27-06-2013 00:16:00

Just being able to get a look at this right now, and it's pretty sweet.

Wondering if there'd be a way to build an "export report" function into it, where we could download a list, like the individual progression reports do now, but say in something like a CSV format, and for everyone in the house/your student. Would be really useful to access a bulk list of what everyone's on/done etc, without having to click on each person individually.


27-06-2013 05:39:38

Hmm, interesting idea. On the current site, and also on the staging site, Promotheus is a separate process that runs in the background, and only exports its results (the text-based progress report you see) back onto the site itself.

While I could mutilate the Promotheus reports report into some column-based layout, I can't imagine it being very useful, both due to it being just text and due to the requirements for each rank being different.

What I could look at (and what I think you actually have in mind - correct me if I'm wrong) is some sort of activity overview table: For each journeyman, list the number of CFs they earned (both grand total and since last promotion), the number of SA courses, the number of competitions, crescents, etc (feel free to suggest additional metrics) - and have it all in a nice exportable table format. Is that what you're looking for?



27-06-2013 07:39:11

If it isn't what he's looking for I'll just say it sounds pretty cool anyways. :P


27-06-2013 08:47:16

That's pretty cool too.
But really, what I was kinda looking for was just a bulk report listing what everyone's current state is. Sure it'd be ugly, but we can't expect you to do ALL the work for us.

Basically download something like...

GRD Pooper, 3/5 On Purple Monkey Task, 0 TaskA, 0 TaskB, 1 TaskC, 4Task D,
ACO Pauper, 1/2 On Green Cow Tasks, 0 TaskA, 1 TaskB

... Or even just a "view all" button that would pull up the reports as we currently have them, so we don't have to flip through em all when you're auditing your people's current progress. (Guess what I'm doing atm :P)