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Benedict Williams

20-07-2013 17:40:37

Hi my Prestige amont is 511 it was 535
could this be looked at please


20-07-2013 17:49:54

This was already addressed in another thread:


You havent been robbed :) The system is just more accurate now.


22-07-2013 13:28:46


I was looking at my unit roster ( ) and I see that there are Sith Battlemasters are split into two segments. There are two, then some Obliesk ranks then KAP, then two more Sith Battlemasters. Why is that?


23-07-2013 10:04:13

So far as I know, ranks were added in such a way that it no longer sorts by rank, then order. I assume it sorts by rank, then name or something like that.


24-07-2013 10:05:00

I still prefer the old RANK - ORDER - NAME one
It was more aesthetically pleasing to keep for example; Obelisk Prelates grouped together. Now it's a bit jumbled and weird.


24-07-2013 11:19:48

Please use one thread per bug. Locking this one.