Dossier display issues

Selika Roh

22-07-2013 13:55:00

Just noticed a couple of things, thought I'd throw them up.

First, some odd behavior with the images of robes, warbanners, and sabers. When the browser window is not wider then the images, the site starts shrinking the images, more shrinking the farther left they display (also, they seem to justify left so they're all clustered to one side if you're on a widescreen monitor):

And then if the window gets very narrow, it simply breaks them up onto new lines:

And finally, if the window is wide enough to display all three images, the bottom of the dossier information displays a scroll bar, even though there isn't any content to scroll to:


22-07-2013 21:03:23

I think the second one is intentional for viewing on phones (you'll notice if you make the browser narrow enough the navigation changes to the mobile version.)

Centering the images would look nicer though.

The others... I dunno :P


23-07-2013 09:58:44

pretty sure this is due to muz's massive lightsaber collection, and jam3z widened out the frame to accommodate it.


24-07-2013 11:20:43

Yacks and Solari are correct. Works as intended.