Contract 015 - Kell Palpatine Dante


15-04-2013 12:48:27

>>>Starting Encrypted Holo-Transmission>
>>Transmission Source Trace: Antei>
>Priority Level: Urgent>

Maxyn Vonnisia was a leading figure and Sith Lady in the One Sith contingent upon Rhelg. She know to most in her circles as a closely-guarded, well-connected member of the Sith Order, with deeply ingrained informants in most of the Galaxy’s major organisations - including the Dark Brotherhood. One such informant was a high ranking official in Imperial Scholae Intelligence (ISI) who went by the name of Barrett Duln.

Barrett spent many years within ISI before defecting to the One Sith; his training was intensive and he was a naturally gifted individual, excelling in most classes and becoming an executive officer at the age of twenty-three - only five months after graduation. He soon rose through the ranks, earning himself a commission in the Espionage and Reconnaissance department of the External Affairs Directorate. After spending five years undercover throughout a number of high-profile agencies - notably, Arcona’s Dajorra Intelligence Agency - Barrett returned to the ISI and received a promotion to Director of External Affairs. With his newfound understanding of the Brotherhood’s wider intelligence network, he became a valuable asset to the One Sith when they recruited him into their ranks. It was through Barrett Duln’s information that the One Sith were able to predict the Brotherhood’s movements on both Nfolgai and Rhelg and mount a reasonable defence. With the falling of Rhelg to the Brotherhood’s forces, Barrett is in retreat.

In a small outpost some fifty kilometres north-west of Ludo Kressh’s outpost, intelligence has picked up a significant amount of activity. This was the last known location of Barrett Duln, and it is one of the only remaining occupied One Sith outposts on the planet. Your task is to infiltrate the outpost and eliminate Barrett Duln before he can escape the planet along with the rest of his One Sith contingent. This mission is not as simply as it may seem, however. He is closely guarded by a number of One Sith Force-sensitives, along with a plethora of Sith Aspirants and Acolytes. These individuals will mount a fervent resistance, which will only be amplified by their high numbers. What is more, Barrett himself is an extremely gifted agent; he is a keen marksman, and it has been said that he possesses the gift of the Force.

Kell Palpatine Dante, you are Scholae Palatinae’s last chance at redemption. This reject of Imperial Scholae Intelligence cannot be allowed to continue his machinations against the Brotherhood. Deliver this man unto eternal rest, and exercise extreme caution so that you may not meet the same fate.

Godspeed and good luck, Kell.

Attached Dossier:
Name: Barrett Duln
Age: 37
Race: Human Male
Rank: Equite 3 (equivalent)
Skills: Extremely perceptive. Very strong. Gifted in the martial arts. Crack shot with a blaster pistol. Charmer. Slight Force-sensitivity.

Strength: **** (4/5)
Dexterity: ** (2/5)
Endurance: *** (3/5)
Force Aptitude: ** (2/5)
Wits: **** (4/5)




27-04-2013 00:01:42

Dante and his personal security detachment headed into the wasteland onboard one of the MAAT's from the Imperial Scholae Guard. Once again, Kell and his troopers were going on a hunt, but this time it would be a member of the One Sith. Now, as the Dakr Jedi and his men landed, they faced the unknown. Other than a few skirmish within the temple, there wasn't alot of heavy fighting in this Crusade.

As they appraoched the enemy posiitons, strong fire came out of the enmy emplacements. Dante's men hit the deck as their Field Marshal stormed the battlement. Slicing the head off of one enemy trooper, the target emerged and said "Ia m here... let us end this quickly so that I and my men can leave this forsaken planet."

"That would be a good idea, but it will e my men who will be leaving with me at their lead" retorted the Obelisk as he brought his saber up.

The battle was short and violent as Dante and his enemy were approximately the same size and had heavy armor on. Sabers crashed, but Dante began using So'kan to move around the combat area. As the larger man became tired of this game, Dante fell back even further.

"Come back, little man!" screamed the target.

With a smile, Dante replied "Have a good time..." just as a cruise missile landed on top of the structure right behind the Dark Jedi. The explosion more than fulfilled the assassination contract.


04-05-2013 10:52:58

Contract 015: Complete
Mission: Completed

Debriefing: Kell's target was eliminated.


This is pretty straight forward. It was under 250 words which falls well short of the "Roughly 1 page" minimum. However, since the attempt at the contract was made, so a "Needs Work" grade will be applied. No points will be rewarded for Contract difficulty, though.


B-Class = N/A;
"Needs Work" Contract = 1 points;
Total = 1 points.