Unit hyperlinking

Selika Roh

24-07-2013 12:23:51

Couple of things that it appears we've lost functionality on with the new site as opposed to the old:

Right now, going to the roster of a sub unit like a battle team offers no information on what unit it is a part of, but more importantly no link back to that unit's roster page. Sub units on the old site used to list, but more importantly link to, the units that they were sub units of:

In addition, the current site doesn't link to unit roster's at the top of the page like the old one did:

The new site seems to just do linking to units at the bottom of the page under "Unit Membership", but that seems to only display a single unit. Right now, if you're in a Battle team it only displays that you are part of that Battle team, so it offers no link back to your House or Clan on your dossier. Same if you're just in a House, there's no link back to Clan.


03-08-2013 08:23:22

Fixed and fixed!