Contract 019 - Raiju Kang


17-04-2013 20:51:45

>>>Starting Encrypted Holo-Transmission>
>>Transmission Source Trace: Antei>
>Priority Level: Urgent>

The skies can be a dangerous place. Or in this case, space. For all the power Dark Jedi and Jedi alike possess, there is something about space that almost levels the playing field. Even the most powerful of warriors, if left without life support, can only survive for so long. As such, missions in the Ďair are never as simple as they seem.

One of the Brotherhoods transport vessels was attacked while transporting medical goods to the Krayiss II recovery teams. After conquering the planet in the name of the Brotherhood, there were still civilians and researches as well as military troops left to ward off any attempts at rebuttal from the One Sith. It appears they are not giving up so easily.

We have reports that a band of Sith One Pilots known as the Red Hand are behind the recent attacks. They are all Force sensitive, and have taken out multiple Brotherhood-stationed forces without much trouble. They are all veterans, and are using a combination of Imperial and Rebel designed ships.

The Brotherhood is sending a new freighter with important supplies for Krayiss II. You are to run escort in a starfighter of your choosing. You will have the help of six Brotherhood Tie-Fighters at your command. Your mission is to make sure the freighter reaches Krayis II in one piece. Optional objective is to cripple the Red Hand by killing off their wing leader, known to bear a giant red handprint on his starfighter hull.

I repeat, these pilots are no slouches. Their wingleader shoes the same skill as one of our lower-Equite pilots. Make sure to watch your six. One Sith know our tactics, and have been very good at avoiding our counters.

Good luck.



{ For the sake of the Independence Games, the member get's -2 For an Incomplete contract. Contract can still be completed at the members leisure, and is subject to re-grading and the score used potentially in the future for Ladder standings in the ACB }