Random UI Stuff (Screenshot heavy)


16-04-2013 16:57:14

I'm just going to dump the random UI stuff I notice here (so I don't forget to mention them later.)

The font on the Obertified layout isn't as sharp as on the regular layout. I always find myself wondering if I have changed the text zoom and the font isn't reacting well to it. (Now that I go to take the screen shots, it looks like it is completely different between the two :P)

(Yes I know this is still early days, just mentioning it) The edit course screen is defaulting to a mobile friendly width on the Oberstified layout, is fine on default layout. It is possible to re-size the edit box, this is just the width the page loads with.

[url=http://www.iforce.co.nz/View.aspx?i=qqmwwwrj.lhm.png][img="http://iforce.co.nz/i/qqmwwwrj.lhm.png" alt=""]

(This is more of a "Windos wants to use Setext-style headers" thing) H1 and H2 headers are friggin massive! Would it be possible to tone the h1 style down to the current h2, h2 to h3 (at least within course notes and maybe reports)?

(Yes I know I'm not using setext-style in the screen shots, I just wanted consistency down to h6 :P)

Dual item (save on a double up of screenshots lol)

1. The navigation bars are extra large under the Obertified layout
2. The SA navigation bar is getting a little "intimate" with the text under the default layout.

When using the a mobile sized layout (oberst or default), and going to the SA, there is a large gap between the top of the page and the main (DB) navigation. The SA navigation also isn't as fluid as the main navigation (it is still trying to use the drop down lists from the "desktop" layout, making it hard to get to sub, sub items.)