Contract 003 - Jeric Cyrin


13-04-2013 11:34:02

>>>Starting Encrypted Holo-Transmission>>
>>Transmission Source Trace: Antei>
>Priority Level: Urgent>

Jeric Cyrin. Your reputation precedes you. Tales of your work in Naga Sadow and as a member of the Herald’s staff are well-known throughout the Brotherhood’s channels. Now it is time for you to live up to your reputation.

Intelligence has picked up a remote One Sith facility just outside Khar Delba space. Very little is know about this outpost, and intelligence requires an agent to provide in-depth reconnaissance on the facility. Accurate troop numbers, fighter numbers and possible entry points are key to your report.

Visit the compound and write a report on the layout of the facility (what the best entry would be, how many fighters they have, what kind of fighters they have, what kind of troops they have, etc.) and provide an in-depth report of how you came about your findings.




30-04-2013 03:11:55

{ For the sake of the Independence Games, the member get's -2 For an Incomplete contract. Contract can still be completed at the members leisure, and is subject to re-grading and the score used potentially in the future for Ladder standings in the ACB }