duct in this ship, right now."

Voden, in between his complaints, managed to respond to her, "Jesus, next time I won't ask for something so hard. You want a reason, why not? You need me, I need you. I'm not asking for Kapsina back room access. I'm asking for you, to allow me to help."

Ronovi sneered and retorted, "You're an Erinos, you have ties with those in Arcona. 'Help'? Hardly. 'Motive' is better."

A wry smile formed on his face as he leaned in closer to her, filling in the small gap she had left between them. "Come on doll, you give me too much credit. Who are you fighting now? It's not Arcona is it? What's the worst that can happen if you give me a chance? I'm one guy, versus, what is the personnel capacity at your disposal? That was rhetorical by the way, don't answer that. The fact is, you and I both know if I tried something, it would be a death sentence. Right?"

Ronovi rolled her eyes, "History's told me otherwise. If you're too kind, they blow a hole in your Death Star."

She sounded as bitter as her drink of choice, mused Voden, made famous along with her lush habits while she served a stint as Headmaster. He sighed, half perturbed by his ankle shackles which were rubbing his skin raw and more so at his situation, and this woman's interrogation, "I also recall a lot of Imperials joining the Rebels that destroyed that Death Star. The Rebels succeeded for one fact alone, they were great at soliciting the aid and support of others. They had a cause they themselves believed in so greatly enough that they were willing to die for it, and that sweetheart, was what made them so damn attractive to traitors. Like me."

Ronovi arched an eyebrow. The Erinos was certainly good at mincing words and dropping them into a fine stew. She knew better than to be led on, but at this point, operations planetside would begin, and she wasn't willing to dawdle any longer. Beckoning toward the grunts, she had them unlock the binders on Voden's wrists and smirked as he rubbed at his hands to bring back circulation. "You'll be transferred to the Harrower, to meet with Commander Celevon Edraven. Everything he tells you to do, goes. You'll be on probation in Karness Muur - one funny move, and I may not be fast enough to kill you myself before someone else tries it out."

The young Erinos winced at the prospect of Karness Muur -- a battleteam renowned as efficient killers, even at such an infant stage in the unit's formation -- all going in to kill him at once, and assuming he did survive, his odds being 7.9%, he would then surely be hunted down and slain by Ronovi, a Dark Jedi whose reputation preceded her. "Great, so not only will every other Dark Jedi in this forsaken Brotherhood have a hit out for me, then my own House will be wanting my head too."

Voden rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders in exhasperation, "So, Ron, out of curiosity... is this how you treat all new Plagueians?"

Ronovi smirked. "You don't know the half of it, Erinos."

Voden shuddered at what she could have possibly meant. Pushing the thought from his mind though, he glanced from the guard to his left and then the one to his right before pondering out loud, "Is she always so cynical?"

He was only about to find out.


19-07-2013 22:02:42

Inside the Tomb of Vodal Kressh


The green blade of a lightsaber cleaved through the side of a Sadowan soldier. Zuser sneered down at the falling body as it collapsed against the tomb wall. He deactivated his lightsaber and hooked it back onto his belt before looking back at the Karness Murr squad who were busy setting det charges. Every two Karness Murr member would set a det charge with one Ravager to guard them. After taking a quick look around, Zuser’s head gestured on down the hallway. “Let’s keep moving.”

They had been moving down the hallway when something made the hairs on the back of Zuser’s neck shot up. His hand shot to his lightsaber and the green blade ignited with a snap-hiss. The red bolt of heat was smacked into the floor and with a practiced arm, the young Knight drew out his Mandalorian blaster and held it there, waiting. The Ravagers were tense around him, each one holding out a repeating blaster. “Steady... Wait for it...”

His hazel eyes narrowed behind the Mandalorian T-visor as his grip on his lightsaber tighted. He got what he was waiting for as two more red bolts shot down the hallway only to be smacked away and with a quick “Return fire!”, the Ravagers squeezed the triggers on their blasters and poured red death down the hallway in front of them.


Zuser’s boot left a mark on the corpse of another dead Sadowan as he purposefully walked on the corpse. He sighed as he planted a boot on another corpse as he dropped an empty ammo pack to the ground and pulled a fresh one from his belt pouch and slammed it into his Mandalorian blaster before looking down the hallway, his Ravagers guarding the Karness Murr squad.