Missing Admin

Aidan Kincaid

15-03-2013 04:41:26

Seems I'm missing the ability to recc medals on the new site. Not sure what position gives which permissions, but I can currently award: LS, SoF, CI, CF, PoB, and DC-GC for merit medals. I *think* I should also be able to recommend Crescents for any ACC-run events, but that's absent from the old/current site. Positions are: CM, P:Voice, and Wiki Staff

Wasn't sure if this was a bug or something else.

PS: For what it's worth, I'm also missing the ability to create polls on the new site, but can on the old.


15-03-2013 05:15:36

I'm also missing the facility to award medals. Could just be that it isn't active for everyone atm.


15-03-2013 09:17:56

Oh, it's just nobody has the permissions to do so. I'll give everybody Dark Cross perms again.

Aidan Kincaid

15-03-2013 14:08:25

Aw, I was hoping I was special.