Light Side Dossiers and Robes


22-08-2013 02:22:46

Hello everyone,

I've been playing around with creating a new character and have noticed a couple of strange things.

Firstly, some Houses and Clans have exclusive content, eg robes, that are only available to the correct unit. For example, Jedi and Lightsider style robes used to be available to House Odan-Urr. I used to be able to select them in the Robe Construction Tool, but this is no longer the case. I also used to be able to select Krath robes and lightsabers as the "Sentinel" Order was a Light Side version of the "Krath" Order in the back of house coding of the old site.

The House Odan-Urr robes and Krath robes and lightsabers are no longer available for me to select on the new site. I can understand losing the Krath items, but not the Odan-Urr items.

I took a look at my Aedile's dossier, 12049, as he is also making a new character. It looks like he can select Odan-Urr robes without any problems. His ID line is also highlighted in bright green (being Consular), and I've noticed that Krath ID lines are highlighted in purple, Sith ID lines in red and Obelisk ID lines in blue, and the section that states Light Side Path or Dark Side Path is also highlighted, however Guardians and Sentinels are not highlighted (for example, dossiers 4024 and 307). They should be highlighted in a light blue color for Guardians and yellow for Sentinels.

I'm guessing these issues may be related - that something may not be "plugged in" correctly for the Guardian and Sentinel orders of the Light Side path? Are the House Odan-Urr robes only connected to the Consular order, instead of the House/Path?

I'm sure you guys are busy with the new character sheets - I'm looking forward to the full version! - but if you can spend a little time poking around I would appreciate it.


02-09-2013 05:58:45

Whoops, should be fixed now. When testing, I had a single lightside order "Jedi", which eventually ended up getting renamed to Consular, and the robes ended up under that order instead of all the lightside ones. Should be fixed now. As the lightside orders are their own order in the database now, you will unfortunately not get access to the Krath ones anymore, sorry.

I'll also add the proper CSS classes to the ID lines in a minute, which should fix their colors.


03-09-2013 00:10:23

Awesome, thank you for fixing this JaM3z!
No worries about the Krathy stuff, we're not Krath - it's the missing Jedi stuff and colors that I was after. Thank you!