Admin Issue


13-03-2013 19:06:20

This didn't show up in beta, so I am not sure whats up.

Logged into the staging site, logged in, went to admin page. Under "My Requests" there is 1 remanded request listed there.

It was a promotion request remanded over a year ago. Funny thing, I wasn't the submitting member (nor involved with this request in any way). So I'm not sure what its under my requests, nor why it is still in the system as the remanded request was dealt with and the member was promoted....?


14-03-2013 06:40:34

You probably see the request because you are BTL of the target member. The original request is actually still in the system on the old site as well, as it was never withdrawn and apparently a new one was created, which was subsequently approved, leaving the remanded one in place.