Contract 001 - Teroch Erinos


13-04-2013 10:37:05

001 - Teroch Erinos

>>>Starting Encrypted Holo-Transmission>>
>>Transmission Source Trace: Antei>>
>Priority Level: Urgent>


Teroch Erinos. Your fatherís legacy with the Arcona Contract Bureau is well known. Youíve proven time and again you are to follow in his path to greatness. We have a high priority Security of the utmost importance and believe your skills are best suited for this task.

Your request to work closely with the Consul of Clan Arcona has been met. Wuntila Arconae is destined to travel back to Antei to meet with the Dark Council and other Heads of State. You will be travelling through dangerous space, through avenues long forgotten by the law. Black Sun mercenaries, pirates and the One Sith still patrol these areas. The perilous nature of this mission is only amplified by the recent attack on the One Sith contingent in Sith Space. Boarding craft are not beyond their capacity, nor is space combat.

Nevertheless, your missions does not end when you reach Antei. Many of Arcona's enemies are likely to capitalise on the current lull in the drive for Korriban. Stay vigilant... thereís no telling what kind of attempts on the Consulís life you may encounter. You may rest when Wuntila returns to the Eye of the Abyss II.

Your job is simple. Protect Wuntila Arconae at all costs.




30-04-2013 03:12:22

{ For the sake of the Independence Games, the member get's -2 For an Incomplete contract. Contract can still be completed at the members leisure, and is subject to re-grading and the score used potentially in the future for Ladder standings in the ACB }