Contract 013 - Raiju Kang


14-04-2013 08:44:55

>>>Starting Encrypted Holo-Transmission>
>>Transmission Source Trace: Antei>
>Priority Level: Urgent>

After their success during the Invasion of New Tython, Arcona set up temporary outposts in order to manage resistance, and ensure their claim to the planet was not contested. A few years have passed since the invasion, and still Arcona shows no sign of taking their leave. It is time for House Odan-Urr to take things into their own hands...

Your mission is simple: On the border of the Eastern Praries and the Central Desert of Milil’ea resides Arcona’s third largest operating base. Inside, a number of Arcona’s operatives gather data and feed it back to the Dajorra Intelligence Agency. You are to infiltrate this operating base, retrieve what information you can from the mainframe, and poison the ventilation system so as to enable House Odan-Urr the capacity to seize it as their own. How you do this is up to you, just see that it is done.

This mission is not without risk, however. Arcona’s forces are numerous, and they are keen to protect the interests of the Shadow Clan. Exercise extreme caution.




30-04-2013 03:10:05

{ For the sake of the Independence Games, the member get's -2 For an Incomplete contract. Contract can still be completed at the members leisure, and is subject to re-grading and the score used potentially in the future for Ladder standings in the ACB }