Mobile Bug

Traan Reith

14-03-2013 12:51:50

Admin drop down doesn't work on the site when it loads on mobile. Logged in and all other menu drop downs work fine, even gaming. Admin won't load though. Also, when drop down's expand, they push below the viewable portion at the bottom, making it impossible to see lower parts of the menu when any part is expanded.


14-03-2013 13:03:24

Search for doesn't recognize names or keywords in names, only by id number.

Only bug i see


14-03-2013 13:38:26

the search funciton works fine for me, boh on the desktop and on my phone, I have the same issue with no admin drop down menu on the phone though.


14-03-2013 15:45:09

To be a little more specific on the admin menu thing on mobile devices, it looks like the menu is at a fixed height and doesn't expand when you open a menu.

Therefore, if you try to open the admin you see nothing as it is already at the bottom.

Opening gaming shows two items, rather than the total of 5, and pushes the admin menu out of sight.

If you open a huge menu, like rosters, I see down to Society Rosters, and it pushes out everything else after it.

Interestingly, in the process of of screwing with my phone to sort out the screenshots, I left my browser (with the tab still open) went in again... and the menus worked properly. Killed the browser, reloaded the page and it went back to the described behavior.

Stats if needed:

Galaxy SIII
CyanogenMod 10.1


15-03-2013 02:55:10

I'll look into it.


16-03-2013 14:53:59

First of all James, we'll done on the mobile support. I didn't even think about that till today

Next, main menu works for me in portrait mode, but won't let me scroll down in landscape. Not sure if it's a BlackBerry 10 thing or if there's something you can do to make it a selector option... just an observation I had while watching the footy.


05-04-2013 11:12:00

I've updated the CSS library. Could all of you check whether this fixes the mobile issues?


05-04-2013 12:40:21

Doesn't seem to have fixed the problem on my iphone.


06-04-2013 14:17:43

my bit is fixed.


06-04-2013 18:41:33

I did reset some bits a couple hours ago, that might've fixed it too... :P

Traan Reith

06-04-2013 22:20:47

No dice for my Android either. Menu drop down's still have a fixed bottom limit which doesn't drop down to accommodate expanded menus. Personal menu once logged in doesn't respond at all, either to take me to my dossier or give me a drop down menu for what I can do/go to.

Tra'an Reith


07-04-2013 01:05:32

Same behaviour as before for me, also. Tested with both Chrome and the stock browser on android 4.1.2.


08-04-2013 07:16:09

Yeah, now it does for me too... strange thing is it appears to work after opening and closing the (entire) menu a couple of times.

I'll look into it again.


11-04-2013 19:04:23

Forcing the mobile layout in firefox (resizing the browser), gives the same behavior:

I know it's not NEW info... I just found it interesting :P


15-04-2013 04:12:46

Yeah, it just checks screen width to determine device type. Anyways, I just pushed a possible fix that at least seems to solve the issue on my devices.

Can you all check whether this solves the issue for you as well?


16-04-2013 14:59:00

Yeap, works great for me in all test cases.

Awesome work :D